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Author: Tony Grebmeier

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We live in a culture where everything is predicated on success. But what is success… that’s the big question. Is it measurable? Can you obtain it? Can you dream it? Tony Grebmeier is on a quest to redefine how we view success and would like to bring you on the journey.
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Finding and Knowing your AudienceAre you in sync with your audience? Have you been struggling to find your avatar? Have you been listening to your feedback? Today's guest, Robbie Samuels, explains how he found his ideal clientele and how his businesses have flourished because of them and the knowldge he'r learned from them. "You don't learn anything, if you do nothing".Meet Robbie SamuelsRobbie Samuels is a keynote speaker and relationship-based business strategist who has been recognized as a “networking expert” by Inc., Harvard Business Review Ascend, and Lifehacker. He is the author of the best-selling business book Croissants vs. Bagels: Strategic, Effective, and Inclusive Networking at Conferences and has been profiled in the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Fast Company. His clients include associations and corporations including Marriott, AmeriCorps, Hostelling International, and General Assembly.He has been featured in several books including Stand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It by Dorie Clark and The Connector’s Advantage: 7 Mindsets to Grow Your Influence and Impact by Michelle Tillis Lederman. He has guest lectured at many leading educational institutions including Harvard University, Cornell University, Brandeis University, and Northeastern University. Robbie is the host of On the Schmooze podcast which features his networking strategies and talented professionals sharing untold stories of leadership and networking.Outline of This Episode[0:49] Tony introduces today's guest, Robbie Samuels[1:30] Robbie's definition of success[3:49] On the Schmooze[8:30] Figuring out your avatar[13:44] Kid entreprenuer[20:42] Books, coaching & launching[34:30] Closing thoughts.Resources & People MentionedRobbie's WebsiteRobbie's FacebookRobbie's TwitterRobbie's LinkedInRobbie's YoutubeOn the SchmoozeGo Deeper with BEFULFILLEDThe journal: course: community:
Meet Darren VirassammyDo you ever feel like you're pushing uphill alone? From the CEO down to the intern, we can all feel isolated sometimes. As a leader, we have to solve that feeling of isolation. How do we do that? The guest on today's episode, Darren Virassammy, is a master at helping people go farther by being stronger teams. His company, 34Strong, maximizes team performance through unleashing talent. When starting the company, Darren and his co-founder Brandon rooted their belief in the African Proverb: "If you want to go fast, go by yourself. If you want to go far, go with others!" If you wish your team worked better, faster, stronger, this is the episode for you!A Message About Finding YourselfRemember a time when you were doing what you thought you were supposed to? From the jobs we take to the people we surround ourselves with, we often fall for what we believe we "should" be doing. We lose our intuitive ability to be on our happiest path. We let fear and our weaknesses hold us back from success and fulfillment. This episode tells the story of how Darren Virassammy discovered this for himself and now teaches others. He co-founded 34Strong, where he helps teams play to their strengths. Since its inception, the 34 Strong team has worked with numerous organizations including Bank of America, Genentech, State Street, Plum Organics, The State of CA, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the County of Monterey, and Consumnes Service Park and Recreation District. Get the scoop on how to move from fear to fulfillment on the episode!Outline of This Episode[0:50] Tony introduces his guest, Darren Virassammy[1:38] Darren's definition of success.[3:07] From the Caribbean to the cold[6:26] Moving to Sacramento[9:13] Teaching entrepreneurship[11:32] Living in chains[14:05] The incurable disease[20:09] I am Yarak[22:06] Focus on strengths, not weakness[39:42] Closing thoughts.Resources & People MentionedDarren's LinkedInDarren's FacebookDarren's Twitter34StrongPlay To Their Strengths BookGo Deeper with BEFULFILLEDThe journal: course: community:
