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Hello! I'm Alison, this is my podcast and my ONLY goal for it is to help you feel more awesome each time you listen. Whether it’s by laughing at me, laughing with me, or learning something new and helpful, I hope you feel more empowered and awesome than you did before!
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“Your best opportunity for connection is when your emotions are negative.” When I heard parenting and relationship expert Georgia Anderson say that, I screamed, “I WILL GET HER ON THE PODCAST!” And boom baby I did! In this truly life-changing episode, I ask Georgia to use her 30 years of experience in relationship and parenting education to help us see how we can employ emotion coaching on ourselves when we FEEL LIKE CRAP! She shares HOW to use negative emotions to build stronger relationships and a greater connection to self! It’s so good guys. She also gives Eric and I a little bit of relationship and parenting coaching, helping us see how we can better navigate my BIG feelings and our daughter’s too! If you’re a human, who has negative emotions, you’re going to freaking love this episode! I’m so excited for you! Eric's closing song is "That is Neat" from the Indie Dance Pop collection at Pleasant Pictures Music Club //
What would happen if you stopped buying stuff for one full year? If you’re like me you might think, “Meh--who cares!” HAHA but if you’re like my amazing guest Miranda Anderson you might think, “What would that do for me and my family?! And could I find peace and abundance from that?” Spoiler alert--she did and has some amazing tips for us too! In this incredibly fun and entertaining interview you’ll be SO INSPIRED by Miranda, how she lives with full confidence, and how she used that confidence to pursue a dream and idea that led to her soon-to-be released book More Than Enough! I laughed, I cried, and even if you *THINK* you know everything about minimalism, you’ll see some ideas in a whole new light! She also leaves us with practical ideas for discovering you have and you are MORE THAN ENOUGH--and you don’t even have to stop buying stuff! Ha! DON’T MISS THIS ONE!Get Miranda’s Book More Than Enough! to work on your confidence? Join us in Awesome on Demand!'s closing song is "Fun in the Sun" from the Weekend Away Collection at Pleasant Pictures Music ClubGet unlimited music for $199 and make your content POP!Use code: AWESOMEWITHERIC for 20% off
This is an exercise Eric took me through recently when I was trying to calm myself with “good thoughts”, but what I was actually doing was setting myself up to just need more and more validation and outside confirmation! Oh man! What are padded thoughts?! You’re about to find out! And I’ll tell you this, they always lead you thirsty! But we’re all having them all day, every day, and they’re like a house of cards! Building a reality and situations for yourself that you cannot sustain, and that will inevitably tumble! We’re talking about how to identify “padded thoughts”, how they can betray you, and most importantly, some thoughts to replace them with! Eric's closing song is "Cats" from the upcoming Parisian Cafe Collection at Pleasant Pictures Music Club.Use code: AWESOMEWITHERIC for 20% off at and get access to the music that makes your content POP!!!
You are going to LOVE these ideas, or thought shifts, or NUGGETS so much! They have changed my life, how I think, and my relationships, all for the better! They all have to do with how we interact with other people--which is good because we have to interact with other people every single day yes? Yes! The next time you’re feeling anxious, nervous or crappy about an interaction--run through these 3 ideas and I know you’ll have more clarity in no time!Eric's closing song is "Old Flame" in the Lounge Life Collection at Pleasant Pictures Music Club. Use code: AWESOMEWITHERIC for 20%
Watch out now! This extra special episode was captured when I was feeling ON FIRE and wanting to pass that FIRE on to you! We’ll talk about why you shouldn’t quit your day job--whatever that may be, and we’ll also dive into why HOW you do something matters way more than WHAT you are doing! If you feel called to do something--or want to get clearer about your life--listen up. We’ve got actionable prompts and exercises in here and I hope you do them so you can see the change you want! As always we’re sharing what has worked for us and thoughts that can work for you! Want the download mentioned in the episode Sign up for my Thought Nuggets here:’t miss out on my Alison’s Brand School goodies HERE:'s closing song is "Where did april go?" in the new Lounge Life Collection at Pleasant Pictures Music Club.Use code: AWESOMEWITHERIC for 20% off your purchase and get the dopest music for you projects!
Are you trying to figure out your purpose? Your life’s work? Your reason for being? Or do you know what it is but seem to keep getting stopped up? Either way this is going to be a really inspiring episode for you! Regardless if you’ve read Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist or not, I know you'll learn something new that can help you RIGHHT NOW! I’m sharing some of my favorite advice and takeaways from what is considered one of the world’s top ten books. These principles and ideas have been a lifeline for me as of late, and I genuinely hope they can inspire and comfort you! So much love to you on your journey* DING!Eric's closing song is "Ducks" from the Lounge Life collection at where the music is real and raw and is yours to use when you join the club!
You want it, you’re looking for it, you’re working towards it...and yet? You’re very likely putting limits around it! What is that IT? "IT" could be your happiness, your dream, your relationship, your health! We strive and stretch for these things, but we also unintentionally set limits that make them almost impossible to achieve. How inconvenient is that?! We're hoping to help you uncover some imaginary walls, as well as giving you the tools to take them down! Limits be gone! We hope you listen, learn, and feel awesome! This episode was brought to you by Alison's Brand School. Be sure to check out The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing at's closing song is "Anthro" by his band New Shack.
This is a very special episode in which we are opening all the cans of all the worms on WHO IS SUPPOSED TO WATCH THESE KIDS?! Now in NO way is this a complete and comprehensive discussion of childcare in America, or the challenges that so many face! We are however sharing how this is a huge, prevalent problem for so many women, offering up a few solutions, as well as sharing tips and ideas for creating a system that works for you, and helps you live at your best level! I bring on my employee and friend Nichelle Jensen, and we share our different experiences and journeys with finding and getting good help with our kids! Our goal is that our limited experience help in some way, but will also open up the conversation to others who are in a different situation! So let’s do it! Eric's closing song is "Early Morning LA" from the new World Traveler collection at pleasantpictures.clubUse code: AWESOME WITH ERIC to get 20% off a track or subscription!
Whether life has thrust something difficult in your direction, or you’re wondering how and IF you can do that really hard thing you want to do, this pump up IS FOR YOU! This your, “YOU CAN DO IT!” Moment, and further than that, your “Why you should!” and “This is HOW to do it!” moments too! I’m sharing 4 principles, you better believe they are universal, to deconstruct the mysteries that surround doing really hard things. Listen up, I’m doing hard crap all the time and I’m sharing everything that is making is possible. There’s no way this won’t help you out! Eric's closing song is :"Sunrise in Bangkok" at
Before you snap back, "THERE'S NO WAY I'M WRONG!" Haha, this episode is intended to break your brain open a bit! We're talking about why it feels wrong to be wrong, but how being wrong can lead to so many wonderful things that are right! One huge takeaway from this episode is an exercise asking you to question if you're wrong about yourself, what you can do and what you are capable of! And not in the, "You can't do it..." way, but in the, "But what if you can?!" So go on a philosophical journey through time and space with us and see if you can't find some solutions or a little bit of awesome in thinking about your current life shtuff in a new way! I hope you love it!Eric's closing song is "Tangerine" from his
Comments (8)

