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Thriving With Technology is the podcast from Our Mission is to bring awareness, balance and health to our relationship with tech. Our new reality makes that harder than ever, BUT, it's not impossible. We’ll help you find it without having to abandon the technology that makes life easy, convenient and connected. Join the movement today at
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Millions of people around the world tuned in online to witness the drama that was the defamation trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Bryan has been our Tech Wellness cyber security and online privacy expert for a number of years and he agreed to join us on Thriving With Technology to share some behind the scenes information about his experience as an expert witness during the trial. You'll be amazed when you hear about Johnny and Bryan's interaction before his testimony! Newsweek posted that Bryan's testimony was the second most important moment of the trial, right behind Depp talking about losing the tip of his finger! Bryan also uses his decades of experience to give us tips on how to keep our pictures, text messages and all of our onlife, as safe as they can possibly be. Here are some useful links for the items we discuss in the episode: Tech Wellness Website home page Techwellness Privacy Guide Our very popular, often updated privacy guide Tech Wellness Experts Our list of experts, including Bryan who guide us How a Faraday Bag Works If you have never had a Faraday Bag, this will explain how they work Faraday Bag Collection Our carefully curated collection How AirTube Headphones Work Our most popular product-very effective for blocking EMF SaferTech Airtube Headphones Our own proprietary version Most Private VPN Browse anonymously: Proton VPN If you don't have a VPN, it's time to get one. We love proton for their VPN and their secure email. NordVPN Another well-liked VPN Most Private Ad and Content Blocker: ONEBLOCK This app blocks ads and other content. You'll be amazed at what it blocks Hope you enjoy the conversation. If you have any questions about any of the issues discussed, email us at
I had the honor of connecting with the most incredible family. Although they have gone through unspeakable hardship and loss, they graciously opened up their story to me in this week’s podcast. I am so grateful I was able to speak to Kristine and her brilliant daughter Avila about her winning science fair project that was inspired by her dad’s battle with brain cancer and has led to them sharing the lessons learned about the effects of radiation. Please see the show notes below for links to Kristine's popular Instagram, research on EMF and how to get the Microgreen and meter package to try an EMF science experiment of your own. Join Kristine on Instagram and follow her inspirational journey: @lovekristinenicole website Link to our Science Fair Kit that includes one of our top EMF Meters and organic microgreens--everything you need for your home experiment to see the effects of EMF. Visit for more ways to live in balance with technology.
On this episode of Thriving With Technology, I talk with Rob Metzinger, engineer and building biologist, about EMF’s or Electro Magnetic Fields.  EMF’s carry the information that we send and receive on all our digital devices.  Multiple studies over three decades point to biological damage from EMF’s, so we should all do what we can to reduce our exposure to them.  Rob’s company designs and builds a great line of EMF meters that I love and they're one of the companies I feature on Tech Wellness.  Rob also consults with people and helps them reduce their exposure in their homes.  He also teaches classes at the Building Biology Institute. Over the years, I've talked to researchers, scientists, to public policy people, to people who suffer from EHS. But it’s great to talk to someone who truly understands the properties of the waves and can help us shield and stop them effectively.   I also love the fact that Rob helps us separate what’s true from so much of the other stuff on the internet, that may not be completely true.  People have really latched on to things like Shungite, a black mineral that is 98% carbon that somehow has been turned into the miracle cure for radiation (spoiler alert—It’s not), EMF protective clothing, EMF blocking device cases—you can even find videos online with tens of thousands of views that say all you need to do is put a house plant in the room and it will suck out the EMF (again—not). You’ll learn what works and what doesn’t work and how to best protect you and your family.  A lot of this I’ve known intuitively for years, but it’s so nice to talk the about why there's issues with EMF protective clothing, talks about plants.  these are things I've known intuitively for a long time, but it's so nice to hear an engineer’s perspective.  Hope you enjoy the episode.  If you aren’t sensitive to EMF’s and have no idea what the fuss is all about, I’m including a link to an earlier episode where we journeyed to England and talked to people who suffer from Electromagnetic Hyper-Sensitivity or EHS and you’ll understand the profound impact that EMF can have. No matter if you're sensitive to EMF's or not, I urge people who are worried about the proven health effects of these information carrying radio ways to get their own meter.  It really makes those invisible waves visible, so you and your family can maintain a safe distance from the source of the radiation. Here's a special incentive for listeners of Thriving With Technology to "meter up" through February, 2021: Save $11 off the Super Power Classic EMF Meter and $23 off the Pro 2 EMF Meter!  That's our biggest meter discount to date. At checkout, enter code:  METER1 Finally, if you like the program, please subscribe and tell your friends—and we really appreciate those reviews on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get yours.  Be Well!   --August
