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Author: Jeremy & Audrey Roloff

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Go behind the scenes with Jeremy & Audrey Roloff as they discuss family, business, faith, and life.
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We are so excited to have Matt + Lisa Jacobson on the podcast today! They have been married for 27 years, have 8 children, and run side by side in life, work, and ministry. They are powerhouse marriage mentors and coaches, hosts of Faithful Life Podcast, and founders of Club31Women and FaithFulMan.The wisdom they share around the importance of marriage mentorship is GOLD! And they are going to help you navigate how to find your own mentor/coach.Single, dating, engaged, or married - mentorship is so valuable! We know this episode is for all of you!
During our book tour, we had the honor of sitting down with Annie Downs for her podcast (#ThatSoundsFun). It was such a good conversation so we asked Annie if we could share it on our podcast and of course, she said yes!So this episode is all about the enneagram, our Sabbath and why it is so important to us, our yearly boxes (ps- this isn't something we normally talk about!) and Soccer ... yes, soccer. It's a common interest Jeremy shares with Annie! It's a fun conversation we know you will LOVE listening in on!
Jennifer + Aaron Smith have been married for 12 years, have 4 children and are fellow Oregon-friends who just released their second book, Marriage After God.Marriage After God isn't just a message, it is a movement. It is saying YES to what God wants FOR your marriage and FROM it. It is realizing the part your marriage plays in the big picture and going after it with everything you've got. It's saying yes to what God has given you and not comparing your marriage to what God has given someone else's marriage. And it is dreaming together, in oneness, as your marriage pursues the heart of God.
In this episode, Jeremy & Audrey sit down with Jennie & Zach Allen to talk about life, marriage, kids, and the inevitable stages of life that come with living a life on mission.
You may have heard us talk about Marshall + Emily Jamieson before or maybe you read some of their articles on #Beating50. They are incredibly wise when it comes to relationships and today, they are going to talk with us about Multigenerational Relationships: everyone needs someone pouring into them, someone running alongside them, and someone they are pouring into. Everyone needs these 3 relationships in order for their relationship to thrive.There is SO much gold in this episode! We hope it inspires and encourages you to find community in your relationship!
It is YOUR turn to interview US! We gathered your questions all about A Love Letter Life and answered them in this episode. We talk about why we wrote this book, the fun and challenging parts of writing, how we found community as a married couple, and SO much more! There are even a few fun, quirky questions in there (like all the names of Jeremy's cars and why he names them!).Thank you for supporting our book, our story, and our vulnerability. We hope you found inspiration, creativity, and learned what patient pursuit is. Keep sharing the journey with us! #ALoveLetterLife.Do you want to win an epic Oregon summer date night with us?!🎉 Yes, you read that right. We are flying one couple out to Portland this summer to take you on one of our favorite date night adventures. We will cover your travel, a rad hotel room for the night, and the cost of the date.😉 Of course, s’mores around our campfire pit will be included🔥Here’s how to enter this epic giveaway!✨Snap a picture of A Love Letter Life and post it to your Instagram feed with a caption telling your friends why they should read it! Use #ALoveLetterLife tag @audreyroloff and @jeremyroloff in the photo!Share to your IG stories for bonus entries!The giveaway will close July 30th at midnight. Winner will be announced in our Instagram stories. If you are single you can still enter - we will fly out you and your bestie! The date will be sometime this August. This giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram in anyway. Must be in the US or Canada to enter.
Even though our wedding day was filmed for the TV show and documented in our book, there are some things we have never shared before! But that is all changing today because we are taking you behind the scenes to the unseen and unwritten moments of our wedding day.Like how Jeremy didn't have his wedding ring that day (thanks @zach) or how Audrey's dress broke RIGHT before walking down the aisle. We are sharing all those fun, memorable moments!We also wanted to let you in on some of the things we did to make our wedding day special - and we hope this sparks inspiration for your own wedding day! And if you are already married, we talk about creative and intentional anniversary ideas you can do to reflect on your big day!
Reality is: if you can fall in love, you can fall out of love. Sometimes it happens by choice and sometimes through situations. But, we can all work to protect our relationship. In this episode we talk about how we do that through boundaries, rhythms, and prayer. Just know that your relationship will evolve, you will evolve, and so will your boundaries, rhythms and the way you pray with your spouse. Enjoy the journey and above all else, protect your love story - because it is beautiful!
These two are probably the funniest people we know! They truly live out their life motto: Laughter Is The Best Medicine (no really, they travel the world making people laugh!). But beyond the laughter, they have an amazing story of overcoming co-dependency in their relationship and how they climbed out of that cycle. This is a very raw and beautiful conversation. And we know you will find hope, encouragement, and laugh a little as you listen in.Kristin + Danny are fun facts champions, so share a fun fact in the comments!
Requested by popular demand, these guests need no introduction - drumroll, we've got Zach and Tori Roloff joining us for a conversation around all the things! They answer your most asked questions like how they met, rhythms they have in place build their marriage, if TV has affected their relationship, how they feel about us stepping away from the show, their growing family, and so much more. (Tori even shares some incredible wisdom for all you single ladies out there!)Getting to have family on the podcast was so fun for us and we hope you feel like you're sitting around the campfire with our family as you listen in!Follow #StoryofZachandTori to see more of them!
Comments (36)

