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Hello! I'm Alison, this is my podcast and my ONLY goal for it is to help you feel more awesome each time you listen. Whether it’s by laughing at me, laughing with me, or learning something new and helpful, I hope you feel more empowered and awesome than you did before!
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Ep. 59: Life after the tough stuff (trauma and loss) with Ashley Lemieux of The Shine Project
The reality of life is that either you, or someone you know is currently living though a trauma or loss. Whether it’s a phone call that someone you love has cancer, the death of a loved one, a divorce, a betrayal, the loss of a job, a physical injury…the LIST GOES ON…what do you do? What does life look like the week after, six months after, a year after? How do you help someone who is experiencing this, or how do you help yourself? Ashley Lemieux of The Shine Project opens up and shares her incredible insight and strength after experiencing what she refers to as her ultimate loss. We focus on what the details of her loss and trauma—and specifically her grief and healing process—looked like directly after, eight months after and now a year and half after losing her children in an unexpected and heart-breaking way. Ashley shares an unbelievable wealth of resources, tools, and lessons that’s she has learned through her experience. And shares them in such a profound and beautiful way so that anyone can relate. This is an incredibly important episode, filled with stories, specific ideas and words that I know will help heal and guide anyone who is suffering right now--or anyone who wants to help others. It is an honor to be able to share Ashley and her beautiful story—and I know you’ll feel empowered, inspired and comforted after listening.Find Ashley at's closing song is "Just Over Those Hills" from the Triumph collection at
Comments (7)

Jenna Quentin

4th time listening to this. Just shared it with my college age sister before her finals. thank you thank you.

Nov 15th

Cindy Rayfield

I just found You! Thank you Alison (with one "L") and Eric. Love Beachy Head.

Aug 5th

Jacob Parrott

thanks for the sales pitch!

Jul 20th

Ashli Mason

I love listening and becoming more "awesome"with you both! I'm a special needs mom and listening has helped me be more content with my now and to see that I can progress mentally and improve any situation with my attitude and big picture vision. Thank you for bringing a balance to my crazy life where too often I was battling myself to feel like I was achieving and progressing. My vision has changed, my goals have changed, I feel more "awesome" than I ever have!

Dec 19th

Jessica Matkin

I LOVE this podcast! Alison is fun and crazy, and Eric is calm and easygoing. They're both so smart, and optimistic, and honest/open that I feel like we're actual friends in real life. Listening to this podcast brings me peace, and light, and delivers so much good information about self confidence and self improvement... I already feel like a better person just by sitting here and listening to them. I just can't get enough!

Nov 23rd

Amber Patterson

u said something that my own hubs made me think about which is i am never impressed by myself. hmmm just something for me to work on thank you

Sep 22nd

casey lee

I really like this podcast so far. Awesome!

Jul 12th
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