EMF sensitivity, also known as Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), is a condition in which individuals experience adverse health effects when exposed to Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) from various electronic devices and technologies. In this episode, we explore the story of Laura, who reached out to us with concerns about her husband's sudden onset of EMF sensitivity.    Can you imagine waking up one day and being unable to get out of bed, plagued by excruciating headaches that worsen with every workday? It's a reality for many individuals suffering from EMF sensitivity. This condition affects many people, and it's crucial that we understand its dangers.   Laura's experience with EMF sensitivity syndrome will leave you inspired and empowered. She discovered Tech Wellness and booked a consultation with us. The hour-long conversation resulted in life-changing advice and strategies that made a dramatic difference for her husband.   This eye-opening episode sheds light on the dangers of electromagnetic fields and the importance of understanding and addressing them. If you're curious to learn more about EMF sensitivity syndrome and how to protect yourself and your loved ones, we highly recommend giving this episode a listen.   As a science-led podcast, we encourage you to do your own research and gain a deeper understanding of the science behind EMF sensitivity. Our goal is to provide you with practical approaches to navigate the tech toxins in our world, ensuring mindful living in a digital era. Timestamps   [00:03:18] Electromagnetic fields and health. [00:04:27] EMF sensitivity symptoms. [00:09:22] Grounding and its importance. [00:11:57] Social media and parenting. [00:14:10] The Family Social Media Success Plan. [00:19:01] Grounding and EMF effects. [00:23:11] Researching EMF protection scams. [00:26:23] Grounding for better health. [00:28:02] Living a healthier lifestyle. Links Mentioned    Family Social Media Success Plan:   For more information, resources and videos visit  Memorable Quotes   "And I said, you know what, we're just going to book an appointment and we're going to get to the bottom of this. So, we're not going to live like this. We're going to figure out some answers. We're not doing the, cause he was looking at retiring. He was looking at just stopping working altogether." [00:06:31] – Laura   "If you are going through this, that you're not alone. There's a whole community of people, my husband and I and August that love to help others to get beyond their symptoms and get back to something resembling, you know, normal." [00:22:52] – Laura   "If you don't believe that EMS are a problem or affecting you, people are in denial because it's real.” [00:25:05] – Laura
Were you aware that 5G has become incredibly prevalent, especially in major cities? It's truly fascinating to observe how widespread the adoption of 5G has become and its subsequent impact on our surroundings. In this episode, we shed light on the importance of understanding 5G, its implications for our well-being, and the potential effects it might exert on our health.   Join us, August Brice, along with my partner Hal Brice, as we express valid concerns regarding the potential health ramifications of 5G technology, specifically focusing on the millimeter wave aspect. The limited research on the non-thermal consequences of these waves, combined with the proximity of 5G towers to residential areas, raises considerable worries. Staying well-informed about the technology integrated into our devices and taking precautionary measures to mitigate potential risks is of paramount importance.   Furthermore, we delve into the adverse effects of social media on children and underscore the significance of equipping them to cope with these potential challenges. Did you know that social media exposure can trigger sensations of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), social comparison, and anxiety, all of which can detrimentally affect a child's self-esteem and overall well-being? These unfavorable effects have the potential to impede a child's future success; hence, we emphasize the necessity for parents to actively educate themselves and their children about social media, as it stands as one of the most significant parenting challenges in the digital era.   Moreover, we explore several practices that can bolster your body's defenses and assist in minimizing exposure to tech toxins. Techniques such as deep breathing, yoga, grounding, and other wellness strategies can serve as effective countermeasures against the adverse impacts of technology on our health.   Tune in as we provide actionable tips and present non-fear-based facts, all aimed at helping you cultivate a state of mindfulness while navigating the digital landscape. Make sure not to miss this enlightening discussion! Timestamps   [00:00:00] Legal cases and cell phones. [00:06:23] Effects of wireless waves. [00:07:29] Health effects of millimeter wave. [00:13:46] 5G technology and urban areas. [00:17:29] The impact of giving kids phones. [00:20:09] The man of your dreams. [00:24:08] 5G millimeter wave exposure. [00:29:28] Health effects of wireless technology. [00:30:33] Electromagnetic hypersensitivity and wifi installation. [00:33:05] Electromagnetic field sensitivity. Links Mentioned    Family Social Media Plan:   For more information, resources and videos visit  Memorable Quotes   "Those effects that we're having on our body aren't because we're heating up, but because this invisible energy is manifesting different issues with our biology. Basically, it's affecting our systems." [00:07:59] – August Brice   "So, you can shield your home. You can shield your bedroom. You can sleep in a canopy. But is that fair? Is that right? Is that good for us? It's better than being exposed to it, but it really isn't the way that we were supposed to live.” [00:24:22] – August Brice   "So meanwhile, imagine these guys think, and women think that they're doing a great service to humanity by speeding up the bandwidth and by making things download faster. To them, this is their life's calling. Their job is to make things faster, but they have zero regard for any potential or possible health effects from the electromagnetic fields.” [00:26:31] – Hal Brice   "It is definitely an eye-opening experience to see what 5G is and where it is, which is practically everywhere in most major cities that we've been to." [00:35:05] – Hal Brice
