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Automotive Cybersecurity Talk

Author: By the vehicle cybersecurity experts at ESCRYPT

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The ongoing development of more automated and connected vehicles is driving an increase in the use of complex, electrified systems with unprecedented security needs. And it's critical for this security to cover the entire system, including components, interfaces and infrastructure. Automotive Cybersecurity Talk dives into these needs as well as requirements, factors, processes, technology - anything and everything related to the evolving world of vehicle cybersecurity. The podcast is brought to you by the experts at ESCRYPT, leaders in securing automotive embedded systems. To learn more, visit
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Women in Cybersecurity

Women in Cybersecurity


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2019, women made up 48% of the workforce, but only 27% of those in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) careers. In a special edition of our Automotive Cybersecurity (ACT) podcast, and in honor of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we asked two women from ESCRYPT’s team of professionals to share their stories. In this episode, Carina Boettcher and Amrita Bhanja discuss how they entered the cybersecurity industry, their individual experiences and advice to anyone considering a cybersecurity or STEM-related career.   
Fuzzing is a powerful testing technique to check software and system robustness for cybersecurity vulnerabilities. It is used to test how a target system reacts to randomly generated invalid or unexpected inputs and helps discover weak points and implementation errors that a hacker could exploit.In this episode of our Automotive Cybersecurity Talk (ACT) podcast, ESCRYPT’s Joe Cusumano and John McShane discuss the ins and outs of fuzz testing – what exactly it is, mediums to use, why it’s important/brings value to vehicle development, how if differs from other testing methods and more. 
This episode of Automotive Cybersecurity Talk (ACT) takes a look at global cybersecurity standards and regulations and how they effect the industry. Today’s vehicles are becoming more and more complex. What used to be simplistic in vehicle electrification is now 70-80 modules integrated within the vehicle. With this increase comes a larger attack surface for hackers to penetrate.  ESCRYPT’s Joe Cusumano sits down with Bryan Blancke, one of the company’s experts on the topic, to discuss details about ISO 21434, UNECE WP.29 and others, why these standards are needed and what they mean for the auto industry. It’s an informative 45-minute discussion.
Though it has been around for a number of years, automotive ethernet is becoming more prevalent as vehicles have increasingly complex features and ADAS systems requiring more bandwidth for data transfer.  ESCRYPT experts Ramona Jung, technical expert for automotive network security, and Jan Holle, lead IDPS product manager, discuss the need for automotive ethernet, how it impacts E/E architectures and why securing ethernet in the vehicle is a critical consideration, one that needs to be done early in the development process. If you are a vehicle designer or engineer, you are going to want to take 35 minutes to listen to this valuable conversation. 
In our first full-length episode, we take a comprehensive look at secure boot, the process to ensure your ECU software isn't manipulated.  In this discussion, ESCRYPT team members Carina Boettcher, Sr. Solution Sales Expert, and Rob Lambert, Principal Security Consultant discuss what secure boot is, the various terms used to describe it, how to implement it, who needs to be involved and when, and what it means in different situations. Join us for this informative discussion - and then let us know what you think!ESCRYPT ESCRYPT secures automotive embedded systems through design, integration and testing solutions.
Joe Cusumano, Director of Cybersecurity Sales at ESCRYPT, introduces listeners to  Automotive Cybersecurity Talk (ACT), a new podcast from the security experts at ESCRYPT.  Joe briefly covers how ACT came to be and the kind of topics that will be discussed in future episodes.ESCRYPT ESCRYPT secures automotive embedded systems through design, integration and testing solutions.
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