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Apollo 11 Legacies

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Apollo 11 Legacies celebrates the space mission that took us to the moon. Episodes are based on Legacy Panel discussions in Huntsville, Alabama featuring those who were directly involved or have a personal connection to the Apollo mission. The podcast captures their personal stories shared with a live audience. It also features professionals from NASA, industry, government and academia talking about their work in space, engineering and related fields.

4 Episodes
Retired Army Materiel Command Historian Michael Baker talks about Wernher von Braun. He recounts the shock of the Sputnik launch, Toftoy "on his hands and knees begging," Vanguard's failure leading to Explorer 1, and the impact of von Braun and Army on Apollo mission and Huntsville specifically.
Brian Odom talks about the "full stop" 20-month investigation after Apollo 1 fire and its impacts. He reviews the Jupiter-C vehicle and Redstone missile programs, Nixon's undelivered speech in case Apollo 11 failed, and Huntsville's role in solving the next set of hard problems.
NASA Historian Brian Odom helps us set the stage, starting from Kennedy's pledge to Congress as he doubles down to beat the Russians. Odom talks about the team's problem-solving approach, the audacity of the "all up" philosophy, and the impact of domestic immigration on Huntsville Alabama.



Launching soon: Apollo 11 Legacies, a podcast with details and personal stories from Huntsville, Alabama
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