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Author: Alison Faulkner

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Hello! I'm Alison, this is my podcast and my ONLY goal for it is to help you feel more awesome each time you listen. Whether it’s by laughing at me, laughing with me, or learning something new and helpful, I hope you feel more empowered and awesome than you did before!
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Social worker turned award-winning songwriter turned inspirational writer, speaker, and mentor Nakeia Homer is here to blow your mind, drop wisdom and propel you into your power! And I could not be more excited! Nakeia shares how she turned a year of pain into a year of healing and her beautiful new book I Hope This Helps. I know her insight will help you feel awesome and empowered to see your own story and find your voice in a new way and own it! Find Nakeia Eric's closing song is Balihoodoo from his stock music library Pleasant Pictures Music Club. Use code: AWESOMEWITHERIC for 20% off!
A dramatic poetry reading?! Depression, debilitating anxiety and feeling unable to know what to do say or speak?! A swamp monster?! THIS EPISODE HAS IT ALL. As we continue to navigate difficult times, as we continue to strive to show up brave and true to our inner guidance and power, this episode is what we’ve got! I share a poem of sorts I wrote as well as some ideas for fighting for your light. And honestly, I’d be shocked if you don’t find something helpful and or fun. Let’s do this. We can do this. Let’s keeping fighting for the light! Meditations, courses and tools for owning your light: Eric's closing song is "Time and Space" from his library Pleasant Pictures Music Club. Use code: AWESOMEWITHERIC for 20% off
The slight change in your energy when you bump from “desolate” to “sad” or “fine” to “good” MATTERS! This of course, does not mean that we should constantly try to feel AMAZING! But rather that feeling a tiny bit better is a worthwhile endeavor. That “tiny bit” can open our hearts and minds to guidance and solutions! So I am sharing three tips, all very gentle and easy, that I have that I KNOW can guide you in feeling a tiny bit better!! So much love!! Dynamite Deal for Awesome on Demand Eric's closing song is "Anna" from his stock music library Pleasant Pictures Music Club. Use code: AWESOMEWITHERIC for 20% off
I don’t know about you, but I’m really tired of trying to add more SHOULDS to my life! So I’m not doing it anymore! But I still believe I can build my life and what I dream of with joy! How?! Well what I’ve got for you are 4 mind shifts, thoughts, just quick ideas, that helped me finish my book and create with ease! And I know they can help you do the same with anything you want to create, including a beautiful life! I’m sharing the 4 messages I wrote to keep me centered and inspired on post-it notes I kept above my desk, and what they meant to me! As well as why I think they will inspire and focus you too! Let’s do it! CALENDAR!!! Eric's closing song is from his stock music library Pleasant Pictures Music Club Use code: AWESOMEWITHERIC for 20% off
When we feel good we can start to panic thinking, “This can’t last!” When we feel like crap we think, “This will last forever!” I get it! I do it too! But that’s why learning to love the moment, even if it has pain or suffering, is such a powerful practice! It gives us freedom and confidence to know I CAN LIVE MY LIFE COME WHAT MAY! This episode has a powerful mediation & mindfulness practice, set to music! To help you tune in, and allow the moment to be what it is. It will connect you to your inner power and strength! Buckle up! Check out Awesome on Demand Eric's closing song is "Phone Booth" from the dopest stock music library in the galaxy, Pleasant Pictures Music Club. Use code: AWESOMEWITHERIC for 20% off!
Whether it’s feeling like it’s too hard to keep the faith, or like you’re just not sure how to make plans in an uncertain world, I got you! You’re doing so great! There is joy to be had! Even in the loss, pain, and confusion, joy is waiting for you. I’ve got some quick ideas and exercises to help you access and feel that joy now! Love you! Grab a YEAR OF AWESOME calendar! Eric's closing is currently untitled but you can get the raddest music for you videos at Pleasant Pictures Music Club. Use code AWESOMEWITHERIC for 20% off!
Ok, this is for those of you who want to believe this, or who feel like you can’t believe this: that you’re doing better than you think you are! And good news: I CAN PROVE IT! If you need to have some weight taken off your shoulders, some breathing room added back into your life, or a sigh of relief! Get cozy! This episode is here to help! Don’t forget to grab your Year of Awesome calendar! Eric's closing song is "Moon Over Forest Lake" from the dopest stock music library in the world... Pleasant Pictures Music Club Use code: AWESOMEWITHERIC for 20% off!
Have you heard I’m writing a book?!! Well I am! And it has been...let’s just say challenging?! Ha! But this quote from Virginia Woolf has been guiding me, “Arrange whatever pieces come your way.” In this episode I’m sharing how to do that, what it feels like and how it’s going to help you be the person you’ve only ever dreamed of being! Let’s do this! Eric's closing song is "On Your Mind," from his Pleasant Pictures Music Club. You make videos. We make dope music. Use code: AWESOMEWITHERIC for 20% off!