Phone security and privacy have become increasingly important in today's digital age. With the widespread use of smartphones and the vast amount of personal information stored on these devices, it is crucial to take steps to protect oneself from potential threats. In today’s episode, we delve into the topic of phone security and privacy, providing valuable insights and tips to safeguard your personal information.   We are joined today by a special guest, Bryan Neumeister, an expert in digital forensics who works in law enforcement and has extensive experience in retrieving digital evidence for various purposes. He shares fascinating insights and stories about the importance of safeguarding your personal information in this digital age.    From software updates to new versions of operating systems, staying on top of the latest developments is crucial. Discover how Bryan and his team dedicate hours of research each day to ensure they can navigate the ever-changing digital landscape.   We also tackle the important topic of preparing kids for social media and the potential challenges they may face. Bryan introduces a plan that provides a roadmap for parents to guide their children through the world of social media, ensuring they have a positive and successful experience.   Additionally, we discuss the potential risks associated with popular email programs and shed light on a startling discovery about Gmail. Did you know that every word you type on Gmail is saved on their servers, even if you delete it? We explore this issue and offer recommendations for email programs that prioritize your privacy.   So, tune in as we discuss the importance of safeguarding your privacy online. With real-life stories and non-fear-based facts, we provide practical tips and strategies to navigate the tech toxins that can compromise your online privacy. Learn how to make informed choices and protect your personal information. Timestamps   [00:02:00] Digital forensics is constantly evolving. [00:05:45] Data forgery and Photoshop. [00:08:57] The cell phone as a cesspool of the soul. [00:10:42] Turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. [00:14:45] Spyware on smartphones. [00:17:36] Forensic evidence in homicide case. [00:19:38] Privacy and secure communication. [00:24:00] The Family Social Media Success Plan. [00:30:14] Are smart devices dangerous? [00:32:23] Wireless security and Faraday bags. [00:34:43] Protecting data and servers. [00:38:33] Webcam and microphone security. [00:41:41] Email privacy and data ownership. [00:44:27] Day to day data protection. Links Mentioned    Website:   Family Social Media Plan:   For more information, resources and videos visit  Memorable Quotes   "I tell you this, any credit card number you've ever put in your phone, any bank password, anything you've ever put in your phone, I've got. If I had your phone, it doesn't go away. I'll find the password to every account you have on your phone." [00:15:35] –Bryan Neumeister   "It's just inviting people to spy on you. They're so easy to hack. I can see where they're helpful for some elderly person needing to turn on lights or stuff. We have a situation like that in our family and it's great. However, they're not discussing work things. I would never have one in a workplace or in a private conversation area. They're too easy.” [00:30:18] – Bryan Neumeister   "You have to be very careful to control your data. Think of your data as your most important asset of privacy. So, you're definitely going to want to have every way you can to protect it." [00:34:36] – Bryan Neumeister
Research shows EMF exposure causes oxidative stress. One Scientist’s journey with an antioxidant that was so powerful, he created his own company. This episode is FASCINATING (especially for all those science nerds out there like me).    I came into this interview with a TON of questions and a desire to bust some myths about the ever-mysterious shungite as EMF protection.     Here’s what it is all about - Research shows that one of the mechanisms of damage from EMFs is oxidative stress due to cell disregulation. Meaning our cells don’t “gate” properly which means they aren’t opening and closing exactly as they should. This leads to a cascade effect of oxidative stress - a term we hear a lot in the non-toxic world.    There are many types of antioxidants, but C60 is one that has become very popular in the last few years. To be honest, for a long time I avoided C60 because I had seen it discussed in shungite literature as a special component of shungite - and as the research is very very weak when it comes to the “EMF Protection” capabilities’ of shungite I steered clear of anything having to do with it. However, then I met Ken Swartz -  A Fusion Energy inventor and multiple patent holder who happened on to the power of the C60 molecule in an effort to curb the effects of radiation exposure from his lab.   He became such a fan that he created his own C60 product and contributes to the website that provides education only on behalf of all C60 companies in an effort to separate the myth from reality by providing a source for all the research on the topic.   He’s tested several different Karelian shungite products for C60 and he shares his findings and helps us understand the confusion around fullerenes, C60 and shungite as well as explaining how c60 works.     NOTE:  This is not a recommendation or endorsement of this antioxidant, I just wanted to share with you all the insight I received around the many questions I had.    Welcome to Thriving with Technology, the science-led podcast that helps you achieve mindful living in a digital world. August Brice is the founder of Tech Wellness and your host on this weekly adventure. We give you practical tools to limit your tech toxin exposure and prioritize your health without sacrificing technology.    In each episode, we interview passionate leaders in the health and technology space who give you the tools to navigate and thrive within our technology-driven world. Our goal is to demystify the dangers of tech and bring you practical advice to protect yourself from EMFs, blue light, internet overuse, and how to recognize the signs of tech addiction.  Timestamps:    [00:02:26] The biggest EMF scams. [00:03:19] EMF protection misconceptions. [00:17:30] Shungite's bio-energetic capability. [00:19:23] 5G and cell damage. [00:23:27] C-60 and extended lifespan. [00:31:23] Adrenals and hormone function. [00:41:36] C-60 and cognitive decline. [00:50:20] The truth about shungite. [00:53:19] High-quality skincare products. [00:56:59] The difference between gummies and oil. Links Mentioned:   Website:  For more information, resources, and videos visit  Memorable Quotes   "And they basically gave one set of rats C60. The other set didn't. That's the control group. They hit it with a multiple dose of fatal radiation. All the C60 rats live, whereas the control group that didn't get it died." [00:08:10] – Ken Swartz "C60 is the only antioxidant you can take that will increase athletic performance.” [00:27:28] – Ken Swartz "Our body's designed to have one omega three for one omega six. Right now, people with all these seed oils, they're taking 20 omega sixes to two omega one omega threes. And that's super inflammatory. In fact, it's one of the leading causes of health problems in today's population." [00:45:45] – Ken Swartz