Meet Matt PlappAre entrepreneurial skills in our DNA? It's easy to look at very young people who seems to have business already figured out and assume they must be born with the skills. It may even be true. Today's guest, Matt, grew up with two entrepreneurial parents. They were successful and had financial comfort all his life. Perhaps they handed down something that gave Matt the skills to be where he is today as President of Driven Media Solutions. His company is a full service marketing firm located in Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky. Matt seems to have the Midas touch working with everyone from Corporate America to Locally Owned companies over the past 18 years.We are more than our titlesAre you living a fulfilled life? Not just success in one role, but true happiness, true purpose, true fulfillment? Many leaders come from backgrounds that are already successful or full of advantages. It can be easy to fall into the pattern of fulfillment just being a fancy title or a good income. As Matt moved through building companies, he learned that he had an entrepreneurial drive that brought traditional success his way. But that traditional version of success isn't enough to fulfill him. His role as a family man, brings him the rest of the joy and fulfillment he needed in life. Are you substituting professional standards of success for personal fulfillment? Hear more on this powerful episode of BEFULFILLED!Outline of This Episode[0:55] Tony introduces his guest, Matt Plapp[3:59] Matt's definition of success[4:30] Entrepreneur parents[7:24] Growing up with money[11:40] Unemployable[17:46] Turn it all orange[25:32] Building a team[35:20] Helping a friend[39:42] Closing thoughts.Resources & People MentionedAbout MattMatt's FacebookMatt's YoutubeMatt's LinkedInGo Deeper with BEFULFILLEDThe journal: course: community:
Who DiscoverHer Is ForMore than 11.6 million companies are owned by women, employing nearly 9 million people, and generating $1.7 trillion in sales as of 2017. How do we find these amazing entrepreneurial women and support their journeys?That's where Monica's , the resource hub for all women comes along. They cover the stories of women business owners to inspire everyone from the Household Director, Stay-at-Home-Mom, the Solopreneur, and Creative to the Corporate Executive and the Retiree. They have a Women in Business discoverHER directory, a discoverHER Radio show and a HER story blog. Monica's platform provides networking opportunities, personal empowerment events, workshops and resources. If you know a woman in your life who owns a business or is just starting this is a must share episode!Gratitude As A Marker For SuccessHave often do you take the time to be grateful for what you've accomplished so far? What if the only thing holding you back from feeling successful is that you don't take the time to be grateful for your small wins? Monica explains her definition of success is more about gratitude than a specific goal. It's how she "keeps the faith" to handle anything life throws at her from family to business ownership. She believes that gratitude and faith are exactly the tools to deliver her what she wants in life and she proves the validity to her theory by sharing from the new car she wanted. If you need a reminder of all you've done so far and all you have this is the episode for you!Being the Discovery ResourceDo you feel like you see the same faces in the entrepreneur world over and over again? Does the circle of business owners to admire seem to get smaller and smaller? That's what Monica saw and wanted to correct. She realized the women business owners she was talking to described their ventures as, "Oh, it's just..." and she wanted to fix that. She used her radio show, podcast, events, and resources site to discover these women and promote them for their bravery in starting their own businesses. She's bringing fresh faces to the entrepreneur world, IRL and URL! If you're ready to open your eyes to new entrepreneurs this is episode you have to bookmark!Outline of This Episode[0:55] Tony introduces his guest, Monica Karst[2:06] Monica's definition of success.[3:19] Growing up in Santa Cruz[6:19] How insecurity silences us[13:00] Celebrating the wins[19:29] The real estate game[22:02] Hiring a mom[25:30] Ask better questions[39:42] Closing thoughts.Resources & People MentionedMonica's InstagramDiscoverHer InstagramDiscoverHerDiscoverHer TwitterDiscoverHer FacebookDiscoverHer NewsletterDiscoverHer RadioGo Deeper with BEFULFILLEDThe journal: course: community:
If success isn't money how do you measure it? Can it be measured in time? Maybe, in personal growth? But does that mean that success doesn't actually include wealth? Is wealth more of a side-effect of these other goals? The guest on today's episode, Warren Phillips, explains that his definition of success is multi-dimensional. Money alone is not enough. It takes time with family, human connection, spiritual growth. However, Warren freely admits to LOVING making money and helping others make more money. His background from growing up in rural Pennsylvania in a trailer park to his current life as a wildly successful entrepreneur stands as proof that there's a lot to Warren's theory of what success is. In his conversation with Tony, Warren tells the story of being a high-school and college athlete, his post-grad journey in academia, and finally his entrepreneurial ventures. If you've ever struggled with the traditional definitions of leadership or success, this is the episode for you!When others say "no", say "yes.We've all been told "no" or that our dreams aren't even worth trying. This episode is proof that those statements are the perfect fuel to achieving the achievable. Warren was told he was too small of a kid in high-school to be a