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Danielle K White, owner of DKW Styling and creator of Natural Beaded Rows (NBR) had a vision as a hair stylist to bring value and purpose to others through hair extensions, taking this industry to an even greater level with Lead Stylists Valerie Plunk and Anianne Rivera, merging their elite skills as Artists with the business aspect of being a Salon Owner with Danielle’s husband, Garrett J White, founder of Wake Up Warrior and co-owner of DKW Styling.
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In this week's episode, Danielle and Ani get personal as they discuss the cardinal discipline of honoring the sacred boundaries that simultaneously separate and preserve the functional integrity of both your personal and professional life. Also, hear them in their own words as they talk about the all-encompassing, all-important journey of discovering a ride-or-die Tribe that allows you to RISE and THRIVE in your passion and purpose so that you're always creating the results of your DREAMS! PLUS, Danielle and Ani make a very special announcement regarding the Future of Natural Beaded Rows!! Sit back, tune in, and get ready to LEVEL-UP your hair game for GOOD. This is the Big Money Stylist Podcast.
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  In the first episode of the new decade, Danielle and Ani discuss the critical importance of being a team player, why staying grounded is crucial when dreaming BIG, and how falling in love with the process and simply showing up each day will help you stay calm and collected in the long-term pursuit and achievement of real and lasting success. PLUS, learn why Reverse-Engineering your productivity is actually the NEW Goal-Crushing SUPERPOWER for the year 2020 and beyond. Sit back, tune in, and get ready to LEVEL-UP your hair game for GOOD.  This is the Big Money Stylist Podcast. Welcome. 
For Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month: Week #1: Power Week #2: Production Week #3: Profit Week #4: Protection In This Week's Episode.....PRODUCTION Point #1: Letting Go Danielle tells her artists behind the chair that they don’t have time for the little shit. “If you’re already working 80 hours a week, you’re going to need to hire people to take care of things for you like your laundry, cleaning, and shopping.”  “The hardest thing for me in letting go was having somebody not do something the way I would do it," says Danielle. "It would piss me off so badly that I just wanted to do it myself. And then I realized I can’t keep operating like that because I don’t  have enough time.” [mks_pullquote align="left" width="300" size="24" bg_color="#000000" txt_color="#ffffff"]QUESTION[/mks_pullquote] What do you know you need to let go of in order to free up more of your time? Point #2: Balancing Act When it comes to hiring assistants, a lot of artists will say they don’t have time to train someone, and yet the reality is, you don’t have time NOT to train someone. They may not always do it exactly how you do it, but understand that as you train them, over time, it’s going to benefit you. If your business is solely relying on you, you can only become so successful. The growth of the company actually relies on a team. Although a team effort, it’s still vital for you as a business owner not to step out too far or let go too much because shit can go sideways really fast. It’s a balancing act. [mks_pullquote align="left" width="300" size="24" bg_color="#000000" txt_color="#ffffff"]QUESTION[/mks_pullquote] Where in your world are you trying to handle everything? How is that working for you? Point #3: Keep It Classy   It’s important for your clients to feel comfortable in communicating with you about the service you’re providing them. It’s also essential to give them a good overall experience in the salon.  You’re going to have some clients who will not return even though you’ve done a killer job on their hair. Why? Because the conversations taking place all around them have been offensive or inappropriate. Keeping it classy is vital to the retention of your client base. [mks_pullquote align="left" width="300" size="24" bg_color="#000000" txt_color="#ffffff"]QUESTION[/mks_pullquote] Where do you need to reign it in a little in order to provide your clients with the best overall experience possible? Point #4: Twenty Questions Reading your client is an important skill to develop. If they have their headphones on, they or have given you the heads up that they have some work to do on their phone, give them their space, and don’t play twenty questions with them.  “That doesn’t mean it’s going to mess up their experience or your connection with them; it just means they have shit to get done AND they want great hair. Check in with them, and that’s it.” [mks_pullquote align="left" width="300" size="24" bg_color="#000000" txt_color="#ffffff"]QUESTION[/mks_pullquote] What has been your experience with this, either as a client or as the professional? Point #5: The Art of Framing If you have a business where you’re doing work in front of a client, you need to have a conversation with your assistant about the proper way to address things. If your assistant yells things like "We only have this, will this still work?" from across the room, that’s a sure way for your client to lose all confidence in you and in your work. Handle concerns you have with the work being done by other artists off to the side, away from the client, and be sure to be careful with the words you use and how you use them. Say things like, “This looks awesome, but let's try this.” Or, pull them off to the side and share what you want them to know. It’s all about how you frame it. [mks_pullquote align="left" width="300" size="24" bg_color="#000000" txt_color="#ffffff"]QUESTION[/mks_pullquote] As a salon owner, what can you do to improve the social etiquette inside your salon? Quote of the Week: "Be consistent in everything that you’re doing every day. Look back and measure your progression based on your numbers, based on how your hair looks and based on where you’re at in life. And when you see that momentum pick up, it pushes you forward to continue that momentum." -- Danielle K White "Watch the shit you say inside the salon. As important as it is to have comradery inside the salon, keep it professional. I’m not saying you can’t have fun, but just remember, there are lines that you just can’t cross." --Anianne Rivera
