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We live in a culture where everything is predicated on success. But what is success… that’s the big question. Is it measurable? Can you obtain it? Can you dream it? Tony Grebmeier is on a quest to redefine how we view success and would like to bring you on the journey.
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Making Moments Matter - Dave Sanderson
How can you learn to appreciate all aspects of your journey and make moments matter? What would it take to get a healthy and forward-thinking perspective on life so you and those around you can thrive? On this episode of BeFulfilled, you’ll hear from inspirational survivor, speaker, and author Dave Sanderson. In his conversation with Tony, Dave opens up about his definition of success, early life lessons that have impacted his journey, milestones, highlights of the last few years, exciting plans for the future, and much more! Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to learn from Dave’s distinct perspective!Success viewed as freedom and opportunity.Some business leaders and prosperous individuals look at success as an accumulation of all their hard work and creativity. While that definition of success is fine for many, Dave Sanderson has a different take. On this episode of BeFulfilled, you’ll hear from Dave as he and Tony discuss success, lessons learned along the way, and much more! Dave’s view of success centers on an emphasis of freedom and opportunity. Dave wouldn’t see his life as successful if he couldn’t control what he does when he does it, and who he spends his time with. It is always great to hear different perspectives when it comes to success, and Dave brought a fascinating and compelling angle. To hear more from Dave, make sure to listen to this episode!Why it’s important to make moments matter.Have you ever had a moment in life where everything came into clear focus? Imagine going through an event so significant that it changed the course of your life. On this episode of BeFulfilled, you’ll hear from inspirational survivor and speaker, Dave Sanderson. Dave is one of the many survivors from that famous crash landing on the Hudson River back in 2009. From this harrowing experience, Dave emerged determined to focus his life’s work on making moments matter. The way this has played out for Dave is amazing, he’s gone on to write a book, speak all over the world, work as an advocate for the American Red Cross, and so much more. What can you learn from Dave’s story? Find out on this episode!Your word is your bond.Do you have early lessons in life that have stayed with you even after all these years? Who helped teach you those lessons? Did you have parents who poured their wisdom into you or was it a grandparent or mentor? On this episode of BeFulfilled, Dave Sanderson goes over some helpful wisdom he learned early on in life from his father. Dave’s father instilled in him the importance of staying true to his word. This truth stayed with Dave as he journeyed through life and helped inform his decisions and who he decided to become. Make sure to take the time to listen to Dave as he shares the impact of this lesson in his own words on this episode!What does it take to cultivate personal leadership?How can leaders like you impact your environment and leave a positive legacy that will affect those you care about for years to come? Doesn’t that sound like something that you want to be a part of? On this episode of BeFulfilled, you’ll hear from Dave Sanderson as he reveals what his focus will be for the next year and how that aligns with his overall goal of making moments matter. Dave has zeroed in on the concept of cultivating personal leadership over the next year. He wants to help leaders like you realize your potential and capacity you have to not only help those around you but to lead yourself in new directions. To hear more about what Dave is up to, make sure to listen to this episode!Outline of This Episode[0:35] Tony introduces his guest, Dave Sanderson.[1:30] Dave’s definition of success.[3:00] Early life lessons that have helped Dave.[9:30] Dave talks about the fall out from surviving the crash landing on the Hudson River.[14:00] Highlights, Ted Talks, and going to the Supreme Court.[18:00] Challenges and difficulties along the way.[21:00] Cultivating personal leadership.[26:30] Dave enters the Fulfillment Round.[32:30] How to connect with Dave.[34:00] Dave’s definition of success revisited.Resources & People Mentionedwww.davesandersonspeaks.comDave’s Book “Moments Matter”Dave’s special offer: Send a Text to the number 797979 with the message; “Grace 4 Impact” for a special video about overcoming adversity. Matter with Dave Sanderson Radio ProgramTony RobbinsThe Fourth TurningA View From The Top book12 Week YearThe Perfect Plan Audio Production and Show Notes by Podcast Fast Track
Exploring the Origins of Life - Perry Marshall
