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Live shows Wed Nights 9:00pm Atlantic Time. We chat about everything bushcraft and welcome/encourage interaction with our listeners! Visit us at
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What's the best way to figure out what gear you should get? We chat about that tonight and give you some of our suggestions.
Tonight, food prep ideas and using a dehydrator!
Chatting about camping in hunting season with guest Gary Lynch
Our first real podcast sitting in the same room as each other.  Some updates, ideas and general chat.
Chatting about some cook pots, what to look for, what to avoid, and maybe some ideas!
Last minute changes, they always seem to come up.  How do you handle them?
Episode 78 - Bush Boredom

Episode 78 - Bush Boredom


Talking about some things you can do to fill some of that down time (if you can find it!)
Chatting about a few topics tonight, camping without fire, bug bites,  and other things!
Its that time again!  Gear of the month and this time we are chatting about backpacks!
The question has been asked and the answer will be given, what 10 items would we bring on a show like "Alone"?  Sit tight, its a long one!
Chatting about sun protection. Some things you might know and some you might not?
Talking about how to stay clean and comfortable one those long outings.
We will be chatting about some ideas on how to keep your gear visible and at your side when you need it!
Talking about flashlights! Hopefully we give you some information and suggestions if you are in the market for a flashlight!
Happy Canada Day form Atlantic Bushcraft Adventures!
Talking about camping as a couple and what to expect.
Chatting about what you can do to deal with weather if you find yourself lost and caught unexpectedly.
Chatting about everything journal related, do you carry one?
Chatting about what you can do to get the best chances of being found if you find yourself lost in the woods.
Chatting about some ways you can find your way in the woods if you find yourself without a compass.
Comments (3)

Rick Stinson

go on Amazon and look for recipe books then sort by price....there was a book of 50 jerky recipes for free..along with several camp cooking and cast iron and so on. Just remember to sort by price and $0 will show for any topic searched

May 22nd

Rick Stinson

A full GI mess kit has the base for a cook stand.. the cup lid and canteen. Some places online sell whole set Cheers Rick

May 22nd

Rob Young

Wow guys... I had never heard about this channel before and the first episode mentioned NSB and a bunch of my friends names! I'll be mentioning this to the group.

May 16th
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