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Author: Avishai El

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Avishai El is the host of Avi Unfiltered. She is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified Raw Food Educator, and Lifestyle Expert. She helps women get their energy back, get rid of stress, and drop the pounds through nutrition and lifestyle changes without sacrificing their food favorites and authenticity. This podcast is NOT I repeat NOT for the faint of heart or for the virgin ears, as it is EXTREMELY explicit and blunt.

She is super passionate about people and wants to give people a voice. She says what you may be thinking but won't say. Each week she will be covering mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects. They cannot be separated. She shares tips that target each aspect encouraging each individual person to live a lifestyle of wholeness. She will also be bringing on guests who are top holistic health and wellness experts and/or spiritual healers.

Where there is wholeness there is holistic. We as people are constantly healing because there is heal in healthy. There is always healing to do and that is the beauty of life. There are constant levels to wholeness.

Living a normal life is boring. Being careful and caring what everyone thinks is exhausting. Following societal norms takes away from individuality. We are all different and we should embrace those differences.

Each week she will be helping you see the beauty within your own uniqueness through personal experiences. She will also be motivating you to take control of your overall health and educating on a variety of health and wellness topics.

New shows EVERY Tuesday!!!
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Avishai takes you through an array of scenarios in which competing makes one look inferior.  She discusses the downfall of trying to compete with another person and the psychological effects behind that insecurity.  Avishai talks about how to transmute negative energy and stay balanced, and why there are overly critical people.  She briefly discusses how positive affirmations and diet can transform your world and cultivate happiness within.   Notebooks
Avishai talks about how your health is priceless and of utmost importance.  She talks about the dangers of eating poorly and how it can affect quality of life.  She talks about health care vs. sick care.  Avishai discusses how big companies do not have your best interest at heart, especially clothing companies.  She goes in-depth as to how materials in clothing can greatly impact your health and gives tips on cleaning products.   In this episode Avishai talks about: 1.) Health should be the first priority 2.) Nutrition as health care 3.) Toxic cancer-causing materials in clothing 4.) Non-toxic cleaning products   Take notes with the Avi Unfiltered notebooks below:   Holistic Health Coaching:  
Avishai El shares her personal journey on how she has had to cultivate self love throughout the years.  She shares a story of domestic abuse, which she has never shared publicly.  Only a few relatives knew of this instance.  She gives her tips on how you can have self love.  Avishai shares some of her favorite places for self care + emphasizes living a life that brings you the most peace.   "Create Your Life" notebook PRE ORDER   Holistic Health Coaching
Avishai El discusses how makeup ingredients can be harmful to your health and alter your biochemistry.  She goes in-depth as to how makeup can affect the physiological process of the body.  Skincare is used by everyone so she talks about how the skin is a protective barrier.  Avishai gives foods that help nourish and cleanse the skin.  She also talks about how to boost immunity and reverse the aging process by eliminating advanced glycation end products.    Holistic Health Coaching Instagram: @aviunfiltered  
Avishai interviews Holistic Plastic surgeon Dr. Youn and discusses his new book "Playing God."  Dr. Youn shares his holistic skin care tips to reverse the aging process.  He shares surgery scares, confidence boosting tips, and what to be aware of when considering surgery.  He goes in-depth as to what holistic plastic surgery is and why he uses it as a last resort. "Playing God" Holistic Health Coaching  
Avishai discusses this popular trend called, "Cheat Days" and how they are extremely harmful to one's health.  She gives insight to how dangerous eating junk foods in moderation could be.  She shares her experience with cheat days and what happens when the body is not able to process certain macronutrients.  She shares some of her yummy vegan recipes and gives a guided message as to what cheating stems from, and why people cheat in any relationship.   Get meal plans + recipes:
Avishai discusses her history with blackouts and how food, trauma, and environment played a role in her psychological behaviors.  She has an in-depth conversation about anger, where it stems from, and tips to change that.  She also shares tips on what foods and supplementation people can incorporate into their daily lifestyle to keep them calm.  She encourages people to be non-judgmental. Magnesium: Speaking Engagements: Website:
Avishai discusses her journey after being fired from what she thought was her dream job as a violin teacher in the public school system.  She also discusses what she envisioned for herself and the lessons she learned during this new life process.  She gives tips on how you can live the life you love according to your standards and what steps you can take now to transform your life.  Avishai also gives some recipes and food items that benefit you mentally, physically, spiritually, and mentally. Instagram: @aviunfiltered Holistic Health Coaching Speaking Engagements
