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We live in a culture where everything is predicated on success. But what is success… that’s the big question. Is it measurable? Can you obtain it? Can you dream it? Tony Grebmeier is on a quest to redefine how we view success and would like to bring you on the journey.
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How to Face Adversity and Focus on What Really Matters - Kevin Cohen
How do you face adversity? Are you the type of person who rises to the challenge? Will you take on any roadblock head on or do you take a more strategic approach? What does it take to overcome adversity and focus on the most important things in life? On this episode of BeFulfilled, you’ll hear from business consultant and family man, Kevin Cohen.Kevin has over fifteen years of experience leading data-driven online and offline marketing campaigns that have grown traffic, sales, and customer engagement. In 2007, he was recognized as a “40 Under 40” business leader by the Denver Business Journal. Kevin lives in Alamo, California with his wife and their two amazing young boys.In his conversation with Tony, Kevin opens up about his childhood, how he met his wife, what he learned from his father and grandfather, why he left his accounting job, how his family has adjusted to the challenges of epilepsy, and much more. Don’t miss a minute of this fascinating and inspiring episode featuring Kevin’s story!Positive role modelsDid you have positive role models growing up? Who were those role models for you? Did you have a close relationship with your parents or an older sibling? What about a grandparent or close family friend? Kevin Cohen was fortunate to have positive role models in both his father and grandfather. From his father, Kevin learned how to be a life-long learner. There was no challenge that his dad wasn’t ready to take on and learn how to solve. With his grandfather, Kevin learned the value of embracing calm in times of crisis or adversity. To learn more about Kevin’s story and how these two role models helped him prepare for adversity in his life, make sure to listen to this episode of BeFulfilled!Facing adversityNo one relishes the moment of having to face adversity in their life. This is especially true when that moment of adversity comes for a child. How do you think you’d respond if you found out that your child was diagnosed with a type of epilepsy? Kevin and his family were surprised to discover that the youngest member of their family was diagnosed with a form of epilepsy at the age of 2 years old. From that moment on, the whole family faced this challenge together; they were determined to rally together and focus on what mattered most, each other. What can you learn from Kevin’s story? Hear more from Kevin as he goes deeper with this story by listening to this episode of BeFulfilled!Focusing on what really mattersAs you continue on your journey toward fulfillment, what is at the heart of your purpose? Are you in it for fame and fortune? If so, great! Are you in it for a better life for your family? Wonderful! At the end of the day, everyone needs to find their driving purpose, and everyone will have a different purpose that motivates them. For Kevin Cohen, that driving purpose is to focus on what really matters in his life, his family. Stemming from a solid family foundation, Kevin learned from an early age that family and relationships are what matter most. He carried this mindset into adulthood, and it has helped him through both good times and challenging ones. If you want a great perspective from a successful business consultant who is invested in the health of his family, this is the episode for you. Don’t miss it!Outline of This Episode[0:35] Tony introduces his guest, Kevin Cohen.[1:40] Kevin’s definition of success.[3:20] What was Kevin’s childhood like?[6:30] How Kevin met and began a relationship with his wife.[9:15] What did Kevin learn from his grandfather and father growing up?[11:15] Why did Kevin leave his accounting job?[13:30] Starting a pizza business.[21:30] Kevin talks about his youngest son and their struggle with epilepsy.[27:30] How Kevin and Tony have built a solid personal and professional relationship.[31:40] Kevin enters the Fulfillment Round; rapid-fire questions.[37:00] Closing thoughts from Kevin and Tony.Resources & People MentionedKevin on LinkedInJeff J. HunterThomas Bilyeu
Overcoming Addiction and Building a Brighter Future - Amanda Nelson
One of the hardest things a person can do is starting the journey of overcoming addiction. Drug and alcohol addiction plague millions of Americans every day. With the rise in opioid addiction, the public is starting to pay attention to the lasting damage that addiction causes. Here to tell her story of overcoming addiction is Amanda Nelson. In her conversation with Tony, Amanda opens up about her journey to overcome addiction, lessons she has learned along the way, her plans for the future, and much more. Don’t miss a minute of Amanda’s inspiring story on this episode of BeFulfilled!Hitting rock bottom.If you are familiar with the journey of addiction, you know that most people need to hit rock bottom before they can begin their journey to recovery. Amanda Nelson had moments along the way when things would get better for a