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Author: Pete Fletzer

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Around the Galaxy is the one hour, one guest, Star Wars fan talkshow. Every week, Pete Fletzer brings you conversations with authors, personalities, actors, creators and super fans talking about their Star Wars journey ... and what the saga means to them.
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Devon Michael is a former child actor turned sci-fi author best known to #StarWars fans as one of the three finalists seen in the behind the scenes documentary "The Beginning: The Making of Episode I." Devon has recently been featured in a 15 minute New York Times documentary called "Almost Famous, The Unchosen One" and in this Around the Galaxy episode, takes us even deeper into the experience before, during and after the famous audition.Make-A-Wish Charity event: documentary:
This week in #StarWars #news we look at Koska Reeves (#SashaBanks) return to the #Mandalorian, #Lego games for ipad, imac and #appletv, more toys and Bring Home the Bounty items and some #spoiler rumors from Mando season 3.Pod-a-Thon: Koska Reeve: Bring Home the Bounty:
#TikTok sensation, Shaylo Ren joins us to talk about roasting bad takes, growing up a Star Wars fan as a young girl and the perils of social media.Our
Homesteaders don’t like Jawas. And it’s not because they smell bad or are really difficult to understand or because they’re the lowest form of junk dealer in the galaxy. No. It’s because ghosts follow them … and sometimes they never leave.This original work of fan fiction is written and read by ATG host Pete Fletzer.Music from:
This week in #StarWars #news and #rumors, Kumail Nanjani talks #Obi-Wan Kenobi, a new kids show drops on Star Wars' Kids #YouTube channel, a new campaign is announced for weekly merch drops and more comics news continues the #WarOfTheBountyHunters series.Pod-a-Thon: Star Wars Kids: Comics: Home the Bounty: Rolling Stone:
Mark Newbold is a writer who has contributed to #StarWars Insider,, has hosted on stage at #StarWarsCelebration and is the editor in chief of #FanthaTracks. He's been on the show before but it was before The Rise of Skywalker dropped, so we took this opportunity to dig into the current state of Star Wars content, the future on #DisneyPlus and the challenges of being a Star Wars correspondent.Our
This week in #StarWars #news, major book announcements, #Visions does well in the streaming ratings, new #Hasbro #actionfigures, #Podathon2021 rolls on and rumors about the Book of Boba Fett.Podathon: Books: StarWars.comStreaming: of Visions: Book of Boba Fett:
Susie Bryan is the cohost of the Imaginears podcast, a travel agent specializing in Disney World vacations and an expert on Galaxy's Edge. In this episode we talked about growing up a female Star Wars fan, being at opening day of Batuu and some tips and tricks for visiting the Magic Kingdom.Our
This week's #StarWars #News and #Rumors feature a date for the #BookOfBobaFett, a #RalphMcQuarrie animated series, George Lucas gets an action figure, some new content that dropped on Disney Plus and more!Links: Hashtag Show: Reporter:
#StarWars and #trivia go hand in hand, and Marie Wilson, 2 time DragonCon #champion, is an expert! In this episode we talk about her trivia championship journey, her participation in #SchmoeDown trivia challenges and how being a keeper of the deepest Star Wars knowledge affects her as a fan.Our
This week in #StarWars #news and #rumors we bring you #Visions, Knights of the Old Republic, a new video game from Quantic Dream, PR leader Lynne Hale and the return of Emmy winner Ludvig Goransson and more.Links - Music: DisneyPlus.comNintendo: Dream:
Bryan Barry from the Pink Milk podcast joins us to talk about Star Wars from the perspective of the LGBQT community, the lessons learned from Star Wars and sharing it with his
This week in Star Wars news and rumors, Ash Crossan gets Sung Kang to confirm he has a lightsaber, Mando takes home a bounty of Emmys, Crimson Reign shares some new looks, Star Wars Visions confirms runtimes and characters, Phil Szostak has a new book, Lawrence Kasdan is shooting a George Lucas documentary and ATG hosts Podathon.Lucas Doc: Kang: Reign: book:
In this episode we countdown some of the most humorous moments from our show over the last two and a half years. Links to the episodes that the clips are from can be found below. We also are introduced to ATG-3 our friendly droid ... Remember to tweet with the hashtags #BringBackAT or #NoMoreAT ... Barksdale: from BBMco: Arielle: Crossan: Hickel: Fry: Thompson: Donohue:
This week in #StarWars news, information on the #Kenobi series, Knights of the Old Republic is being remade, #Grogu goes on parade, the #Lego Halloween special gets some more info and #Hasbro drops a ton of toy news.KOTOR: trailer: Kenobi:
Misty Rosas is the multi-talented artist who brought #TheMandalorian's #Kuiil and Frog Lady to life. She is a singer, dancer, actor, performance artist, motion capture artist, championship gymnast and stunt person. You've seen her in #Congo as Amy the ape, Sid the Science Kid and Gonzon from Muppet Babies. Most importantly, she is an inspiration and an amazing talent.@MissMistyRosasMistyRosas.comYouTube: Rosas, a rare, one of a kind, multitalented artist. Her artistic endeavors are broad and varied, but one thing is for certain, whatever she chooses to do, she puts her whole heart and soul into it!Misty's career began when she took her first gymnastics class at the age of 2 1/2. She loved it so much it was difficult to get her to leave at the end of the session. "There were tears involved!" Her gymnastics career spanned 17 years, and was highlighted when Misty was chosen to join the U.S. National Gymnastics Team as an Elite gymnast. Throughout this period, Misty continued to study dance, especially ballet, as an integral part of her gymnastics training. She combined her dance and performance skills to land her first professional job at age 18. She was hired to perform in a succession of Disney stage productions including, "Fantasmic!", "The Lion King Parade", and "The Very Merry Christmas Parade". "I love to dance, and getting the opportunity to be Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and a dancing monkey (in "Fantasmic!"), was a wonderful job!" When Misty moved to Los Angeles, she began training at the Edge Performing Arts Center for dance, vocal studies with John Deaver, and acting classes at the Henke Acting Studio. It was there that Misty first heard the quote that has guided her efforts ever since, "Luck happens when opportunity meets preparation".Misty landed her first major film role as the lead ape character, Amy, in the Paramount Pictures movie "Congo". This "break of a lifetime" thrust her career full speed ahead. "It was such a thrilling adventure!" The ”Congo" experience felt like an advanced and accelerated course in acting, learning and understanding blocking, acting to multiple camera angles, and of course, learning how to feel, breathe, and be a gorilla. To be quite honest, I was very overwhelmed and I struggled a lot at first, but it was a tremendous opportunity, so I worked very hard, and everyday I went into the work with this intention, “I will never give up!” This was also the point where Misty developed the ability to work "blind". The ape head was animatronic, designed with no accommodation for vision, so Misty had to memorize her physical position within the set, and in relation to that of the other actors, in order to make it appear that she was comfortably "looking" through Amy's eyes. Misty was under the tutelage of renowned movement artists and character actors, Peter Elliot and John Alexander. The techniques she learned enabled her to book several more jobs in partnership with the Stan Winston Studios (now named Legacy Effects). Misty considers her long-standing and rewarding relationship with Legacy Effects, to be one of the lynchpins of her success.It was during the filming of "Congo" that Misty began to perform stunts. Her height and gymnastics abilities led to an ongoing inventory of stunt roles. Her stunts have been featured in dozens of films and television episodes including, "Van Helsing", "Casper: A Spirited Beginning", "Casper & Wendy" (stunt doubling Hillary Duff), "Three Kings", "Charlie Wilson's War", America's Most Wanted, Rescue 911, Sliders, and Boston Legal "I got to tackle William Shatner, Woohoo!". While working on the enormous sets of "Van Helsing", Misty added wire work and fire burns to her growing list of stunt skills. "It was radical!.......TOASTY!"In 2002, Misty began her very successful association with the Jim Henson Company. First, in the Disney movie "The Country Bears", and since then in a number of realtime Computer Generated (CG) animation projects. These performances include the title roles of Sid, in the PBS series "Sid the Science Kid", and T.J. in "T.J. Bearytales", and most recently, the Jim Henson Company/Netflix collaboration “Word Party”. Misty is the motion capture/body performer for the lovable, yet feisty and irreverent character, Lulu. In preparing for "The Country Bears", "I took the skills I learned from "Congo" and "Instinct", and then was taught, by Michelan Sisti, the techniques needed to perform the character of Beary. It was different from my previous experience, so Micha spent a great deal of time patiently working with me to develop my skills. Acting in “The Country Bears" movie gave Misty the opportunity to meet Brian Henson. "Brian invited me to work on a Muppet Babies test shoot with Micha. It was my first Motion Capture (mocap) experience. WOW!, it was humbling! I had the hardest time finding the virtual camera! Micha kept pointing at the camera-like red lights 15 feet above me, all around me, saying, "Find your eye lines by looking at those", and I said, “I don’t understand? What camera? There is no camera? Where? The work in the motion capture space is both mentally and physically grueling! You cannot lose your concentration ever! Again, I was very lucky to have Micha there, teaching me his craft.” Misty soon mastered these techniques and continues to deliver fantastic, endearing performances