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Talks from Sunday Services at Aylesbury Vineyard Church
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Vision is being able to see in our imagination what the future can be like. Vision is being able to picture something in our hearts and minds that can happen and will happen if we play our part to make it happen. Vision is the bridge between the ‘now’ and the ‘not yet.’ God has a vision for us, vision for his Church and vision for his world — that he wants to share with us and invites us to join him in. Steve Burnhope offers a ‘checklist’ of six key features of what it means for each of us to be a person of vision.
Our Growing Family

Our Growing Family


In the lead-up to our annual Thanksgiving Services gift day on 17 November, Steve Burnhope shares some statistics of how the Church has grown over the past five years. He explains how, to accommodate our ‘growing family,’ we’ll be devoting this year’s offering to expanding the main Auditorium and creating three new rooms for Vineyard Kids, including a permanent Soft Play room. The talk includes a short video (starting at 17:05 minutes in) picturing what the main new areas will look like.Watch at
Guest Speaker Peter Tate invites us to think more deeply about what it means to ‘love one another’ in a multi-cultural Church where we welcome and honour different cultures within God's people. He challenges us to think about the difference between what’s ‘theological’ and what’s ‘cultural’ in our assumptions about our faith practices.Watch at
Continuing our Birthday Month, Steve Burnhope talks about some of the things he personally loves about the Vineyard. He starts with some ‘Vineyard theology’ and ‘Vineyard values’ that are shared throughout the movement — wherever one goes in the world — and finishes with some of the things he loves about Aylesbury Vineyard in particular.Watch at
As we continue our Birthday Month Services, Assistant Pastor and Head of Compassion Ministries, James Tweats, talks about the central importance of helping those who are disadvantaged and in need, both in the heart of God and the heart of the Vineyard movement. He explains the scope and the scale of what Aylesbury Vineyard is currently doing and invites us to ask ourselves how God is calling us personally to become involved, for Jesus and His Kingdom.Watch at:
Guest speaker Nicola Neal (CEO of Every Life, talks about the unexpected and generous welcome that Jesus offers Zaccheus in Luke 19. She parallels that with the welcome she and her family received when they moved back to the UK from Uganda and encourages us to imitate Jesus by being unexpectedly generous welcomers, just as he was.Watch at
Following on from his recent talk, ‘What Does It Mean to ‘Have Faith’?’ (Sunday 15 September 2019,, Steve Burnhope goes on to ask, if ‘faith’ isn’t about having unshakeable mental certainty that something we want is going to happen, then ... what does it mean? How can we be people who pray confidently and expectantly?Watch at
Head of Youth Ministry, Amelia Godden, interviews Vineyard UK&I youth leader Zeke Rink about the Summer 2020 DTI Festival that succeeds Soul Survivor. It includes a video about the event, featuring Mike Pilavachi (leader of Soul Survivor), and Senior Pastors Steve and Lyn Burnhope explaining how Aylesbury Vineyard wants to support DTI with a financial offering, prayer and volunteering.Watch at interview includes a film by Vineyard Churches about DTI 2020 which you can watch here:
Clearly, ‘faith’ is vital to being a Christian, but what is ‘faith,’ and how do we ‘live by’ faith? Does faith get prayers answered? Does too-little faith stop them being answered? Steve Burnhope runs through the problems with the standard way that many Christians think about faith — as striving for mental certainty, with no doubts allowed — before then explaining what biblical faith does in fact look like.Watch at
Wreaking havoc with the traditional church calendar, Steve Burnhope looks at Pentecost in September as we start this new term. Rather than Acts 2 inaugurating ‘speaking in tongues,’ as generally assumed, its significance is the inclusion of people of every nation, tribe, and language on equal terms ‘in Christ’ in the Kingdom of God, reversing what happened at Babel in Genesis 11, and foreshadowing heaven. He encourages us to be a church that commits to modelling Pentecost, not one that models Babel.Watch at
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