Oh life! Aren’t you fun!! But holy crap if you aren’t also full of so much unknown! So how do we do it? How do we keep showing up? How do we not spontaneously combust? How do we not have panic attacks every hour or lay in bed all day when we have no idea what the future holds? And when we have no idea what’s coming for us? Good question! Here’s what I’ve got so far: 5 quick tools for showing up in uncertainty! I know it will serve you! It’s been helping me! And yes, we don’t know what’s going to happen...but we know how we want to show up! In this episode I quickly break down some ideas for HOW to do it! Let’s go! Show UP for 2021 with my Year of Awesome calendar on sale now! Eric's closing song is "Phone Book" from the dopest stock music library ever... Pleasant Pictures Music Club Use code: AWESOMEWITHERIC for 20% off!
Ooooh yeah! We are remixing a popular episode (75!) and updating it with an awesome study about intellectual humility! What’s that?! Listen up! You’re gonna love it! And before you snap back, "THERE'S NO WAY I'M WRONG!" Haha, this episode is intended to break your brain open a bit! We're talking about why it feels wrong to be wrong, but how being wrong can lead to so many wonderful things that are right! One huge takeaway from this episode is an exercise asking you to question if you're wrong about yourself, what you can do and what you are capable of! And not in the, "You can't do it..." way, but in the, "But what if you can?!" So go on a philosophical journey through time and space with us and see if you can't find some solutions or a little bit of awesome in thinking about your current life shtuff in a new way! I hope you love it! Article referenced! Eric's closing song is "Morning of the First Snow" from his stock music library Pleasant Pictures Music Club Use code: AWESOMEWITHERIC for 20% off!
Listen, I know what it’s like to feel at your complete wits end. To have voices from every direction telling you that to feel better and be who you want to be, what you need to do is never give up, change, and just try a little harder. And how that can make you want to cry because you’re already trying as hard as you can! That’s not the point of this episode (or anything I do)! The point of this episode is to help you think about what you actually want to carry each day, what you want to be filled with, and to give you a few simple ideas for how to do it! So you can feel a little more awesome than you did before. Not worse! Just a tiny bit better, possibly! Give it a try! You’re doing a really good job! YOUR FREE JOURNAL EXERCISE: Eric's closing song is "Cascade Springs" from the brand new AUTUMN MORNING Collection at his incredible stock music library Pleasant Pictures Music Club. Use code: AWESOMEWITHERIC for 20% off and start creating today!
Get ready for the exact ideas you need to set yourself FREE!!! YES! Who doesn’t want more clarity and peace right now? I know I need it! And that’s why my friend and the brilliant coach and speaker Dariana Moreina @dariluna_ is here to blow our minds! Dari and I talk about intuition, what it is and why following it is a good thing! And most importantly Dari shares awesome, concrete practices for HOW to freaking do it, even when we feel like we’re living in utter chaos! I love this conversation so much. I’m honored to get to share it! Share it with your soul, your loved ones, and surrender to your glorious flow! Find Dari online and give her love here: Grab one of my She Can’t Be Stopped shirts here! Eric's closing song is "Alpine Autumn" from the raddest stock music library ever: Pleasant Pictures Music Club // Use code: AWESOMEWITHERIC for 20% off
One of the most beautiful, inspiring things to witness in life is someone being boldly, beautifully and fully themselves! And that’s EXACTLY what the insanely brilliant and talented Courtney Quinn of @colormecourtney seems to do so effortlessly! She inspires her community of millions to live a life full of color! Here she shares with me some of the lessons and life experiences that helped her learn how to live so incredibly. She’s a TREAT, a legit genius and you will be so freaking inspired to get out there and do YOU! Learn even more from Courtney Quinn! She’s featured in my Social Media FIRE SALE! It’s happening now for a limited time! Find Courtney online and share the love! Eric's closing song is "Party Picnic" from the DANCE PARTY Collection at his stock music library Pleasant Pictures Music Club. Use code: AWESOMEWITHERIC for 20% off!
We are doing it! WE ARE DOING IT! I am finally doing the episode of my dreams, and showing you how Moana (yes the Disney movie) can help you answer all of your life’s burning questions! Using this beautiful hero’s journey, I’m going to use examples from Moana to invite you to become more of the hero and conscious creator of your own journey and life. If you’re feeling stuck, unsure, hopeless or just BLEH, I think this episode will give you some direction and inspiration for the steps you can take next! Make way, make way! The episode is sponsored by Shine Cosmetics! Get my custom lip gloss AWESOME here: Use the code ALISON to save!!! Find more empowering goodness here: Eric's closing song is "Hawaii" from the World Guitar Collection at his incredible music library Pleasant Pictures Music Club. Use code: AWESOMEWITHERIC for 20% off and start making the best videos ever!