brief moment, but then she’d find herself back in the throws of addiction. As she looks back on her story, she points to a Mother’s Day visit from her teenage daughter that ended in with her daughter slamming the door in her face. Relying on her faith and the determination to turn her life around, Amanda stopped taking meth and began her journey of recovery.Rising from the ashes.Not only had Amanda fought a long battle with drug addiction, but she had also lost everything dear to her. Her relationship with her daughter was strained, and she had nothing, no home, no job, and no hope. Once she hit rock bottom, Amanda began her story of redemption and recovery. Having burned most of her bridges, Amanda didn’t have anyone to turn to so she started to talk to herself. She started encouraging herself and building herself up with positive self-talk. At the end of the day, sometimes the best person to have in your corner is the person looking back at you in the mirror! Hear more about Amanda’s amazing story of rising from the ashes by listening to this episode of BeFulfilled!Helping others.It’s a powerful testament to the recovery process when someone who has been through the most painful moments a person can endure to end up dedicating their life to help others. Amanda Nelson wasn’t content with just getting herself out of the dark shadow of addiction; she wants to use her story to give hope to others. Now Amanda is a public speaker and an author! She has also repaired her relationship with her daughter, and she’s going back to school at Penn State. To learn more about Amanda’s story and why she is focused on helping others, make sure to check out her book, “Patched Wangs.”Loving life.Have you ever met someone who exudes energy or a feeling about them that draws you in? Sure there are charmers and “people” persons out there, but then there is a whole different set of people who have been down a dark road and now truly appreciate the beauty of life. Amanda Nelson is a person who exudes a love of life, she has been through the wringer, and she’s come out the other side with a renewed joy and purpose. You can tell how much Amanda loves life just by hearing her talk. Catch some of Amanda’s infectious joy by listening to this powerful episode of BeFuflilled; you don’t want to miss it!Outline of This Episode[0:33] Tony introduces his guest, Amanda Nelson.[1:40] Amanda talks about her definition of success and her childhood.[4:30] What did Amanda learn from her time in jail?[6:30] Amanda talks about hitting rock bottom.[12:00] How did Amanda turn her life around?[18:00] Rebuilding from the ashes.[20:50] Planning for the future.[26:20] Amanda talks about her dreams.[28:00] How Amanda is helping people with her book, “Patched Wangs.”[29:45] A word of wisdom from Amanda.[32:30] Amanda enters the Fulfillment Round; rapid-fire questions.Resources & People MentionedAmanda's website - Patched WangsAmanda on FacebookAmanda on InstagramEric ThomasLes Brown
Facing Batten Disease Head on with Christopher Velona
What would you do if you got news today that your child was going to die? What would that cause you to do, would you drop everything and run in the opposite direction or would you face it head on? On this episode of BEFULFILLED, you’ll hear from the director of Project Sebastian, Christopher Velona. In his conversation with Tony, Christopher opens up about his son Sebastian and his fight against Batten Disease, his definition of success, fundraising goals they’ve reached, how their family has rallied together, and so much more. Don’t miss a minute of this powerful and inspiring episode!What is Batten Disease?Can you imagine a member of your family suffering from something you’ve never heard of before? While there are a ton different types of cancer, most people are unfamiliar with neurological diseases. Batten Disease is a rare, fatal genetic condition that typically begins in childhood. It is a form of a group of neurological disorders called the neuronal ceroid lipofuscinoses, or NCLs. The term Batten disease is sometimes used to refer to all the NCL disorders. Early signs can be vision changes, seizures, clumsiness, or behavior changes. With time, neurologic deficits worsen, and the individual loses sight and motor skills. Cognitive abilities decline and dementia develops with time. The disease is often fatal by the teens or twenties. Make sure to listen to this episode of BEFULFILLED as Christopher Velona puts a face to this terrible disease; you don’t want to miss his captivating story of pain and hope.Going to bat for those you love.Let’s face it; death is scary. Everyone knows that they’ll eventually die, but we always think of it as some far off event that will come when we are old and grey. What do you do when you have to face the impending death of a child? Christopher Velona decided that he’d charge head-on into the battle against Batten Disease for his son, Sebastian. Thankfully, Christopher isn’t in the fight alone; he has rallied the support of many friends and family members to raise awareness and resources to help children like Sebastian. Hear more about Sebastian’s story and the fantastic group he has in his corner by listening to this engaging episode of BEFULFILLED!Making progress.As you can only imagine, the struggle against Batten Disease