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Art of the Float is a podcast about float tanks and float centers. It's hosted by three float center owners who discuss their experiences and knowledge to help others looking to start their own business.
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We all talk about how special the float industry is, and the “Mid-Atlantic Float Association” is living proof. A handful of float centers across New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and the surrounding area have come together to truly walk the talk. They meet regularly, share supplies, and truly support each other in a way that only floaty people would understand. We invited Jeanne Mills of Ocean Elements and Dawn Goldbacker on to share some stories and talk about why and how they came together. We hope you’ll find it as inspiring as we did! LINKS Sponsors HelmBot ( I-Sopod Float Tank ( Mindfull Solutions (
It’s mid-October. Do you know what your holiday promotions are? NO? Don’t worry… neither does the crew! But don’t worry, you’ll get a smorgasbord of ideas to jump start your own brainstorming process. From member incentives to gift card discounts and gifts to nurture and show appreciation for your most loyal guests - you’ll surely spark some ideas to get a jump start on your holiday planning in this episode. You’ll even hear why one co-host is anxiously awaiting the next big winter storm, and why another refuses to “invade someone’s home” ever again. Links Matt Phillips company on Facebook ( Sponsors HelmBot ( I-Sopod Float Tank ( Mindfull Solutions (
When it Rains...

When it Rains...


You know the old saying, “when it rains, it pours into Kim’s center”, right? In tonight’s episode, Kim tells the watery tales of flash floods causing water to pour through the front doors during a new employee’s 3rd shift alone. The old, historic building has presented many water challenges in the past, but like running any float center, it often feels like a game of whack-a-mole. As soon as one issue is fixed, another one pops up, as is the case with the water flooding into the reception area. If you don’t already, it’s a good idea to keep a ton of extra towels and a wet vac in your emergency preparedness kit. You’ll also hear how valuable a cotton swab can be… Sponsors HelmBot ( I-Sopod Float Tank ( Mindfull Solutions (
It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. Just depends on where you were to experience it all… yep. This episode, we’re going behind the scenes to find out what really happened at the Float Conference in Milwaukee this year, and just what happened to cause frustration for some virtual attendees. Gloria and Kim, both Float Conference board members, attended the event live and provide a recap of some of their favorite talks and workshops. This was the 10th annual conference, and it brought a ton of content - more than ever before - but not everyone got to experience it. Kim provides a little light on the challenges the board faced in hosting the first ever hybrid event. It wasn’t without its challenges, but there was a whole lot to celebrate too. LINKS Sponsors HelmBot ( I-Sopod Float Tank ( Mindfull Solutions (
Jeremy Joins the pod once again! Jeremy shares some keys to thriving during a pandemic, a tease for his latest speech and of course the story of falling in love with his wife <3 Sponsors HelmBot ( I-Sopod Float Tank ( Mindfull Solutions (
Join us for another Float Conference Special episode! today we sit down with the illustrious MC Flux! We find out how he first got into float research, speaking at float conferences and how he deals with stress. Sponsors HelmBot ( I-Sopod Float Tank ( Mindfull Solutions (
Drew and Dylan chat with Stephen Johnson about how he started speaking at the Float Conference, how floating provides an opportunity to view your own consciousness, as well as psychedelics. Join us for a fun insightful conversation! Get your Float Conference tickets now at! Sponsors HelmBot ( I-Sopod Float Tank ( Mindfull Solutions (
Continuing in our marketing series, the crew chats about the different marketing strategies for reaching new audiences versus retaining existing customers. You’ll hear about why you may want to run paid campaigns to reach your members, but how your message will need to be completely different from what you say to new clients in a paid ad. You’ll also walk away with a few tips about how to encourage booking the next float, how to cull your email list, and why segmentation is a powerful approach, but email might not be the best place to put your efforts. Sponsors HelmBot ( I-Sopod Float Tank ( Mindfull Solutions (
In what section of the bookstore would you find your ideal client? It’s an intriguing question posed by our guest in this episode, Lauree Ostrofsky. Lauree is a business coach and marketing consultant who helps women build strong businesses and feel more confident putting themselves out there in a bigger way. She’s the author of Simply Leap: Seven Lessons on Facing Fear & Enjoying the Crap out of Your Life and I’m Scared and Doing it Anyway, a book about her brain tumor diagnosis at age 28. Lauree will walk you through a series of questions that will help you not only identify your target client, but also really get to know them and paint a picture about their lives so that you can create an experience that’s truly tailored to their needs. She’ll guide you through ways to start noticing that client when you’re out shopping at the grocery store and why it’s important to get really specific. You’ll hear some tips from Kim Hannan, our own in-house marketing expert, on how to create a named client avatar to help you speak directly to that client in your marketing messages. In a fun twist, you might find yourself rethinking the “floating is for everyone” approach, but still be able to reach “everyone”. Visit our show guide ( for links! Sponsors ( ( ( (
As we kick off our float center marketing series, we invite some industry leaders to join us. Experts they are, but picking just a single client demographic to pursue? They failed. Graham and Ashkahn from Float On are back on the pod again to share their unconventional advice on finding your target audience. You’ll hear about the “best customer profile” at Float Sixty, The Float Shoppe, NH Float, Sukhino Float Center, and Float On - sort of. The crew dives into the differences between your social media demographic and your membership demographic, because they aren’t always one and the same. You’ll hear different ideas for approaching ads, creating outreach programs, and how empowering your employees can be a critical piece of your marketing strategy. Links Float Conference ( Sponsors HelmBot ( I-Sopod Float Tank ( Mindfull Solutions (
Everyone’s favorite podcast crews are all together at once! This week, the infamous Grashkahn - Graham and Ashkahn join the Art of the Float to talk about the upcoming Float Conference! This is the TENTH annual event, so we asked them how it feels to be on year 3 of releasing the conference into the wild. Because it’s been a minute since the whole salty crew has been together, we also had to travel through time to see how pandemic life has been for the dynamic duo - sharing a household and three businesses. Spoiler: “Make work as fun as possible” is their motto. You’ll hear all about what to expect with the hybrid event this year, so you pick whether you want to attend in person or online, and why you might just want to arrive in Milwaukee a few days early (workshops! Sightseeing! More than cheese!), and stay a day or two late (Whirlyball what?!)! *Don’t forget to use our code ‘Floatastic21’ to save $50 on conference tickets! * Links Sponsors HelmBot ( I-Sopod Float Tank ( Mindfull Solutions (
We are so excited to share the roundtable discussion that took place after Dr. Feintsein laid out his vision for the Float Research Collective. Thanks to everyone who participated in this! Sponsors HelmBot ( I-Sopod Float Tank ( Mindfull Solutions (
223: We've Got Issues

