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Property Investory is a podcast bringing you the latest stories, life experiences and case studies from Australia's most innovative people. Your host Tyrone Shum will begin to explore the daily lives, influences, and worst and best moments of his guests.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced investor, this podcast will bring you the latest stories, strategies, and case studies from Australia's most innovative property experts such as Jan Somers, Steve McKnight, Cherie Barber, Margaret Lomas, John L Fitzgerald, Jane Slack-Smith, Chris Gray, John Lindeman and many others. Your host Tyrone Shum will begin to explore the daily lives, influences, and worst and best property investing moments of his guests. Then in a future podcast, you'll be led step-by-step through each property investors' unique strategy to success.

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Tommy Segoro is back in another episode of Property Investory, this time to find out more about the properties his purchased so far, how his IP background has assisted him during his search for property and why the main question he asks himself when it comes to property is; how long can I hold the property for?So join us in this episode to learn why positive cash flow is integral to Segoro's strategy, the success stories he's played a role in when it comes to flipping and selling, the clever ways he finds underpriced buys and increases its value, his view on developments and subdivisions within Perth, the interesting mindset views he has on work and education, and much much more!
Tommy Segoro has used his background in I.T. as well as his developed passion for property, to become the proud owner of a growing portfolio and a buyer's agency business in Perth, Western Australia! Not only buy and hold investing, but also renovating, he's encountered many different successes from property and has even been able to help his clients achieve the same success when purchasing.Join us in this episode of Property Investory as we learn about the big move Segoro made on his own as a young boy from Indonesia to Australia, how he found himself in I.T. and how he made his way into property. We'll also be delving into the way Segoro utilises his skill set in I.T. to filter and search through data regarding property, how his ego clouded his investing judgment, why a six year hiatus from investing couldn't stop Segoro from investing later and much much more!
We're back with successful property investor and buyer's agent Ben Plohl and in this episode of Property Investory, we will be delving into the importance of diversifying your portfolio geographically and Plohl's property strategy, which at first involves a simple by and hold strategy but then involves finding properties with more of an "X factor". Learn how Ben Plohl uses spreadsheets to give him an indication of whether a property is a good buy or not, finds the right properties by looking at data that allows him to pinpoint which areas across the country are growing and the importance of having good relationships with real estate agents to get good deals and opportunities on the market.We'll also be exploring the reason behind why he invests in properties and works as a buyer's agent, some of his greatest fears that held him back as an investor at the beginning, the importance of relying on trusted professionals to get you get ahead in your property journey, what he would have done differently ten years ago and so much more!
Ben Plohl, founder and director of BFP Property, a buyer's agency based in Sydney, first had his start in the world of business and accounting, working as an accountant and as CFO for a couple of different businesses for many years with a business degree and chartered accounting qualification under his belt. Over time, he has been able to not only build up his seven property portfolio but create a life where he can spend more time with his family and give back to others.In this episode of Property Investory, learn how Ben Plohl bought his first property at the age of 18, his lightbulb moment as an investor, the importance of having cash buffers when you're building a portfolio, how a buyer's agent opened his eyes to different types of markets and assets, and much much more!
We are back with Jolene Sukkarieh, wealth advisor, property investor and mother of three, to learn more about property investment and wealth creation strategies. Balancing her own business as well as several properties in her portfolio, Jolene Sukkarieh shares with us how she placed two units underneath an existing property in Queensland, has managed to create a steady stream of passive income from her investments and went for a cash flow heavy model in order to make her investments work for her.Come along with us in this episode of Property Investory as we learn about how structuring your portfolio can mean the difference between a large or small amount of tax, some of the habits which have led to Jolene Sukkarieh's success and what advice she would tell herself ten years ago and so much more!
In this episode of Property Investory, we will be talking to Jolene Sukkarieh, successful property investor, wealth advisor and mother of three. Come with us as we track her journey from her origins in Thursday Island to the Defence Force Academy, to a position with ANZ and Suncorp and then property expert. We'll learn about how her and her husband's parents' property investments inspired her to invest in property from a young age, how her first investment at age 21 happened to be a perfect first property and what inspired her to leave her position at ANZ and Suncorp to start her own business.So join us as we delve into Jolene Sukkarieh's everyday life, the skills she learned along the way and her property investment story that could inspire you to develop strategies that you can apply on your own journey!
We are joined again in this episode of Property Investory by successful property investor Chris Lang to explore how he became a buyer's agent after the property market plummeted overnight, why he wrote seven books on commercial property and advice on how to interact with people when it comes to working as a buyer's agent and property investor.Come with us as we delve into Chris Lang's special nine-step formula for investing in commercial property that ensures the property is a good investment regardless of whether the market is up or down, from tying together the valuation and finance to "stealth marketing", and daily habits that contribute to his success and so much more!
Chris Lang is the CEO of Property Made Easy and Property Edge Australia, whereby he helps buyers to purchase commercial property or make the transition from residential to commercial for its greater return and prepares education-based material for subscribers such as online courses. With forty-five years in the business under his belt, Lang started his journey in residential property and property management, during which he sold a 51-million dollar property for a fee of $800,000.Join us as we find out about Chris Lang's High Return Filter app which compares a property against investment objectives and buying criteria, his secret technique to avoid competing with other people for properties and how he does the opposite of what others do as part of his property investing technique and much more, all in this episode of Property Investory!
Chris Gray the host of Property Empire, has been investing since the age of 22 and now runs a buyer's agency which specialises in joint ventures. While Jack Henderson is a little newer in the property game, he's also successfully worked on projects with Gray and has been able to also call himself a property investor from the same age of 22. Also Jack's mentor, Gray and Henderson have been tag teaming to find suitable property for themselves and clients who have been struggling to invest on their own.Explaining the process of joint venturing, their experiences with it, and all the nitty gritty details in between, Gray and Henderson delve into the importance of partnering up with the right people; the importance of exit strategies and the types they use when it comes to joint ventures; how projects such as these work in a strict market with tight lending policies; tips and tricks for people looking to use this type of investing strategy, and much more. So what are you waiting for? Join us on this episode of Property Investory to learn all this with Chris Gray and Jack Henderson!
We're back with co-founder and buyer's agent at Dash Dot Glenn McGrath for another episode of Property Investory, where we delve more deeply into his three-part investing strategy which requires cash flow, capital growth and the ability to offset any economic downturn or decline, the importance of structuring your portfolio with a plan in mind and McGrath's focus on getting the right assets through research and analysis rather than concentrating on location.Join us as we learn about how Glenn McGrath bought two and a half properties in under 12 months, his strategy of leveraging equity out of one investment into another property, the habits he has cultivated to propel him towards success and much much more!
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