with each opportunity that is presented to her.Star Wars: The Mandalorian. Misty’s most recent role is a reunion with her friends at Legacy Effects, Kathleen Kennedy, and the Walt Disney Company. And now, she is also welcomed into the Lucasfilm/Star Wars family. Her hard work, training, and a lengthy resume, made Misty the natural choice for the already beloved character of Kuiil. Kuiil is voiced by the Oscar nominated and Golden Globe winning actor, Nick Nolte. Misty really enjoyed creating the perfect body for such a perfect voice. Kuiil has already coined his own signature line too, with the popular, "I have spoken". The Mandalorian premiered November 12th, 2019 on the Disney+ streaming platform. In the Fall of 2019, the company began shooting Season 2 which is slated for a Fall 2020 release.Misty's music! Her most recent venture to add to her skill set: Singer, songwriter, recording artist. Misty recorded her debut album at the world renowned Henson Recording Studio (formerly the A&M Studios). She collaborated with Paul Graham, vocal producer of "Sid the Science Kid", and his music partner (currently on tour with Tim McGraw) Paul Bushnell. Together they have recorded and produced Misty’s album, “Life Lessons Love”, as well as, her new single, “Paper House”. Her music and music videos have earned her an HMMA nomination, 2 Telly Award wins, film placement, Spotify playlist placement, and features in various film festivals. What Misty is most proud of is the opportunity to open for her music heroes, Air Supply. She has opened for the band 3 times, and the highlight, so far, has been opening for Air Supply at The Starlight Bowl, in Burbank, Ca. She will be heading back into the recording studio to record her newest single! So stay tuned. You can hear Misty’s music on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play Music, and YouTube."I consider each and every one of my jobs a stepping stone, a learning experience that guides me towards the next one. There are so many people that have weaved in and out of my life that have taught me, guided me, inspired me, and simply helped me to get where I am today. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank them: My mom, Arlene, my dad, Carlos Sr., my brothers, Joey, Miklos and Carlos Jr., my sister, Gigi, Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell of Air Supply, Barnette Ricci, Nancy Thurston, Mark Wagner, Peter Elliot, John Alexander, Stan Winston, Mark Majarian, Jon Turteltaub, Anthony Hopkins, Mark Blanchard, Terri Best, Michelan Sisti, Christopher Walken, Dave "SuperDave" Fedele, Christie Williams, Bikram Choudhury, Eduardo Sanchez, Brad William Henke, Brian Henson, Halle Stanford, Paul Graham, Paul Bushnell, Tom MacLear, Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni, Deb Chow, Rick Famuyiwa, Bryce Dallas Howard, Peyton Reed. THANK YOU!"When Misty isn't performing you can find her practicing and teaching Bikram yoga. She graduated from Bikram's grueling, nine week Teacher Training program in 2006, and she has been teaching ever since. Her favorite words of wisdom by Bikram Choudhury, "You're never too old, never too bad, never too late and never too sick to start from the scratch once again." To which Misty would add, "Don't think about it, just put your yoga clothes on, and do it! Practice Bikram yoga for your health and your happiness! It changes you from the inside out!" "DO WHAT YOU LOVE. LOVE WHAT YOU DO!"
This week in #StarWars news, rumors about #BobaFett, #Lego mobile games, awards for the #Mandalorian and more!LINKS -Lego Star Wars: Rodriguez: Day Treasury: Force Rising:
Mike Forester is a 501st Legion Leader in Michigan, runs a shop called Hondo Supply Company and hosts a podcast called Armor Party. In this episode we talked about what being a member of the 501st is all about, how he got into trooping and his love of the
This week in #StarWars news, rumors about Vader in the Kenobi series, behind the scenes of the #Mandalorian finale with #Luke #Skywalker, Haslab's Rancor, #Lego video game release date and Thandiwe Newton talks about the death of Val from #Solo: A Star Wars Story.LINKS -HasLab: Newton: Bulletin:
On this episode we speak to #conservative talkshow host, Scott Ryfun from WGIG. In this episode we find the middle ground and leave the politics out to get to his classic story of Star Wars fandom.@Ryfun on his WGIG bio:Scott Ryfun is Brunswick, GA born and bred. A product of the Glynn County School System (which they will neither confirm nor deny), Scott spent his formative years trying to bring entertainment and information to his peers. Upon completion of his time at Florida State University (which will also not acknowledge Ryfun), he decided to move back home and pursue a radio career, where he could apply his specific brand of "infotainment." He currently lives in Brunswick with his wife, his son, and the beginnings of his next career as a hoarder, as he is surrounded by more books, Star Wars items, KISS Kollectibles, and magic tricks than most people will ever see in a lifetime.
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