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Author: Sally Clarkson

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Home is the place where the whispers of God’s love are heard regularly, the touch of His hands is given intentionally throughout the day, the words of His encouragement and affirmation pointed to lay the foundation of loving relationships where a woman conducts the beauty of this life within its walls. I hope you will find inspiration to cultivate such a life within the pages of this blog. I welcome you here!
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We no longer live for ourselves, but for the glory of Jesus, who bought us with a price, that we might live for Him every moment, every day. I am "the mama," the one who helps right the wrongs, listens to hearts, prays, laughs, gives all of myself, even on a "stormy day" or "stormy season," because it is part of my learned role--to care for those in my charge as Jesus did--even in the midst of the unexpected storms of life like the one we all find ourselves in currently. This Good Friday, I pray you will know His grace, His love, His help as you join Him by laying your life down. Have a beautiful holy weekend, and a Happy Easter!
And then it dawned on me as. I was thinking about this. I would love to share in your disappointments. Tell me (in a comment, on Facebook, on Instagram messages) about what disappointment you have had this month. What was cancelled, how are your children disappointed, how have you born the loneliness.
All of the little and big ways you are giving of yourself during this time are gifts of worship of loving God, by being His hands, His words, His time, His love to those around you. Sarah wrote a poem about love given in her own life to her sweet ones, as a sacrifice of her love to them. I know it will touch you as it did me. And of course, we recorded a podcast together I hope you will enjoy.
Integrity comes from years of practicing living with godly character. Integrity is a lifelong fruit of determining to live faithfully. Christ is the model for what it looks like to have perfect integrity. But integrity brings the reward of living well into your life and watching God faithfully produce eternal fruit through the pages of your story.
Just when all appears dead and there are no signs of life in the world, daffodils pop up, as if out of nowhere, to proclaim there just may be surprise and life ahead.
There is no one right way to live life in a home. No one size of routine or rules or order fits all. Homes with young children will be quite different from a single-adult home. Elderly adults will order their lives by different life rituals than will single adults, young marrieds, or university students. But the more carefully we plan our days, the better our homes will provide us with freedom and enjoyment as well as purpose and accomplishment.
Today, Lanier and I talked about the process of living by faith in times of chaos. Moving to a place of restoring is a walk of perseverance and we have both learned this through many seasons of our lives. Chaos often invades our lives when least expect it. The Covid Virus has turned all of our worlds upside down. Yet, having lived through many a heart-breaking disappointment or even just a cancellation to my plans, a loss of control of our lives, I know that waiting on God in faith will show me, in time, that He had never left me, that He was always walking with me through every trial, every season. His faithfulness never fails.
In this episode, Sally and Kristen discuss how to impart a love of community and friendship to our children. They encourage moms to model how to serve in friendship themselves, as the first model their families will see, and explain what it looks like to serve in friendship through trust, loyalty, empathy and encouragement. They share how to become an invitation to others in everyday life, and how to teach your children to be a friend through: -Trusting the Holy Spirit -Training them how to share and live generously -Teaching them HOW to create community Ultimately, Sally and Kristen encourage and equip moms to cultivate their own hearts for service and love, while becoming a living example of how to put others first. Then, they are joined by special guest and friend, Elizabeth Foss who shares her own testimony of trusting God even when we feel weary. Reflecting on her cancer journey and the community knit in her own family mothering nine children, Elizabeth reminds us all that there is nothing that we face that Christ has not also endured. She's also sharing about a special new project that we are excited to share with you called Take Up and Read 
Nathan has always been larger than life and had on his heart the desire to be a hero. We saw Nathan‘s spirit early on and even while struggling with learning disabilities and an out-of-the-box personality we encouraged Nathan into the story God had for him to tell. We wanted to instill in each of our children the the values of a loving and good God and the belief that they had a work on the world We believed forward into their lives. Which is why I am so excited that Nathan is releasing his first solo book called Good Man, it’s a collection of Nathan‘s stories, thoughts, and insights from his journey of discovering who it was God created him to be.
One of the most profoundly important gifts we can give to our children is a life of faith, a life of believing God in the small moments of life, the large challenges, a life given to believing in His reality. Without faith, we cannot please God. No works, performance, giving will cover over a lack of faith and faith living.
Joy is one of my favorite people in the world. Today, we took time to record many of the rhythms, food, practices that we have both been practicing in our home to make it through these challenging days. I hope you will love it as much as Joy and I enjoyed being together across the miles in a FaceTime recording. You can find all things Joy and you would be so entertained and inspired to connect with her on Instagram @joynessthebrave Happy Tuesday! We are thinking about you all and praying for you!
In the busyness of our activity-oriented world, it is tempting for us to measure the value of lives by accomplishment or position. Yet, in this time of the covid virus, we are all re-evaluating our priorities. As I look back on the years with my precious children, I found myself seeking to understand how important it was to lay heart foundations, an imagination for living for God, an understanding of truth before I worried about the academic accomplishment of my children.
Perspective is something I have had to learn about the last many years of my life. In the workaday world, busyness can take over and often I have the illusion that I can control my life. The Corona Virus has taken all of us by surprise and has shaken up our expectations of life. Finances are at stake for many of us, illness, disappointment, confusion. But, I have learned that my God is stable, secure, and loving and He is always in control—even when we do not understand or feel secure.
On my podcast today, my friends and I came up with countless ideas of the ways we have created and nurtured life-giving memories with our own. I hope our ideas will inspire you.
We wanted to share with all of you what we filled our hearts and minds this weekend and to give some history and encouragement about how such deep friendships are developed over time. Actually, we talked about lots of important things on the podcast and I hope you will find life and encouragement from our time together that might be a light in the midst of a crazy week.
Fear, weariness, concern, cynicism, frustration seems to define the mood and emotions of many today. We hear of war and violence, corona virus, financial crisis, devastating storms and tornadoes, moral collapse amongst youth, a loss of faith for many young adults, and we are tempted to tremble in our boots, or to be filled with despair. Yet, scripture speaks to us over and over again about God’s desire to protect us, to be present with us, to respond to our prayers, to crush the wicked. Over 80 times in scripture we read, “Fear Not!” and the verse above is one of my favorite “fear not” verses that I learned when I was a very young believer.
Young children are watching, imitating, learning from us every moment of their early life. The attitude we have when we change diapers, the way we talk to our friends, neighbors, husbands, becomes their models for how to speak to others, whether or not we value other human beings.
Motherhood was designed by God to be a role of honor, sacred, to help keep His purposes alive in the world. We must remember that to be a mother who serves God is not simply a choice but a mandate.
There are times that we all just have to take a break! On our sober club nights, we always do something that we want to do that is just for us--sometimes we even ask friends to join us--go to dinner, a movie, a walk in the mountains, take a drive to see the city lights--music blaring, windows down--just cruising and trying to relax. We do something different--go away from the stress, from the kids. We do not talk about any of the problems or money or stress or ministry. We just relax, have fun, get away and lighten up.
Psalm 4:3 But know that the Lord has set apart the godly man for Himself; The Lord hears when I call to Him.
Comments (18)