isn’t an easy one. There are many obstacles and challenges that Sebastian and his family have to face on a daily basis. Amidst the backdrop of all these struggles, Project Sebastian is making significant progress in the fight to bring attention to Batten Disease and those it affects. Recently, Senator Scott Wilk helped pass a resolution in the California State Legislature that gave Batten Disease it’s very first recognition weekend. They’ve also recently received great news about a pharmaceutical company that wants to help with some clinical drug trials to help treat Batten Disease. While the battle rages on, the effort is not in vain!How you can help.Has Sebastian’s story touched you? Are you looking for ways to help those who struggle to find hope in some of the direst of circumstances? Good news, you have the power to help! One easy way you can help in the fight against Batten Disease is by buying a raffle ticket to win a chance to go to Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta this January. There is hope to treat and possibly cure Batten Disease through gene therapy replacement. This procedure cost $3.5 million is not covered under any current insurance plan. Project Sebastian is creating this NFL experience fundraiser in hopes to meet part of that goal. Learn more about this excellent opportunity to help by visiting the Project Sebastian website located in the resources section at the end of this post!Outline of This Episode[0:30] Tony introduces his guest, Christopher Velona.[1:30] Christopher’s definition of success.[6:45] What is Batten Disease?[8:40] How eSight helped Sebastian.[12:10] Hitting a major fundraising goal and getting some great news.[18:20] Christopher talks about his son, Gage and how he’s supported his brother.[20:00] A great way to support Project Sebastian.[22:00] The challenges of single parenting with a sick child.[26:00] Closing thoughts from Tony and Christopher.Resources & People MentionedProject SebastianeSightProject Sebastian on FacebookProject Sebastian on TwitterTony GrebmeierBEFULFILLED Community
How to Increase Your Influence and Expand Your Reach - Esther Kiss
It has been said that attention is the new currency. If that is true, what are you doing to expand your influence and grab more attention in a crowded marketplace? On this episode of BEFULFILLED, you’ll hear from entrepreneur and business leader Esther Kiss.Esther is the founder of Born To Influence, a one-of-a-kind publicity and marketing agency specializing in helping experts and personal brands get more publicity, leads, and sales. Her clients have been featured on TV, in newspapers, magazines and on some of the top podcasts in the world, resulting in millions of dollars in additional sales. Esther is also the producer and host of Born To Influence: The Marketing Show, where she interviews highly successful entrepreneurs and New York Times bestselling about their publicity and marketing strategies.In her conversation with Tony, Esther talks about her engaging podcast, what led her to move to LA, how leaders like you can expand your reach and influence, steps she as taken to grow as a businesswoman, why you shouldn’t take shortcuts, and so much more. Don’t miss a minute of this fascinating episode featuring Esther’s story!To increase your influence, have a clear message.What is your niche expertise? What do you bring to the table that your competition is lacking? Do you have a clearly defined message that you can effectively communicate? According to Esther Kiss, the best way to increase your influence is to hone your message and find the best platform to share it. You don’t do yourself any favors by trying to be a jack-of-all-trades and a master of none! Narrow your focus and become an expert on a particular topic if you want to gain any credibility and attention in your industry. To hear more about this important topic, make sure to listen to this informative episode of BEFULFILLED!If you want to grow, you’ve got to put yourself out there!When was the last time you experienced significant growth personally or professionally? What led to that growth you experienced? Unfortunately, growth doesn’t happen in a neat and tidy environment; if you want to stretch yourself and grow, you’ve got to be willing to put yourself out there! Esther Kiss is an introvert by nature, so she found it difficult to go to events and put herself in situations where she had to step outside of her comfort zone. Esther found that when she took the initiative and stepped out of the familiar, that’s when growth started to happen. What are you waiting for? What is your plan for personal and professional growth in 2019?Don’t take shortcuts, be authentic!Have you ever been around someone who comes off as a total fake? You know the type, they try to all things to all people but just end up putting off a weird vibe? Too often ambitious men and women buy the lie that you should fake it until you make it. That’s the worst thing you could do! In today’s marketplace, authenticity and transparency are king. If you want to truly advance in your career and expand your influence you’ve got to let the authentic you shine through. Go ahead and put the mask down, success will be more enjoyable when you don’t have to live a fractured existence. Make sure to listen to this powerful episode as Tony an Esther expand on this valuable subject!Outline of This Episode[0:35] Tony introduces his guest, Esther Kiss.[1:50] Esther talks about her definition of success and her podcast.[4:00] How did Esther end up in LA? What led her to start her own business?[6:20] What you can do to increase your level of influence.[9:50] Who should connect with Esther and her services?[14:00] How going to events has helped Esther grow creatively.[16:30] What has contributed to Esther’s growth a business leader?[19:00] Don’t take a short cut, be authentic![21:40] Esther enters the Fulfillment Round; rapid-fire questions.[25:40] Closing thoughts from Esther and Tony.Resources & People MentionedBorn to InfluenceEsther on TwitterJohn Lee DumasEd O'KeefeGary Vaynerchuk