Welcome to Thriving with Technology, the podcast that's all about living mindfully in a digital world! I'm your host, August Brice, the founder of Tech Wellness, and I'm thrilled to have you join me on this weekly adventure. Our mission is to empower you with practical tools to limit your exposure to tech toxins and prioritize your health, all while embracing the wonders of technology.   In each episode, we chat with passionate leaders in the health and technology space who share invaluable insights for navigating and thriving in our tech-driven world. Together, we'll demystify the potential dangers of technology and offer practical advice on protecting yourself from EMFs, blue light, internet overuse, and even recognizing the signs of tech addiction.   Let's face it, in today's digital age, it's all too common to see people glued to their screens – be it smartphones, tablets, or laptops. The allure of technology and the vast stream of information it provides can be incredibly captivating, often leading to a disconnection from the present moment and the people around us. But fear not! We have incredible individuals like our guest today, the amazing Gary Davidson II, who reminds us that it's possible to disconnect from screens and embrace mindfulness.   Gary, despite being an 18-year-old high school senior, offers a fresh perspective on technology that sets him apart from his peers. He is set apart from his peers as he observes and reflects on Gen Z’s relationship with technology and the affects of technology. He shares his experiences, insights, and practical tips for navigating the tech toxins that surround us. It's truly inspiring to hear how he approaches addiction in the digital age and the wisdom he imparts.   Prepare to be motivated as Gary discusses his personal struggle with social media addiction and the constant pull it exerts on our attention. He emphasizes the significance of always striving to become the best version of ourselves, whether it's in terms of success, health, or personal growth.   Parents, this episode is an absolute must-listen! We'll equip you with the tools and knowledge to help your children responsibly and mindfully navigate the digital world. And even if you're not a parent, trust me when I say there's something valuable here for everyone. We all need to strike a balance between technology and mindful living.   So sit back, relax, and get ready to soak up the positive energy and practical wisdom that Gary has to offer. Let's embark on this journey of thriving with technology together!     Timestamps [00:00:09] Disconnecting from screens at night. [00:05:12] Relationship with technology and discipline. [00:07:25] Transitioning away from addiction. [00:11:30] Unconscious addiction to technology. [00:15:28] Blue light and circadian rhythm. [00:17:03] Lack of self-identity. [00:20:21] Self-esteem and technology addiction. [00:23:48] Addiction to social media. [00:27:18] Being a trailblazer.     For more information, resources and videos visit      Memorable Quotes "I know how bad it is to go on your phone instantly in the morning and getting just bombarded with dopamine from all types of sources. I try in the first hour of the morning not to even touch it." [00:13:35] – Gary Davidson II   "I think that you have to approach it with some level of respect and middle ground and understanding that we're human and we make mistakes and that we can fall into addiction so easily without even knowing it, especially this one because it's something that most of our society probably wouldn't even consider addiction.” [00:21:33] – Gary Davidson II   "I think the best way to get somebody else to do something is probably to be doing it yourself and show that you walk the walk, showing that if you want somebody else to do something, you should be doing it and your results will speak for itself and someone else will see." [00:25:29] – Gary Davidson II  
Welcome back to our special episode on Thriving with Tech and Wellness as we look at the unseen dangers of smartphones and WiFi. You won't believe how this wireless energy can impact our health! Join me, August Brice, as I share stories from regular, healthy folks who've experienced headaches, anxiety, rashes, and more because of electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS).    We attended a Global Conference and guess what? There's well-documented research showing the biological effect of EMF on all of us.  It's been well-documented over the last 30 years.  Here's a compilation of some of our latest  Research Findings.  The scientists we spoke with say the question of whether or not EMF is a public health concern was answered years ago. It's time we take precautionary steps!   Let's be smart about it, just like we use sunscreen in the sun! Enjoy the episode, and if you find it helpful, please like us on the iTunes Store and share the message with your loved ones.    Timestamps: [0:00:05] Introduction to the podcast and conference on electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS)  [0:00:59] Importance of understanding EHS and its potential impact on health [0:02:18] Personal stories of individuals experiencing symptoms of EHS [0:06:22] Biological effects of electromagnetic radiation and the need for precautionary measures [0:09:47] Comparison of electromagnetic radiation to other toxins and the need for awareness [0:11:21] Positive outlook for the future and the importance of spreading awareness [0:13:12] EHS as an early warning system for the potential harm of EMF [0:18:01] Conclusion and call to action for mindful living with technology   Check out our helpful resources here: EMF GUIDE: EHS GUIDE: EMF PROTECTION SOLUTIONS:     Memorable Quotes "Modern telecommunication microwave radiations are very bioactive. DNA damage is the worst scenario. And unfortunately, these types of radiations do cause DNA damage." - Demetrius Panagopoulos   "If you told parents that you were going to have DDT, diesel fuel, welding fumes, and organic solvents dispensed into their kids' classroom, you'd have a riot. But if you say the class will have a very powerful WiFi, they say, oh, good." - Professor Olle Johansson   "I am still there. You know what I mean? I am still there. And it suppresses everything in a way." - Anonymous individual with EHS  
