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Author: Desiring God

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Daily audio clips of John Piper answering tough theological and pastoral questions.
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Some of us find ourselves confessing the same sins over and over. How do we know our repentance is real if we repeatedly lose the same battles?
If we try to make much of the love of God by downplaying the wrath of God, we destroy the love of God.
The primary responsibility for a child’s education belongs to parents, not to the state. So, what can parents do when the state tries to take control?
The book of Genesis records life spans in the hundreds of years. Why did the first humans live for so long — and why are our life spans today so short?
How might Christians process the failures of once-beloved figures like Ravi Zacharias? Pastor John draws out lessons from the ministries of fallen leaders.
Some wait to come to Christ because they feel powerless to live the Christian life. But that power becomes ours only by coming to Christ.
Angels appear all over Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation. But why did God create angels in the first place — and what are they doing today?
Conspiracy theories — Christian or otherwise — are nothing new. But how can we talk to friends who find themselves gripped by them?
“No condemnation” means that you are finally free: free to love, free to serve, free to forgive, and even free to die for the good of others.
Paul looks back to Abraham and celebrates his unwavering faith. But is Abraham’s laughter at God’s promise in Genesis 17 really a faithful response?
The differences between male and female are not obstacles to overcome or facts to ignore. They are distinct glories that God calls “very good.”
If we want to follow Jesus, we will need to give up more than just sins. We will also need to give up everything that dulls our hearts for him.
How can children who come from dysfunctional or abusive families begin to embrace the perfect fatherhood of God?
Why might God allow his children to endure years, or even decades, of unremitting suffering? How does such chronic pain bring him glory?
The deepest cure for lust never comes from strategies or accountability. The deepest cure comes from seeing the soul-staggering grandeur of God.
Joy isn’t just a nice byproduct of the Christian life, but an essential part of it. From propitiation to glorification, joy animates our life in Christ.
Christ’s resurrection secures our future hope that we too will rise one day. In the meantime, it also grants us spiritual power for everyday life.
Everything good in the Christian life grows in the soil of rich, deep, and happy humility.
The cross of Christ accomplished everything we need to glorify God by being eternally happy in him. But is there anything the cross didn’t accomplish?
When you have the privilege of caring for dying people, how can you minister to their souls in addition to meeting their physical needs?
Comments (39)

Shouna Vue

How do I submit a question for Pastor John Piper?

Jan 14th
Reply (2)

Jonathan Clemens

Very useful insight, even when I don't always agree.

Jan 13th

Shouna Vue

amen!! thank you Jesus

Sep 11th

Dhishan Kudwalli (Dinky)

Aug 20th

Dhishan Kudwalli (Dinky)

God. Sin. Christ. Faith.

Aug 13th

Dhishan Kudwalli (Dinky)

Pure Jewels up for grabs. Such great wisdom. God be with you.

Aug 2nd

Steven McLendon II

So good and so true.

Apr 9th

Rachel Lynne

thank you pastor John! this was very helpful and now I have some great verses to help me when I am struggling with this issue!

Feb 10th


thanks so much for this Pastor John , I really needed to hear this . I'm a single mom and head of the household , it can be a bit much at times . Although I'm not married I really had a great understanding with this commentary.

Jan 8th
Reply (4)

Tone Mckie

very informative

Dec 5th
Reply (1)

esther dampson

im 17 and I've been feeling the conviction to give up secular television ever since june 2019 the month I started taking my walk with Christ seriously and I was wondering what would you suggest I do in place of watching tv I want to find my fulfillment and Joy and contentment in Christ only not in secular entertainment.

Nov 22nd
Reply (1)

Riaan van der Westhuizen

Every young man pursuing a woman, MUST hear this! Thank you Pastor John.

Oct 3rd

Amy Rouse

So comforting given some of the extremely harmful technology man is creating and dispersing today to the harm of God's creation! Regarding Babel: I understood the reason God chose to disperse the people is because they disobeyed His command to fill the earth (Gen. 9). They instead migrated east and congregated in one location, defying God, so He did what they refused to do. Is this a correct understanding?

Aug 10th

Stu Cook

Thank you Pastor John for tackling this subject in a sensitive manner. One of the ways I am finding helpful in reminding myself of my stature in Christ before God, is to focus more on God's love for me rather than my imperfections before Him. It's a daily battle, but it is one that gets gradually easier the more I focus upon how loved I am by God instead of my efforts before Him.

Jun 27th

Stu Cook

Thank you, Pastor John, for your understanding on this subject. I have only recently heard of these terms so to hear you speak about them so fluidly and fluently gives me a greater understanding of the two should they ever arise in conversation.

Jun 25th

Stu Cook

Thank you Pastor John for your wisdom on this subject. It helps clear things up if and when we are asked questions like this what we are able to respond to best glorify God.

May 22nd

Stu Cook

Thank you Pastor John for your inspirational wisdom today. This is a subject that I have often wondered about so to hear it spoken about with such clarity helps remind me that I am to fix my mind upon what is pure as it says in Philippians 4v8. In addition, I know that, as a single gentleman, unless I am focusing on God MORE than any search for a partner, I am risking feeding lusts of the flesh instead of living out the glorious freedom I have in Christ.

May 21st

Emma Mann

a very wise response to this question. changed my thinking

Dec 7th

Jonathon Evans

great explanation of what God calls us to follow as New testament Christians concerning his eternal commands.

Oct 26th

Old Creepy


Aug 17th
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