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Author: Alison Faulkner

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Hello! I'm Alison, this is my podcast and my ONLY goal for it is to help you feel more awesome each time you listen. Whether it’s by laughing at me, laughing with me, or learning something new and helpful, I hope you feel more empowered and awesome than you did before!
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Do you feel like nobody cares about you?! Do you feel like making friends is something you should have learned how to do in elementary school and now you are out of luck? Or maybe you're just looking to cultivate and deepen some awesome relationships you already have?! Good news! We're talking about all of it! How to find friends, make them, keep them, and when to let them go! And I know it's going to open your mind to how many awesome resources you have! But to talk about this I brought one of my good friends, and a friend to many, Ashley Rose Reeves! I can't wait for you to listen, feel less alone, and ramp up to be the best friend you've always wanted to be and have!Eric's closing song is "Grandad's Workshop" from the "Parisian Cafe" Collection at Pleasant Pictures Music Club.Use code: AWESOMEWITHERIC for 20% off and get the BEST MUSIC IN THE WORLD!
Whether you’re on social media for friends and family, using it to build a business, or have sworn off of it all together, social media affects all of us BIG TIME. There’s no denying it! So I wanted to share my story, and all I’ve learned about how to use Instagram in a way that enriches my life and business, rather than drains it. It’s been a long road! My life, of course, is not actually ruined, but for a while, I absolutely let my performance on Instagram determine my mood for the day, how I felt about my business, and without realizing, I let it affect how I valued myself as a person. I open up quite a lot here, it's ROUGH, haha, but I really hope that sharing what I’ve learned serves you, or helps you feel less alone and empowered. Come have a DTR with us and help make IG work for you!'s Closing song is "I'm Still a Stupid Kid" by Valentine & the Regard. Use code AWESOMEWITHERIC and use this track and hundreds more at Pleasant Pictures Music Club //
This is the PERFECT episode if there is any area of your life that has you saying, “I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT TO DO!” We’ve got questions to ask yourself, exercises to try, and some good ol’ THOUGHT WERK that will have you feeling better, more inspired and aligned! Really! I think you will come back to this episode again and again for ideas! And I hope you remember, that no matter what you do, only you can be you, and you’re already as awesome as you need to be! Eric's closing song is "Baguette and Chaps" from the new Parisian Cafe Collection at Pleasant Pictures Music Club. Don't use bland music for your content! Use code: AWESOMEWITHERIC for 20% off your purchase at
What does it EVEN MEAN to be yourself? It seems like something that should be effortless and easy right? But instead of it being more effortless to “be yourself” the older you get, sometimes it actually feels harder. Add having kids, relationships, school, work, or who you think you should be vs. who you want to be! And oh man! What is life?! But before you have a Zoolander-esque breakdown, (“WHO AM I?!”) in this episode we are going into what it even means to “be yourself”, why it’s easy to feel lost, and then giving you 4 awesome ideas for how to be MORE of yourself, no matter where you are showing up! Eric's closing song is "Into the Black Hole" by Valentine and the Regard. The instrumental is in the Lofi Dream Pop Collection at Pleasant Pictures Music Club. pleasantpictures.clubUse code: AWESOMEWITHERIC for 20% off
Ok, this is a pretty special episode! Prepare to have your mind blown and your appetite to learn whetted by MY MAMA! That’s right we’ve got Marilyn Faulkner in the house, talking about how to be a life-long learner, what that even means, and how it’s going to bring more joy into your life! She shares some freaking inspiring awesome stories about rejection, being brave, and how to create a learning package for yourself, regardless of your age or stage in life! You’ll be so inspired to be more curious and learn more in your life!WE ARE SO EXCITED TO PARTNER WITH AMAZON HOME FOR THIS EPISODE! IT’S PRIME DAY AND I’VE PICKED OUT MY FAVORITE DEALS FOR YOU!SHOP THEM HERE:
How often have you said, “I just need more discipline!” Or, “I just need more motivation!” When it comes to making or keeping better habits? What if INSTEAD you just need a more intentional nightstand set up? Or a little something in your car? In this episode I’m sharing how some simple environmental changes have led to big habit changes in my life! And of course we’re talking about how to do this for yourself! You’ll freaking love it and get awesome ideas!We are so excited to partner with Amazon Home for this episode! It’s ALMOST Prime Day and I’ve picked out some deals that are ALREADY live for you NOW!
I am SO FREAKING excited for you to have this episode in your life! If you have been feeling lost, disconnected, or like you’re coming to a new place in your life...this will be SO HELPFUL! In this episode I talk to adult development, mindfulness and meditation expert Thomas McConkie. We’re not talking about religion, we are talking about faith, spirituality, and what happens when you’ve got tough questions! What happens in your brain, in your relationships, in your LIFE and how to navigate the tough stuff! We cover a lot of ground and I’m positive it will relieve some suffering in your life or help you connect with someone who is suffering. It’s so important and I’m so grateful for us all to have this! Enjoy! Eric's closing song is "Modern Beasts" from the brand new EDGY ATMOS collection at Pleasant Pictures Music Club. pleasantpictures.clubUse code AWESOMEWITHERIC for 20% off!
We all know action is good...yes?! MORE ACTION PLEASE! But what I’m personally working on in my life is this idea of inspired action, or working with ease and working in the flow vs. frantic, stressful, action which is often fueled by scarcity and leads to anxiety and quitting! I’m checking in with you on how YOUR year is going, where you want to be 6 months from now, and offering you three things that taking more inspired action will require of you! You can do it, and you’ll love it!Want to empower yourself with better thoughts and set clear goals? Get out BEST YEAR EVER Worksheet by textingbestyearever to 31996 Want a system to help you take more inspired action? Check's closing song is "Deathbeat" by his band New Shack. New album drops 8/19
Ep. 85: Who's your cast of characters? by Alison Faulkner
“Your best opportunity for connection is when your emotions are negative.” When I heard parenting and relationship expert Georgia Anderson say that, I screamed, “I WILL GET HER ON THE PODCAST!” And boom baby I did! In this truly life-changing episode, I ask Georgia to use her 30 years of experience in relationship and parenting education to help us see how we can employ emotion coaching on ourselves when we FEEL LIKE CRAP! She shares HOW to use negative emotions to build stronger relationships and a greater connection to self! It’s so good guys. She also gives Eric and I a little bit of relationship and parenting coaching, helping us see how we can better navigate my BIG feelings and our daughter’s too! If you’re a human, who has negative emotions, you’re going to freaking love this episode! I’m so excited for you! Eric's closing song is "That is Neat" from the Indie Dance Pop collection at Pleasant Pictures Music Club //
Comments (8)