Welcome to Thriving with Technology, the science-led podcast that helps you achieve mindful living in a digital world. August Brice is the founder of Tech Wellness and your host on this weekly adventure. We give you practical tools to limit your tech toxin exposure and prioritize your health without sacrificing technology.    In each episode, we interview passionate leaders in the health and technology space who give you the tools to navigate and thrive within our technology-driven world. Our goal is to demystify the dangers of tech and bring you practical advice to protect yourself from EMFs, blue light, internet overuse, and how to recognize the signs of tech addiction.    In today's digital age, where technology is an integral part of our lives, the effects of Wi-Fi on our health and well-being are often overlooked. However, an increasing number of individuals are recognizing the potential impact of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and transformative effects of turning off Wi-Fi on sleep quality.    In this episode, Alexis Fedor, a mother of three young children, shares her experience of living healthier with technology. Alexis discusses the radical changes she observed in her children after turning off the Wi-Fi and eliminating tech toxins from their lives and highlights the importance of reducing EMF exposure for children. Today’s discussion emphasizes the need for parents to prioritize their children's sleeping environment and make conscious decisions about the products they use to minimize exposure to toxins.    While it may not be possible to control every aspect of a child's life, finding a balance between health and enjoyment is crucial. By being informed and making mindful choices, parents can create a healthier environment for their children to thrive in. This inspiring conversation offers encouragement and practical advice for parents navigating the challenges of raising children in a digital world. Tune in to learn how mindful living can positively impact your family's well-being.     Timestamps [00:02:00] Turning off Wi-Fi for better sleep. [00:04:29] Sensitivity to EMF radiation. [00:09:29] EMF exposure and its effects. [00:12:31] Unhealthy screen behavior and consequences. [00:14:47] Healthy screening rules. [00:19:43] Screens and screen time. [00:21:27] Reducing EMF exposure for kids. [00:25:11] Making decisions with wisdom.     Links Mentioned  For more information, resources and videos visit      Memorable Quotes "I have decided a lot to make these one-time decisions that have large impacts on our family. So, we've looked at schools in the past and there has been 5G towers right across the street from the school. And that was a big no, even no matter how much we loved the school. My kid was not going to be there for 30 plus hours a week next to a 5G tower." [00:08:44] – Alexis Fedor   "He made the decision to get rid of the app. He even went to his Nana and said, Nana, I want you to delete the app because it's not helping. It gives me bad dreams. I don't like the way it makes me feel.” [00:12:55] – Alexis Fedor   "The constant changing of the screen, the color, the music, it feels like you're on drugs. Even as an adult. I watched this stuff and I'm perplexed that kids could even sit in front of this and for hours and hours, and then you take 'em away and then they have meltdowns." [00:15:42] – Alexis Fedor
Welcome to Thriving with Technology, the science-led podcast that helps you achieve mindful living in a digital world. August Brice is the founder of Tech Wellness and your host on this weekly adventure. We give you practical tools to limit your tech toxin exposure and prioritize your health without sacrificing technology.    In each episode, we interview passionate leaders in the health and technology space who give you the tools to navigate and thrive within our technology-driven world. Our goal is to demystify the dangers of tech and bring you practical advice to protect yourself from EMFs, blue light, internet overuse, and how to recognize the signs of tech addiction.    As the summer months approach, parents face the challenge of keeping their children entertained and engaged without relying on screens. For many families, screens have become a default option for keeping kids occupied, but the negative effects of excessive screen time on children's physical, mental, and emotional health are well documented. In this episode, we'll explore how one family has successfully implemented a screen-free summer and offer practical tips for parents who want to do the same.   Jennifer Sitterud, a mother of five, blogger, and influencer, shares her experience on how she manages to keep her children engaged and occupied without screens and how it has helped her children bond and get along better with each other. She offers valuable insights into the benefits of limiting screen time for children's brain development and social skills.   Her tips for parents who want to have a screen-free summer with their children, including being intentional with time and activities, managing the transition back to screens, and encouraging problem-solving and communication skills, are practical and helpful. Jen's free resources on her blog and her willingness to offer support and advice to parents make her a valuable resource for families looking to reduce screen time and increase family bonding.     