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We start the show joined by friend of the pod Dixie D'Amelio and for once it is not the guest on the hot seat, but our boy Josh. We break down what is happening between him and Nessa after he was spotted with her over the weekend, how long Bri has known something has been going on, where Dixie stands on all of this, and where Josh and Nessa are now going forward. We then call Nessa live on the pod so that Dave can talk to her one on one, and then talk about Landon Barker's song in which it seems he is talking about Jaden and Josie cheating. We then get into headlines with Dixie including Thomas Petrou fighting 40 year olds in order to protect the Hype House, Corinna Kopf being banned from Twitch, Tayler Holder having another interview that seemingly says nothing, Kendall Jenner not being able to cut cucumbers, Madonna releasing some (interesting) NFTs, Cara Delevingne's antics at the Billboard Music Awards, and Emma Chamberlain getting cancelled for her Met Gala necklace. (Tune in next week for part 2 of our Dixie interview where we talk about her and her life). We then are joined by Cindy Kimberly where we talk about her becoming an Sports Illustrated Rookie, her rise to fame overnight by a Justin Bieber Instagram, her experience filming with David Dobrik, and who actually is in the Coachella video making out with Timothee Chalamet. Support our sponsors! Spark: Download Spark today at BetterHelp: Go to for 10% off your first month
We start the show joined by Gabbie Hanna, who has gone from drama with everyone on the internet (Trisha Paytas, David Dobrik, The Vlog Squad, Ricegum, Bo Burnham, etc) to now moving into "save the world mode" where negativity is no longer in her mind. We then get into headlines to talk about all the Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett breakup updates which range from Josie Canseco denying rumors she cheated on Landon Barker with Jaden, Landon dm'ing fan accounts saying Josie and Jaden screwed everyone, Josh and Nessa liking old Jessa fan edits, them making Tik Toks with the same sound in the background right after each other, Nessa following and dm'ing Bri, and whether or not Josh has spoken to Nessa since her breakup with Jaden. We continue with Olivia Rodrigo and Sabrina Carpenter being spotted together, Jenna Marbles potentially taking over the Late Late show from James Corden, Tana Mongeau making a formal apology to Dave for skipping on the podcast, and Topanga trending on Twitter after being in Jack Harlow's music video. We wrap the show with BFFs corner where Josh went to Adam Sandler's daughter's Bat Mitzvah with Mia (and also Charlie Puth, Halsey, Jennifer Anniston, Kate Hudson, Conan, Jason Bateman, and all of Hollywood). We then get everyone's take on some inside Barstool drama of Marty Mush dating Hank's ex girlfriend Ria, and Dave and Bri may be on opposite sides. Support our sponsors! Spark: Download Spark today at
We start the show with what everyone has been waiting for us to talk about: Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler breaking up. We talk about the rumors and theories involving Landon Barker and Josie Canseco, Josh’s friends refollowing Jaden, and whether or not Nessa would ever be welcome back on BFFs. We continue headlines with the Met Gala, Charli D’Amelio standing up for herself against Zoe Laverne, Zack Bia with his next girl in Olivia Rordrigo, Tinx’s cancellation over old tweets, and Tayler Holder’s (next) exclusive about the allegations against him where he doesn’t really say anything once again. We finish headlines with the BFFs corner where we talk Ellie Zeiler potentially taking offense to Josh’s FMK, getting flirty with Mads Lewis in the IG comments, and his new girl that may be the “one to change him” he talked about from last week. We finish the episode with Chloe Cherry who plays Faye in Euphoria and talk about her transition from the adult film industry to the number 1 show on TV. We end with a game of FMK in which she has to choose between her cast members on Euphoria. Support our sponsors! Raising Canes: Order online at Gametime:Download the Gametime app at and redeem code BFF for $20 off your first purchase (terms apply).
NEW BFFs MERCH DROP HERE: We are joined to start by Teala Dunn who talks childhood acting, her life on social media, and being hated on the internet for what seems to be no apparent reason. We play a game of "Love It Or Hate It" where we decide if polarizing figures deserve the hate they get, or if it is unjustified. We end with an impromptu game of FMK where some things come out that other may have wanted to keep under wraps. We are then joined by Nikki Glaser where we talk her life in comedy, her new show, and teach her about the world of Tik Tok. We finish with headlines and talk of yes, another new Josh Richard's girl, but will this be the one to change him? Support our sponsors! Coinbase: Sign up at for $10 in free Bitcoin Gametime: Download the Gametime app and redeem code BFF for $20 off your first purchase (terms apply).