javelin thrower. He took the fuel of their rejection and became an All-American athlete. In college when his professor saw his test scores they said it must be a mistake because they didn't think he was smart enough for graduate school. Warren took that rejection and pursued his Master's degree with straight "A" results. Even to this day, he's been warned that his grittiness and drive can drown his own team, but instead of letting that get him down he creates a better way to be kind and supportive to his team. It's time to tune in and learn how to take other's peoples "no"s and turn them into exactly what makes you wildly successful no matter what you pursue.Spiritual entrepreneurshipWe hear leadership described as hard skills all the time, but is it really just HR or people management? Warren argues that leadership has many layers and one of them is spiritual. From biblical references to yin and yang, Warren explains that entrepreneurs can embrace prosperity from a spiritual standpoint. In this episode, Tony and Warren get raw about what divides us as humans and what leaders must embrace in their own personal growth to being their teams together. They talk about the truth in "finding your purpose." If you've ever felt like their was so much more to what it takes to be a true servant leader, this is a must listen episode for you!Toxic death trapAnxiety, sleeplessness, sensitivity to sound or smell, fatigue, ever experienced any of these things? They were Warren's reality in such a tragic way that he had trouble driving, sold his home and moved into his parent's basement. He couldn't even go out because he was so sensitive to smells that someone else's perfume or cologne would make him sick. He was only making 40K a year and struggling working as an environmental consultant. His toxic environment was killing him! Tony and Warren discuss the power of health and personal passion to not only fulfill your purpose out of your own pain, but how to monetize that. The process of detoxification healed Warren and helped him build his 8-figure business. Make sure to listen to this episode of BEFULFILLED - you don’t want to miss it!Outline of This Episode[0:50] Tony introduces his guest, Warren Phillips[1:49] Warren's definition of success.[4:23] Growing up in rural PA[9:00] The grit to succeed[17:00] Spirituality and kicking the crap out of religion[19:03] Small town plans to reality pitfalls[25:10] Introducing toxins[33:26] Brotherly love[39:42] Closing thoughts.Resources & People MentionedWarren's LinkedInWarren's FacebookRevelation HealthGo Deeper with BEFULFILLEDThe journal: course: community:
Do we really ever overcome what happens to us as children? Does the trauma of the earliest days of our life impact us forever? Or can we make a choice to change paths instead of letting our past dictate how we turn out in the future? On this episode of BEFULFILLED, you’ll hear from prolific author and founder, Anne Beaulieu. In her conversation with Tony, Anne opens up about her childhood, how she processed trauma, the impact her relationships with family had on her career, how she got involved with emotional intelligence, and much more. If you are always trying to escape your past, this is the episode for you!Relationships take work!We all have relationships that we wish we would've handled better. Think about it, when was the last time you said something you wish you could take back? It takes work to rebuild relationships we've harmed be it as a partner, a child, or a spouse. It's not about trying to turn back time. It's about acknowledging who you hurt, how you hurt them, and earning back a good relationship. It's time to listen to Anne and Tony get real about their own struggles in personal relationships and how they've earned back the trust.You can make your own path.It’s become popular to try to repeat what other successful people have done. We're told that we can buy or repeat a path and be "guaranteed" to be successful, but is it true? Even if you do get a quick cash injection will you be fulfilled? People become truly fulfilled and successful are the ones who have made their own way. The truth is often times inventing your own path is the only way to have the greatest impact. Anne and Tony both have created their own unique path with creativity and servant leadership.Forming a habit.How do you become an expert at something? A lot of people attempt new things; but few people become experts or are prolific at their new venture. At the end of the day, Anne and Tony both talk about the difference habit forming makes. They discuss the power of the BEFULFILLED journal and how Anne's writing habit has produced 25 books! Make sure to listen to this episode of BEFULFILLED - you don’t want to miss it!Outline of This Episode[0:53] Tony introduces his guest, Anne Beaulieu[1:50] Anne's definition of success.[3:35] Growing up with mentally ill parents.[6:21] False success and following the "norm"[8:38] What is addiction?[10:00] Telling the truth when others don't want to hear it[12:31] Repairing relations between parents and kids[21:19] Loving yourself first.[28:44] Becoming a prolific author[39:42] Closing thoughts.Resources & People MentionedAnne's WebsiteAnne's TwitterAnne's BooksAnne's LinkedInDov BaronGo Deeper with BEFULFILLEDThe journal: course: community:
When you’re a natural problem-solver, what career can possibly fulfill your purpose in a sustainable way? Today’s guest seems to have found the perfect career for this amazing personality type. On this episode of BEFULFILLED, you’ll hear from entrepreneur, Todd McGuire.Todd is a specialist in building and commercializing emerging technologies to solve business challenges and capture market opportunities. He is the co-founder of IncentaHealth, the revolutionary app helps people manage their weight through a patented technology to create a portfolio of digital images of every weigh-in along your weight loss journey. You'll also hear about his newest venture on today's episode!In their conversation, Todd explains his journey through success from looking up to his father’s problem-solving skills all the way to being a serial entrepreneur. If you know a natural problem solver and you want to understand them better, this is the episode for you - don’t miss it!Listen To What’s Going OnWe all wish we handled pressure with more grace, but how do you develop grace? Is it one of those skills that just can’t be taught? Todd has the steps to prove you can and sage-like advice handed down from his own father to get you there. It turns out it takes developing another skill, listening! From broken down cars on highways to becoming a reliable friend, listening carefully can take you from frazzled panic to calm solutions. Get Todd McGuire’s take how this has applied to every stage of his success journey by listening to this fascinating episode of BEFULFILLED.Get Out Of Your Comfort ZoneMany of us get stuck in one of the most dangerous traps on the way to success, the comfort zone. Ray Lewis once said, “Before anything great is really achieved, your comfort zone must be disturbed.” Todd McGuire has been taking leaps to avoid his comfort zone since he was just a teenager. Many of us wouldn’t take the risk to move halfway across the country or walk away from something we’re already successful at to risk a new venture, but that kind of bravery might be exactly what’s made Todd the success story he is! Hear more about what Todd’s journey has taught him and what you can do to avoid the dreaded comfort zone.Outline of This Episode[1:00] Tony introduces his guest, Todd McGuire.[11:30] Don’t be a fair-weather friend[12:39] Broke down on I95[17:34] From Florida to Colorado, why make the move?[24:15] It takes two to make things go right[26:47] What happens when you have your idea too early?[31:52] Solving the obesity crisis[36:50] Data and motivation to change health patterns[40:03] Healthier companies for healthier teams[44:30] A snack evolution [53:42] Closing thoughts with TonyResources & People MentionedIncentaHealth websiteTodd's Power OatsTodd on LinkedInTodd on TwitterTodd on FacebookTom Evans MediationGo Deeper with BEFULFILLEDThe journal: course: community:
Did you know that one of the most important skills you can learn is to figure out how to ask the right questions? It’s true! Time and time again the skill of asking good questions shows up in the books of great business leaders. On this episode of BEFULFILLED, you’ll hear from entrepreneur and author, Ryan Levesque. In his conversation with Tony, Ryan opens up about his definition of success, how he got started in his career, why asking the right questions is so important, lessons he has learned along the way, and much more. Don’t miss a minute of this fascinating episode featuring Ryan’s unique perspective!Don’t ask “What,” ask, “Who.”Too often leaders get so focused on which market to target and which products or services to bring to the marketplace without asking the critical question, “Who are we trying to reach?” Do you have a good idea of who your target audience is? The fact is, you can have the best product or service but if you don’t understand your audience and how they operate, you are already dead in the water. If you want to succeed, you’ve got to be willing to buck conventional wisdom and get to know who you want to serve. Learn more about Ryan’s philosophy of asking the right questions by listening to this episode of BEFULFILLED!If you want to succeed, you’ve got to step out of your comfort zone!We’ve all heard the saying, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results,” but the truth is, a lot of smart people are acting insane! How many times have you heard someone in your social circle say that they want to reach an ambitious goal but aren’t willing to put in the work to achieve it? Don’t get lulled into complacency, if you want to succeed, you’ve got to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone! To hear Ryan Levesque expand on this important topic, make sure to catch this episode!Five Market Must Haves.One of the best ways to hone in on your unique offering to the marketplace is by exploring multiple options. Sometimes the best way to find the right course of action is by eliminating the bad ones! In