Do you ever find yourself contemplating the origins of life? Whether you come from a religious background, no faith at all or somewhere in between, that question is one we all consider at some point on our journey. On this episode of BEFULFILLED, you’ll hear from engineer and author, Perry Marshall.Perry is an author, speaker, engineer and world-renowned business consultant in Chicago. With a decade of research, he brings a fresh perspective to the 150-year old evolution debate. Perry’s book, Evolution 2.0: Breaking the Deadlock Between Darwin and Design harnesses a communication engineer’s outsider’s perspective to reveal a century of unrecognized research and discoveries. Perry’s books include 80/20 Sales & Marketing, Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords, and Industrial Ethernet. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering. He’s consulted in over 300 industries, from computer hardware and software to biotech and health care.In his conversation with Tony, Perry opens up about childhood, what led him to explore the origins of life, why he finds the Bible fascinating, challenges he has faced along the way, and much more. You don’t want to miss a minute of this powerful conversation featuring Perry’s story!Why you need to follow your purposeWhat is the purpose of your life? Do you believe that your life has a specific purpose or do you believe that we are all here by chance? Even if you believe that we are here by chance, there has to be some meaning to how you live your life. It would be a miserable existence if we all just went around acting like we don’t have a purpose! Purpose, meaning, and the origins of life are not light subjects, but they deserve serious considerations. What has helped you explore these questions in your life? Hear Tony and Perry explore these topics and much more in their conversation on this episode of BEFULFILLED!What is Evolution 2.0?One of the most complicated topics in our society today is exploring the origins of life. Religious folks and scientists get very passionate about this discussion and for good reason, the implications of what we believe matters! As he explored the origins of life for his own understanding, Perry Marshall came up with the idea for Evolution 2.0.Evolution 2.0 is the title of a book that Perry wrote and its also his idea for a prize-based competition. While no one knows how the first cell came about, there’s a simpler, more fundamental question: Where did the information come from? The Evolution 2.0 prize is an effort to build momentum toward answering this question. Perry believes that an answer will trigger a quantum leap in Artificial Intelligence research. You can learn more about the Evolution 2.0 prize and Perry’s continued efforts to explore the origins of life by visiting the link to his site in the resources section.Ask good questions!Did you know that the Bible is one of the most hyperlinked books in the world? It’s true! The more people study the Bible and other religious documents, the more people realize that it is a book of questions, not answers. If you want to be a good leader and make an impact in the world, you’ve got to learn how to ask good questions. Questions like exploring the origins of life have fueled Perry Marshall on his journey. Don’t let simple answers shut down your curiosity. You can use your innate desire for knowledge and truth to fuel your personal growth and development. Learn more about the value of asking good questions by listening to this informative episode of BEFULFILLED!Outline of This Episode[0:33] Tony introduces his guest, Perry Marshall.[1:50] What is Perry’s definition of success?[4:30] Perry talks about his childhood.[9:20] What is Evolution 2.0?[21:45] Perry talks about his journey researching evolution.[31:15] Why the Bible fascinates Perry.[36:00] Which one would Perry rather talk about, politics or religion?[45:00] Perry enters the Fulfillment Round; rapid-fire questions.[53:00] Closing thoughts.Resources & People MentionedPerry's websitePerry on TwitterPerry on FacebookDr. Jeremy WeiszEvolution 2.0Peter DiamandisThe E-MythRabbi Jonathan SacksDemocracy In AmericaIsaac NewtonAlbert EinsteinLeonardo da VinciGo Deeper with BEFULFILLEDThe journal: course: community:
Discover How To Enjoy Life and Be Content - Michael Devlin
Can you really learn how to be content in life? Is contentment attainable or just some goal that keeps moving every time you get close like a mirage in the desert? On this episode of BEFULFILLED, you’ll hear from entrepreneur and business leader Michael Devlin. In his conversation with Tony, Michael opens up about his childhood, how he learned to be content, the impact that his wife has had on his career, how he got involved with software development, and much more. If you are yearning to live a life that is fulfilling and content, this is the episode for you!Stop being so hard on yourself!As a leader, you hold yourself to a higher standard than most but have you ever stopped to consider that you might be too hard on yourself? Think about it, when was the last time you gave yourself a huge helping of grace? Sure you might be quick to dispense grace on subordinates and those you love, but too often leaders are the last people to give themselves grace! It’s not about lowering your standards; it is about recognizing that you can’t be perfect all of the time. That’s OK. Is it time for you to ease up on yourself?You deserve success.It’s become popular to harp on those who have made it, and it makes sense! People who