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Conversation on Design and Arts.

Audiogyan a Philanthropic project to document & archive thoughts and ideas of Indian designers, artists, musicians, writers, thinkers and luminaries of the creative world. Audiogyan doesn’t celebrate the guests’ accomplishments or take a trip down memory lane; rather it objectively documents work, case studies, first principles of individuals who have devoted their life in the field of Design and performing arts.

Audiogyan releases every Wednesday.
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Geetanjali Kulkarni is an actor, who has been performing for theatre, films, and the web. She has been always ahead of her time. Her quest to do something unconventional always paved a different way for her and the people around her. Geetanjali's dedication is contagious and has given certain meaning to the most uncertain profession called Acting... Today we are here to discuss one of my favorite topics, education, but through theatre and acting or should I say performing arts.
I have Pinaki De with us on Audiogyan. He is a well-known and multiple award-winning graphic illustrator-designer who regularly works for leading publishing companies like Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, and more... He has designed book covers for over 500 books to date. A Charles Wallace Trust fellow has Ph.D. in comics theory. Pinaki juggles his creative work with academics, as he has a day job as an Associate Professor of English in Kolkatta.
Debjyoti Saha joins us on Audiogyan. For those who follow him on Instagram knows his style of work and the recently gone viral series, Korona. But I am not going to introduce him by that. Debjyoti is an animator, illustrator and draws comics. His work is heavily influenced by his interactions with cities he has lived in, and it’s clear that his observations of such detail, reflects in his animated and illustrated stories. What got me interested in knowing his thoughts and work (which he himself calls) which is not very heavy on production, but has a deep-rooted thought.
Ashley Lobo joins us on Audiogyan to share his philosophical thoughts and connect the dots of the western world to India's spirituality through dance.
Pinaki De is a Kolkata based award-winning graphic designer who speaks about Satyajit Ray's work as a graphic designer and illustrator.
Prem Chandavarkar joins us on Audiogyan. He is the managing partner of CnT Architects: an award-winning and widely published architectural practice based in Bangalore, India. He needs no introduction to the people in the world of architecture & education. With the experience of over 40 years, he is an academic advisor and guest faculty at several colleges of architecture.
This episode is brought to you by MUBI. Audiogyan in conversation with Jahan Singh Bakshi, documenting, Posterphilia project as a case study.
Kalyani works at the intersection of behavior x design x technology to build products. Kalyani is the co-founder of Inclov, the world's first matchmaking app for people with disability and health disorders to find love. The app matches people on the basis of cure availability, medical condition, level of independence, and lifestyle choices.
Isha Pimpalkhare is a mixed media designer/artist, who situates her practice at the convergence of art and design, with a focus on creating emotive and engaging tactile environments. She did her Masters in Textiles from the Royal College of Art(RCA), London, and Bachelors in Textile Design at the National Institute of Design(NID), Ahmedabad.
Today I have Ram Rahman with us on Audiogyan who needs no introduction. But just for formality, Ram is a photographer, curator, designer, activist, and a noted contemporary artist based in Delhi. With such a large body of work, it is impossible to document even a fraction of his thoughts, ideologies, and philosophies. However, I have decided to have a conversation around what is curation.
Today I have Pratap Chalke with us on Audiogyan. He is a Mumbai-based painter and an illustrator and well-known artist of the current time. His work is available on Floatingcanvas, artandfound, and kultureshop. With a degree in Applied Art from the B. S. Bandekar College of Fine Art, Sawantwadi, he considers drawing as his core skill around which he brings his illustrations to life. He loves to try out different styles and techniques and explore the possibilities therein. Today we are here to understand the value of drawing if you wish to become an illustrator. This audiogyan will be entirely in Marathi.
Hanif Kureshi joins us on Audogyan. Hanif is a Designer, Typographer, and the Artistic Director and Co-founder of the St+art India Foundation. He is one of the most sought after artists in India. Today we are here to discuss painting on the streets.
Ragya with Aditya Dipankar. He is a Designer and also trained in Hindustani classical music. Aditya has a huge body of work in design from infographics for rural Indians to creating designs for successful brands like Nutanix and Freecharge. Today we are here to discuss a case study of his project, Ragya is a streaming service focusing just on Indian classical music: specifically ‘ragas’ designed to be played at specific times of the day.
Naveen, design is not a mere means to an end, but a means of inquiry and exploration of the nuances of human behaviour and experience. Naveen Bagalkot joins us to share his thoughts on design and designing.
Rajesh Kejriwal is the Founder CEO of Kyoorius Group and a global director at Saffron. In this episode we discuss a case study for Kyoorius Designyatra, hosted and curated by Rajesh.
Ashwin Ramchandran is a chef and runs a small kitchen in south Mumbai called Milliways. He specialises in Asian food. He has over 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry and has worked in ITC Hotels for moe than 5 years. He is based out of Mumbai.
Ashish Acharya and Abhay Singh who are co-founders of March Tee discuss making of March tee products and how did they build such a well rounded experience which establishes a great brand.
Hundredhands has designed a lot of public and educational institutions. Bijoy Ramachandran joins us to discuss how these spaces are built. Nalanda University in Bihar, Bangalore International center, Neev Acadamemy, St. Andrews School & CMR University in Bangalore
SIRI is a multilingual Kannada rapper from Bangalore. This episode is on the backdrop of SIRI and Sez On The Beat’s new track "My Jam" with Artist Originals, JioSaavn’s independent label for South Asian artists.
Design Philosophy of March Tee with Ashish Acharya & Abhay Singh. March Tee produces truly simple and high-quality t-shirts for men and women. They are based in Pune.
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Surya Prakash

A lively concise interview on the beauty of industrial design,It's role in society, implications on human emotions and the creating responsible design in the age of environmental, political and social challenges.

Dec 20th

mukunda raju

nice pod cast

Aug 20th

surendhar svs

more architecture talks would be nice

May 27th

Shiva Lakshmanan

This is my first time in audiogyan. As an architect, I love the topics covered. Also, this is the first podcast where the anchor is an "active" listener. Keep up the good work.

May 21st
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I think you should record the intro again if you mess up so much.

May 3rd
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Vinay Mantri

I really appreciate your episodes. Good job!

Feb 4th

dhananjai pande

can't wait for the next episode. really insightful conversation and I am really looking forward for the books.

Jan 23rd

Siddharth Sawant

Great effort. Some suggestions - Let the guests speak freely. avoid interrupting them - Ask open ended questions i.e. less of yes/no questions - Do not lead. let the guests speak their mind. it may or may not align with your previously held beliefs. - Do not try and corroborate ideas across different interviews. difference of opinions between guests is what let's us see the world from multiple viewpoints. - Have a strategy for the conversation. what do you want the listeners to get out of the podcast? e.g. are you introducing them to the guest or are you introducing the field that they work in? - Please invest in better recording equipment, also some investment in sound processing software. I greatly appreciate the hardwork that went into creating this unique podcast. keep it up. best wishes :)

Nov 15th
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Pratik keni

khup sundar 😊 fakt madhe madhe english bolaycha kami kela tr bara hoil

Oct 29th
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suhrid sukumar

Just try to interrupt the speakers a little less.. With your umms.. And aahh.. And okss..

Oct 24th
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Dhruva Rathod

Was waiting for Podcasts in Indian context and Indian design community.Good to see that

Jul 28th

samrat hazari

waoooww really appreciate your time and effort s thank you

Dec 19th

Deepak Teji


Sep 18th
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