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Author: Lisa Dawn LaJoie

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Transformational audio blogs about spirituality, intuition and the Soul.

My purpose is to help people on their journey, to help them explore and cultivate their own Spiritual powers and intuitive abilities. I want others to experience their greatest life purpose, discover the power of their Spirit, and shine their light into the world for all others to see, feel and be inspired by. That is what I was brought here to do. I know this from the bottom of my heart.

Lisa Dawn LaJoie
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As an entrepreneur, coach, healer or business person, you need to know when to make changes. It is important to honour the stage you are at and to know when things are synchronized so that you can step into another price point perspective and another layer of yourself. I am a firm believer in certain values. First we have to learn and create a sense of confidence in our skill set, then we have to work with people to accentuate our gift and feel anchored, then we have to evaluate our statistics and if what we are offering is really serving people and how it serves them. You have to know where you are at, what you offer and then go from there. This will determine your value and will allow you to feel confident with changing your prices. Intuitively yours, Lisa I would be so grateful if you shared this audio with anyone you believe would benefit from hearing it and please, don’t forget to share your comments with me. Website: Radio: Instagram: Facebook:
The last thing you should ever do is change yourself to make other people comfortable. Be yourself and as you transform along your journey, continue to be yourself and never let anyone tell you not to be you. Listen to my audio confession about my experience learning this lesson. Intutively yours, Lisa I would be so grateful if you shared this audio with anyone you believe would benefit from hearing it and please, don’t forget to share your comments with me. Website: Radio: Instagram: Facebook:
Letting go of 2018