enjoy success and expensive things can quickly become targets for mockery. But the truth is, If you made your living honestly and without hurting others, you deserve to enjoy the success that you’ve earned. To borrow a line from a famous comic book character, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Will you use your success to help others and make the world a better place or will you just keep it to yourself? Wealth, fame, and success don’t change people; they simply reveal what was already there. What is your success revealing about you?The key to being content.Where do you find contentment? Is there a course you can take or a program you need to sign up for? Why does contentment feel out of reach for so many people in our society today? It all depends on how you define contentment, does success equal contentment? Unfortunately, there are a ton of successful individuals out there who are the farthest thing from content. When Michael Devlin looks at his life, he points to two aspects that have led to his ability to be content. He learned that he needs to stop being so hard on himself and he realized that love was the key to contentment. When you hear from Michael, you learn pretty quickly that his wife and his kids are very important to him. Throughout his career, the one constant in Michael’s life has been his family. What has contributed to contentment in your life?Enduring difficulty.How do you rise from some of the most difficult circumstances to forge a brighter future? Everyone with a challenging background doesn’t rise to overcome their past; what sets leaders like Michale Devlin apart from all the rest? At the end of the day, Michael points to a deep resounding desire to endure any challenge that came his way. Having grown up in the depths of poverty, Michale was able to keep his eyes focused on a better path for him and his community. To learn more about Michale’s inspiring story, make sure to listen to this episode of BEFULFILLED - you don’t want to miss it!Outline of This Episode[0:33] Tony introduces his guest, Michael Devlin.[2:00] Michael talks about his childhood and his definition of success.[6:20] How has Michael’s relationship with his wife impacted his career?[14:00] Stop being so hard on yourself.[15:30] Michael talks about his work with software development.[23:45] From bankruptcy to success.[32:40] What is Michael’s superpower? What does he enjoy about fatherhood?[35:00] Where did Michael’s passion and drive come from?[37:20] Michael enters the Fulfillment Round; rapid-fire questions.[46:45] Closing thoughts.Resources & People MentionedLaunch ProsMichael on LinkedInRoland FrasierRussell BrunsonAlibabaGo Deeper with BEFULFILLEDThe journal: course: community:
How to Leverage Your Strengths to Help Others - Cam Martinez
What good will all of your success and wealth do if you fail to leverage your strengths to help others? Most successful individuals won’t end up as the next Bill Gates, using their wealth for philanthropic causes but there has to be more to life than just the accumulation riches, right?On this episode of BEFULFILLED, you’ll hear from the talented and enthusiastic young leader, Cam Martinez. Cam manages the growth and operations of a membership association called "LVRG" where they offer lower prices on tools that entrepreneurs use to grow their businesses (i.e. Kajabi, ActiveCampaign, etc). Every time someone purchases their membership they donate a percentage to a non-profit called Feed A Billion.In his conversation with Tony, Cam talks about his childhood, his definition of success, why he loves to learn and help others, how he got connected with Leverage, lessons he has learned along the way, and much more. Don’t miss a minute of this powerful conversation featuring Cam’s story!From pain to hope and help.How has your past influenced where you’ve ended up today? Did you have a challenging childhood or a rather ordinary one? The good news is, where you’ve been doesn't’ have to determine where you will go! All over the world, there are men and women like Cam Martinez who have been able to move past their pain to enjoy a future filled with hope.After his parent's marriage ended in an ugly divorce, Cam decided to move in with his grandparents for a more healthy home environment. Looking back on his childhood, Cam is incredibly grateful for the impact his grandmother had on his life. She taught him how to find the silver lining in what was a challenging period of his life. Who has helped you through challenging moments in your life?What is LVRG?Keeping the negative and difficult aspects of your past from influencing your present is no small task but to move past the pain and leverage your strengths to help others is a whole different story! Cam Martinez has developed into a confident and successful leader, today you’ll find him hard at work behind the scenes at Leverage (LVRG).On the surface, you might not think LVRG is a platform for good but you’d be wrong! What looks like just a community for entrepreneurs to network and get great discounts on services is actually a great platform for positive change. By leveraging their collective efforts, entrepreneurs and business leaders who join LVRG can help end hunger through the