We are joined by Amanda Diaz and we go through a show that is the mother of all technical difficulties. We start off with Josh back at his parent's in Canada and Bri getting a bunch of tattoos. We talk with Amanda about coming to America from Cuba, getting into makeup and YouTube as a kid, her relationship with Kio Cyr, and end with a guys vs girls product battle. We go through headlines with Sevryn's response to Dave saying him going to Jaden's concert was a shot at Mads Lewis, Tana Mongeau's response to Dave roasting her for the whole internet to see, the D'Amelios' taking the KCA by storm and JoJo Siwa missing out on an invite despite being nominated. We end the show with an update on Bri's boyfriend swap, Dave thinking he can out-model Versace's Cole Sprouse, and a very interesting FMK that has Josh choosing between Ellie Zeiler, Mads Lewis, and Loren Gray.
We start the show off with the shocker of all shockers: Tana Mongeau bailed on the pod 20 minutes before we started recording with the same excuse as last time. Luckily, Ellie Zeiler just happened to be at Josh's house and filled in. Dave eviscerates Tana to start the pod, we then get into headlines and talk Grammy's, Noah Beck's new movie, James Charles maybe getting a BBL, Sydney Sweenie's grandparents seeing her nude, and more. We also get into the controversy caused by our title makers with last week's Mads Lewis and Loren Gray title, Bri's social media drama that has spilled into real life, and end the show with a "Tik Tok Awards" game that actually just turns into a roast of Josh, Bri, and Dave. Support Our Sponsors: Coinbase: Sign up at for $10 in free Bitcoin. Gametime: Download the Gametime app and redeem code BFF for $20 off your first purchase (terms apply).
We start of the show with Chris Olsen, who joins to talk about being at the Oscars for the Will Smith Chris Rock slap and the aftermath, his breakup with Ian Paget, and the struggles of finding a niche as a solo creator. We then are joined by Loren Gray to get to the bottom of what happened with her and Josh in Vegas. We talk about her music career, modeling, starring in a Taylor Swift music video, and her upcoming appearance at Coachella. We also talk about her breakup with DYSN, Mads Lewis unfollowing her over Josh, and end with a game of FMK.
An absolutely packed show with a guest you have been waiting for for over a year. We are joined off the top of the show by Markell Washington to talk about his life and join us for headlines. We discuss Durte Dom's viral tesla jump, MGK cover art stealing accusations, and OnlyFans outrage. We recap Bri's tour where she was joined by Josh, Josh's huge wipeout, and the two BFFs getting awfully close dancing with each other on stage. We also discuss Josh's Tik Tok's with Mads Lewis after the BFFs interview from the day before wrapped Speaking of, we are joined by Mads Lewis (finally) to talk about everything. We cover the Jaden and Nessa drama, her thoughts on the situation, her viral Call Her Daddy interview, her breakup with Christian, where she is at now, her future plans and goals, and play a game of "Word Association" that has every single person you would hope would be in there.
The BFFs are in Fort Lauderdale for an impromptu in person episode. Dave kicks off the show announcing Karim has been fired and what happened. We discuss David Dobrik vs Jeff Wittek and the fallout after David finally spoke out about the crane incident. We also talk about Casey Neistat's documentary about Dobrik that has been years in the making, and does not paint David in the best light. We talk Bri's new boobs reveal and Josh's relationship with Mads Lewis, and an update on Josh's date with Corinna Kopf. Josh Peck also joins the program to talk all things Drake and Josh, his fractured relationship with Drake since the show ended, his time as a member of the Vlog Squad, and the start of his standup comedy career. Support Our Sponsors! CoinBase: Sign up at for $10 in free Bitcoin. GetUpside: Download the FREE GetUpside App Now! Use Promo Code BFF for 25 cents off per gallon or more on your first fill up! Bear Bottom: Go to to get free shipping on your first purchase.
We react to the Roast of Bryce Hall that was released this week, discuss Emma Chamberlain quitting YouTube, and whether or not Dixie and Noah have broken up.
We talk about Jeff Wittek’s recent comments on why he’s upset with David Dobrik, Mads Lewis breaking up with her boyfriend and refusing to come on the podcast, Addison Rae’s new movie deal and much more.
We go through the usual headlines of the week. Sienna Mae Gomez joins the program with her lawyer and a video forensic expert to talk about some new evidence and give her side of the story. Support Our Sponsors: Would: Shop Would at or at your local CVS.
Long awaited guest Sommer Ray joins the program to talk about her career as one of the first fitness influencers, living in different content houses, and her pet tarantula. We discuss Sommer’s exclusive content on an app and whether she’d ever make an OF. We play a new game called BBL Or Not.