Serving Others and Having Fun Along the Way - Craig Handley
Did you know that at the heart of business is serving others? It’s true! All too often people get caught in the weeds, and they end up losing sight of what matters, providing a product or service that makes a contribution. On this episode of BEFULFILLED, you’ll hear from business leader and entrepreneur Craig Handly. Craig views himself as an entertainer and musician who moonlights as CEO of his $13 million to $15 million company, ListenTrust, which was named #1 in Business Products and Services (#27 overall) on Inc. magazine’s 500/5000 list and employs over 1,000 people.In his conversation with Tony, Craig discusses his definition of success, what his childhood was like, how he ended up working in a call centre, what led him to start his own business, challenges he has faced along the way, plans for the future, and much more. Don’t miss a minute of this fun episode featuring Craig’s story!Helping others succeed.Let’s face it; business leaders often get a bad reputation as being self-centered and unbothered by the needs of others. Is that a fair reputation? Most business leaders have built their business or platform not just to line their own pockets but to create an environment where others succeed too. Craig Handley wants his business to succeed but he isn’t pursuing success at the detriment of his employees, he wants to succeed so they can too. At the end of the day, Craig is dedicated to lifting his team and empowering them; he cares about their future because he cares about them as people. What can you learn from Craig’s fantastic mindset? Learn more on this engaging episode of BEFULFILLED!Business doesn’t have to always be so serious!While one of the most familiar images that people have of business leaders is one of greed, a close second is the image of a stern and serious person who never has fun. Does that describe most business leaders that you know? To be fair, this is a standard image because too many business leaders fail to have fun while they work! Business doesn’t always have to be about tough decisions and crunching the numbers; you can have fun on your way up success mountain. Craig Handley is a fun guy; you get that impression within minutes of hearing him talk, he is full of jokes and laughs. This isn’t just Craig off the clock, Craig is like this at work too! To hear more about how Craig keeps levity and fun in the workplace, make sure to listen to this episode of BEFULFILLED!Taking risks and staying true to your heart.Taking risks is natural to most entrepreneurs, but what often gets lost along the way is the impulse to stay true to your heart. In the pursuit of success, the goalposts can change, but that doesn’t always mean improvement. What led you to go out on a limb might have been a noble and worthwhile effort but it is so easy to get distracted and knocked off target. What do you do to stay focused on what matters in life and business? For Craig Handley at the heart of his upward climb has been a desire to give back and help those around him succeed. He finds immense fulfillment in the work he does and what it offers to his team. Craig’s story is a prime example of how you can enjoy success and stay true to your heart. Let his story inspire you as you continue on your journey, hear more on this episode of BEFULFILLED!Outline of This Episode[0:40] Tony introduces his guest, Craig Handley.[1:40] Craig’s definition of success.[3:30] What was Craig’s childhood like?[7:30] How did Craig end up working in a call centre?[13:00] Craig talks about the business he started.[15:00] What is Craig’s daily schedule like?[17:15] Craig talks about his plans for the future.[22:00] Why does Craig love the business he’s built?[24:50] Caring for others and helping them succeed.[28:30] What is the craziest thing that Craig has done?[33:45] Craig enters the Fulfilment Round, rapid-fire questions.[40:00] Closing thoughts from Craig and Tony.Resources & People MentionedHired to Quit, Inspired to StayListenTrustCraig on TwitterGenius NetworkJoe Polish
How to Forge Your Own Path - Jeff Hunter
