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Author: Sally Clarkson

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Home is the place where the whispers of God’s love are heard regularly, the touch of His hands is given intentionally throughout the day, the words of His encouragement and affirmation pointed to lay the foundation of loving relationships where a woman conducts the beauty of this life within its walls. I hope you will find inspiration to cultivate such a life. I welcome you here!
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We were created to be message makers, healers, redeemers. There is a kingdom of darkness but we are people of the light and the light will overcome all that is evil, dark, meaningless, and harsh.
Let us embrace the joy worth repeating, again and again, and seek out those warm conversations that nourish our spirits and remind us of the beauty of connection. And may we never underestimate the power of tea and a friend to bring peace, comfort, and a touch of magic to our lives.
He who was with Jesus, is with me. He is still the calm in the midst of storms, the peace and rest in the torrents, the comfort and lover and One who is powerful above all and still says to the powers that threaten, “Be still.”
So often, God prunes my branches of life. He takes away, he cuts my life back—and truly I have learned that I bear more fruit from these times of discipline than I could have understood when I was younger. He has the best for me in mind—that I may bear even more fruit.
It is a legacy of faith we are passing on, when we daily stoop to serve, patiently giving our energy to meet the needs of others.
I invested a lifetime of building heart-to-heart connections through words of grace, rhythms of shaping thoughts, convictions, and imagination of His goodness, beauty, and love. These happened in all the moments of the days and were underlined by the intentional special times when we would meet alone, share a cuppa of something soothing and warm, a treat, and speak of eternal virtues that inspired a lifetime of joy.
Learning to be responsible for your own sense of well-being, your sense of contentment, and the ability to thrive is one of the most foundational aspects of flourishing over a lifetime.
His spirit shapes us as we shape a generation for His glory. And we are able to take one more step of obedience and pour out His unconditional love and wisdom to children who are not always aware of our sacrifice until they are older.
As I look to the years ahead, I wonder how I could best invest my time and my love for all of you whose lives matter so much.
As I ponder where I have been and where I am going, I have realized that I want to consider how to best invest my life for Him in the years ahead, how to love well, to encourage generously, to grow a little bit more like Jesus every day.
For our children to have a strong standard of truth speaking to their invisible thoughts, their minds must be filled with thousands of teachings of scripture so their brains will have a "go-to" place when they are making decisions about their lives.
Today on my podcast I share many of the ways Clay and I prepared for our home for our grandchildren to be child friendly, a place to rest and be at peace, and a welcome to their parents.
As believers, we need to understand the principle of unconditional love. It is natural to disdain or criticize people—it is supernatural to love, to forgive, to be patient.
“Even grown ups love to play dress up once in a while.” Add to that a cold gas of sparkling Elderflower juice, shared with a dear friend with lots of laughter and you have an unforgettable memory to come back to again and again.
Unless we learn to give these wounds into the file drawer of heaven, to allow Christ to take these burdens of heart for us, we will be overwhelmed by a shadow of bitterness, anger or disappointment. That is why forgiveness is so very essential to the message of Christ.
Tending to the hearts of the “least of these” is what pleases Jesus. We are His hands, voice, and touch to those He has trusted into our care.
In a broken world where we are subject to our own foolishness and sin as well as the chaos of the world and other sinful people, in quietness and rest in God is our strength.
Sometimes there are places that wrap their vast beauty around your heart and hold you there with a sense that you are experiencing another world. From the first time I visited St. Andrews, I was charmed, inspired, and held such a sense of belonging.
Celebrations live in the hearts, minds, souls of the one celebrated for a lifetime and gives hope and courage when hard times come.
I am convinced that if we women understood that we have a capacity to work a little harder, give more and cultivate more intentionally, we would indeed be able to see greatness of soul, depth of faith arise out of our children’s lives.
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Shanna Toews

So good!

Sep 5th

Shanna Toews

I've been listening to Mrs. Mike on Audible read by Kirsten Potter and Mike Flannigan is a Scot and your imitation of a Scottish accent sounded quite like the Scottish accent in there!

Jun 23rd

Trudy Royston

Here in Springfield, Missouri, our main library branch is named for Andrew Carnegie, our generous benefactor.

Jun 21st

Hadis Saberi

Good luck Miss Sally. I listened to this episode of your podcast and I feel good.

May 10th

Meghan Fahey

just... thank you. thank you for these gentle words of truth and encouragement today. 💕

Apr 25th


thank you. this episode was available to me at a time when I really needed the positivity, giggles, and encouragement.

Feb 22nd

Katrina Whitten

thank you for this, I'm prepping to go in for a biopsy and God's love, strength and comfort are helping me through today. your posts have brought me encouragement in these last few days.

Aug 25th

Jennifer Heath Baxter

Thank you for this message, my friend sent it to me at just the right time, having a heavy heart with my oldest who is 18 leaving too early from our home. Your words brought me comfort and your voice is so calm and caring!

May 21st


It was great listening to you sally. Happy to find you!😇

May 11th

Ellen Keyes

clamjamfry is a new word that I read today!

Feb 13th

Meghan Fanning

I loved this podcast! some of these books are dear to me as well, and some in excited to read for the first time with my daughter. I am wondering if you have a general age recommendation for introducing these books? Or maybe just an idea of how old Joy was when they impacted her. thank you!

Aug 13th



Jul 21st

Renee Shaw

I wonder if you meant to say the man was "oppressed" at minute marker 23:30.

Jun 12th

Monique Holmes

Thank you, Sally, for challenging us to truly be like Christ, to not turn a blind eye to the real suffering caused by prejudice of all kinds. Love one another. Everyone.

Jun 1st

michele blumenshine

wow. what an encouraging episode... to chase wisdom.

May 19th

Maggie Allyn

I look forward to hearing you, Sally, as soon as it's afternoon. The kids are done with most of school. It's quiet time or time to be outside. I have the breakfast and lunch dishes waiting for me, and maybe a few other tidying chores. And a friend waits for me via podcast ❤️ thank you for your encouraging words, for sharing the rich wisdom God has shared with you. Since becoming a pastor's wife, I've lacked a Titus 2 woman most of my time here. Your cheerful voice has been a balm in that way. Thank you!

Apr 2nd

Katie Murphy

"God has called you by name... Katherine." That's my name! ❤️ I've struggled with panic attacks and haven't had ones this bad since the start of the Swine Flu in 2009. Although I've heard so much about this topic that I'm tired of it, this was the perfect reminder of God's love and protection. Not just for this situation, but a life lesson for all the fearful events that we WILL experience in life. Thank you again, Sally!

Mar 13th

Chelsie Smith

thank you for this Ms Sally! thank you thank you thank you. timing could not be more perfect. I would LOVE to walk through different scriptures with you! what a wonderful idea!

Mar 13th

Lori Dehring

Thank you!

Feb 7th

Liz Twente


Nov 27th
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