his conversation with Tony, Ryan Levesque reveals his, “Five market must-haves.”Get into an “Evergreen market,” not a, “Fad market.”Make sure you are in an “Enthusiast market,’ not an exclusively “Problem/solution market.”Find the “Urgent problem” in your market that you can solve.Address “Future problems” in your market.Make sure your target audience is “Players with money.”This is just a quick snapshot of the insights that Ryan has to offer. Have pen and paper ready as Ryan dives deep to unpack and explain each of the “Five market must-haves” in his conversation with Tony - don’t miss it!Watch out for the comparison trap.On your journey toward success, you’ve likely run into your fair share of challenges. What are the biggest ones that loom large in your mind? Do you find it challenging to stay motivated? Maybe for you, it’s a challenge to find that balance between work and family life. For many entrepreneurs and business leaders, a common challenge that arises is the comparison trap. This is where you get caught up comparing your business or personal status with the guy or gal next door. Don’t let this happen to you! Remember the old saying, “The grass is greener on the other side of the fence?” Focus on your own lawn and don’t let yourself get stuck! Hear more about avoiding the comparison trap from Ryan Levesque on this powerful episode of BEFULFILLED!Outline of This Episode[0:50] Tony introduces his guest, Ryan Levesque.[2:15] Ryan shares his definition of success and how his career started.[4:30] How Ryan got his business off of the ground.[9:00] Don’t ask “What,” ask, “Who.”[14:20] Giving up “Good” in the pursuit of “Great.”[17:10] What are the “Five Market Must Haves?”[31:00] Ryan talks about why he got involved with[33:30] How to get Ryan’s FREE book and resources.[35:40] Don’t get stuck in the comparison trap![37:00] Ryan enters the Fulfillment Round; rapid-fire questions.Resources & People MentionedRyan’s FREE book and resourcesBucket.ioAsk: The Counterintuitive Online Method to Discover Exactly What Your Customers Want to BuyChoose: The Single Most Important Decision Before Starting Your BusinessRyan on LinkedInGood to GreatJim CollinsGo Deeper with BEFULFILLEDThe journal: course: community:
There is a lot of discussions today about hacks and tips that will take you over the top on your journey to success but is that really the right mindset to have? What if there was a way to thrive and flourish in life without burning out? On this episode of BEFULFILLED, you’ll hear from entrepreneur and author, Tony Velasco.Tony is the President and CEO of Afterburn Fitness, a Los Angeles based health club and event fitness company. In addition to running Afterburn Fitness, Tony is a motivational speaker and is currently working on releasing his first book, “The Legacy Mindset.”In their conversation, Tony opens up about his childhood, where his drive came from, what it was like writing his book, what got him involved in the fitness industry, plans for the future, and much more. If you are ready to take a serious look at the health of your mindset, this is the episode for you - don’t miss it!Happiness is the keyEveryone has their own unique take on what success means. Sure, there are a ton of people who see success as fame and fortune but at the heart of it all is happiness. The principle of happiness is even enshrined in our country’s Declaration of Independents with the line,”..."Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” It’s gut check time, are you happy? Will the fruit of all of your pursuits end with you being happier or less happy in life? Get Tony Velasco’s take on what it means to be happy by listening to this fascinating episode of BEFULFILLED.Push through the painYou’ve heard the saying, “Nothing worth having comes easy,” but do you really believe that? Seriously! When adversity and difficulty arrises do you double down and push through or do you retreat? Tony Velasco has built his life on the principles of pushing through pain, literally. He started as a personal trainer and soon outgrew his capacity, it was time to decide if he’d plateau or kick it to the next level. All that strength and conditioning led Tony to apply those lessons to his business decisions. He started that business he had been dreaming of and that put him on a successful course. You can learn more about Tony’s journey and what it takes to push through pain by listening to this episode.The right mindset is crucialHave you ever been around someone who just gets it? These are the type of people who are kind to others, selfless, generous, and slow to speak. Frankly, we don’t have enough of that type of people in the world. The key aspect that sets these folks apart from the rest is having the right mindset. There is no “One size fits all” mindset, each person gets to a healthy mindset differently - for some it’s faith, others it's about passion and drive, what is it for you? If you struggle with getting into the right mindset, you’ll want to pick up Tony Velasco’s book, “Legacy Mindset.” To get a glimpse of what his book is about and why it’s worth the read, make sure to listen to this episode of BEFULFILLED!Outline of This Episode[1:00] Tony introduces his guest, Tony Velasco.