Ashleigh Dinkel

I just started listening to Podcasts but I would say, without a doubt, this episode is phenomenal. I am blown away by each of your thoughts in regard to marriage and christianity. Thank you for continuing to teach others. Such powerful lessons!

Jul 16th

Joanna Francis

Ashleigh Dinkel thank you for your comment, and I am also interested in this kind

Jul 17th

Marie Guzman

this podcast is a absolute blessing to my life! can't get enough of it!

Jul 10th

Alllison Morelan

Love you guys, you are so real and crack us up, you're so cute!!

Jul 8th

Alllison Morelan

you two crack us up! So cute!

Jul 4th

Tammy Gallup

love intermittently fasting mainly because it's so easy!

Jun 27th

Marie Chadwick

really enjoy this podcast.

Jun 13th

Brandy Brodt

I would love to hear more on the purity issue! I do not have a person in mind unfortunately, but I would love to hear how to help keep purity in marriage!

Jun 12th

Kimberley Godes

my favorite show so far

Jun 12th

Brandy Brodt

I just started listening to your podcast, and I love them! I started listening because I read A Love Letter Life and was extremely surprised by the transparency and honesty they show throughout the book and in their love story! They give simple but life changing truths about how our relationships and marriages should be! This podcast, for me, is just a continuation of the book and I enjoy hearing other couples come on and speak their truth and transparency! I just love it

Jun 9th

Angela Vollendorf

The best show so far! Love Zach and Tori!!

Jun 4th

Christina Seidel

more Zach and Tori please! Love those too!😁🤗😀

Jun 3rd

Cheyenne Keesis

love you guys

May 31st

Brene Style

Love love love this. Honesty. That is something most Christians don't do. Sit down and be real. I appreciate it. Also I hope Jeremy sees this: I was looking up the severe mercy book and they have a sequel (under the mercy)

May 30th

caroline gill

just started listening to your podcast and I am loving it I am also love how real you both are

May 23rd

Megan Dill Van Riper

Wow!!!! This episode was amazing!! Typically there are several truth bombs in the podcasts, but this one is just one BIG TRUTH BOMB!!!

May 8th

Jadzea Scales

Hey guys, I've thoroughly loved the raw look into your life this podcast offers. I dont feel like it's all neatly packed and arranged in a perfect manner and I enjoy that, it feels like reality listening to the 2 of you. ive noticed comments about how you talk over eachother at times or use the word "like" and honestly it's the unedited part of this podcast that draws me to it. Thanks for being real in a world that only shows the highlight reel.

May 6th

Nancy Hammond

love your podcast can't wait to read your book

Apr 18th

Danica McMahon

Although I havnt read through the whole book I loved this chapter also. I cannot express how much I love this book.

Apr 18th

Alicia Howard

Just discovered this podcast and I love it! You all have such a beautiful story and some great tips for living an intentional life! Thanks for sharing!!

Apr 9th

ktide smith

favorite podcast!!

Feb 19th
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