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So – here's the deal: Josh Elledge has been conducting a series of interviews for a Napoleon Hill project. We've been meeting at a top-secret Cold War-era base southeast of Orlando.

This project is designed to reveal how people of influence gained their influence. How did they gain their authority? How did they become respected in their industry? You'll find that in most cases, it wasn't due to being lucky or getting the right breaks. It comes down to intentional choices that led to eventual success.

Play along with us. The hackers inserted listening devices into my base – and now they are publishing the audio as a podcast! Rather than fighting them, we'll share the audio here.

Josh and the team are still working on the project. We have nearly 100 influencers on our list. At some point, we will share more about our research findings. Until then, you are welcome to listen to the raw audio of Josh's conversations with thought leaders. It's pretty revealing stuff.

Josh is actively booking guests for his DAILY podcast: The Thoughtful Entrepreneur. They're happy to share your story with their 120K+ audience.😇
36 Episodes
HACKED 35 - Women At Work with Petite2Queen's Lynn Whitbeck
HACKED 34: Generating Content For SEO with Royal Reputation's Eric Grundhoefer
HACKED 33: Nurturing Authority with The Entrepreneur Motivation Podcast's Chris Bello
HACKED 32: CRM Specialist with Paul Minors
HACKED 31: Values of Life/Work with Choose Happy's Amy DIx
HACKED 30: The Emotional Creative with Jeffrey Goins
On the show with us is Nate Woodbury, the CEO and Founder of Be the Hero Studios. Nate started his business and put up a quick YouTube video. Next thing he realizes, the video has way more traffic on the app itself than his own website. He went on to use YouTube full time and now runs 9 successful channels. He teaches others how to gain visibility and authority on Youtube as well.
HACKED 028: Mini Makeover Master Class with The Makeover Master's Mike Young
We have a reappearing guest today, Dr. Eric Pearl. He is the Founder of The Reconnection.Pearl returns to speak about infinite healing and evolution with reconnective healing. With his book, he has helped many people let go and live openly. He teaches others his experiences and offers them a perspective that allows them to change their lives for the better. 
Reconnect with yourself, humanity, and the cosmos.Our guest for today is Dr. Eric Pearl, Founder of The Reconnection.The Reconnection strives to make infinite healing and evolution fully accessible, transparent and easily learned by everyone. Known as "Reconnective Healing," Dr. Pearl facilitates healings for people that are often instantaneous and can last a lifetime.
HACKED 25: Not Just For Fortune 500 Companies with Brand24's Mick Griffin
HACKED 24: The One Page Marketing Plan with Success Wise's Allan Dib
HACKED 23: Social is Dead and Long Live SEO with Emma Johnson
Our guest for today is David Meerman Scott, Founder  of Fresh Spot Marketing, Wall Street Journal best-seller "FANOCRACY," entrepreneur, and speaker.David speaks at conferences and events at companies and association worldwide and to date has presented in 41 countries and on all 7 continents. His presentations combine three essential qualities: entertainment, information, and motivation. As a speaker, his high energy presentations are a treat for the senses. David's keynotes and masterclasses are an urgent call to action. Scale and media buying power are no longer a decisive advantage; what counts today is speed and agility. Real-Time is the mindset for the future – and content rules!
HACKED 21: Jeremy Slate Says Why Your Should Consider Podcasts
Our guest for today is Bess Auer, Co-founder of Auer Social Marketing. Auer Social Marketing is a program that focuses on re-branding and re-marketing companies’ social media to improve their business. Aside from being the co-founder of Auer Social Marketing, Bess Auer is also a widely recognized social media and blogging expert. She is the founder of the Florida Blogger & Social Media Conference and regularly works with influencers, marketing agencies, and media companies to create new and innovative marketing campaigns. This blog isn’t the end of it though. To know more about Bess Auer, listen to the podcast found above and let me know what you think!
Our guest for today is Daniel Daines-Hutt, CEO and founder of Inbound Ascension. Inbound Ascension is a program that focuses in successfully retargeting and remarketing brands.Aside from being the CEO and Founder of Inbound Ascension, Daniel is an internationally recognized and certified Digital Marketer, Public Speaker, and Marketing Consultant.
Our guest for today is Tom Drake, financial analyst and Founder and Editor-in-Chief of MapleMoney, providing tools to help customers create lasting financial freedom. MapleMoney’s mission is to help you learn how to make money, save money, invest money, and spend money wisely.   Tom and the team at MapleMoney believe that anyone can learn to budget and save money properly. By following his advice, you too can grow your money.  “No matter where you are on your financial journey, I’m here to help. See my money progress, read success stories, and learn tips and strategies for more effectively managing your money and reach your goals, so you can live the life you want.” - Tom Drake  Tom’s writing has been featured in Toronto Star, Money Sense, Reader’s Digest, Candian Living, Inc., and Forbes. 
Our guest for today is Chris Joyce, the CEO and founder of Gusher, a startup platform that focuses in successfully launching a company by using time equity. Gusher deals with companies in different industries whether it may be in media, health, technology, design, finance, and gaming. The problem with most startup companies is that they don’t know where to begin. Normally, most of these companies would begin with money to start the company. Gusher believes that money isn’t the first thing that should be considered. When really doing a startup, your number one barrier that you have to overcome is people. You don't need money or capital. What you need is people to go ahead and unlock your idea and bring it to life. When you're dealing with a founder and creating startups and teams, there are the goals, the milestones, and the methodology. The processes that Gusher provides aims to help the entrepreneurs and the teams go through those stages. You have to go ahead and provide a certain amount of structure that enables that entrepreneur to go ahead and knock out those goals with the team. That's really what Gusher is all about. We at Gusher believe that it’s all about the right timing at the right place and in the right moment in history. We think that demand is there, and we think it is going to take off. It is really just a matter of time and effort. Aside from being the founder of Gusher, Chris is also the founder of 24 other companies in various industries. Some of these companies are Exert, Movy, Uzurp, Carebox, Upvice, and O' So Lo Foods.
Ruth Soukup, New York Times best selling author of six books, entrepreneur, and founder and CEO of Ruth Soukup Omnimedia. She's been featured on mutiple media sources such as The Daily Buzz, and is a regularly featured contributor in Time Magazine. With a podcast, blog, newsletter, and online courses that all aim you toward a better, more fulfilled life. Whether that be through facing your fears, being mindful of your mental health, or watching that budget. To learn more about Ruth Soukup, visit her website.
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Thank you SO much for listening despite all my audio from the bunker getting HACKED!! 🤓. You are welcome to check out my other podcast, The SavingsAngel Show and our other podcast for UpMyInfluence, The Thoughtful Entrepreneur

Feb 25th
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