non-profit called Feed A Billion. To learn more about Cam’s role with LVRG and how you can leverage your strengths to help others, make sure to listen to his full conversation with Tony on this episode of BEFULFILLED!Feeding the hunger to help.Hearing from young and driven leaders like Cam Martinez can give even the most cynical person a much-needed dose of hope. Looking at Cam’s background you can get a glimpse of why he is so passionate about the work they do at LVRG. Have you heard the old saying, “Hurt people, hurt people?” There is a great twist on that saying that captures the essence of what Cam and the folks at LVRG are trying to accomplish, “Healed people, heal people.” Where are you at on your journey? Are you one of the healed or one of the hurt? If want to have any hope to leverage your strengths to help others, you’ve got to start with the person looking back at you in the mirror! Discover more helpful insights like this one from Tony’s conversation with Cam by listening to this episode of BEFULFILLED!Outline of This Episode[0:35] Tony introduces his guest, Cam Martinez.[1:45] Cam talks about his definition of success and what his childhood was like.[6:30] What Cam has learned from connecting with Tony.[11:15] What is Leverage? How did Cam get involved?[17:30] How did Cam’s parent's divorce impact him?[21:50] Who has Cam interviewed with his work at Leverage? Where is it headed?[23:30] What does Cam’s daily routine look like?[25:15] Cam enters the Fulfilment Round; rapid-fire questions.[33:15] Closing thoughts from Cam and Tony.Resources & People MentionedLVRGCam on LinkedInFeed A Billion4GenNowKajabiGo Deeper with BEFULFILLEDThe journal: course: community:
How To Get Spiritually Fit and Stay in the Fight - John Rowley
What does it mean to be “Spiritually Fit?” Is it all about following a set of rules an procedures according to an ancient tradition or is there something more to vibrant available? On this episode of BEFULFILLED, you’ll hear from best-selling author and entrepreneur, John Rowley.John is a best-selling author, international speaker, TV & radio personality, and the host of Positive Fitness Radio with John Rowley. He’s a contributor for Fox News, Martha Stewart and the Wall Street Journal as well as a contributor to many other media outlets.In his conversation with Tony, John opens up about his childhood, how he defines success, what it takes to be “Spiritually Fit,” how he persevered after 300 rejections, and much more. Don’t just stumble through life; learn what it takes to live with purpose and meaning on this powerful episode!It’s all about love.What is it that animates and motivates you as you get up each and every day? Do you live for the thrill of the next sale or work accomplishment? It can be extremely difficult to get through the highs and lows of your journey if you don’t have a firm grasp on your “Why.” John Rowley’s “Why” is all about love. From the heights of success to facing an upcoming appointment for a triple bypass, at the end of the day, John wants to spend his time with those he loves. What can you learn from John’s story? Find out on this inspiring episode of BEFULFILLED!Finding the grit to persevere.One of the most important lessons that a person can learn in life both personally and professionally is the value of perseverance. Folks of older generations tend to lament the lack of grit and sticktoitiveness in younger generations. Would you say that you value grit? How do you respond when things get tough in your life?John Rowley earned his grittiness by enduring over three hundred rejections as he tried to start a career in the cutthroat world of Manhattan real estate. In fact, you could say that most of John’s life is a lesson in enduring difficulty and succeeding in spite of challenges. To hear more about what it takes to persevere, make sure to listen to this episode of BEFULFILLED!What does it take to get, “Spiritually Fit?”Do you find comfort and strength in your faith? Have you ever considered investing the time to become, “Spiritually Fit?” It is no secret that religion often gets a bad reputation, and in many cases, it is warranted! But does that mean that we should throw out the baby with the bathwater?Don’t let the bad behavior of a few ruin the positive lessons you can learn from a life built on faith. John Rowley struggled with the concept of religion for many years until one day, a friend shot him straight and told him about the hope and strength that could be found in a robust faith. Make sure to listen to this episode of BEFULFILLED as John expands on his faith and why he encourages people to become spiritually fit.Outline of This Episode[0:33] Tony introduces his guest, John Rowley.[2:15] John shares his definition of success.[3:25] What was John’s childhood like?[6:50] John talks about getting rejected over 300 times. How did he persevere?[9:30] The difference between the long run and a short sprint.[12:20] What John learned from his work in the real estate industry.[17:10] John opens up about going through a triple bypass.[26:45] What does it mean to be “Spiritually fit?”[35:40] John talks about, “Old School New Body.”[42:00] John enters the Fulfillment Round; rapid-fire questions.Resources & People MentionedOld School New Bodyux3nutrition.comDan SullivanVinnie FisherDov BaronZig ZigglerGo Deeper with BEFULFILLEDThe journal: course: community:
The Power of Grace and Embracing Spiritual Community - Ryan Canaday
Have you experienced the healing and purpose that can be found in a spiritual community? Do you find yourself trying to make sense of the pain you’ve experienced in your life? On this episode of BEFULFILLED, you’ll hear from Reverend Ryan Canaday. In his conversation with Tony, Ryan opens up about his childhood, his battle with alcohol abuse, how his wife helped him on the road to recovery, why he’s committed to helping others find God’s grace, and much more. If you find yourself longing for more depth, understanding, and grace, this is the episode for you!Hitting rock bottom.Some people find their way to God’s grace the easy way and some find their way by taking a more difficult route. Ryan started out on the straight and narrow, finding spiritual community at his local church from a young age. Ryan even enrolled in Bible College right out of high school but soon found himself hitting rock bottom when his brother died in a drunk driving accident. From that point on, Ryan’s faith was challenged, and he turned to alcohol to help numb the pain. Sinking into shame and isolation, Ryan eventually hit rock bottom with his alcohol abuse, and it was there at rock bottom that Ryan started to really experience the touch of God’s grace.Finding God’s grace.Some say that the intensity of grace is appreciated all the more by those who have a lot of mistakes that need to be covered over. Ryan Canaday struggled with alcohol abuse for years even while he was attending seminary and training to become a minister. Eventually, Ryan’s wife confronted him with his addiction, and they were able to embark on the road to recovery together. Ryan says that he experiences the power of God’s grace most intensely during some of the lowest places on his journey. Learning from his pain and the healing he found in God’s grace, Ryan and his wife soon realized that they needed to share the joy of recovery with others.Helping others find freedom in spiritual community.What has been your experience with a spiritual community? Did you grow up with a positive and empowering spiritual community or was your experience more of a boring and unhelpful one? Ryan Canaday was fortunate to experience a positive spiritual community at church when he was young, and that positive experience led him to pursue a career as a minister. After battling addiction and entering a life of sobriety, Ryan and his wife realized that they needed to help others discover the freedom found in recovery. Together, Ryan and his wife created FREE, a spiritual community for addicts, loved ones of addicts, and spiritual refugees.Be still, be present.Where has Ryan’s journey from anxiety to alcohol abuse to recovery ultimately led him to? Is he really better off today than he was before he started his journey? What is it that keeps him headed in the right direction? According to Ryan, it all comes down to slowing down and being present and in the moment. For so long in his life, Ryan sought to numb his body and hide away from feelings, but now he’s working to eliminate distractions and really focus on who he is with or what he is doing with his full attention. To hear more of Ryan’s powerful story of recovery, God’s grace, and building a healthy spiritual community, make sure to listen to this episode of BEFULFILLED!Outline of This Episode[0:35] Tony introduces his guest, Reverend Ryan Canaday.[2:00] Ryan’s definition of success.[5:00] What was Ryan’s childhood like?[11:20] Ryan talks about his experience with alcohol abuse.[14:30] How the voice of evil can lead us astray.[18:00] Ryan talks about his relationship with his wife.[27:00] Experiencing God’s grace.[32:00] Ryan talks about FREE, a spiritual community for addicts, loved ones of addicts, and spiritual refugees.[38:30] Ryan enters the Fulfillment Round; rapid-fire questions.[45:15] Closing thoughts from Tony and Ryan.Resources & People MentionedRyan on TwitterFREE Spiritual CommunityProject I Am For YouWhiteboarding Your Why: An Interactive Approach To Living A Better StoryGo Deeper with BEFULFILLEDThe journal: course: community:
Discover Your Potential and Act On It! - Antonio Thornton
Are you fully utilizing your potential or are you just doing enough to get by? Too often leaders will go their whole career without realizing their full potential, or they hit a certain degree of success and then rest on their laurels. What if you could fully discover your potential and avoid burnout? On this episode of BEFULFILLED, you’ll hear from entrepreneur and business leader Antonio Thornton. Antonio has over twenty years of experience in marketing and working with thousands of entrepreneurs. His calling is to use his gifts to help those who help others by getting their message out to the rest of the world. Antonio specifically works with holistic health and wellness professionals to build meaningful and profitable businesses that genuinely impact the world. In his conversation with Tony, Antonio opens up about his childhood, the significant moments that shaped the course of