What does it look like to forge your own path in the marketplace today? Do you need to go all out with branding or do you just need to network well? On this episode of BEFULFILLED, you’ll hear from entrepreneur and innovator Jeff Hunter. Jeff is an expert at building virtual teams worldwide. He has helped scale million dollar startups to billion-dollar enterprises and helped hundreds of entrepreneurs grow their businesses virtually. In his conversation with Tony, Jeff opens up about his definition of success, what led him to forge his own path, how he built a thriving team of virtual assistants, challenges he has faced along the way, and much more. Don’t miss a minute of this fascinating episode featuring Jeff!Success won’t drop in your lap, you have to forge your own path!The day where you could start a career at a large corporation and rise through the ranks on merit alone is quickly fading. What will it take for hard-working men and women like you to enjoy the success of previous generations? The truth is, too many people are waiting for an opportunity to land in their lap, but that is not how it works! You have to go out there and forge your own path if you want to succeed. Learn from Jeff Hunter's amazing example and discover how you can forge your path by listening to this episode of BEFULFILLED!Building a successful team.One of the ways that innovative leaders are forging ahead is by building a team of professionals around them. Could you use a dedicated team of specialists in your corner? Imagine how far you could go with a healthy team working toward a singular goal. On this episode of BEFULFILLED, you’ll hear from Jeff Hunter as he explains how leaders like you can work smarter not harder by building a team of virtual assistants. Stop trying to wear all the hats in your business! If you are ready to take your company to the next level of growth, start by freeing up your time and energy to focus on the big picture. Learn more about Jeff and VA Staffer by listening to this informative episode!Why it’s important to adapt quickly.Have you ever been a part of a massive organization? How easy was it for that organization to implement changes? Large corporations and entities like the government are terrible at pivoting and making changes rapidly. The main reason why we are in the age of startups and small businesses is that these nimble operations can turn on a dime and seize opportunities that come along. How do you adapt to changes in your career? Do you sit on them and consider all the outcomes or do you jump on it and figure it out along the way? If you want to be on the cutting edge and forge your own path, you’ve got to be willing to adapt quickly. To hear more about this critical topic, make sure to listen to this episode of BEFULFILLED!Wrestling with self-doubt.As a business leader, you’ve faced your fair share of challenges in your career. Which ones stood out the most on your journey? Did you struggle to find the right skill sets you needed to succeed? Or maybe for you, it was that annoying voice of self-doubt that held you back, if so, you aren’t alone! Many leaders like Jeff Hunter have dealt with self-doubt and other personal struggles that rob them from the success they deserve. What is the solution? The truth is, you have to learn how to navigate those struggles in your own way. There is no one size fits all solution! Part of the battle is identifying your challenges and understanding that you aren’t crazy, at some point leaders like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk have been there and made it out the other side. Discover more helpful insights by listening to this engaging episode of BEFULFILLED!Outline of This Episode[0:33] Tony introduces his guest, Jeff Hunter.[1:45] Jeff’s definition of success.[3:00] What led Jeff to quit his job and start his own path?[9:15] Jeff opens up about the moment that he lost his big contract.[17:45] Highlights from Jeff’s time as an entrepreneur.[21:00] Who are the most influential people that Jeff follows online?[22:30] The value of adapting quickly.[28:40] Jeff talks about the team he has built.[31:30] What is the new project that Jeff is working on?[35:00] Struggling with self-doubt.[39:00] Jeff enters the Fulfillment Round, rapid-fire questions.[48:00] Closing thoughts from Jeff and Tony.Resources & People Mentionedwww.brandedmedia.io’s websiteJeff on FacebookJeff on TwitterJack WelchNapoleon HillMitch MillerElon MuskJeff BezosShopify
Highlighting Servant Leadership - Matt Cubbler
When was the last time you saw a great example of servant leadership? The truth is, most leaders aren’t known as servants. What would it look like to flip the script and see more servant leaders in positions of power and influence? On this episode of BEFULFILLED, you’ll hear from servant leader Matt Cubbler. In his conversation with Tony, Matt opens up about his childhood, the influence his older brother had on his life, why he is drawn to servant leadership, and much more. You don’t want to miss a minute of this powerful episode featuring Matt’s story!Standing up for others.What was the most defining moment for you in your childhood? Did you have a special trip that you took with your family that made an impact? Was it that moment when you made the team? From an early age, Matt Cubbler knew that he’d need to stand up for his older brother who was autistic and struggled with a speech impediment. Serving as the protector of his older brother had a life-altering impact on Matt as he continued to look for opportunities to protect and serve others well into adulthood. Matt carried the weight of responsibility for his older brother and let it shape him in the most positive way possible. Learn more of Matt’s inspiring