Ellie Zeiler joins the pod to talk about her rise on TikTok, her future plans, and people saying she only got famous for looking like Charli D’Amelio. We rank TikTokkers by their fashion. Support Our Sponsors: Birddogs: Go to and use promo code BFF Would: Shop now at
We’re joined by Charly Jordan to talk about what she’s been up to since we’ve last had her on, the Sienna/Jack situation, and teach Dave about what it means to be "pushing P." Support our sponsors: DatChat Download DatChat for iPhone and Android in the app stores Right Now... or go to to get more info and download DatChat. Zip Recruiter Go to Manscaped Get 20% off and free shipping with code BFF at
On this week’s pod we’re joined by Riley Hubatka to talk about her career as an influencer, what happened between her and Bryce, and play a game of FMK. We discuss Logan Paul’s $3.5m Pokemon scam, Drake pouring hot sauce into condoms, and MGK and Megan Fox getting engaged. Support our sponsors DatChat Download DatChat for iPhone and Android in the app stores Right Now... or go to to get more info and download DatChat. Would Would is available at or your local CVS.
On this week's pod, we're joined by the mystery man who is all over LA Zack Bia. We talk to him about his past relationships, his DJ career, and how he became friends with every A List celebrity under the sun. Later in the show we're joined by Georgia MVP QB Stetson Bennett two days after winning a national title. Support our sponsors DatChat Download DatChat for iPhone and Android in the app stores Right Now... or go to to get more info and download DatChat. True Classic Go to for 20% OFF use promo code BFF. Would Would is available at or your local CVS.
We’re back for our first episode of the new year to discuss the recent drama between Bryce Hall and Faith Ordway, Jake Paul vs Dana White, and Tristan Thompson getting caught cheating on Khloe again. We play a game of 2022 Predictions. Support our sponsors DatChat Download DatChat for iPhone and Android in the app stores Right Now... or go to to get more info and download DatChat. True Classic Go to for 20% OFF use promo code BFF.
We run through our best moments of 2021 on the podcast: part 2. 00:48 Episode 24: The Emergency Miami Pod 1:22 Episode 21: Bryce Broke Up With Addison 10:07 Episode 23: Alex Blew Logan Paul 14:00 Episode 25: Lana Plays FMK 20:36 Episode 26: Harry Fucked Jake’s Girl 25:12 Episode 28: Bebe’s Mom Loves Dave 27:47 Episode 29: Dixie And Josh Are Hiding Something 34:24 Episode 31: Jake Slashed Austin’s Tires 38:54 Episode 32: Tayler Talks Charly Breakup 47:11 Episode 33: Austin Talks Jake Beef 51:33 Episode 34: Charly Plays FMK 56:56 Episode 35: Vinnie Never Got Paid 1:00:06 Episode 36: Jeffree Hooked Up With NBA Players 1:02:22 Episode 40: Natalie Talks Dobrik Accusations 1:05:14 Episode 42: Cam Dated 18 Girls At Once 1:07:46 Episode 44: Josh Wants Livvy’s Bathwater 1:09:26 Episode 47: Explaining Josh’s Breakup To MDWOG 1:13:30 Episode 48: Olivia O’Brien Surprise Guest 1:19:51 Episode 53: Island Boys Freestyle 1:23:47 Episode 58: Squashing The Beef With Jeff Support our sponsors: DatChat: Download DatChat for iPhone and Android in the app stores Right Now... or go to to get more info and download DatChat. Takis: Face The Intensity!
We run through our best moments of 2021 on the podcast. 00:48 Episode 1: Becoming Best Friends 4:29 Episode 2: Bryce And Addison Back Together 5:23 Episode 4: Alex Cooper Ranks Sway 16:09 Episode 5: Griffin Talks Dixie Breakup 36:18 Episode 6: Tik Tokkers Best Male Fashion 48:37 Episode 7: Watching The Jay Alvarez Sex Tape 58:01 Episode 8: Trisha Plays “Cancel Or Not” 1:17:49 Episode 8: First Ever Boomer Zoomer 1:23:47 Episode 9: Tana Slid Into Dave’s DM’s 1:27:36 Episode 10: TMG Plays “Cringe Or Not” 1:37:55 Episode 15: Dave Pranks Guy Fieri 1:43:22 Episode 22: The Emergency Podcast Support our sponsors: DatChat: Download DatChat for iPhone and Android in the app stores Right Now... or go to to get more info and download DatChat. Rhoback: Go to and use the code JOSH for 20% off your first order! Takis: Face The Intensity!
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Is Noah going to be a guest next?

Oct 31st

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I believe you Bryce Hall about the Zach Clayton fight #BryceHall and #JoshRichards

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