his life, how he confronted fear in his life, the lessons he learned from successful and unsuccessful business ventures, and much more. Don’t miss a minute of this engaging episode featuring Antonio’s story!Living an unfulfilled life.Are you living a fulfilled life? Seriously! Many leaders go through their life on autopilot going from task to task or obligation to obligation missing out on the beauty and potential all around them. Early in his life, Antonio learned that he had an extra internal desire to work hard and overachieve. He saw his school work and other opportunities as a way to showcase his abilities, but for many years he was stuck feeling unfulfilled. Eventually, he got placed in a more challenging educational environment, but he still felt like he wasn’t reaching his full potential. What lessons can you learn from Antonio’s story? Hear more on this powerful episode of BEFULFILLED!Fitting a square peg in a round hole.Taking his lessons of hard work and hustle from childhood, Antonio soon found himself working as a computer tech at a major corporation. If you think that this would be the moment in Antonio’s journey where he finally arrived, you’d be wrong. Antonio found that he didn’t quite fit in the corporate environment very well; it was like trying to force a square peg into a round hole. He could do the work, but he couldn’t fit with the standards and expectations that corporate life placed on him. Looking back, Antonio points to this moment as helping him understand that he would be wasting his full potential by working as an employee. Antonio realized that he was meant to live the life of an entrepreneur. Get even more details and helpful insights from Antonio’s journey by listening to this episode of BEFULFILLED!Divorcing your self-worth from your net worth.Part of the process to discover your potential is to understand that what you can create is not connected to your value as an individual. In Antonio’s words, this is “Divorcing your self-worth from your net worth.” Are you still taking too much pride in what you can create and earn? Don’t let that drive your emotional, spiritual, and mental health! Your value rests in your character, that is the only thing that doesn’t fluctuate based on external factors. After he hit rock bottom, Antonio started to learn this lesson, and he’s grateful that today he can say that he is operating out of his full potential. Learn more about discovering your potential by listening to this inspiring episode of BEFULFILLED!Outline of This Episode[0:30] Tony introduces his guest, Antonio Thornton.[1:45] Antonio’s definition of success.[3:40] What was Antonio’s childhood like?[11:00] Antonio shares some of the most significant moments of his life.[25:40] Tony recaps the three impressionable moments from Antonio’s life.[29:20] Who has helped Antonio on his journey toward success?[33:20] Confronting fear.[36:30] The business that Antonio is the proudest of creating.[40:40] What was the most successful business opportunity that Antonio has pursued?[44:00] What is the Fearless Impact Movement?[50:20] Dealing with functional depression.[54:30] Antonio enters the Fulfillment Round; rapid-fire questions.Resources & People MentionedMoney Mouth MarketingRick Steves' EuropeBEFULFILLEDThe journal: course: community:
How to Dig Deep and Truly Connect with People - Jeremy Weisz
Have you ever met someone who was an absolute pro at digging deep and connecting with people? You know the type, these are the sort of people who you feel like you can open up to right away. Is it an innate skill or something that can be honed and developed over time? On this episode of BeFulfilled, you’ll hear from podcast host and business leader, Dr. Jeremy Weisz. Jeremy and his business partner, John Corcoran are the co-founders of Rise25, a company whose mission is to connect B2B companies to their ideal prospects, referral partners and strategic partners. In addition to running Rise25, Jeremy has interviewed top entrepreneurs since 2011 that include founders/CEO’s of P90X, Atari, Einstein Bagels, Mattel, the Orlando Magic, and many more on InspiredInsider. He continues to run his own chiropractic and massage facility in downtown Chicago and is the founder of a nutritional supplement business.In his conversation with Tony, Jeremy talks about his definition of success, what his childhood was like, how he developed his superpower of connecting people, why he loves digging deep with his podcast guests, where Rise25 is headed, and much more. You don’t want to miss a minute of this fascinating episode featuring Jeremy!How to truly connect with people.When was the last time you sat down with someone who really wanted to get to know you? Doesn’t that experience feel great? Of course, it does! Deep down, everyone wants to be known and valued, but that doesn’t happen very often. The key to truly connect with people in your community is to ask them about themselves. No one like to be called selfish or narcissistic but the truth is, we all love to talk about ourselves! If you want to be known as someone who loves to connect with people, you’ve got to be willing to put your investigative journalist hat on and learn to ask good questions! To hear more about what