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Author: Artisans SE | Mikko Lauhakari & Jonas Erlandsson

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This is a podcast by two dads in Sweden.
We are very involved in running, maintaining and being a part of the Swedish Laravel community. That is where this podcast sprung from, the LaravelSE community.

But we are about so much more than just Laravel, we also love frontend development, backend development, solution architecting, all things web, tech and gadgets. Besides talking about all of the things above, we also chitchat about being dads, life, hipster-ing and much more.

Note: We mostly speak swedish.
20 Episodes
Jonas has just gotten his PR to Onramp reviewed and more tasty dev talk.
Jonas and Mikko catch-up after vacations and LaraconEU. Jonas has some big news to tell!
Jonas och Mikko summerar de, eller den största nyheten från LaraconUS 2019 -> Laravel Vapor och kommande Laravel 6!
Jonas is on vacation and has been doing som ArtisansSe coding, like releasing our own pastebin. We talk about how we code and think about development now versus when we started coding.
The grumpy old artisans talk about the weeks talking point in the Swedish Laravel Slack channel, partitions in databases. And they also ponder about teamwork, team spirit and the ideal employee.
Mikko & Jonas talk about whats been going on lately, mostly about Livewire, NuxtJS and Jonas deep dive inte Docket lately.
Mikko and Jonas summarize Laracon Online 2019, in this restart restart of our little podcast.
In this episode we make a small restart, and as such start "season 2".Mikko talks about his recent adventures into NativeScript, with VueJS, and than we ramble a bit about beer.
In this episode Mikko & Jonas talk with Christoffer Persson från Glesys about their micro-service, or rather multi-service, architecture.
In the crazy unusual summer heat in Sweden, we found somewhat cool spots to do a summer episode. We talk about Laracon US 2018, mostly Laravel Nova.We touch on some SOLID stuff and finally reveal what the "little yellow" (lille gula) we've teased about is.
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