[4:00] How did Tony get involved in the fitness industry?[9:20] Why Tony decided to build a business.[14:00] Tony talks about expanding his business.[17:20] Where did Tony’s drive come from?[22:00] How did Tony’s family influence him?[25:00] What is Ride?[28:50] Tony talks about writing his book, “The Legacy Mindset.”[32:50] Why is having the right mindset so important?[36:20] Tony talks about a lesson he learned from Kobe Bryant.[39:30] Tony enters the Fulfillment Round; rapid-fire questions.[51:20] Closing thoughts from Tony.Resources & People MentionedTony’s websiteTony on LinkedInTony on TwitterTony on FacebookI'll Sleep When I'm Dead (2016)Go Deeper with BEFULFILLEDThe journal: course: community:
Do you ever find yourself contemplating the origins of life? Whether you come from a religious background, no faith at all or somewhere in between, that question is one we all consider at some point on our journey. On this episode of BEFULFILLED, you’ll hear from engineer and author, Perry Marshall.Perry is an author, speaker, engineer and world-renowned business consultant in Chicago. With a decade of research, he brings a fresh perspective to the 150-year old evolution debate. Perry’s book, Evolution 2.0: Breaking the Deadlock Between Darwin and Design harnesses a communication engineer’s outsider’s perspective to reveal a century of unrecognized research and discoveries. Perry’s books include 80/20 Sales & Marketing, Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords, and Industrial Ethernet. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering. He’s consulted in over 300 industries, from computer hardware and software to biotech and health care.In his conversation with Tony, Perry opens up about childhood, what led him to explore the origins of life, why he finds the Bible fascinating, challenges he has faced along the way, and much more. You don’t want to miss a minute of this powerful conversation featuring Perry’s story!Why you need to follow your purposeWhat is the purpose of your life? Do you believe that your life has a specific purpose or do you believe that we are all here by chance? Even if you believe that we are here by chance, there has to be some meaning to how you live your life. It would be a miserable existence if we all just went around acting like we don’t have a purpose! Purpose, meaning, and the origins of life are not light subjects, but they deserve serious considerations. What has helped you explore these questions in your life? Hear Tony and Perry explore these topics and much more in their conversation on this episode of BEFULFILLED!What is Evolution 2.0?One of the most complicated topics in our society today is exploring the origins of life. Religious folks and scientists get very passionate about this discussion and for good reason, the implications of what we believe matters! As he explored the origins of life for his own understanding, Perry Marshall came up with the idea for Evolution 2.0.Evolution 2.0 is the title of a book that Perry wrote and its also his idea for a prize-based competition. While no one knows how the first cell came about, there’s a simpler, more fundamental question: Where did the information come from? The Evolution 2.0 prize is an effort to build momentum toward answering this question. Perry believes that an answer will trigger a quantum leap in Artificial Intelligence research. You can learn more about the Evolution 2.0 prize and Perry’s continued efforts to explore the origins of life by visiting the link to his site in the resources section.Ask good questions!Did you know that the Bible is one of the most hyperlinked books in the world? It’s true! The more people study the Bible and other religious documents, the more people realize that it is a book of questions, not answers. If you want to be a good leader and make an impact in the world, you’ve got to learn how to ask good questions. Questions like exploring the origins of life have fueled Perry Marshall on his journey. Don’t let simple answers shut down your curiosity. You can use your innate desire for knowledge and truth to fuel your personal growth and development. Learn more about the value of asking good questions by listening to this informative episode of BEFULFILLED!Outline of This Episode[0:33] Tony introduces his guest, Perry Marshall.[1:50] What is Perry’s definition of success?[4:30] Perry talks about his childhood.[9:20] What is Evolution 2.0?[21:45] Perry talks about his journey researching evolution.[31:15] Why the Bible fascinates Perry.[36:00] Which one would Perry rather talk about, politics or religion?[45:00] Perry enters the Fulfillment Round; rapid-fire questions.[53:00] Closing thoughts.Resources & People MentionedPerry's websitePerry on TwitterPerry on FacebookDr. Jeremy WeiszEvolution 2.0Peter DiamandisThe E-MythRabbi Jonathan SacksDemocracy In AmericaIsaac NewtonAlbert EinsteinLeonardo da VinciGo Deeper with BEFULFILLEDThe journal: course: community:
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