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Welcome to Rask Finance's The Australian Investors Podcast!

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The Australian Investors Podcast is a series exploring the investment philosophies and journeys of some of Australia's leading investors and financial thinkers. Hosted by Owen Raszkiewicz, founder of The Rask Group, you can access full show notes and other episodes in this series, as well as free educational resources, on our website

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General advice/information warning: The Australian Investors Podcast is provided for educational purposes only and may contain general financial advice. This information and advice should not be relied upon to make an investment, financial or taxation decision. The information included in this podcast does not take in account your needs or objectives, and guests appearing on the show may have a financial interest in some of the products mentioned. Please refer to the financial services guide on the Rask Finance website.
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#12 - Curtis Larson - Temperament
SPECIAL INVESTOR EVENT:…dssbdestsearchMy guest for this episode is Curtis Larson, a private investor and portfolio manager for Norse Capital.Curtis is extremely generous with his time, making this episode amongst the easiest and relaxed conversations of the series thus far. But don't let that fool you, this chat is filled with nuggets of timeless wisdom gained over a career spanning more than two decades.Curtis grew up in Asia, trained as a computer engineer in Canada, worked for companies based in London, Paris and Tokyo. Now he resides in Sydney.A graduate of the prestigious Yale University, Curtis and I discuss his time growing up in a family that didn't talk about money, his various jobs, successes and failures, and investment strategy.Curtis spent time in investment banking designing quant models and trading options. As with some prior episodes, we try to keep the ideas as informative as possible. But if you find yourself a little lost, I encourage you to listen again or take our free video courses on the Rask Finance website. Alternatively, reach out to me with any questions you may have.Although we didn't capture this discussion directly in the show, Curtis believes it is vital for self-directed investors to ask themselves if they have the temperament, inclination and time to invest on their own accord.Please enjoy this superb discussion with Curtis Larson of Norse Capital.
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