Abigail Orshal

Loved this! even when I realized your "bust" is enough was really your "best" is enough!! 😁😂 Thanks for the Pep talk!

Jan 24th

Jenna Quentin

4th time listening to this. Just shared it with my college age sister before her finals. thank you thank you.

Nov 15th

Cindy Rayfield

I just found You! Thank you Alison (with one "L") and Eric. Love Beachy Head.

Aug 5th

Jacob Parrott

thanks for the sales pitch!

Jul 20th

Ashli Mason

I love listening and becoming more "awesome"with you both! I'm a special needs mom and listening has helped me be more content with my now and to see that I can progress mentally and improve any situation with my attitude and big picture vision. Thank you for bringing a balance to my crazy life where too often I was battling myself to feel like I was achieving and progressing. My vision has changed, my goals have changed, I feel more "awesome" than I ever have!

Dec 19th

Jessica Matkin

I LOVE this podcast! Alison is fun and crazy, and Eric is calm and easygoing. They're both so smart, and optimistic, and honest/open that I feel like we're actual friends in real life. Listening to this podcast brings me peace, and light, and delivers so much good information about self confidence and self improvement... I already feel like a better person just by sitting here and listening to them. I just can't get enough!

Nov 23rd

Amber Patterson

u said something that my own hubs made me think about which is i am never impressed by myself. hmmm just something for me to work on thank you

Sep 22nd

casey lee

I really like this podcast so far. Awesome!

Jul 12th
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