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Archgyan is a podcast that brings a selection of original interviews with architects, planners and designers from across India in the field of architecture.

By an architect, for architects in India, the podcast aims to serve as a well-stocked cellar of information for reference and inspiration that will help them stay informed, get creative new ideas and engage with the architecture community.

Tune in for a weekly dose of interesting information, innovation and original research that comments on modern architecture and focuses on creating sustainable architecture worldwide.

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In this week's episode we have with us the founder of Cybertecture, James Law. Cybertecture is the design of all things for a more intelligent world through new pieces of architecture, interior space, artwork, technology, and strategy. He established James Law Cybertecture in 2001 and they've gone on to complete projects of various scales, some of them being OPod Housing No. 1 which is an experimental, low cost, micro living housing unit to ease Hong Kong's affordable housing problems. The Capital in Mumbai, Cybertecture egg, Technosphere, Tower of India and many more awesome projects. The firm specializes in architecture, interior design, master planning, consulting, technology & industrial design. He has also launched the Cybertecture Academy that nurtures a new generation of designers from a young age. In this episode, he takes us on his journey in Architecture right from his time at Bartlett, to being mentored by Peter Cook & later Itsuko Hasegawa in Tokyo, how he started his own firm James Law Cybertecture, how he landed big projects in India, solving Hong kong's housing problem through design, his design philosophy & approach to design, leveraging technology, smart city planning, the architecture of purpose & a whole lot more! For Episode shownotes & links, head to the video version, head to our YouTube Channel ( This podcast is sponsored by Archgyan Courses, head to ( to check out some of our new courses on Sketchup & Vray.
In this episode we have with us an Architect, Writer, Web Designer, teacher, podcaster and entrepreneur, Michael Lavalley. Mike is a member of the American Institute of Architects and a LEED AP. He's currently an architect and project manager at Young + Wright Architects and he specializes in Architectural Design, Detailing, Project Management, 3D Modeling, Design Research, Sustainable Design, Graphic Design and much more. He has 12 years of professional experience and he shares his research, experience and interests on his blog "Evolving Architect". He's also a co-host of his podcast called "Unpacking design" where they discuss all things design. Apart from that he's a gamer and a chess fanatic. In this episode he talks about his journey, how he creates content in architecture, about his podcast and his company Evolving Architect, some interesting tools that he uses and a whole lot more. For more on this episode , head to For the video version, head to our YouTube Channel ( This podcast is sponsored by Archgyan Courses, head to ( to check out some of our new courses on Sketchup & Vray.
In this episode we have with us one of the Directors of Integrated Design Limited, Simon Gallagher. Simon is an architectural technologist and digital project manager. His experience includes implementing BIM and leading digital international project teams on large, complex infrastructure projects for transport, building and waste management facilities. He's also a Chartered Architectural Technologist (MCIAT) since September 2012, a professional member of the Hong Kong Institute of BIM, and a CIC Certified BIM Manager since February 2020. In this episode Simon talks about his experience as an architect from Hong Kong. He shares with us his transition between different roles and how he ended up being a director at his firm. Hailing from Hong Kong, he very briefly discusses about the pandemic as well as its impact on the future. He also talks about the housing problem in Hong Kong and how it can be solved. For more on this episode , head to ( For the video version, head to our YouTube Channel ( . ( This podcast is sponsored by Archgyan Courses, head to ( to check out some of our new courses on Sketchup & Vray.
