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Cutting through the clutter of information to bring insights and wisdom for creating lasting impact in B2B marketing.
7 Episodes
Digital marketing promises a lot: eliminate wasteful advertising, enable finetuned measurements, marketing nirvana. Yet, it is faltering on many fronts. What's going wrong? Marco Luciano, Board Member at wob AG helps us delineate the landscape and set data-driven marketing back on track.
B2B marketing campaigns rarely elicit the awe and frenzy of their B2C cousins. Creativity often gets hustled out by data, martech and metrics. In this episode, we explore the role of creativity in B2B marketing withour guest Ned Brown, Chief Creative Officer at Bader Rutter.
At a time of always-on marketing, organic visibility can never be discounted. But being found by those who need you at the right stage in their buying process? That is an art that also needs the guiding hand of strategy. Together with our guest, Svenja Volk from WOB Germany, we demystify the (dark) art of B2B SEO.
Brand marketers and performance marketers often work at cross-purposes or worse, cross swords. Our guest, Rodger Jones, brand strategy director at Bader Rutter, reminds the performance marketers among us about the relevance and importance of brand strategy.
Selling through partners and distributors is a proven model of growing the business for B2B companies. Together with our guest Dr. Marcelo Castro - Founder & CEO of MarketLogic, we explore what it takes to devise and operationalise campaigns that keep channel partners active and productive.
With marketing budgets slashed, and trade shows and exhibitions frozen in a post-pandemic world, focused marketing efforts like ABM rule the day. Our guest, Prajwal Gadtaula, Founder & CEO at Business Brainz, shares how customised, in-depth desk research reports can help marketers get the best out of their ABM efforts.
Over 95% of marketing-generated leads in B2B never yield sales results - a failure rate that is unlikely to be tolerated in an era of diminishing marketing budgets. We hear from Andrew Haussegger, co-founder and CEO of Green Hat, why ABM is the only way forward to garner new leads and retain existing clients.
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