it takes to connect with people in your community, make sure to listen to this helpful episode of BeFulfilled with special guest, Jeremy Weisz!Networking as a way to serve others.What is your “Superpower?” Some people are amazing researchers, others are the life of the party, and others are efficient organizers and planners. Everyone has a unique gift that they can present to the world and use to advance their own goals or serve others. Jeremy Weisz learned early on that he had a skill to not only dig deep and get to know others, but he could also connect people with each other. Eventually, Jeremy would go on to leverage this skill to build his Rise25 brand and bring his passion for serving others through networking to the marketplace. Learn more about discovering your superpower and other helpful insights from Jeremy by listening to this episode of BeFulfilled!Why gratitude is so important.Do you have a daily practice that helps to center your thoughts and feelings for the day ahead? Maybe for you, it’s prayer, meditation, mindfulness, or simply going for a run. The fact is, everyone, needs some type of practice that helps anchor them in the storms that life brings. Jeremy Weisz found that journaling and practicing gratitude helps him in his life as he navigates all the challenges of running a business and caring for his family. Life has a way of bringing you through some of the most amazing experiences and then dragging you through some of the most challenging moments you had ever thought possible. If you don’t have a way to process and make sense of everything life throws at you, you’ll never reach your full potential. What can you learn from Jeremy’s story? Hear more on this episode of BeFulfilled!Outline of This Episode[0:40] Tony introduces his guest, Jeremy Weisz.[1:20] Jeremy’s definition of success.[3:00] What was Jeremy’s childhood like?[8:00] How did Jeremy discover his ability to connect people?[11:00] Jeremy talks about how he got involved with podcasting. What is his research process like?[17:30] How many patients does Jeremy serve on a regular basis?[21:00] What is Jeremy’s approach to Rise 25 events?[25:00] Helping people open up and connect.[26:45] Jeremy enters the Fulfilment Round; rapid-fire questions.[36:30] Why it's important to practice gratitude.[40:00] Closing thoughts from Tony and Jeremy.Resources & People MentionedRise 25Inspired InsiderJeremy on TwitterJeremy on FacebookJohn CorcoranMixergyChooseSteve SimsShoe DogWayne DyerThe ShiftPhil Jackson
How to Face Adversity and Focus on What Really Matters - Kevin Cohen
How do you face adversity? Are you the type of person who rises to the challenge? Will you take on any roadblock head on or do you take a more strategic approach? What does it take to overcome adversity and focus on the most important things in life? On this episode of BEFULFILLED, you’ll hear from business consultant and family man, Kevin Cohen.Kevin has over fifteen years of experience leading data-driven online and offline marketing campaigns that have grown traffic, sales, and customer engagement. In 2007, he was recognized as a “40 Under 40” business leader by the Denver Business Journal. Kevin lives in Alamo, California with his wife and their two amazing young boys.In his conversation with Tony, Kevin opens up about his childhood, how he met his wife, what he learned from his father and grandfather, why he left his accounting job, how his family has adjusted to the challenges of epilepsy, and much more. Don’t miss a minute of this fascinating and inspiring episode featuring Kevin’s story!Positive role modelsDid you have positive role models growing up? Who were those role models for you? Did you have a close relationship with your parents or an older sibling? What about a grandparent or close family friend? Kevin Cohen was fortunate to have positive role models in both his father and grandfather. From his father, Kevin learned how to be a life-long learner. There was no challenge that his dad wasn’t ready to take on and learn how to solve. With his grandfather, Kevin learned the value of embracing calm in times of crisis or adversity. To learn more about Kevin’s story and how these two role models helped him prepare for adversity in his life, make sure to listen to this episode of BEFULFILLED!Facing adversityNo one relishes the moment of having to face adversity in their life. This is especially true when that moment of adversity comes for a child. How do you think you’d respond if you found out that your child was diagnosed with a type of epilepsy? Kevin and his family were surprised to discover that the youngest member of their family was diagnosed with a form of epilepsy at the age of 2 years old. From that moment on, the whole family faced this challenge together; they were determined to rally together and focus on what mattered most, each other. What can you learn from Kevin’s story? Hear more from Kevin as he goes deeper with this story by listening to this episode of BEFULFILLED!Focusing on what really mattersAs you continue on your journey toward fulfillment, what is at the heart of your purpose? Are you in it for fame and fortune? If so, great! Are you in it for a better life for your family? Wonderful! At the end of the day, everyone needs to find their driving purpose, and everyone will have a different purpose that motivates them. For Kevin Cohen, that driving purpose is to focus on what really matters in his life, his family. Stemming from a solid family foundation, Kevin learned from an early age that family and relationships are what matter most. He carried this mindset into adulthood, and it has helped him through both good times and challenging ones. If you want a great perspective from a successful business consultant who is invested in the health of his family, this is the episode for you. Don’t miss it!Outline of This Episode[0:35] Tony introduces his guest, Kevin Cohen.