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An energetic, fun, and entertaining show discussing all things relevant to the NBA. Listen to our knowledgeable and passionate hosts debate basketball, the game we all love! Let's talk ball🏀 Support this podcast:
33 Episodes
2:27- Thoughts on COVID-19 and it's impact on the NBA 9:35- What Should the NBA do next? 31:50- Who is the best SG in the league? 43:40- Trae Young says he will become a better shooter than Steph Curry in a year. True or false? 52:05- If the season ended awards --- Support this podcast:
2:02- The MVP race: Lebron or Giannis? 20:05- Beef central! (Giannis vs Harden, Spike vs Dolan, Draymond vs Barkley) 36:10- Lakers big weekend, what does it mean?) 41:00- Can Zion catch Ja for ROY? 45:18- Picks for 8th seed in the West 48:53- Zion or Luka? 53:30- Curry's return 59:25- Are the Bucks in trouble? --- Support this podcast:
We were honoured to have #NBATwitter legend Gage Boone (@BooneGage) join us this week. Give him a follow! 2:12- NBA All-Star weekend reactions 23:33- John Beilein steps down as Cavs head coach 31:15- Buyout market moves 54:55- Can the Pelicans make a push for the 8th seed? 62:31- Can Giannis and the Bucks be stopped? --- Support this podcast:
2:26- Discussing the biggest trade deadline deals 32:08- The Rockets small ball strategy 47:21- Raptors 14 game winning streak 54:27- The Sixers are STRUGGLING 69:24- Controversial no call at the end of Blazers vs Jazz game 81:00- All star weekend predictions --- Support this podcast:
2:05- Trade rumours ahead of the trade deadline 15:15- All star reserve reactions 23:06- Rising stars reactions 30:52- 2020 All star game format 35:56- Nick Nurse coaching team Giannis...foreshadowing? 41:26- Kobe and Gianna Bryant revisited --- Support this podcast:
Brandon honours us with his presence this week and absolutely kills it! 3:25- Paying our respects to Kobe Bryant 13:45- Zion's first few games; can he keep it up? 29:47- All Star starter reactions 44:26 All Star reserve predictions 68:00- Willie Cauley-Stein trade --- Support this podcast:
2:10- Zion set to make debut; expectations? 6:41- Do Simmons and Embiid need to separate? 15:32- Kyrie's recent comments 25:48- All star voting returns so far 42:44- All decade starting 5 48:05- Team of the decade 50:45- MVP of the decade --- Support this podcast:
2:14  Kevin Love trade watch update 12:02 Miami looks legit! Best young core in the NBA? 27:57 Who is the best point guard in the game? 34:38 Who would you rather have at this point, Lonzo or Fultz? 48:51 Should OKC trade CP3 or go for it this year? 62:11 Luka out for 2 weeks with ankle sprain. Is it over for the Mavs? --- Support this podcast:
1:50 Fizdale fizzes out of NY 16:08 Rockets protest gets denied 25:00 Kevin Love on the trading block 35:05 Raptors losing 3 straight. Time for concern? 39:29 Will Ben Simmons ever be able to shoot? 49:06 Clippers get blown out by the Bucks. Big deal? --- Support this podcast:
1:55- Kyrie's return to Boston and Instagram post 10:40- Anthony Davis record breaking return to NOLA 14:15- Mavericks statement game vs the Lakers 22:40- James Harden 60 pts in 31 minutes 25:26- Carmelo wins player of the week! Answer to the Blazers problems? 31:08- Derozan to return to the Raptors? 38:55- Proposed NBA rule changes --- Support this podcast:
2:00- Is Luka for real? Are the Mavs for real? 8:07- Carmelo Anthony's first few games 13:22- PG and Kawhi's first few games together 19:20- Demar Derozan to the Magic? 27:43- Zach Lavine's monster night (MIP?) 37:08- Twitter Questions --- Support this podcast:
The full squad is back again! We open the show with a quick recap of the Raptors and Lakers game. We then transition to an in depth discussion on load management and whether or not it is hurting the NBA. Afterwards, we discuss whether or not the Suns are a legitimate threat this season and what's in store for the struggling Warriors. We wrap up the show with some listener questions from #NBAtwitter. Enjoy!   2:05- Lakers vs Raptors quick recap 9:54- Is load management a problem for the NBA? 26:56- Are the Suns for real? 37:45- Should the Celtics look to acquire Steven Adams or Clint Capela? 45:17- What should the Warriors do? 53:50- The Dion Waiters fiasco 60:00- Twitter questions --- Support this podcast:
The full squad is back in studio to provide another NBA content cast hosted by some NBA content kings! We make our early predictions and look at the best and worst moves from the offseason before analyzing the whole Karl Anthony Towns and Joel Embiid situation. 2:20 Playoff seeding predictions 39:36 Award predictions 55:30 KAT vs Embiid fight --- Support this podcast:
@dnohthehuman goes solo on episode 1 of season 2 to recap week #1 of the 2019-2020 NBA season and to answer your questions from twitter. We will have the full squad in studio very soon. We are committed to giving weekly content for the rest of the season and beyond! - 2:30 Ayton suspended 25 games - 4:28 Zion out 6 to 8 weeks - 7:25 Battle of LA -10:45 Twitter Questions (Dark horse teams, ROY, surprises/disappointments so far, and more!) --- Support this podcast:
The title says it all. Here is our Free agency grading conversation continued. Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
Grading every major move that has taken place since June 30th! Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
More free agent coverage is on the way! 0:35 Coaches Challenge 5:05 Shortening the season/load management 12:05 Twitter questions --- Support this podcast:
Squad is back in the studio to recap the NBA Awards and give our free agency predictions. Enjoy! 2:05 NBA awards show recap 42:09 Free agency predictions --- Support this podcast:
Ezana, a devout member of our team from the beginning, finally makes his debut on the show this week. Show some love! 3:04 Anthony Davis trade reaction; who won the trade? 20:12 Draft night reaction/ biggest winners and losers of the draft/sleeper picks 34:58 What's going on in Boston? 50:30 Brooklyn only signing Kyrie if they get KD as well? 61:30 D'Angelo Russell's next move/Lakers dysfunction 65:10 New Segment! #EzanasBananas (top 10 surprising free agent centers going into free agency) --- Support this podcast:
Had to Skype this one. Don't worry, we will be back in studio next week! #BalanceRestored #OCanada 1:55 Finals game 5 recap 17:36 Finals game 6 recap 34:56 What's next for Kawhi? 38:47 How do the KD and Klay injuries affect next season? 41:27 Kyrie to the Nets? 45:37 AD to the Lakers? 51:57 Masai and security incident 55:18 Twitter questions --- Support this podcast:
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