Abigail Orshal

Loved this! even when I realized your "bust" is enough was really your "best" is enough!! 😁😂 Thanks for the Pep talk!

Jan 24th

Jenna Quentin

4th time listening to this. Just shared it with my college age sister before her finals. thank you thank you.

Nov 15th

Cindy Rayfield

I just found You! Thank you Alison (with one "L") and Eric. Love Beachy Head.

Aug 5th

Jacob Parrott

thanks for the sales pitch!

Jul 20th

Ashli Mason

I love listening and becoming more "awesome"with you both! I'm a special needs mom and listening has helped me be more content with my now and to see that I can progress mentally and improve any situation with my attitude and big picture vision. Thank you for bringing a balance to my crazy life where too often I was battling myself to feel like I was achieving and progressing. My vision has changed, my goals have changed, I feel more "awesome" than I ever have!

Dec 19th

Jessica Matkin

I LOVE this podcast! Alison is fun and crazy, and Eric is calm and easygoing. They're both so smart, and optimistic, and honest/open that I feel like we're actual friends in real life. Listening to this podcast brings me peace, and light, and delivers so much good information about self confidence and self improvement... I already feel like a better person just by sitting here and listening to them. I just can't get enough!

Nov 23rd

Amber Patterson

u said something that my own hubs made me think about which is i am never impressed by myself. hmmm just something for me to work on thank you

Sep 22nd

casey lee

I really like this podcast so far. Awesome!

Jul 12th
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