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Author: Desiring God

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Daily audio clips of John Piper answering tough theological and pastoral questions.
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By nature, we all want to be made much of. Until that craving for praise is laid to rest, we’ll never know the joy of making much of Jesus.
God can do far, far more than we can think to ask. But that doesn’t mean whatever we wish lines up with his sovereign plans to bring us good.
How should Christians respond to critical race theory? In a special episode, Pastor John explains the theory’s goals, assumptions, and root problem.
Critical race theory is a divisive topic among many Christians today. In a special episode, Pastor John explains why we should be careful in how we talk to each other about it.
When we see and savor the all-embracing, all-pervasive providence of God, we cannot help but show the worth of his providence in all of life.
Immersing ourselves in the ocean of God’s providence helps us to know him, fear him, trust him, and love him as we ought.
In January 2021, John Piper releases his newest book: a 750-page study of the all-embracing, all-pervasive providence of God.
We know that God is committed to saving his people. But does he ever become so frustrated with us that he regrets having made us in the first place?
Our cravings can take us to new spouses, new jobs, or even new cities or countries. But there is only one place we’ll find the satisfaction we seek.
As a husband, I know that God calls me to lead my family. But what if my wife is more capable and more spiritually mature than I am?
Jesus calls us to renounce all we have to follow him. But how can we gauge if we are fully and completely committed to him?
Unless God enables our obedience, we work and serve in vain. All true obedience flows from the strength he supplies.
Proverbs says that no one who visits the “forbidden woman” will return to the paths of life. So, is a man who seeks a prostitute doomed?
Does God harden sinners’ hearts only in response to their persistent sin, or is their sin a result of his prior hardening?
In this life, we will have trouble. But every trial paves the way to an inheritance with Christ that will satisfy us forever.
We know that God works all things together for the good of his people. But does “all things” include even our sins?
As Christians, we aspire to live out the paradox of brokenhearted boldness. But how do we teach and model this attitude for our kids?
From our perspective, coming to Jesus Christ feels like placing our faith in him. But God himself enabled and awakened that faith in us.
We know outward beauty is insignificant compared to inward beauty. But what should we do if we still feel insecure about our looks?
Is faultless chastity an appropriate standard for pastors, or are our expectations simply too high?
Comments (35)

Shouna Vue

amen!! thank you Jesus

Sep 11th

Dhishan Kudwalli (Dinky)

Aug 20th

Dhishan Kudwalli (Dinky)

God. Sin. Christ. Faith.

Aug 13th

Dhishan Kudwalli (Dinky)

Pure Jewels up for grabs. Such great wisdom. God be with you.

Aug 2nd

Steven McLendon II

So good and so true.

Apr 9th

Rachel Lynne

thank you pastor John! this was very helpful and now I have some great verses to help me when I am struggling with this issue!

Feb 10th


thanks so much for this Pastor John , I really needed to hear this . I'm a single mom and head of the household , it can be a bit much at times . Although I'm not married I really had a great understanding with this commentary.

Jan 8th
Reply (4)

Tone Mckie

very informative

Dec 5th
Reply (1)

esther dampson

im 17 and I've been feeling the conviction to give up secular television ever since june 2019 the month I started taking my walk with Christ seriously and I was wondering what would you suggest I do in place of watching tv I want to find my fulfillment and Joy and contentment in Christ only not in secular entertainment.

Nov 22nd
Reply (1)

Riaan van der Westhuizen

Every young man pursuing a woman, MUST hear this! Thank you Pastor John.

Oct 3rd

Amy Rouse

So comforting given some of the extremely harmful technology man is creating and dispersing today to the harm of God's creation! Regarding Babel: I understood the reason God chose to disperse the people is because they disobeyed His command to fill the earth (Gen. 9). They instead migrated east and congregated in one location, defying God, so He did what they refused to do. Is this a correct understanding?

Aug 10th

Stu Cook

Thank you Pastor John for tackling this subject in a sensitive manner. One of the ways I am finding helpful in reminding myself of my stature in Christ before God, is to focus more on God's love for me rather than my imperfections before Him. It's a daily battle, but it is one that gets gradually easier the more I focus upon how loved I am by God instead of my efforts before Him.

Jun 27th

Stu Cook

Thank you, Pastor John, for your understanding on this subject. I have only recently heard of these terms so to hear you speak about them so fluidly and fluently gives me a greater understanding of the two should they ever arise in conversation.

Jun 25th

Stu Cook

Thank you Pastor John for your wisdom on this subject. It helps clear things up if and when we are asked questions like this what we are able to respond to best glorify God.

May 22nd

Stu Cook

Thank you Pastor John for your inspirational wisdom today. This is a subject that I have often wondered about so to hear it spoken about with such clarity helps remind me that I am to fix my mind upon what is pure as it says in Philippians 4v8. In addition, I know that, as a single gentleman, unless I am focusing on God MORE than any search for a partner, I am risking feeding lusts of the flesh instead of living out the glorious freedom I have in Christ.

May 21st

Emma Mann

a very wise response to this question. changed my thinking

Dec 7th

Jonathon Evans

great explanation of what God calls us to follow as New testament Christians concerning his eternal commands.

Oct 26th

Old Creepy


Aug 17th

Chad Carrington

wonderful insite. perfectly explained

Jul 23rd

Melaina Angel Grant

I was asked this question, can you help me with an answer??? ........ so what exactly is the holy spirit? like what does he do? in the bible, it doesn't really talk about him, and when they do mention him, it seems like more of a concept or just one of god's names also, aren't the father and the son also holy spirits? like what makes the holy spirit so holy?

Jun 25th
Reply (3)
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