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We were made for companionship, community, close friendship. We are happier deep down, flourish more, grow stronger in every way when we have a close friend standing with us in life.
Today, we talk of the lovingkindness of God—the term comes from Chesed, the Hebrew term which meant to give oneself fully, generously, with love and compassion.
It was a fun week! I met with our editor of Victoria Magazine with a lovely traditional tea.
Today, on Tea Time Tuesday, I speak of one of my favorite children’s authors and illustrators, a new recipe, the profound influence of music on our brains, beauty as something that lowers adrenalin and the ways of rhythms in life.
Don't you think that God meant for us to go outside, to take naps under budding trees, to breathe in pleasure when everything is alive and inviting after a long hard winter? An overwhelming desire to escape is rushing through every molecule of my being.
The power of returning spring is unstoppable, as though God's song refuses to be quieted.
Mothers were uniquely created to create goodness and calm chaos, to kindle hope, and foster faith. We are the beauty bringers and soul shapers of our homes and our communities.
When we add up a life of faithfulness in serving God, accumulating maturity, grace, knowledge, wisdom, failure, forgiveness, compassion—it is thousands of moments of choosing to practice persevering, one moment at a time.
Rainy days will come, but the way you handle them will determine your ability to keep going forward.
I pray that this book will refresh you in your ideals and give you a sense of why bringing rhythms of grace regularly into your life will help you keep steadfast in your meaningful work of mentoring, loving, serving and praying for those in your personal life and story.
I have been through so many seasons, but I have learned how to keep going forward, by God’s grace. I pray you are encouraged in your own season of giving yourself to your ideals.
Teatime Discipleship is about the hospitality one friend offers another, to link arms, to say, "I am here for you" in a world that is draining and isolating.
Each of us is designed by God to whisper His words to the hearts of our children so they will feel the call of God in their own lives to become "fishers of men."
Sometimes a girl needs a little spoiling. Just a fun, special tea time with a dear friend can pick me up! Like the Dowager Countess can say, “Well, there is nothing else to be done. Let’s have tea.”
If you are experiencing weariness and discouragement, it signifies you are engaged in the battle. Join me today to find some answers to bring peace to the trenches of life.
If you have a vision for being steadfast into old age, you have an intrinsic strength to make it through all the years and seasons. Ponder your life through all the seasons, friends, and know you are living your story you will tell to generations.
Life is a marathon. Keep your legacy going. My friends, never give up, never give in. Your labor is not in vain. You matter.
Don't we all need the world to go away for just a few? So, take time today for a cuppa and close the world out in your mind and breathe in peace. 
I wrestled with my faith over years, but in doing so, I came to a deeper understanding of this fallen world, the nature of evil, that God’s light was stronger than the darkness, that we are all heading to a kingdom that cannot be shaken.
Often, people ask what drew our family close, that built a common legacy of ideals, the foundation that made all of us writers, and cultivated the kind of faith that lives in all of us today. Our souls were shaped by the daily rhythms of gathering, eating meals together, sharing in deep fellowship as a regular habit.
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Hadisa Hamed

Good luck Miss Sally. I listened to this episode of your podcast and I feel good.

May 10th

Meghan Fahey

just... thank you. thank you for these gentle words of truth and encouragement today. 💕

Apr 25th


thank you. this episode was available to me at a time when I really needed the positivity, giggles, and encouragement.

Feb 22nd

Katrina Whitten

thank you for this, I'm prepping to go in for a biopsy and God's love, strength and comfort are helping me through today. your posts have brought me encouragement in these last few days.

Aug 25th

Jennifer Heath Baxter

Thank you for this message, my friend sent it to me at just the right time, having a heavy heart with my oldest who is 18 leaving too early from our home. Your words brought me comfort and your voice is so calm and caring!

May 21st


It was great listening to you sally. Happy to find you!😇

May 11th

Ellen Keyes

clamjamfry is a new word that I read today!

Feb 13th

Meghan Fanning

I loved this podcast! some of these books are dear to me as well, and some in excited to read for the first time with my daughter. I am wondering if you have a general age recommendation for introducing these books? Or maybe just an idea of how old Joy was when they impacted her. thank you!

Aug 13th



Jul 21st

Renee Shaw

I wonder if you meant to say the man was "oppressed" at minute marker 23:30.

Jun 12th

Monique Holmes

Thank you, Sally, for challenging us to truly be like Christ, to not turn a blind eye to the real suffering caused by prejudice of all kinds. Love one another. Everyone.

Jun 1st

michele blumenshine

wow. what an encouraging episode... to chase wisdom.

May 19th

Maggie Allyn

I look forward to hearing you, Sally, as soon as it's afternoon. The kids are done with most of school. It's quiet time or time to be outside. I have the breakfast and lunch dishes waiting for me, and maybe a few other tidying chores. And a friend waits for me via podcast ❤️ thank you for your encouraging words, for sharing the rich wisdom God has shared with you. Since becoming a pastor's wife, I've lacked a Titus 2 woman most of my time here. Your cheerful voice has been a balm in that way. Thank you!

Apr 2nd

Katie Murphy

"God has called you by name... Katherine." That's my name! ❤️ I've struggled with panic attacks and haven't had ones this bad since the start of the Swine Flu in 2009. Although I've heard so much about this topic that I'm tired of it, this was the perfect reminder of God's love and protection. Not just for this situation, but a life lesson for all the fearful events that we WILL experience in life. Thank you again, Sally!

Mar 13th

Chelsie Smith

thank you for this Ms Sally! thank you thank you thank you. timing could not be more perfect. I would LOVE to walk through different scriptures with you! what a wonderful idea!

Mar 13th

Lori Dehring

Thank you!

Feb 7th

Liz Twente


Nov 27th
Reply (1)

Sally Kunis

I love listening to Sally's Podcasts. I really is inspirational and a pleasant way to get new ideas and think about your own life, faith, family, kids anf home. I can really recommend this.

Sep 20th

Olivia Ruan

This is so encouraging! I love how you said that we need to embrace our limitations from God and be where we are at. We are always chasing the next remedy for complications but with God all things are possible! Thanks Sally💕💕

Jul 31st
Reply (1)

Olivia Ruan

Can I like this a million times?! This is so helpful to me to remember that my heart before the Lord is so key to my mothering my 5 precious gifts!

May 30th
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