Timestamps 00:02:50 Jen's family and decision to go screen-free during her pregnancy 00:04:30 Adjustment to screen-free summers each year 00:06:40 Preparing for a screen-free summer and being more present 00:09:50 Importance, benefits, and effects of screen-free summers 00:12:35 Importance of limiting screen time for teenagers and the impact on mental health 00:17:10 Jennifer's rules for her son's phone use 00:18:15 Activities to do during a screen-free summer 00:21:50 Difficulty adjusting to screen-free summers and benefits of establishing a routine 00:25:45 Empowerment during screen-free summers and impact on kids' brain development 00:27:05 Positive feedback from parents who tried it and dealing with criticism from other parents 00:30:30 Dealing with tricky situations when kids don't have phones like getting a hold of kids  00:34:15 Managing social media and guiding kids on social comparison 00:37:15 Consideration of health effects of electromagnetic fields and blue light and impact on sleep patterns     Links Mentioned  Blog: Instagram:   For more information, resources and videos visit      Memorable Quotes "I tell my kids all the time, that's how I grew up! We grew up outside exploring, creating, and I have some wonderful childhood memories." [00:04:14] - Jennifer Sitterud   "Get through that first week. Everyone gets a little more cranky and you're breaking these habits, but you get to that first week and you start that next week. It feels so good by the second, third weekend - I get outta the habit of checking my phone. I don't feel the need to check my phone and I'm just more present." [00:07:39] - Jennifer Sitterud   "Within the first few weeks of us going screen-free, they (the kids) really get along better because they have those opportunities to play with each other, to imagine things to create.” [00:09:58] - Jennifer Sitterud
In today’s episode, we'll explore the insights of Ryan Blaser, a certified building biologist, engineer, and founder of Test My Home, a company that helps people locate and reduce environmental toxins in homes.    Ryan's expertise in building biology and engineering provides valuable insights on reducing exposure to environmental toxins in our homes. By addressing issues such as EMFs, mold, water contamination, and air quality, we can create a healthier living environment. He emphasizes the importance of reducing exposure to these toxins and using technology wisely. By following his recommendations, we can make our homes a sanctuary for our well-being.   Thriving with Technology is the science-led podcast that helps you achieve mindful living in a digital world. August Brice is the founder of Tech Wellness and your host on this weekly adventure. We give you practical tools to limit your tech toxin exposure and prioritize your health without sacrificing technology.    In each episode, we interview passionate leaders in the health and technology space who give you the tools to navigate and thrive within our technology-driven world. Our goal is to demystify the dangers of tech and bring you practical advice to protect yourself from EMFs, blue light, internet overuse, and how to recognize the signs of tech addiction.    As technology continues to advance, we find ourselves surrounded by more and more environmental toxins in our homes. These toxins can come in many forms, from electromagnetic fields (EMFs) to mold and water impurities. With the rise of health concerns related to these toxins, it's more important than ever to create a healthy home environment.       Timestamps 00:02:55 Importance of having a qualified expert 00:05:30 EMF Protection: What works and what is a scam 00:12:20 Importance of paying attention to lighting in the home 00:14:20 The dangers of mold and how to identify and address it 00:22:10 Ventilation and managing airflow in homes 00:25:45 Water contamination and the importance of water purification  00:29:10 Smart appliances and the importance of simplifying technology 00:32:50 The top ways to prevent mold 00:34:00 Importance of a mindset change to live healthily and the need to make a shift     Links Mentioned  Website: Instagram: Environmental Working Group: For more information, resources and videos visit      Memorable Quotes "And having a qualified expert come out to your home and tell you all the ways that you can make your home healthier is so important these days." [00:03:21] -August Bryce   "Mold and EMF are the two biggest problems I run into. And then chemical usage is right behind that. And then lack of, uh, fresh air is probably the fourth biggest thing. Those are the big ones.” [00:14:37] -Ryan Blazer   "And it's even best you wanna start young, that's when things start accumulating in your body and when you're young you can take a lot, but you start filling up that toxic bucket, that toxic load, eventually one day it's gonna overflow and now you're gonna have to backtrack and it's a lot easier to prevent than it is to try to detox all this stuff." [00:27:13] -Ryan Blazer
Should You Be Sharing Your Children on Social Media? Welcome to Thriving with Technology, the science-led podcast that helps you achieve mindful living in a digital world. August Brice is the founder of Tech Wellness and your host on this weekly adventure. We give you practical tools to limit your tech toxin exposure and prioritize your health without sacrificing technology.  In each episode, we interview passionate leaders in the health and technology space who give you the tools to navigate and thrive within our technology-driven world. Our goal is to demystify the dangers of tech and bring you practical advice to protect yourself from EMFs, blue light, internet overuse, and how to recognize the signs of tech addiction.  In this podcast, Thriving with Technology is back with another insightful episode! This week, host August Bryce talks to Sarah, aka Mom Uncharted, about the dangers of oversharing your children on social media.  