This is part 2 of our two part series with Dr. Benny Kuriakose, a leading sustainable Architect from India. In this episode he gives us insight on Architectural Conservation and Vernacular Architecture. He shares with us his opinion on Architectural Education questioning the need to study for 5 years . He then goes on to share with us his view on the Central Vista Project and how to go about design promoting unconventional thinking which is quite intriguing ! For more on this episode , head to ( This podcast is sponsored by Archgyan Courses, head to to check out some of our new courses on Architecture and Interior Design
In this week's episode we have with us one of India's leading sustainable architects Dr. Benny Kuriakose. Benny Kuriakose started his career in 1984 under the guidance of Laurie Baker. He specializes in architecture conservation,low-cost housing and sustainable architecture. He incorporates principles of vernacular architecture with a concept reflecting his client's aspirations with the use of natural materials. Some of his famous works include the Pyramid, Vishram, Dakshinachitra, Muziris heritage project among many other. In this episode Dr. Benny is going to be sharing his entire journey, a chance meeting with Laurie Baker, his first few projects, the importance of hands-on learning, architectural education, future of architecture, construction & a whole lot more. We also have an interesting segment in the 2nd part of this episode on Architectural Education that answers questions like "Do we really need to study 5 years to practice Architecture? For episode shownotes & links, check the description below & head to our website which is For the video version, head to our youtube channel (
This week, we speak with the Principal Architect at Meltzer/Mandl Architects, Eli Y. Meltzer. Eli transitioned from a background in Philosophy to Architecture and shares his entire journey in this episode. He specializes in the housing space and has vast expertise in New York City Building Codes & regulations. He's also a published author and has given seminars and workshops at international conferences on Jewish Infrastructure Capital Projects. In this episode, we learn about Eli's journey, the importance of affordable housing, philosophy and how different Architecture is going to be post-pandemic, design tech, homes being more multi-functional, his plans for the future, and a whole lot more in this episode. We also have a special section called Dissect the project wherein Eli runs us through one of his favorite projects "The Roscoe Brown Apartments." Gain access to the shownotes by heading to (available on youtube ( too)
In this week's episode, we speak to BIM Coordinator & Data Enthusiast Dalton Goodwin. Dalton presently works as a BIM Coordinator at DLR Group, which is a prestigious large Architecture & Engineering based in the States with offices all around the globe. He plays a key role in the development of new plugins and tools that assist the BIM process of the firm. In this episode, Dalton shares his journey & how he got into the AEC industry, he talks about the importance of Machine Learning in our industry and it's large impact going forward. Everything will be optimized for us in the future and working may require least to almost no human interference. He also talks about the power of data & how the algorithms adapt based on feedback from us. He even mentions new job positions opening up in the form of data scientists in the AEC industry. For more on the episode, head to
This week, we speak with the founder of "The Design Collective" Dev Tyagi. TDC Magazine is a digital publication and online resource committed towards Independent Architecture & Design Journalism. We aim to not only provide a distinct, curated and carefully edited fusion of the latest in Architecture, Design and Art but also recognize and acknowledge upcoming talents from all around the globe . We are also a community that publishes editorials and stories which relate to all creative-types. In this episode, Dev takes us through his journey & how he founded TDC, the design & creative process of TDC, Architectural Journalism & it's importance in digital media, what plans they have for the future, and loads more. For more on the episode, head to The Design Collective :
In this episode, we speak to a second-generation Architecture and partner of Rathi Associates, Rohan Rathi. Rathi associates is a Bangalore based Architecture firm that was started by Rohan's father, BH Rathi in the year 1976. They have since completed over 800+ projects pan India and across the world. And have gone to win various national & international awards for their work. We’re going to be talking about Rohan’s journey in Architecture, how Rathi Associates got started in the 80s, the various projects that they’ve completed over the years, the indian design industry, adoption of technology in India and implementation of BIM, improving the quality of Architectural education in India, the Rathi Learning Space which is an interior design institute started by Rathi Associates, how they’ve made a smooth transition to remote working, and we have a special section in this episode, where Rohan is going to be explaining one of his favourite projects which was an experience center for Wipro in Bangalore and there’s a lot more in this episode. For more on the episode, head to Archgyan (
