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Automaton, And On, And On...

Author: Vicky & Calum Knott

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Bored of listening to her husband explaining things in the car, Vicky decides a podcast, would be a much more fruitful endeavour.
Join Calum & Vicky, as they explore and explain various 'interesting' topics, from the world of robotics...

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4 Episodes
Alice, Eve, and Bob walk into a bar. Alice Asks Bob for a Coke, but ends up with a Vodka Coke.... Why? Find out on this weeks episode! Sources:  RFC 1 (FTP) RFC 114 (FTP) RFC Discussion with Heather Flanagan RFC 2324 (HTCPCP) Alice and Bob Public/Private Keys Contact: Errors? Corrections? Comments? Contact us on
Did you know there was a time when you couldn't listen to podcasts? Before the internet existed, people had to actually talk to each other, I'm not convinced it would have been worth it. Koin us for a deep dive into the history of Networking, on this episode of "Automaton, And On, And On...." Sources: Computer Networks - The Heralds Of Resource Sharing (Arpanet, 1972) - Search on Youtube for Video ALOHAnet The History of Computers and Communication Computer networking history ARPANET Where the Web Was Born : Cern Contact: Errors? Corrections? Comments?  Contact us on
Content warning : This episode contains discussion about electrocution, which some listeners may find disturbing Join us for episode #1 of Automaton! This week we discus the principles of electricity, "The Current Wars", and Doctor Who..... Sources : Contact: Errors? Corrections? Comments? Contact us on
Welcome to Episode 01 of our podcast, "Automaton, And on, And on..." We have a microphone, Calum has a script..... lets begin! Contact: Errors? Corrections? Comments? Contact us on
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Calum Knott

Great podcast! Although I may be a little bias 😊...

Jan 11th
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