YAY! We’ve got educator, speaker, and author Brit Barron with us today! And baby it’s so so so good! I’m talking to her about her incredible new book Worth It! And holy crap, is this book worth the read! In it Brit shares her story of being boxed in by fears and feeling unable to make the changes she desired, and then helps us learn how she finally decided to leave her old life behind for one that has allowed her to live in her full potential. Brit poses so many good questions that will BLOW YOUR MIND and help tune you in to how to trust yourself more, and face those fears! Brit’s leading by example showing you that hard work to do so is so WORTH IT! Get Brit’s Book! Follow Brit on Instagram Snatch up my I’m Doing Awesome Journal Eric's closing song is "OUR TIME" from the dopest music library ever... Pleasant Pictures Music Club. Use code: AWESOMEWITHERIC for 20% off for life!
It’s about time I got a licensed therapist on here to help us navigate the barrage of uncomfortable, new, hard and exhausting emotions that are circulating right now! And there’s no better woman for the job than Tiffany Roe! Tiffany is not only an incredible, FUN therapist and owner of Mindful Counseling, she’s also going to open up to us about her journey to becoming a therapist, and what her battle with diet culture and eating disorders has taught her about how to FEEL DEAL and HEAL! Tiffany also shares a Feel, Deal, Heal mindfulness practice with us! We used some of Eric’s music and it’s SO GOOD! So come back to it time and time again! Follow Tiffany on Instagram Check out her Feel, Deal Heal subscription Eric's closing song is "Nobody Else" from the brand new collection LOFI Hip Hop at Pleasant Pictures Music Club Get access to the dopest music ever by going to and using code : AWESOMEWITHERIC for 20% off!!!
Stacey Harkey is an actor, comedian and all-around GENIUS! And he is showing up BIG to share his light, love and wisdom today! IT IS SO GOOD! Stacey shares his experiences coming to truly love himself, and how he has cultivated a sense of belonging as a proud black and gay man. Stacey is a gifted teacher, speaker and storyteller, and after listening to his life lessons mixed with some plant analogies, you will feel empowered, awesome, and ready to be YOU in this crazy world! And possibly get a new house plant! I know you're loving the music at the end of the podcasts! You can have access to use all of these and so many more by becoming a member of Pleasant Pictures Music Club! You will have the raddest music for: youtube / instagram / podcasts / ads / films / anything! Use code: AWESOMEWITHERIC for 20% off!
Today I’m sharing with you what might be one of my favorite episodes ever! My new friend and phenomenal poet Darryl Dzpasi is here to share his poem called YOU MATTER. Darryl wrote this poem after learning about the tragic death of George Floyd--he wrote it as a message for himself and the world around him. Darryl beautifully reads his poem (grab your tissues), and then generously talks to me about the experiences of his life that contributed to writing it. I also have Darryl tell me how he got to be so WISE and DEEP! You’ll get actionable takeaways for self-love, compassion, and navigating difficult emotions, as well as deep insight and perspective from Darryl’s unique experiences, which I know is so needed right now. I’m so excited to share this with you! Follow Darryl on Instagram here: Find the words of Darryl’s YOU MATTER poem here: The meditation practice Darryl references here: Eric's closing song is "How Does It Feel" from the amazing INDIE DANCE POP Collection at his amazing Stock Music Library, Pleasant Pictures Music Club. Use code: AWESOMEWITHERIC for 20% off The whole library for a limited time is only $99/yr
Today I simply want to entertain you and give you a break! So I’m sharing two of my favorite, only slightly traumatic childhood memories! You’ll laugh (maybe not as hard as Eric does…) you’ll possibly cry, but mostly I hope you just get a chance to connect with me, and most importantly connect with yourself. You’re doing a really good job. Keep showing up as YOU, exactly as you are. Here’s my I’m Doing Awesome Journal Check out Awesome on Demand Eric's closing song is "Ready for Change" from his incredible stock music library loaded with songs to use in your podcasts/youtube/instagram/ads/films/whatever! For a limited time get the whole library for $99/yr! Use code: AWESOMEWITHERIC for additional 20% off!
This is THE EPISODE for those of you who have a hard time getting out of bed, or for those of you who want to understand a loved one in your life who has a hard time getting out of bed! Whether it’s stemming from a circumstance or from depression, sometimes starting the day can be the biggest battle. I’ve talked to lots of people, as well as gotten EXCELLENT feedback from the Awesome Empire community, to fill this episode with 4 easy steps for when you just can’t seem to get going--as well as dozens of ideas for how to get a little spark! I hope this serves you, helps you understand someone you love, and gives you ideas of how to take action with love and acceptance! Join the Journal-a-thon and mini course for overcoming overwhelm! Here’s my I’m Doing Awesome Journal Eric's closing song is "We Thank You" from the dopest stock music library to ever exist, Pleasant Pictures Music Club. Use code: AWESOMEWITHERIC for 20% off and snag the library while its hot!
Comments (8)