In this episode, we speak to Prof. Anuradha Chatterjee, who is presently the Dean of Faculty of Design at Manipal University Jaipur. She shares her journey from Architecture to Academia and teaching across the world. We dive deep into the Architectural Education system in India, the various challenges it faces, integrating more of Site into Studio, tips for final year students working on their thesis, how do we teach Architectural Design, plagiarism in PHDs, Architectural Journalism, the importance of writing in Architecture, the future of Architectural Education, advice for young architects and a whole lot more. Professor (PhD) Anuradha Chatterjee is Dean, Faculty of Design, Manipal University Jaipur. She is a registered architect in India, with M. Arch and PhD from the University of New South Wales, Australia. For close to two decades, she has taught at and has held leadership positions in premier higher education institutions in Australia (University of New South Wales, University of Sydney, University of Technology Sydney, University of Tasmania, and University of South Australia); China (Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University); and India (Sushant School of Art and Architecture, Srishti Institute of Art Design and Technology, and Pearl Academy). Prior to joining Manipal University Jaipur, Dr Chatterjee was the Dean Academics at Avani Institute of Design, where she was responsible for establishing culture and systems for academic excellence.  Dr Chatterjee is the Area Editor for Asia, Bloomsbury Global Encyclopedia of Women in Architecture 1960-2015 (edited by Karen Burns and Lori Brown, forthcoming in 2021), and has edited and authored three well received and endorsed academic books, Surface and Deep Histories: Critiques, and Practices in Art, Architecture, and Design, (Cambridge Scholars Publishing); Built, Unbuilt, and Imagined Sydney (Copal Publishing); and John Ruskin and the Fabric of Architecture (Routledge). Her recent prestigious appointments include 1) Member of Board of Review for CEPT University’s M Arch / MA in Architectural History and Theory Programme; 2) Elected Companion to The Guild of St George; 3) Member of Editorial Board for Architecture, Cambridge Scholars Publishing; 4) Senior Research Fellow (Honorary), Centre for Architecture Theory Criticism History at the University of Queensland; 5) Regional Editor (Asia Pacific), Textile; Journal of Cloth and Culture. For more information, see: and
In this episode, we get to hear the fascinating story of Rina Sahay ( , who is presently a BIM Manager at Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber, Inc. She shares her journey in Architecture right from completing her BArch in India, to pursuing her Masters from Michigan University, working and also teaching in various firms and Universities across the US, how she transitioned to become a BIM Manager, leveraging the Autodesk forums, working for BV Doshi, advice for young architects and also immigrants and a whole lot more. For more on the episode, head to Archgyan (
In this episode, we speak to Kean Walmsley ( who has been part of Autodesk for more than 25 years and has played many roles over the years. He’s presently part of the research team where he works on emerging areas related to design technology, generative design, virtual and augmented reality and the internet of things. We discuss his journey and experience working at Autodesk, travel and working around the world including Bangalore, Autodesk Forge,  and the rise in web development frameworks, generative design & Autodesk refinery, digital twins and neural networks, remote working, AI at Autodesk, Autodesk University Las Vegas, advice for young architects & more Kean also has an awesome blog ( where he shares a lot about the latest in technology, autodesk, his persona life, and also his travel tales.  Shownotes for this episode is available on
Nicholas has lived every aspiring computational designer's dream which is to work for some of the biggest firms in the world who are at the forefront of computation, travel and also acquire new skills and technologies. In this episode, you will get to listen to Nicholas's journey into Architecture and inevitably Computational Design, studying Architecture at Universidad de Los Andes Columbia, working at MAD Architects, 3XN & Fojab Code, discussions on Architectural Education, learning how to code, BIM, Automation,  visual programming, and a whole lot more.  Here's a brief on Nicholas. He completed his Bachelor in Architecture in 2015 from Universidad de Los Andes. He then went on to work as a Graduate Architecture Intern at MAD Architects and also at 3XN/GXN. After which he pursued his M.Arch in the DRL Program at Architectural Association, London.  He worked as a Computational Designer and Software Developer at FOJAB for about a year and then went on to work as a Computational Designer at Zaha Hadid Architects.  He is always found studying something related to computational design and always pushing his own boundaries. There's a lot to learn from this episode and hopefully it inspires to become a computational designer too. Head to our website Archgyan ( for more!
Today we have with us an Iranian based Architect who is a Design Technologist, Creative Designer & Startup Co-Founder, Masih Davari ( . Masih who hails from an Architecture background quickly made the transition to the startup world. He is now the co-founder of InnoBrain AB ( , a NeuroTech company offering innovative BCI Brain-Computer Interface applications. He shares the various benefits of how an Architect can be a positive influence to any startup. And he also shares the various challenges and obstacles that comes with running a startup. There's a lot of good stuff in the episode and Masih selflessly shares his journey and struggles. This is definitely going to be an inspiration to all those Architects who are trying to jump into the Startup space. For more on the episode, head to the Archgyan Website. (
On this week's episode, we have with us Jero Juujärvi ( who presently works as a BIM Coordinator for Kreate Oy in Finland. Kreate is one of Finland's leading infrastructure builders with net sales of over 200 Million Euros in 2018.  So they don't just deal with buildings but infrastructure projects like roads, bridges and so on. Jero hails from a background of game design & development. In this episode, Jero shares how he transitioned to BIM from the world of gaming, BIM for contractors, the BIM Scene in Finland, leveraging BIM for infrastructure projects & facilities management, the role of the government & building a central repository, BIM Standards in Europe, Virtual Reality, Drones, Robotics, Automation, Working remotely & BIM Utopia. This is a BIM packed episode and lots to learn from. For more on the episode head to Archgyan ( Follow us on Instagram ( for daily content on Architecture, BIM & more.
