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BBC Learning English Drama

Author: BBC Radio

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Dramas for English language learners from BBC World Service. Improve your English with retellings of stories classic and new. Each episode is between 6 and 10 minutes long.
56 Episodes
There's a new person coming in to work – will she and Anna get on with each other?
Anna and Tom's flight home is cancelled. What can they do?
Anna and Tom are trying clinch the deal with a French trader. Will they succeed?
Will Anna manage to book the flight to France to finalise a business deal?
Can Anna renegotiate a deal with Tip Top Trading's customers in France?
Will Anna be able to secure a deal with a French company?
One of the companies Anna cold-called has got in touch!
Anna's making some cold calls to find new clients for Tip Top Trading.
After announcing a new strategy, Mr Socrates joins the team at the pub.
Big boss Mr Socrates is visiting the Tip Top Trading offices and he's got some bad news!
The big boss is fussy about his hotel room. Looks like Anna has to do some complaining!
The boss is in town! Can Anna use the right language to book him a hotel room?
Emergency! There's a fire at Tip Top Trading!
Paul decides it's time to give his team a health and safety update.
Anna is off to meet Mr Ingle, the warehouse manager, to discuss stock management.
Anna's been chosen to head up the company's stock management. But she needs help!
An office meeting has been scheduled, but the boss is late! Will Anna take charge?
There's a big mix-up. Learn language that explains there has been a misunderstanding.
Anna's having some problems with writing an email. Luckily, Tom has some words of wisdom.
Mr Lime calls again to order some boxes for his Imperial Lemons.
Comments (66)

Asma Ahadi

why I can't download episode?

Jun 19th
Reply (1)

Mr Xeno

Its very hapful to improve lissioning.

May 31st

mostafa karami

amazing story

May 21st

Shaimaa Ali

it is spelled the Same forward and backward 😂

May 20th


Can't wait for the next episode...

May 15th


As a person who is still learning english I found it really helpful...

Apr 20th


l liked it...

Apr 20th

Nagi Naagii

Where can i see transcript

Feb 2nd
Reply (1)

Nagi Naagii

Pls transcript

Feb 2nd
Reply (1)

Keyvan Ghorbani

love it this story , thanks

Jan 5th

Alireza Brz

Where are the rest of your episods? There are much more in your app But I prefer to listen to them here. Please upload more episod

Dec 6th

Chaehyun Im

Jamaica Inn

Dec 5th
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