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Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

Author: Brock Anderson & Tiffany Escoe

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Millennials are the most studied and talked about generation to date. This podcast, hosted by Brock Anderson and Tiffany Escoe, sets aside the studies and jumps straight to the talk. They sit down with friends and strangers alike to chat about their past, present, and future as they navigate how to “get there”.
28 Episodes
Jonathan Jwayad, COO of baseball clothing store Baseballism, is back to discuss what’s happened with the business since we last talked, shared #coachlife with Brock, and a sneak-peek into something special coming soon.
Last year, Terrell Kent left his corporate job to pursue his dream of writing. He talks with us about the self-publishing journey and conception of his debut novel Divine IX: Bourgeoisie I.You can follow Terrell…@terrelljpk and @buddwrites on instagram and visit his website
Tiffany sits down with Caitlin and Bob to discuss our thoughts on the last season of Game of Thrones as we head into the finale. Who will sit on the Iron Throne? Were Tiffany's predictions accurate? Will she in the money?
Pit Stop | Game of Thrones S8 Preview: Where Are They Now? by Brock Anderson & Tiffany Escoe
"My opinions and views are my own"- Brianna AlbrechtEver taken a Bri-cation? Tiffany and Brock sit down with Brianna Albrecht - an awesome person who has a passion for Nike Inc. and traveling...alone? She talks about her path through the merchandising world that eventually led to her passion project with Nike by Melrose.Then, she gives Tiffany the courage to try taking a "Bri-cation" herself.
Brock and Tiffany reflect on their Top 18 of ‘18. Who was the best artist? What was the biggest fail? Help us say goodbye to 2018 and HELLOOO 👋 to 2019.
Meet Kevin Merritt. Former highschool magician, general Jack of All Trades, and owner of One Foot Productions, an entertainment production company. One Foot produces live television shows like the NBA All Star Awards, the Tony Awards, and the iHeartRadio Music Awards. Kevin shares his journey through the entertainment industry and clues us in on which celebrities are nice.. and not so nice.. to work with. We think Russell Crowe puts it best, "Are you not entertained?"
It's been one year of AWTY! We can't think of a better way to celebrate than bringing back Keegan, our first and highly requested guest. Last time we talked to Keegan, he was embarking on a motorcycle trip to South America. Now, he's back in the States and we want to hear all about it.You can follow Keegan…@keeganwarrington on instagram
Tyler Soldat = Mariner enthusiast, park scouter, professional stay-at-home Dad. He introduces us to life at home and the task of raising human beings.You can follow Tyler…@tylerathome on instagram
Meet Tiffany

Meet Tiffany


Every podcast always has a cohost with a very unique personality that brings each episode to life. Brock interviews his own cohost of AWTY, Tiffany. They discuss her journey of life and go into a few experiences that make Tiffany the Hufflepuff that she is today.You can follow Tiffany…@tiffescoe on instagram
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