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August Brice • Thriving With Technology @ Tech Wellness

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Thriving With Technology is the podcast from Our Mission is to bring awareness, balance and health to our relationship with tech. Our new reality makes that harder than ever, BUT, it's not impossible. We’ll help you find it without having to abandon the technology that makes life easy, convenient and connected. We cover online privacy, EMF’s and Rf, along with screen addiction and other health issues that are part of our modern world. Join the movement today at
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This week, August talks with Dr Ofir Turel, a research scientist who studies digital addiction. He shares a simple strategy for helping yourself or loved ones who are spending too much time on social media platforms.
In this episode, August sits down with Natalie Hampton, a 19 year old freshman at Stanford, a youth delegate to the United Nations and one of People Magazine's 25 Women Changing The World, among many other accolades. This amazing young woman had a horrible bullying experience when she was in middle school. When it was over and she had moved to a more inclusive school, she decided she needed to do something about bullying--not just for her, but for every kid who is excluded, shamed and even physically assaulted. Natalie struck back by creating Sit With Us, an app that allows people who don't have a place to sit during school lunch, to sit with people who are happy to have them. August talks to Natalie about the inspiring story behind sit with us and her plans for its future. You'll also hear about the new Tech Wellness Collection at, benefitting Sit With Us. It's a show you don't want to miss.
This is an amazing episode.  Let's start by being honest.  Many people just don't believe that their cell phones and WiFi can actually be harmful. They are not convinced that their favorite personal possession could possibly hurt them.  It just wouldn't do that. If you know anyone experiencing things like headaches, anxiety, rashes, insomnia or other auto-immune issues that they can't find answers for, please share this podcast with them! In this episode, you'll hear how from people whose health has been turned upside down by this unseen wireless energy that surrounds us and our children more every day.  They are regular, healthy people like you and me.  But when you hear about how their health and their lives have been impacted, it's hard not to believe.   We attended a Global Conference in Southern England on the state of research on the potential effects of electromagnetic radiation, a type of EMF.  Bottom Line:  There is a biological effect on all of us.  It's been well documented over the last 30 years.  Here's a compilation of some of our latest  Research Findings.  The scientists we spoke with say the question of whether or not EMF is a public health concern was answered years ago. At the Conference, we also met and interviewed people who suffer from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity.  They people could easily tell if someone had brought their smart phone into a meeting.  They could feel it.  These EHS sufferers had quit jobs, moved, many times had gone to multiple doctors to try and get to the cause their symptoms.  One man told us he would often leave his wife and children on weekends, just so he could drive far out into the countryside, to places where there's less wireless radiation. His EMF protection was less of it.  Because radiation worsens his symptoms.   The lesson for us in this is to be smart about it.  No one wants to give up their phone for all its delicious convenience.  But we also don't lay out in the sun for hours without using sunscreen.  We probably don't stand with our heads next to an operating microwave.  We take easy and reasonable steps to reduce our exposure to something that could harm us.   That's why you should read our TOP TIPS FOR LIVING BETTER WITH TECH on our website.   I hope you enjoy the episode.  If you find what we're doing useful, please like us on the iTunes Store and share the message with your family and friends.  And of course for more information, visit us anytime at Tech Wellness. Be Well!   August Brice
In this episode, August talks with one of the world's foremost experts in Cyber Forensics.  Bryan Neumeister, head of USA Forensic, helps law enforcement, government agencies and the legal system.  He can find erased information on cell phones--your bank accounts, exactly where you've been, the passwords to all your accounts and so much more.  He can do the same with your laptop, as well as pick out a single voice in a crowded airport and help identify people on grainy video footage.  Bryan and August talk about the best ways for you to keep your online information private and give you Bryan's top 7 tips to protect yourself and your family.
In this episode, August Brice talks with Dr. Kimberly Young, world-recognized, leading expert and founder of The Center for Internet Addiction.  Dr. Young is also a Tech Wellness Expert.  Learn more about Dr Young HERE.  She has been studying the issue since the late 1990's and she is certain that the internet can be as addiction as gambling and pornography.  Think you might have a bit of an internet problem yourself?  Then take Dr. Young's INTERNET ADDICTION TEST.  It's completely private and based on your score, you'll get tips on how to create a better digital diet in your life.
This week, August talks with Dr. George Carlo, who is a Tech Wellness Expert and more importantly, one of the world’s foremost authorities on the potential dangers posed by radiation from our cell phones.  Dr Carlo led the largest scientific study on the issue starting back in the 1990’s.  The $28 million dollar study, funded by the Cell Industry, began to turn up some troubling results, which George quickly reported.  The study was quickly cancelled and the results immediately discredited. Have things changed?  Yes they have.  And no they haven’t.  Listen to learn the latest and what you should be doing right now to protect your family. Join the movement today at
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