In this week's episode, we speak to the founder of Designaware ( Takbir Fatima. She was one of the first guests on the show and it's always a treat to interview her as she shares a plethora of useful information. In this episode, we’re going to be discussing about the Covid Pandemic and how it has affected us Architects, how Takbir started various awesome initiatives that has helped students & architects like Studio to Site, Fractals Workshop, Buildaware, Designaware House, & the importance of being an innovative & entrepreneurial architecture firm in this day & age. You’ll get to listen to what exactly those initiatives are and how you too can start something innovative,  We talk more about the positive aspects of working from home, how you can make the best use of this time and upskill yourself and the various programs or tools that you could use to better manage your firm virtually and run things smoothly.  We also talk about the recent ruling by the Supreme court of India stating that Unregistered Individuals not prohibited from practice of Architecture but they can’t designate themselves as Architects. We talk about the impact of this ridiculous ruling and how it’s going to impact us as registered Architects. For more on the episode, head to Follow Designware ( on Instagram Follow Archgyan ( on Instagram Check out the Archgyan Website ( for more such content!
Today we have with us Antonio Tort, who is an Architect, BIM Consultant & founder of BIM Skills Antonio completed his Architectural Education  from Universidad de Santiago de Compostela in Spain. He then opened his own practice in 1990 called Antonio Tort Architects. He stumbled upon Archicad in 1995 and a few months later he made the jump from CAD to BIM. He  has since worked with BIM & successfully co-founded BIM Freelance which unites all those in the AECO sector and helps in the implementation & learning BIM methodology.  Antonio has an experience spanning over 20 years in the BIM & Architecture space and he has lots to share,  he takes us on his journey in Architecture, studying in Architecture school in the 90s, how he was introduced to BIM, what is openBIM, how BIM Freelance has helped many become leaders in the BIM field, BIM seminar & workshops, future of the AECO industry, & loads more. For more on the episode head to Archgyan ( Follow us on Instagram ( for daily Archgyan content.
Today we have with us  Amey Kandalgaonkar who is an Architect, Architectural Photographer & founder of Ameyzing_Architect on Instagram, where he explores & pushes his creative abilities to the limit through photorealistic renders of  Utopian & surreal architecture. Here’s a brief on Amey  He completed his BArch from Sr JJ College of Architecture in 2009 and then went on to pursue his MArch from UCL, London. He’s worked for various international practices like RTA-Office Shanghai, RMJM London, Planet 3 Studios Mumbai & now runs his own firm called Kandal Design in Vancouver. He’s also an accomplished architectural photographer and he has provided professional photography services for various clients across China. His works have been published widely on designboom, dezeen, archdaily & the top architectural publications of the world. There’s a lot to talk about and you’ll get to hear his journey & also some top secrets on how he gets his work done. If you want to check out his work & more, check out the podcast shownotes & links on ( 36 Follow Archgyan: Instagram ( Twitter ( Support Us: Patreon ( #architecturepodcast #indianpodcast #indianarchitecturepodcast
Today we have with us a BIM Expert, Architect & the founder of Aussie BIM Guru (  Youtube Channel, Gavin Crump A brief history of Gavin Crump: Gavin completed his Bachelor & Masters in Architecture from University of South Australia in 2012, post which he got the opportunity to work for the biggest firms in the industry like HDR, Woods Baggot, Crone Architects, among many and quickly worked his way up to being a BIM Manager. He now runs his own BIM Consulting firm called BIM Guru  and he provides various BIM related services. But what stands out the most for him is undoubtedly his Youtube channel. Yes, there are tons of tutorials on Revit but most of those tutorials are made by students who have not really had infield experience. But what if you could learn from an industry leader who has over 9 years of experience and all for free? Gavin not only releases tutorials on Revit, but also on Dynamo, Python, Grasshopper, Rhino, & of course BIM. If you want to check out his videos, head