Avishai El discusses how hateful people can be and where that stems from.  She takes you through an in-depth look at people who are not self aware and how this can be dangerous.  Transmutation is a skill she has acquired and she is going to teach you some of her tips + tricks to get rid of toxic people who try to bring you down.  She is spicing it up with some of her favorite spicy foods + remedies that can keep your gastrointestinal tract healthy and cleansed.   Holistic Health Coaching   Speaking Engagements:  
Avishai interviews Bloomfield High School Journalist Shimei Cook and discusses his experience with severe allergies.  He shares his thoughts on restaurants and their use of common allergens.  Avishai also shares her personal experiences with allergies and how to avoid having an allergic reaction should you go out to a restaurant.  She shares tips on how to avoid having an allergic reaction, as well as some of her favorite vegan food pages on Instagram.   Holistic Health Coaching   Speaking Engagements Email:   IG Foodie correction @joesveganfoodgram NOT Jose lol
On this episode Avishai talks about the dangers of hospitals.  She goes in depth as to what hospitals really are.  She shines light on controversy surrounding patients as a means of income.  Avishai gives tips on how to avoid going to the hospital + what to be cautious of should you have to go on an emergency basis. Holistic Health Coaching Taking NEW clients Newsletter
Does time really exist or is that a myth?  Avishai is showing you how to relax into your goals by taking time to regroup and follow your spirit.  It turns out that running on ego and having that "corporate" mindset can have an adverse affect on your health.  She is sharing what to do during this refocus period to propel you forward.   12 - Week Eat Stress Away Program Have a question?
Get that a** up and live the life you love!  It's time to put the inner naysayer to rest and give yourself permission to love and be loved.  The best love you can give yourself starts with you.  Special Guest Sahar El, Holistic Health Coach and Nutrition Education Trainer is sharing her personal story of letting people dictate how she felt about herself and sharing tips of how she free herself from that.   Work with Sahar Email:   Interviews:  
Give it a rest will ya!  Working yourself to the bone can have negative effects on the body.  Avishai is sharing why resting and recharging is needed and how staying in the flow and not the force can relieve stress, while preventing further illness.  It's time to not give AF what anybody thinks, raise your vibration by going within, and loving yourself immensely as you are being guided by your Spirit.   Don't Wait To Lose Weight 6-Week Challenge Early Bird Special for ONLY $97!   Eat Stress Away Program   Contact:
You are not entering another dimension where there is not time, only a space continuum where you are the Creator of your life.  Release what no longer serves you and create a powerful life through your mind and visualizations.  Gain clarity on what situations, people, places, and/or things can impact your health on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.   Don't Wait To Lose Weight 6-Week Challenge Early Bird Special for ONLY $97!   Eat Stress Away Program   Contact:  
Release the guilt while you get a guilt free dessert recipe.  Avishai is teaching you the immaculate art of forgiveness so you can free yourself and live the life you deserve.  It turns out chocolate may be the very thing that will soothe that broken heart with its astounding benefits.   Eat Stress Away Program   Contact   Instagram @avishaiel @aviunfiltered
Avishai is taking out the broom and helping you declutter with Lisa who is a National Board Certified Teacher, Life Coach, and International Best-Selling Author.  Lisa shares the importance of cleaning your 4 rooms in life: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.  She gives her personal story and how she currently helps women feel empowered.   Website: Program:
Avishai takes you up and down the Fibonacci spiral of spirituality.  Discover what spirituality is and the importance spirituality plays in daily life.  She discusses the battle between ego and spirituality.  This episode takes a turn down to "Are You Afraid of the Dark" lane as she brings to light today's events and the entities among us.  The spirituality trend is not something she likes and she explains the difference between factual and trendy.  Take notes on how you can be authentically spiritual in your daily life.   Don't Wait To Lose Weight 6-Week Challenge   Eat Stress Away   Notebooks  
Avishai interviews International Best-Selling Author, Executive Coach, Motivational Speaker, + Podcast Host Vinee Ajmera on why it is super important to be your authentic self.  She shares how it can negatively impact your life when you're not true to yourself.  She gives tips you can implement right away to get you feel less stressed, anxious, + unafraid to be you.   Instagram: @vineea Sign up for Avishai's Don't Wait To Lose Weight 6-Week Challenge:    
Avishai interviews International Best-Selling Author, An International Business Trainer and Parenting and Couples Coach Malva Gasowski on how to lessen the stress in the family unit.  She will be sharing tips on how she lessens stress as a mom of three and a wife who works from home.  She will also be discussing the inner child/adult dynamic and how to be a positive parent.   Avi's Don't Wait To Lose Weight 6-Week Challenge Eat Stress Away Program  
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