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Author: Sally Clarkson

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Home is the place where the whispers of God’s love are heard regularly, the touch of His hands is given intentionally throughout the day, the words of His encouragement and affirmation pointed to lay the foundation of loving relationships where a woman conducts the beauty of this life within its walls. I hope you will find inspiration to cultivate such a life. I welcome you here!
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The student becomes like his teacher. So if the teacher is growing intellectually, communicating profoundly and leading her students in rigorous discussion about these ideas, the natural consequence will be shaping a strong communicator. 
Jesus befriended His disciples, fed them, taught them, loved them, modeled faith, healed, spoke comfort and forgiveness. He was attentive to their needs and ultimately sacrificed His life on the cross for them and for us, that we might receive wholeness, forgiveness, eternal life. He was the servant king. I learned to become a servant mama, copying His ways.
An advocate parent is one who champions each child’s personality, seeks to encourage, pour in love, and is willing to go the long road to walk beside their child in every situation. It is what Jesus was like with us, His own children — an advocate, a lover, a shepherd, a savior.
The daily habit of eating together while being intentional to talk, discuss, teach, encourage, debate, and share rousing stories was one of the most profound rhythms of our family life.
Diligence is one of my ponders today on Tea Time Tuesday. Diligence requires attentive and persistent commitment in doing a task or keeping faithful to complete work, goals or faithfulness in relationship.
We feel lost in this broken place, where we will never be fulfilled or complete. But God is never lost and we are never lost to him. He always sees us wherever we think we are hiding or in the dark.
As God brought design, beauty and order to our world, so in His image, we do the same—but within our unique personalities, preferences and culture. We model to our children what it looks like to “take care” of our worlds of life and love.
When we pour out our lives in abundance to love sacrificially, serving with a plentifully joyful heart, casting grace and light over all we do, then we are a picture of Christ Himself. Generosity of life heals, comforts, inspires.
A grateful heart sees the fingerprints of God in normal every day circumstances, be they great or challenging.
This time of year, spring fever hits. This is a time to have one woman retreat, to plan delight for yourself, to bring joy and beauty just for a bit to bring new life into your soul.
Today, I ended my time with my wonderful daughter, Sarah, chatting about life, a momentous birthday and values and relationships we cherish. I hope you enjoy today’s podcast and our fun time together.
Jesus was the Word, the message sent from God’s heart of love. Calling him that shows such the significance of words to God. Words give hope, communicate ideas, inspire movements to fight for freedom, sharpen our minds to know how to think well, inspire heroism, give leadership to those longing for direction. These words are alive and shape life.
I'd rather be a risk taker, live by faith, believe that He is here present than to let fear of what might happen (or fear of failure, or fear of what people might think) squeeze the life and childlikeness of my believing and hoping out of me, to cause me to do nothing at all.
Today I talked with a wonderful friend, Ginny Zurich, who has a wealth of research, knowledge and understanding of an outdoor life. She is a treasure, a delight and an inspiration. Join us as we discuss many areas of this flourishing view of life.
I've been pondering why intentional words are so important and give so much life to people. Many I know are a bit empty, weary — but words of life have worked magic in them.
When I look to God’s ways, I observe what He has made and listen to the voice of creation. He has made even the insignificant, a small child, a thing of glory, beauty to behold, heavenly art in which my heart is amazed. In His hands, the small becomes significant.
The more we believe in His love, the more we live in the peaceful and generous acceptance we have from Him, the more we will exhibit it to others in our lives.
What would a world hope for if there were not great women committed to serving, civilizing, bringing beauty from chaos and believing courageously in the truths of God, even during dark times?
God does not arbitrarily issue us commandments to be hard on us. His commandments, which must be obeyed, are for our best — to protect us, to bless us, to cause us happiness and to help us become the best we can be.
In the same way that we expose ourselves and children to great stories to shape our moral imagination, so Jesus used so many metaphors in scripture to give us a personal picture of what He is like.
Comments (34)

Shanna Toews

Wonderful episode!! :)

May 12th

Shanna Toews

So good!

Sep 5th

Shanna Toews

I've been listening to Mrs. Mike on Audible read by Kirsten Potter and Mike Flannigan is a Scot and your imitation of a Scottish accent sounded quite like the Scottish accent in there!

Jun 23rd

Trudy Royston

Here in Springfield, Missouri, our main library branch is named for Andrew Carnegie, our generous benefactor.

Jun 21st

Hadis Saberi

Good luck Miss Sally. I listened to this episode of your podcast and I feel good.

May 10th

Meghan Fahey

just... thank you. thank you for these gentle words of truth and encouragement today. 💕

Apr 25th


thank you. this episode was available to me at a time when I really needed the positivity, giggles, and encouragement.

Feb 22nd

Katrina Whitten

thank you for this, I'm prepping to go in for a biopsy and God's love, strength and comfort are helping me through today. your posts have brought me encouragement in these last few days.

Aug 25th

Jennifer Heath Baxter

Thank you for this message, my friend sent it to me at just the right time, having a heavy heart with my oldest who is 18 leaving too early from our home. Your words brought me comfort and your voice is so calm and caring!

May 21st


It was great listening to you sally. Happy to find you!😇

May 11th

Ellen Keyes

clamjamfry is a new word that I read today!

Feb 13th

Meghan Fanning

I loved this podcast! some of these books are dear to me as well, and some in excited to read for the first time with my daughter. I am wondering if you have a general age recommendation for introducing these books? Or maybe just an idea of how old Joy was when they impacted her. thank you!

Aug 13th



Jul 21st

Renee Shaw

I wonder if you meant to say the man was "oppressed" at minute marker 23:30.

Jun 12th

Monique Holmes

Thank you, Sally, for challenging us to truly be like Christ, to not turn a blind eye to the real suffering caused by prejudice of all kinds. Love one another. Everyone.

Jun 1st

michele blumenshine

wow. what an encouraging episode... to chase wisdom.

May 19th

Maggie Allyn

I look forward to hearing you, Sally, as soon as it's afternoon. The kids are done with most of school. It's quiet time or time to be outside. I have the breakfast and lunch dishes waiting for me, and maybe a few other tidying chores. And a friend waits for me via podcast ❤️ thank you for your encouraging words, for sharing the rich wisdom God has shared with you. Since becoming a pastor's wife, I've lacked a Titus 2 woman most of my time here. Your cheerful voice has been a balm in that way. Thank you!

Apr 2nd

Katie Murphy

"God has called you by name... Katherine." That's my name! ❤️ I've struggled with panic attacks and haven't had ones this bad since the start of the Swine Flu in 2009. Although I've heard so much about this topic that I'm tired of it, this was the perfect reminder of God's love and protection. Not just for this situation, but a life lesson for all the fearful events that we WILL experience in life. Thank you again, Sally!

Mar 13th

Chelsie Smith

thank you for this Ms Sally! thank you thank you thank you. timing could not be more perfect. I would LOVE to walk through different scriptures with you! what a wonderful idea!

Mar 13th

Lori Dehring

Thank you!

Feb 7th