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Author: Jerk Yorkie/Leeny/Dre

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Sit down and have a drink with us while we chat about controversial topics, local eats, sports, family, relationships and all of our personal ticks. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook or any of our podcast outlets.
56 Episodes
Kristen brings up up to date on happenings since her last appearance, politics get discussed (sorry) and more conspiracies get discussed.
The gang is back to discuss men and women's income which leads to a huge discussion. Joe finishes it off by talking about how good Noori Chicken is.
Yerke and Leeny are back with an hour episode talking about if magazine subscriptions are gonna make a comeback, Leeny and dirty magazines and changing the world through Lent.
On this episode the crew makes fun of Leeny for being a gear head. Also, do you bring a pet to someones house without them knowing?
In this episode Leeny goes all Karen on a girl trying to do some good for someone out there.... Also, the discussion of Thank You Card etiquette. 
Joe goes on and on and on about a hunting video game and Leeny gets all serious about it.
Yerke and Leeny talk about why in God's name do people voluntarily use port-a-pottys. GROSSSSSSSSSSS
Just listen
Everyone is back for SEASON 3 to discuss Christmas parties, relationship nonsense and Covid.
Joe and Leeny ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!! Talking butt sweat, friends pools, state parks and deodorant.
In this banger the crew talks about French fry flavored vodka, favorite shots, beers, family photos and Christmas cards.
Hey Everyone, thing have been super duper busy and we are back with a 30 minute banger for you!
Yerk now loves cats, and a little story about how a runner almost got the best of him.
Our first 30 Minute Banger. Talking about parents shaming and getting butt hurt about being corrected.
In this podcast Leeny and Yerke break down Goodison Cider Mill and Paint Creek and they talk about how picky food eaters get under their skin.
Yerke and Leeny critique Leeny's favorite Cider Mill and the one Joe used to like a decade ago.
Yerke and Leeny rant about people posting a fantasy life on social media while their world crumbles behind them. 
The three are together again to talk about an oppressingly hot golf outing. Included is talk about gold fashion, Dre's butt, Joe's lack of fashion sense on the course and also how he doesn't have much power........ Also food talk.
With Dre and Leeny gone Joe interviews his longtime friend Kristen Karr about camping, autism and the horrors of vaccines. Stay tuned for part 2 when they get deep into theories...
Talking Hoedown, Steaks, Post Malone, Pink Floyd and more!