Sarah is an advocate for child safety who explores the dangers of parental public oversharing and child exploitation on social media. While acknowledging the need for connection and understanding among new parents, Sarah reminds listeners that it can be done without sharing images of children or intimate details of their lives. With a strong community of 240,000 followers on TikTok, Sarah's message on child safety and privacy has resonated with millions of viewers. This episode offers practical advice for navigating the potential dangers of social media and achieving mindful living in a digital world. As a parent, it can be tempting to share every moment of your child's life online, but Sarah reminds us that there are risks with all types of sharing online and urges parents to be mindful and cautious of what they post, especially when it comes to their children. If you're a parent who's struggling to find the balance between sharing and privacy, or if you're interested in learning more about child safety on social media, then this episode is for you. Join us as we discuss various aspects of parenting in the digital age and suggest alternative ways for parents to connect with others without compromising their children's privacy. Timestamps 00:03:20 Oversharing on Social Media  00:05:10 Fetishizing Children's Content 00:08:10 Online Popularity vs. Child Safety 00:11:30 Legal and Ethical Implications  00:16:10 Oversharing Children on Social Media  00:19:10 Digital Footprint and Success  00:23:00 Digital Safety for Children 00:27:00 Parenting and Digital Detox  00:32:20 Kids' Mental Health  00:34:30 Children's Right to Privacy Links Mentioned  Sarah's TikTok: @momuncharted Teen Vogue article: Washington Post article: CBC Radio interview: New York Post article: Dr. Phil appearance: The Wifi Kill Switch from   For more information, resources and videos visit  Memorable Quotes "Sadly, content of children is pushed to two streams of individuals. You know, the parents and the individuals who find babies cute and are in that, you know, realm, parenting, babysitting world. And then there's like the worst people in society who fetishize children." [00:05:37] -Sarah, Mom Uncharted "I just want us as parents to be more mindful that our children deserve dignity and respect and they're autonomous human beings and we're developing a digital footprint for them and their right to privacy and informed consent and digital safety. It matters, right?" [00:29:56] -Sarah, Mom Uncharted "Kids aren't content. Kids are merely trying to exist and navigate this world as we are, and we need to treat them with dignity and respect.” [00:34:45] -Sarah, Mom Uncharted  
Self-Care is The New Health Care Welcome to Thriving with Technology, the science-led podcast that helps you achieve mindful living in a digital world. August Brice is the founder of Tech Wellness and your host on this weekly adventure. We give you practical tools to limit your tech toxin exposure and prioritize your health without sacrificing technology.  In each episode, we interview passionate leaders in the health and technology space who give you the tools to navigate and thrive within our technology-driven world. Our goal is to demystify the dangers of tech and bring you practical advice to protect yourself from EMFs, blue light, internet overuse, and how to recognize the signs of tech addiction.  Today’s guest is Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, author of The Cancer Revolution and founder of The Center for New Medicine and The Cancer Center for Healing. She warns that humanity faces a critical health emergency with rising cancer rates, EMF exposure, and staggering mental health statistics at the root of many chronic illnesses.  The rise of stress and the popularity of wireless technology has created a mass disease state trickling down to the youngest among us. In the past sixteen months alone, there has been a surge in cancer diagnoses among twenty to thirty-year-olds in the United States. Dr. Connealy teaches you the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle so you can avoid getting sick in the first place.  Conventional medicine is reactionary by nature, and they are waiting for you to get sick. Every pill, treatment, and prescription has consequences, which is why Dr. Connealy is passionate about preventative care. Your health is a lifelong journey, and it starts today. Join us to hear Dr. Connealy’s top five tips for healthy living. Timestamps 0:02:00 The Cancer Center for Healing  0:04:00 The State of American Health Care  0:06:00 The Rise of Cancer in American Youth  0:08:00 How EMF Affects the Human Body  0:12:00 Transitioning into Functional Medicine  0:15:00 How The Medical Industry Ignores Stress 0:17:30 Is Chemotherapy Necessary? 0:22:00 Taking Countermeasures for Each Medication 0:25:00 Self-Care is The New Health Care 0:32:00 Community is The Guru of The Future 0:34:40 Top Five Tips for Healthy Living  Links Mentioned The Cancer Revolution Follow The Center for New Medicine on Instagram The Wifi Kill Switch from   For more information, resources and videos visit  Memorable Quotes “You can’t help somebody else, unless you’ve had unfavorable experiences, but you need to turn that unfavorable experience into something that’s truly going to bless yourself and bless someone else.”  [17:40] -Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy “That’s why we do countermeasures and counterbalancing with every single thing you do. If you’re going to do this medicine, you’ve got to do this counterbalancing, because every drug is a toxin. Every drug is intoxicating and damaging your body in some way.” [23:27] -Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy “There is no finish line to health. That’s what people don’t understand. People think you’re done, you’re never done until you’re in your casket, ok. Health is a continuous living journey that you are working on all the time.”  [26:19] -Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy  
The Thriving With Technology podcast from is dedicated to promoting awareness, balance, and health in our relationship with technology. Although our current reality presents numerous challenges, we believe that it is possible to achieve a healthy and balanced relationship with tech without sacrificing convenience and connectivity. Our podcast is informative, trustworthy, science-backed, and easy to understand. We bring in top experts to provide practical and not fear-based advice on EMF, blue light, addiction, cyber security, and other topics. Our goal is to provide listeners with information and tools to live a healthier and more balanced life in our digital world. Join the movement at and subscribe to our show today! 