223: We've Got Issues


It’s been a minute since the crew has seen each other, so this episode is a hodgepodge of personal stories, big news bombs, and inspirational growth. While Gloria was dealing with the demands of buying and taking over another location and replacing toilets and HVAC systems, Drew was off on vacation, working on his tan for the first time in four years. He’s finally ready to step back to work ON his business, not AT it so much, and gushes about an amazing employee he found who is empowering him to loosen the reins a bit. Following in his shadow, Kim is gearing up to hire staff to run her center while she and her husband begin the journey to do the same. Dylan, in the midst of record breaking temperatures in Portland, shares his tails from being an offsite leader and a crazy situation that happened after a floato session. Tan lines, tears, celebrations, and clean-ups. Just like running a float center, this is a wild one. Sponsors HelmBot ( I-Sopod Float Tank ( Mindfull Solutions (
Dr Feinstein walks us throught his vision of the Float Research Collective and invites you to join and work in different groups within the FRC! Sponsors HelmBot ( I-Sopod Float Tank ( Mindfull Solutions (
Because the orientation is such an important step in the float journey, we continue last week’s conversation, but focusing on what happens inside the float suite and float pod/tank itself, and how to ensure you’re accounting for those random, “but why” situations - like the times you might need to shut off the water at the main control. Ouch. You’ll hear ideas for including “performance support” to ease friction and anxiety points for your guests, what sorts of customizations you might discuss, and how to make your shower cool (literally) but why you might not want to make it too cool (figuratively). Sponsors HelmBot ( I-Sopod Float Tank ( Mindfull Solutions (
It’s a topic we allllll love - float orientations! There are countless ways to welcome someone to your center, the float experience, and the logistics of floating at your center. It’s always a favorite topic to discuss, as you’ll hear as our hosts get super hyped up about it in this episode. Since this first impression is so important, the crew shares different ways to deliver the orientation (live or via video), and the pros and cons of each approach. They dive further into how to create a personal connection, the importance of being fully present for each guest, and how to maintain a beginner’s mindset even when you say the same thing over and over each day. Sponsors HelmBot ( I-Sopod Float Tank ( Mindfull Solutions (
Language warning: You might hear a few four-letter words, so be prepared to cover little ears. They say the customer is always right, but this week, all four co-hosts share stories of clients who broke that rule. It’s a rare thing, but sometimes, even in the most chill environments like float centers, it’s necessary to fire a client or two. You’ll dive into the importance of setting boundaries, standing up for yourself, your employees, and your spouses (as the case may be). And perhaps one of the biggest takeaways from this conversation is why it’s so incredibly important to record notes about customer interactions - both the good and the not-so-good ones. Sponsors HelmBot ( I-Sopod Float Tank ( Mindfull Solutions (
When does the customer experience really begin, and what can you do about it? This week’s episode kicks off our Customer Experience series, and the crew dives in to debate (weakly) at exactly what point the customer begins to formulate their perception of your center. You’ll hear ideas about the little spots we may miss (when was the last time you swept the outdoor area?!) and how to ensure you’re catching all of the little things that add up to a big picture for your guests. It’s more than just brand identity - your brand is what people say about you, and each customer’s experience shapes the experience for anyone they tell. While you can’t control what they say, you have a lot of power to shape why they say it. Sponsors HelmBot ( I-Sopod Float Tank ( Mindfull Solutions (
Stress relief. It’s what we, as float center owners, do. But are we missing something? Is there an opportunity to marry daily mindfulness with floating? Our guest on this episode, Kalyn Wolf of Cloud Nine Floatation in Tuscon, AZ, thinks we are, and she’s created a cool program to help close that gap. Her six-week program, Stress Anxiety Management or SAM-1, weaves together daily journal prompts with video modules, and it encourages consistent float practices. She shares her inspirations behind the course, how it was created and tested, and how you could potentially use it at your center to help you guests not only feel better, but float more. Sponsors HelmBot ( I-Sopod Float Tank ( Mindfull Solutions (
Mother’s Day is almost here, and since it’s often a big event in the world of gift certificates, the crew is ready to dish on what they’re doing… or not doing this year. With the roller coaster we’ve all been on, it’s easy to get caught off guard on how quickly the holiday has hit. You’ll hear about why you might not want to offer discounts, how you might consider raising prices, how to get creative with special add-ons, and why spending a little more on advertising might be a great idea. Sponsors HelmBot ( I-Sopod Float Tank ( Mindfull Solutions (
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