Letting go of 2018


As a year closes out and a new one begins we tend to rush into creating our goals and intentions, but that does not work for everybody. You need to go at your own pace and take comfort in knowing that we are continuing to move out of 2018’s energy and there is still time to let go of the past years lessons. We have just gone through an eclipse and have another one coming in a couple of weeks, which makes this a very powerful time. You have an amazing opportunity to flush out what is left and close the doors on all the parts of your life that are not serving you anymore so that you can move towards the possibilities of who you are meant to be in 2019. If you feel like you are still stuck on some situations, people or feelings, here is an exercise to help you let go. Ask yourself and write down: 1. What is left from 2018 that is still bothering me? (this can be in any area that you are challenged with) 2. What is still bothering me about myself? What specific pieces was I challenged by? (ex: fights, relationship troubles, reactions…) 3. What is bothering me about interactions I had with any specific individual(s) in my life? You can write your answers down in short or detailed form and explain the experiences in your relationships and anything you are still thinking about in yourself, situations or other people in detail. Once you have completed your list, write a goodbye letter to them all: “To all these learnings and lessons, to all the people in my relationships, in all the moments that I have experienced in 2018, I now say goodbye. I’m choosing to release you to say goodbye to judgements, any kind of misunderstandings, moments I wish I could take back. Thank you so much for all these lessons, experiences, people, places and moments. I appreciate everything you have taught me. I am saying goodbye to you”. Once you are finished, sign and date the letter and burn it in a fireplace, rip it up, bury it in the earth; whatever you need to do and let it go. When you do the letting go process, sincerely say, “I am letting these things go” and feel the appreciation in your heart. Check back in after a few days and ask yourself, “is anything still left”? Do not worry if there is, you still have more time to let go, we have a couple of weeks into January before the completion of the energy in the planets. With the lunar eclipse on the 20th and your co-creative work, you will be absolutely ready and capable of setting your 2019 intentions with clarity, with a higher vibration, with inspiration and with more certainty. **DO NOT MISS OUT*** My 2019 Intuitive Forecasts are here for one more week and then they will disappear until next year! Grab your personalized monthly audio forecast that contains your upcoming life + business opportunities, challenges and guidance to make this your most prosperous year yet. Click here:
The end of the year is not just about looking forward and planning for your next set of personal and business goals. It is also a time to reflect on what you have created and anchor in the lessons you have learned over the last twelve months. In numerology 2018 was a #2 year, which means that it was a huge opportunity to strengthen bonds, clear out old debris and open the doors to new relationship possibilities. This has been very true for me. I had a major clearing of some relationships I was just not happy with (no matter how much I tried to make them work), I embraced relationships with people that are willing to grow with me and I opened up to new bonds that are more aligned with me. As hard as it is to let go of people you love, it is sometimes the best thing for both you and them. Take some time this week to reflect on your year and the relationships you have had to say goodbye to, as well as new ones that have blossomed. Celebrate your growth and the boundaries you have created around the people you allow in your life. Website: Radio: http://www.FromMisfitToMystic Instagram: Facebook:
A dear friend of mine lovingly pointed out that I was not getting everything I needed as a human being and it had a great impact on me. As a clairvoyant, coach and someone who genuinely wants to see others grow and thrive, I often have wide shoulders that can take on a lot and support many people. What I have learned is that I need support as well and that it is important for me to tell those around me what I need in the way of support so that they can understand me better and show up for me when I need them. I encourage you to ask yourself if you are getting what you need from the people in your life and also look at whether or not you are giving those you love and work with the support that they need. Listen to my audio confession about being a good receiver below and please share your comments and experiences with me. Intuitively yours, Lisa Dawn P.S. I would be so grateful if you shared this audio with anyone you believe would benefit from hearing it. Website: Radio: Instagram: Facebook:
Where are you vulnerable? By facing your vulnerabilities and embracing them, you can find the power in those areas in your life and you can find the way through the truth of you. It is in your vulnerability of telling the truth that you can transform the possibilities of turning that vulnerability into your voice, into who you are, into your actions and into seeing other avenues of your experience. Listen to my audio blog below to understand the different types of vulnerabilities that exist and how you can embrace them for your growth and empowerment. Don’t forget to share your comments with me and please share it if you know someone would benefit. Website: Radio: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube:
When was the last time you felt appreciation on a deep level? 2018 has been a huge year for me around just that. I made the decision in the beginning of 2018 that I would master appreciation this year because it is an extremely important part of what was missing in my life. As an emotional over giver I had to up my game and build new values and when it came to my relationships I understood I had to learn a lot more about this word and its meaning. I had to learn to experience this with the people around me. We all need to feel appreciated for appreciation to exist and that was a huge part of my lessons and I am grateful to have developed a deeper connection to this way of being. In this podcast, I vulnerably share some very personal experiences that I went through around letting go of people that were not in alignment with me and people that did not appreciate my friendship and loyalty. The lessons that I have gone through this year, have been meaningful and valuable to me and I am sharing them with you to spread the importance and power that appreciation can have in our lives. Click below to listen to the podcast and please, I encourage you after listening, to sit down quietly and ask yourself these important questions about the people in your life. What is appreciation? Do they feel appreciated by me? Do I feel appreciated by them? Are they capable of showing appreciated? Website: Radio: Instagram: Facebook:
Let’s face it, being an empath can be a very draining experience. Over the years I have tried many techniques, so I know first hand that it does not have to be that way. For all you energy sponges that are influenced by the energy of others and soak it in, this vlog is for you. It is of absolute importance for you to protect your divine energy and keep it safe. One of my favourite (and a very effective) way to prevent taking on negative energy from those around us is to put a bubble of white light around our energy field. Watch my latest vlog below to understand the purpose of activating the white light that I often talk about, where it comes from and how to use it. Don’t forget to share your comments with me. Website: Radio: Instagram: Facebook:
F@*K the blame game! You know those times when you are feeling powerless or unworthy and want to transform but can’t find your way out of your own anger and resentment? Well those are the moments when you just need to own it and take responsibility for yourself. Look, there are just times in life when you need to be honest with yourself about where you are at and vulnerable enough to share it, otherwise you will never be able to up-level yourself the way you need to. Your light turns down and that is not something you can afford to have happen if you are looking to be the superstar you were born to be. In this vlog I explain what happens when you blame others for where you are in your life, your work or your relationships and I give you really simple tips to help you change your blame habit. The truth will set you free. Being honest and vulnerable to your truth allows you to see the situations in your life with a soul-full approach and then you can hear the answers that are within you with a clearer mind. This will bring you to the door of change, shedding your old patterns and feeling more powerful and in control of your life. Check it out and do not forget to share your comments with me. I would love to hear about what comes up for you and about the changes you are going to make around the topic of blame in your own life experiences. Website: Radio: Instagram: Facebook:
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