if you've got kids and you've ever struggled with how to regulate their time online and more importantly, maintain a nice relationship with them, you're in for a real treat. Jennifer Sitterud is a brilliant mom I came across on Instagram. You can see her gorgeous family here:  Tutus And Jerseys She posted something like, "Okay, we're logging off now. It's time for screen-free summer." And I thought, wow, really? What? How do you do that? So, I knew as we got into the thick of summer, it would be great to talk to Jen about how she actually does it and how she keeps the kids occupied and engaged. So, you can find a really fun, easy, practical discussion that shows you that you can make screen time free summers work for you, even if it's a screen-free summer week and build better relationships with your kids at the same time. Jenn has some amazing FREE downloads to help you plan your screen free time here:  Screen Free Summer Printables A couple of other fun solutions from the Tech Wellness team:  Our BIG TIME Tech Timekeeper.  This very fun old school timer puts an element of fun into any activity and it when the kids are online, it shows them how much time they have left.  It's our best cure for continuous scrolling and helps everyone achieve optimum focus!  BIG TIME TECH TIMEKEEPER And before you leave on vacation this year, don't forget to check out our newly updated WiFi-free Games for Kids.  Lots of things to do without being connected to the internet:  WIFI Free Games for Kids-2021
On today's episode, I'm welcoming Marilee Nelson. She's the founder of Branch Basics, human safe cleaning products. Branch Basics is fast becoming a household name. In fact, it's the only name that you're going to find on anything in my house that's used to clean-anything! Branch Basics is giving you 15% off all Starter Kits with code TECHWELLNESS   I hope you love using it as much as I do! You're going to get to know Marilee today. And while she was dealt a very tough hand, she turned it around and turned that into her life's work, her passion, and really fabulous success. Can you imagine at just 23-years-old being told you're going to need a kidney transplant just to survive? After she said NO to that idea and healed herself with a new diet of clean foods, she was able to have a normal life and family.  But THEN can you imagine having a perfectly healthy, adorable 10-year-old kid, who gets exposed to banned pesticides and overnight can't even do simple tasks?  Well he is more than fine today, thanks to actions that Marilee took. That was the second chapter that led her to start Branch Basics. Marilee is going to share how she turned this all around. How both she and her son became healthy, and well, and are doing great today. Marilee has helped so many people get better, feel better. And she does it by first simply having them toss the toxins from their lives. And you know what? You can do this too, because she's going to walk us through the basic, toxin tossing process. And yes, we're going to chat about the tech toxins too, like EMF's, which she definitely wants you to avoid.  Marilee's a board certified nutritionist, and a certified building biologist, and a materials building specialist. Wow, what an authority.  And I'm so happy that you're going to listen in on our conversation, because her stories of healing give us really super practical tips. You're going to walk away knowing what to do next.  We can incorporate this into our homes, for us, for all the people we love to feel better and thrive.
We LOVE when you give us a five star rating because it helps us spread the word.  Please share and Thank You so much! Today’s episode is my conversation with Theodora Scarato, who is the Executive Director of the Environmental Health Trust.  And she is awesome.  You’re in for a treat.  She is really on the front lines of trying to educate us all, including the FCC, schools and Big Telecom about the potential hazards of 5G. Let me tell you about Theodora:  She is not only the executive director, she’s also the lead policy analyst and researcher for the EHT database on international actions– the most comprehensive collection of information on policy actions on cell phones and wireless. She published a landmark paper on why and how to reduce radiofrequency wireless in buildings —and she presents to important organizations like the National Institutes of Health, the University of California and the American Federation of Teachers.   Before that, she was a practicing clinical psychotherapist, working with children. Her research interests include not only the effects from radiation exposures but also the social emotional effects of technology overuse.  If you follow  @techwellness  you may remember the Environmental Health Trust because we talk about them often.  It’s a non profit founded in 2007 by Dr. Devra Davis as platform to advocate and educate us about environmental issues like climate change and EMF’s.   About the time they were starting, I was making my first video, showing people that radiation coming from their phones was just the same at the energy coming from their microwaves.   The Environmental Health trust was one of the few voices out there with fact-based information.  And they have remained so to this day—which is even more important, because so many people are talking about emf these days, and so many of them don’t know what they’re talking about!  EMF is a complicated topic.  And there's a lot of information out there that just is not true. That’s one of the reasons I’m excited to have the chance to share the organization with you today.   We’ll tell you how you can learn more, help out and get involved. That  is what Theodora did… she came onboard as a volunteer and moved up to executive director. You’re about to hear how the Environmental Health Trust has filed a legal action against the FCC- the Commission rubber stamped the extension of antiquated and unsafe testing standards for cell phones.  We get the inside story today. BONUS LINKS from the Podcast The Environmental Health Trusts Collection of International Policy Actions On Wireless Levels Of 5G Mesh Network in Boston, compared to Laguna Beach Sign Up For July 2nd EMAIL with How To Tell People You Love About Cell and WiFi Boosters Support the Environmental Health Trust Patreon Program Wire Up Your Home With The Hard Wire Kit Know Your EMF Intake with an EMF Meter
A quadrillion is 1, followed by 15 zeroes. 1,000,000,000,000,000. Today's guest says that is how much more EMF radiation we are exposed to today than we were a generation ago.  August talks to Swedish professor Olle Johansson who is a pioneer in the study of the effects of EMFs--which come from all of our digital devices. Beginning in the 1970's, he has published over 600 papers in this field. There are few people who know about this subject--and there's probably no one who makes it more interesting and entertaining. Olle tells us what keeps him up at night these days. Is it 5g? No it's the effect of EMF radiation on all the bacteria around us. Join us for a very interesting episode. To support his important ongoing research, follow this link:
Your smartphone may already have contact tracing installed. Is that a problem?  Can it be used for things other than controlling the covid-19 virus?  If you don't update, what are the consequences?  August talks with Bryan Neumeister and Matt Erickson at USA Forensic to answer all those questions and to give you some other interesting ways to make sure your information stays private.
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