story by listening to this episode of BEFULFILLED!Embracing servant leadership.What do you think of when you hear the term, servant leadership? Do you think of selfless leaders like teachers or humanitarian workers? Let’s face it, getting your hands dirty and serving others isn’t very sexy but it is one of the best ways to positively impact others. From an early age, Matt Cubbler decided that he’d stand up for others, starting with his older brother. In his professional career, Matt served in the military, as a police officer, bodyguard, and currently works to empower and equip others through public speaking. Every step of the way, Matt has witnessed the power of servant leadership and knows how much of a difference employing it can make. To hear more about the significance of servant leadership, make sure to listen to this episode of BEFULFILLED!Connecting to a higher power.Everyone wants to feel connected to something larger than themselves. For some people that larger connection is participating in charitable work, for others, it might be working toward social good, Matt Cubbler found that connection by placing his faith in God. Reeling from the pain of losing his older brother in a car accident, Matt couldn’t find healing for many years. Once those walls of pain started to come down, Matt turned to his faith to set him on a brighter path. Now, Matt has embraced a new calling, and he’s convinced that God has given him a second chapter in his life to go out and make a difference.Building up the next generation.As he looks to the next chapter of his life, Matt Cubbler is focused on building up the next generation. He has seen the impact that leaders can have on kids, and he wants to do whatever he can to set them up for success. Currently, Matt is working on an anti-bullying campaign that some schools in Pennsylvania are using to steer kids in the right direction. Matt is convinced that there aren’t enough positive influences in the lives of children and he wants to do as much as he can to be part of the solution. We need more servant leaders like Matt, wouldn’t you agree? Discover more of his story by listening to this engaging episode of BEFULFILLED!Outline of This Episode[0:40] Tony introduces his guest, Matt Cubbler.[1:30] Matt’s definition of success.[2:30] What was Matt’s childhood like?[5:30] Matt opens up about his older brother.[7:40] What led Matt to join the military? What was his career like?[10:20] Matt talks about his post-military career.[12:30] Thriving in chaos.[15:15] Who has helped Matt along the way?[20:20] How God has changed Matt’s life.[27:00] Why Matt is convinced that servant leadership matters.[29:00] What does Matt have planned for his future?[32:15] Leaders who Matt looks up to.[33:50] Matt enters the Fulfillment Round, rapid-fire questions.[39:40] Closing wisdom from Matt.Resources & People MentionedMatt's websiteMatt on TwitterMatt on FacebookTim TebowFront Row Factor PodcastLegends and Losers PodcastGratitude: Unfiltered PodcastStep Brothers
Stop the BS and Get In Alignment! - Brad Weimert
Are you in alignment with your soul’s purpose? How do you know? If you found yourself often frustrated and pulled in a thousand different directions, chances are you are not in alignment. On this episode of BEFULFILLED, you’ll hear from entrepreneur and badass adventurer, Brad Weimert. In his conversation with Tony, Brad opens up about his past drug use, how he got involved with sales, what led him to start Easy Pay Direct, why he loves to go on adventures, and how he lives his life in alignment. If you are ready to stop the BS in your life, this is the episode for you!Success is constant growth.When you think of success, do you view it as an attainable moment, the dollar amount on your bank statement, or something else? For Brad Weimert, success isn’t a mountain that he’s climbed and conquered instead, it’s constant growth. If you take a look at some of the most famous and productive leaders, you’ll notice a similar theme; they are continuous learners! When was the last time you invested in your growth as a leader? Don’t just assume that growth and development will happen; it won’t. To hear more about Brad’s story and how he’s evolved as a leader, make sure to listen to this episode of BEFULFILLED!Why you need to say “No” more often.How do you feel about the commitments and obligations in your life right now? Are you happy with the status quo or are you looking for a change? Too often we live our lives fearful of change so we keep saying yes the things we should be saying no to. Consider this past holiday season, did you enjoy all the parties and events or did you just go to them out of obligation? You’ll never really be happy in your life if you keep saying yes over and over again to things you don’t want to do. Sure there are a few things in life that we have to suck up and deal with, but that should be the exception, not the rule! Learn more about the freedom that saying “No” brings by listening to this episode of BEFULFILLED with Brad Weimert!Get in alignment!Taking a hard look at your life right now, would you say that you are in alignment with your purpose? Can you think of a time where you were in alignment? What helped you get to that point in your life? How did you drift out of alignment? For Brad Weimert, a