Maggie Allyn

I look forward to hearing you, Sally, as soon as it's afternoon. The kids are done with most of school. It's quiet time or time to be outside. I have the breakfast and lunch dishes waiting for me, and maybe a few other tidying chores. And a friend waits for me via podcast ❤️ thank you for your encouraging words, for sharing the rich wisdom God has shared with you. Since becoming a pastor's wife, I've lacked a Titus 2 woman most of my time here. Your cheerful voice has been a balm in that way. Thank you!

Apr 2nd

Katie Murphy

"God has called you by name... Katherine." That's my name! ❤️ I've struggled with panic attacks and haven't had ones this bad since the start of the Swine Flu in 2009. Although I've heard so much about this topic that I'm tired of it, this was the perfect reminder of God's love and protection. Not just for this situation, but a life lesson for all the fearful events that we WILL experience in life. Thank you again, Sally!

Mar 13th

Chelsie Smith

thank you for this Ms Sally! thank you thank you thank you. timing could not be more perfect. I would LOVE to walk through different scriptures with you! what a wonderful idea!

Mar 13th

Lori Dehring

Thank you!

Feb 7th

Liz Twente


Nov 27th
Reply (1)

Sally Kunis

I love listening to Sally's Podcasts. I really is inspirational and a pleasant way to get new ideas and think about your own life, faith, family, kids anf home. I can really recommend this.

Sep 20th

Olivia Ruan

This is so encouraging! I love how you said that we need to embrace our limitations from God and be where we are at. We are always chasing the next remedy for complications but with God all things are possible! Thanks Sally💕💕

Jul 31st
Reply (1)

Olivia Ruan

Can I like this a million times?! This is so helpful to me to remember that my heart before the Lord is so key to my mothering my 5 precious gifts!

May 30th

Olivia Ruan

Wow this is so convicting! Jesus is the center and not the kids a d their wants, or the parents! Thank you so much for this encouragement!!

May 22nd


it was so encouraging and motivating to hear. thank you!

Mar 20th

Melissa M.

awesome message. thank you for sharing your wisdom.

Mar 20th

Yuri Perkins

whoa!! soooo good!

Feb 27th

Kelly Sorge

Sally, thank you so much for pouring out your heart & life to women. I've been learning from you for 20+ years & am grateful for the model you are, which has had tremendous impact in my home & children whom are now grown, married and raising their own families. I'm finding a new inspiration from your messages as I live in my role as a grandmother. Thank you!

Sep 28th

Joy Lear-Bernard

perfect timing xx

Mar 10th

Elizabeth Morquecho

I'm so grateful to God for you guys!!

Nov 5th

Erneshia Scott

Thank you Ms. Sally! I needed this! E. Scott :)

Oct 3rd
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