Abigail Orshal

Loved this! even when I realized your "bust" is enough was really your "best" is enough!! 😁😂 Thanks for the Pep talk!

Jan 24th

Jenna Quentin

4th time listening to this. Just shared it with my college age sister before her finals. thank you thank you.

Nov 15th

Cindy Rayfield

I just found You! Thank you Alison (with one "L") and Eric. Love Beachy Head.

Aug 5th

Jacob Parrott

thanks for the sales pitch!

Jul 20th

Ashli Mason

I love listening and becoming more "awesome"with you both! I'm a special needs mom and listening has helped me be more content with my now and to see that I can progress mentally and improve any situation with my attitude and big picture vision. Thank you for bringing a balance to my crazy life where too often I was battling myself to feel like I was achieving and progressing. My vision has changed, my goals have changed, I feel more "awesome" than I ever have!

Dec 19th

Jessica Matkin

I LOVE this podcast! Alison is fun and crazy, and Eric is calm and easygoing. They're both so smart, and optimistic, and honest/open that I feel like we're actual friends in real life. Listening to this podcast brings me peace, and light, and delivers so much good information about self confidence and self improvement... I already feel like a better person just by sitting here and listening to them. I just can't get enough!

Nov 23rd

Amber Patterson

u said something that my own hubs made me think about which is i am never impressed by myself. hmmm just something for me to work on thank you

Sep 22nd

casey lee

I really like this podcast so far. Awesome!

Jul 12th
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