massive part of being alignment is saying “No” to things that draw him away from his purpose. Brad is convinced that balance is bullshit, he spent way too much time in his life trying to do a thousand different things when he could have been honing his goals and focusing on what mattered to him. Now Brad is locked in like a laser beam; he is crushing his goals and constantly headed toward a new adventure.Seeking adventure.What are people who constantly seek adventure trying to prove? Are they trying to show the rest of us how much better they are or does it have more to do with their personal growth? While there certainly are folks out there who do it all for the glory and the fame, Brad Weimert is wired a little differently. When he climbs mountains or completes grueling endurance challenges, Brad connects to is a certain type of clarity that only comes when he pushes past a wall. What can you learn from Brad’s powerful story? Learn more on this engaging episode of BEFULFILLED; you don't’ want to miss it!Outline of This Episode[0:30] Tony introduces his guest, Brad Weimert.[1:45] Brad’s definition of success.[4:00] Brad opens up about using marijuana.[7:20] How Brad got involved with sales.[9:15] What does Easy Pay Direct do?[11:15] Finding happiness through the progress.[15:00] The value of clarity and purpose.[17:15] Where did Brad’s sense of adventure come from?[30:00] When you are in alignment, you are in your soul’s purpose.[32:20] The solution that Easy Pay Direct brings to the marketplace.[34:00] What Brad loves about running his business.[35:45] What is Unplugged Fuji?[41:40] Brad enters the Fulfillment Round.[45:15] Closing thoughts from Tony and Brad.Resources & People MentionedBrad's websiteFollow Brad on TwitterConnect with Brad on FacebookEasy Pay DirectUnplugged FijiEd O'KeefeJesse Itzler
Rooting for The Underdog - Zachary Babcock
Don’t you love rooting for the underdog? There is something within all of us that wants to see the guy who's been put through ringer come out the other end and succeed. When was the last time you got the chance to root for the underdog? On this episode of BeFulfilled, you’ll hear from a self-proclaimed underdog, Zachary Babcock. In his conversation with Tony, Zachary opens up about what led him to his time in prison, how he got his life back on track, the value of a healthy community, what he is up to know, and much more. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to root for the underdog!Success is growth.Too often people get enamored with the big and lofty aspects of success. Is success exclusively about tackling those massive goals and milestones? What if we thought about success from a different angle? When Zachary Babcock considers the success in his life, he doesn’t point to the popular podcast that he hosts; he talks about the small steps and incremental growth he works toward each day. Let’s stop getting so caught up in the splashy headlines and elevate the value of faithfully working day in and day out toward a noble purpose. Learn more from Zachary’s fascinating perspective by listening to this episode of BeFulfilled!Hitting rock bottom.Let’s face it; every success story doesn’t look the same. Sometimes business leaders and entrepreneurs start from a long line of people who have done what they want to do. Then there are those who are so tired of the hand that was dealt them that they claw their way to where they are today. The latter path described is a glimpse into Zachary Babcock’s story. Zachary is a former drug addict who spent over five years of his life in prison. After missing the birth of his twin sons when he went to prison a second time, he decided to completely transform his life so he could be a responsible father. All the opportunities in the world weren’t handed to Zachary; he’s had to fight for every inch.Root for the underdog!Brushing off that time in prison and all the fall out it created wasn’t easy for Zachary. Who said the story of an underdog would be an easy one? Rather than fighting the mantle of an underdog, Zachary embraced it! He took matters into his own hands when he couldn’t find a job and began his journey as an underdog entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship provided Zachary with an income when no employer would, and in the process, changed his life. He started Underdog Empowerment in 2018, with the goal of sharing the strategies that have helped him overcome great odds. Doesn’t Zachary’s story make you want to root for the underdog? Dive deeper into his fascinating story on this episode of BeFullfied!Why we need a healthy community.Take a good look at the community you’ve built around you. Would you describe your social circle as healthy and supportive or is it more of a mixed bag? While it’s always good to keep a diverse set of people in your community, it’s also important to draw boundaries so you can stay healthy yourself. Have you ever heard the saying, “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future?” Zachary Babcock would agree with this eye-opening saying. One of the biggest changes over the years and throughout his underdog story comes down to who he spends his time with. In the past, Zachary spent time with friends who wanted to cause trouble, now he has a loving family and spends his time with people who support his vision for a thriving and healthy future. What can you learn from Zachary’s story?Outline of This Episode[0:30] Tony introduces his guest, Zachary Babcock.