to Aussie BIM guru on youtube. ( In this episode, Gavin is going to be taking us on his journey in Architecture, his time at University of South Australia, why he feels 3 years in Architecture school is too long, how he picked up on Revit, his transition to a BIM Manager in a very short span of time, scope of work for a BIM Manager, the Aussie BIM Guru story, BIM ISO Standards, advice for those learning Dynamo, transition from Dynamo to Grasshopper, starting his BIM Consulting firm called BIM Guru, the BIM Market in Australia, advice for young architects and towards the end we shift gears a bit and talk about applying for the Australian PR which is going to interest all those listeners planning on applying for migration.  For more on the episode, head to Follow Gavin on Social Media : Linkedin ( Twitter ( Website : Follow Archgyan: Instagram ( Twitter ( Support Us: Patreon ( 02:30 How Gavin got into Architecture 04:00 Studying at University of South Australia 06:30 How Gavin picked up his Revit skills 08:30 Working with a BIM Manager 09:30 How Gavin transitioned to a BIM Manager in a very short span of time ( BIM Standards 12:20 Scope of work for a BIM Manager 14:30 Is the BIM team involved in Facilities Management? 15:30 The Aussie BIM Guru story ( Learning from his own videos How to write a pattern file ( 18:00 How did Gavin come up with the name "Aussie BIM Guru"? 19:11 What can we expect from Aussie BIM Guru for 2020? Custom Package creation on Dynamo Python in Dynamo Navisworks Free Revit Templates 22:00 The BIM Guru Naming Standards BIM ISO Standards  BRE, International ISO 23:30 Advice for those learning Dynamo Walk before you run 27:00 The Aussie BIM Guru Github ( 28:20 Transition from Dynamo to Grasshopper Ladybug Breps Dynamo Community ( 31:10 BIM Guru - A BIM Consulting Firm 35:00 Business Development 36:50 The BIM Market in Australia 37:30 Has BIM implementation become compulsory in Australia? 39:00 The Australian government & BIM ISO 19650 40:30 Projects that have implemented BIM the right way in Australia The Egyptian Museum ( 43:00 BIM Levels & Digital Twins 45:20 Tech Giants & BIM - The Samsung City ( 46:30 Does BIM compromise our creative abilities as architects? 48:00 Applying for the Australian PR Subclass 189 53:00 Advice to young architects & architecture students. 54:20 Quick Fire Round 57:30 The Aussie BIM Guru Cats 58:40 Quick Fire Round #architecturepodcast #indianpodcast #indianarchitecturepodcast
Today we have with us the alluring, super charismatic, and magnetic founder of BlessedArch, Rishabh Wadhwa.   Here’s a brief of Blessedarch & Rishabh to give you some context and in Rishabh’s own style DID YOU KNOW??? Rishabh completed his BArch from Manipal University Jaipur. He worked as an Intern Architect for DesignQube Architects in Jaipur & then Studio Ardete in Chandigarh. He also got to work as a Social Media Marketing Intern for Naya Sawera NGO. And it was after all this, that he started BlessedArch. A platform that he created, where he shares daily facts on everything related to Architecture. This platform has grown rapidly in the past 2 years with over 22k+ followers on Instagram, 14k+ subscribers on youtube and he teaches us something new everyday with a lot of charm & energy. We’ll learn more about his journey and how he got started in this episode. We have written extensive show notes for this episode along with links on ( /35 02:50 ( How Rishabh got into Architecture 05:50 ( Manipal Jaipur 08:10 ( The Blessedarch story "If you put all that energy and put it one thing,  you can go really ahead." Archiviews 14:00 ( The Deadline Tactics 17:00 ( Watching Nasdaily Videos 17:30 ( Archifacts 20:00 ( Tripmachine 22:00 ( Revenue from Blessedarch 22:40 ( The Blessedarch schedule 26:00 ( Intermittent Fasting 28:30 ( How did Rishabh come up with the name 'Blessedarch'? 29:30 ( Coming up with content everyday 32:30 ( The Blessedarch work process. 34:00 ( Perseverance 35:10 ( Focusing on one thing vs Focusing on multiple things at a time. 37:30 ( Teaching through Blessedarch 39:30 ( Depression in Architecture 42:30 ( Grass in Architecture 45:00 ( The Blessedarch journey & future transitions 47:30 ( Branching off from Architecture 49:00 ( How Blessedarch is helping the architectural education system? 51:10 ( Working with groups 54:00 ( Getting back to Architecture 56:00 ( Quick Fire Round 57:42 ( Advice for young Architects Follow Blessedarch on Instagram & Youtube ( Follow Archgyan on Instagram & Youtube (
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