[1:40] Kevin’s definition of success.[3:20] What was Kevin’s childhood like?[6:30] How Kevin met and began a relationship with his wife.[9:15] What did Kevin learn from his grandfather and father growing up?[11:15] Why did Kevin leave his accounting job?[13:30] Starting a pizza business.[21:30] Kevin talks about his youngest son and their struggle with epilepsy.[27:30] How Kevin and Tony have built a solid personal and professional relationship.[31:40] Kevin enters the Fulfillment Round; rapid-fire questions.[37:00] Closing thoughts from Kevin and Tony.Resources & People MentionedKevin on LinkedInJeff J. HunterThomas Bilyeu
Overcoming Addiction and Building a Brighter Future - Amanda Nelson
One of the hardest things a person can do is starting the journey of overcoming addiction. Drug and alcohol addiction plague millions of Americans every day. With the rise in opioid addiction, the public is starting to pay attention to the lasting damage that addiction causes. Here to tell her story of overcoming addiction is Amanda Nelson. In her conversation with Tony, Amanda opens up about her journey to overcome addiction, lessons she has learned along the way, her plans for the future, and much more. Don’t miss a minute of Amanda’s inspiring story on this episode of BEFULFILLED!Hitting rock bottom.If you are familiar with the journey of addiction, you know that most people need to hit rock bottom before they can begin their journey to recovery. Amanda Nelson had moments along the way when things would get better for a brief moment, but then she’d find herself back in the throws of addiction. As she looks back on her story, she points to a Mother’s Day visit from her teenage daughter that ended in with her daughter slamming the door in her face. Relying on her faith and the determination to turn her life around, Amanda stopped taking meth and began her journey of recovery.Rising from the ashes.Not only had Amanda fought a long battle with drug addiction, but she had also lost everything dear to her. Her relationship with her daughter was strained, and she had nothing, no home, no job, and no hope. Once she hit rock bottom, Amanda began her story of redemption and recovery. Having burned most of her bridges, Amanda didn’t have anyone to turn to so she started to talk to herself. She started encouraging herself and building herself up with positive self-talk. At the end of the day, sometimes the best person to have in your corner is the person looking back at you in the mirror! Hear more about Amanda’s amazing story of rising from the ashes by listening to this episode of BEFULFILLED!Helping others.It’s a powerful testament to the recovery process when someone who has been through the most painful moments a person can endure to end up dedicating their life to help others. Amanda Nelson wasn’t content with just getting herself out of the dark shadow of addiction; she wants to use her story to give hope to others. Now Amanda is a public speaker and an author! She has also repaired her relationship with her daughter, and she’s going back to school at Penn State. To learn more about Amanda’s story and why she is focused on helping others, make sure to check out her book, “Patched Wangs.”Loving life.Have you ever met someone who exudes energy or a feeling about them that draws you in? Sure there are charmers and “people” persons out there, but then there is a whole different set of people who have been down a dark road and now truly appreciate the beauty of life. Amanda Nelson is a person who exudes a love of life, she has been through the wringer, and she’s come out the other side with a renewed joy and purpose. You can tell how much Amanda loves life just by hearing her talk. Catch some of Amanda’s infectious joy by listening to this powerful episode of BEFULFILLED; you don’t want to miss it!Outline of This Episode[0:33] Tony introduces his guest, Amanda Nelson.[1:40] Amanda talks about her definition of success and her childhood.[4:30] What did Amanda learn from her time in jail?[6:30] Amanda talks about hitting rock bottom.[12:00] How did Amanda turn her life around?[18:00] Rebuilding from the ashes.[20:50] Planning for the future.[26:20] Amanda talks about her dreams.[28:00] How Amanda is helping people with her book, “Patched Wangs.”[29:45] A word of wisdom from Amanda.[32:30] Amanda enters the Fulfillment Round; rapid-fire questions.Resources & People MentionedAmanda's website - Patched WangsAmanda on FacebookAmanda on InstagramEric ThomasLes Brown
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