[1:25] Zachary’s definition of success.[2:40] What is Zachary’s family life like? What led him to this point in his life?[10:00] How did Zachary get involved with drugs?[12:30] Trying to fit in for the wrong reasons.[14:15] What led Zachary to turn his life around?[19:00] Zachary shares what he is up to today.[23:00] Creating the long-term vision.[24:40] What is Underdog Empowerment?[26:40] Why it's important to keep a healthy community around you.[33:45] What is Zachary’s creative outlet? What does he want his legacy to be?[37:30] Zachary enters the Fulfillment Round, rapid-fire questions.Resources & People MentionedThe Underdog Empowerment PodcastZachary on FacebookZachary on TwitterGary VaynerchukJim Rome
How Uncomfortable Situations Can Help You Grow - Nehal Kazim
Did you know that when you put yourself in uncomfortable situations, it can encourage growth? It’s true! Consider the last time you experienced personal or professional growth; chances are it caused some discomfort. On this episode of BeFulfilled, you’ll hear from entrepreneur and business leader, Nehal Kazim. In his conversation with Tony, Nehal opens up about his journey of growth, why he leans into uncomfortable situations, his plans for the future, what lights him up, and so much more. If you are ready to push past the comfortable in your life to experience growth, this is the episode for you!Why you need to embrace uncomfortable situations.Let’s face it, we all hate being uncomfortable. Whole industries are built around this idea doing things from the comfort of your own home, from Amazon and Netflix to DoorDash and others. What if we are stunting our growth by making life more comfortable? Nehal Kazim is one young business leader who is actively resisting the impulse to make things easier; he is leaning into uncomfortable situations. Nehal is convinced that the more risks he takes and the opportunities he follows, the higher his chances are for growth and transformation. It looks like Nehal’s strategy is working out! He’s built a thriving business by pushing the envelope and learning new things along the way. What can you learn from Nehal’s story? Hear more by listening to this powerful episode of BeFulfilled!Mindset matters!When was the last time you evaluated the state of your mindset? Have you taken steps to invest in your mindset growth? Too many business leaders take this critical aspect of their development for granted, don’t let that happen to you! Nehal Kazim has challenged his mindset by asking himself this simple question each day, “What would make this day even better?” He doesn’t want to settle for average or good; he wants to reach for the very best. This is the type of mindset that high performing leaders carry with them each day. To hear Nehal go in-depth about this critical mindset shift, make sure to listen to this engaging episode of BeFulfilled!Follow your passion.Should you only focus on what you are good at or should you follow your passion? This can be a very tough question for many people to answer. Which path is the right path for you to chose? Nehal Kazim decided that following his passion and the little bursts of inspiration that crop up from time to time are worth seeing through. Following these impulses led him to get involved in paid internet advertising and even a move to Colombia. Nehal decided that he didn’t want to live his life full of regrets, rather, he’d put it all on the line and chance down those ideas that give him life. Doesn’t that sound great? What are you waiting for, will you follow your passion?Lessons learned along the way.While following your passion and even leaning into uncomfortable situations sounds like an adventure, is it worth it? With all of the pain and failure that comes with that lifestyle, does the benefit outweigh the cost? Nehal will be the first to tell you that challenges and roadblocks are part of the bargain! You can’t expect to grow and develop without a few frustrations along the way. Looking back at his career so far, Nehal says that the greatest lesson he’s learned is to look to others and ask for help. That may sound simple but for Nehal, learning to rely on others took time. What lessons have you learned on your journey? Hear more helpful insights from Nehal by listening to this episode of BeFulfilled; you don't’ want to miss it!Outline of This Episode[0:30] Tony introduces his guest, Nehal Kazim.[1:15] What is Nehal’s definition of success?[3:30] Nehal shares a bit about his background with paid internet advertising.[6:15] The one thing that Nehal is really excited about right now.[10:00] Future plans for Nehal’s business.[11:45] Why did Nehal relocate to Colombia?[13:45] Mindset matters![16:00] Nehal talks about his passion for dancing.[20:00] What drives Nehal in business?[21:45] Lessons that Nehal has learned along the way.[28:15] The journey of buying and launching Ad Pros.[30:30] Nehal talks about his “One Thing.”[33:45] Nehal enters the Fulfillment Round, rapid-fire questions.[38:00] Closing thoughts from Tony and Nehal.Resources & People Mentioned One ThingDavid Goggins on IG
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