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Jason talks interior design in 2018, from gender-neutral children's rooms to resort-style bathrooms.
Jason talks Graphic Design in 2018, including retro or throwback design.
Jason talks Office or Workplace Design and Layout.
Jason talks about the evolution of the selfie and 3D selfies.
Jason talks logistical design in relation to play or movie set design.
Jason talks color theory in design in relation to traditional and digital design.
Jason talks interior design in relation to restaurant decoration and design.
Jason talks design and the tools or software front-end experts need to make aesthetically stunning designs.
Jason talks design and architecture in 3D architectural design.
Jason talks design, how to find your muse, and where your inspiration can come from. Plus, tricks for overcoming designers block.
Jason talks design in branding and packaging design.
Jason talks design with freelancers, and how the shift to freelance and outsourced design changes the industry.
Jason talks design in relation to 3D printing.
Jason talks App Interface and how that effects design.
Jason talks design and art in the space of sculpture and sculptural design.
Jason talks design in typography and font typeface design.
Jason talks design in landscaping, discussing its role in architectural design.
Jason talks design in advertising, with a focus on regional aesthetic for geo-targeted marketing.
Jason talks photography in design, specifically the role it should play in your web and physical design schemas.
Jason talks design trends, and how they could effect new projects.
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