Encore Presentation from May 21, 2019 Whether it’s cars, boob jobs, or hair extensions, trust is HUGE when it comes to both consumers and professionals. Join Danielle & Ani as they have a spicy conversation on this hot topic in this week’s episode of the Big Money Stylist. For Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month: Week #1: Power Week #2: Production Week #3: Profit Week #4: Protection In This Week’s Episode…..POWER Point #1: Pretty Little Liars No matter what you are purchasing, as a consumer, you put your trust in the professionals to provide what they say they will be providing. There are artists playing the game of bait & switch, luring clients under the guise of providing NBR, yet providing anything but that. QUESTION What has been your experience with this, either as one who was baited or the one setting the bait? Point #2: “Oh, I Just Do Hair” Many artists come to BMS because they’re sick and tired of being looked at like a fucking joke, a common problem in the hair industry. If you want to be taken seriously, though, you have to take yourself seriously. That comes through constant practice and proper education. QUESTION What can you do to improve the way you view yourself? Point #3: Tracking the Right Numbers When it comes to marketing and social media, you might have a huge following, but what are your actual numbers when it comes to income? Ani: I had less than 1500 followers and was making $20k per month. Anything can be done with proper marketing and advertising. QUESTION Are you running the same shit show and just gaining popularity without filling up your bank account? Point #4: Stay In Integrity Whatever service or product you’re offering, you must stay in integrity. Danielle: Sadly, we’re at that point where people will say anything to get people in the door.  QUESTION What are you doing & saying to get people in the door and in your chair? Point #5: Consistency Danielle & Ani hold the vision of the brand going international, and with that, the integrity of the brand must remain intact. Because NBR is a very specific niche inside of the hair extension world, they are currently creating a manual with very specific verbiage and how-to’s for their trainers, thus assuring consistency within the brand internationally. QUESTION Where inside your world as an artist would consistency benefit you or your salon? Quote of the Week: “If you find yourself being triggered by a client or experience, ask yourself what part you played in feeling this way. What could you do to make sure this doesn’t happen again?” — Danielle K White “I’m going to have you consider that one crazy client every rare moment… you met a crazy client. But, if you feel like you have crazy clients all the time, you might be the crazy one! —Anianne Rivera
In This Week’s Episode…..Power We've all experienced moments of meltdown and overwhelm. The question is, how do we navigate our way through these times? In today's episode, Danielle and Ani share their roadmaps via stories and personal experiences that are certain to lift and help you through those difficult moments. As a bonus, be sure to keep an eye out for their special in-studio guest! Point #1: What Can You Do Right Now? When you’re feeling a sense of overwhelm, sometimes it takes someone outside of yourself to help calm you down and to remind you to take a deep breath, take a step back, slow down, look at everything you have to do, and then ask yourself the question, “What is due FIRST? What’s most important?” Several years ag when Garrett & Danielle had moved to Arizona with their little family, Danielle found herself in a situation where paying bills was hit and miss. She asked herself the question, “What can I do RIGHT NOW?” She had no customers on the books, no clients, and was literally starting from scratch. “I did have a whole book of business back in Utah, so for a year, I flew to Utah once a month, worked three 12-hour days, and made as much in three days as I could in a month in Arizona.” QUESTION Taking a step back from your situation, what is one thing you can do right now to move you towards what is you are seeking and wanting?   Point #2: Dream a Little Dream Danielle is a visual person and, as such, will often dream when she’s feeling stressed out about something. She had a recurring dream where her family was on a ship in the pouring rain. She could see the light at the end of the tunnel and paddled vigorously to reach it, but every time she was nearly there, a massive wave of water pushed her back. After a year, Danielle finally got over the anxiety she was experiencing. She had stockpiled some cash, built momentum, and it was at that point Danielle lit a fire under Garrett when she told him how much she was making, which she had previously kept hidden from him. This was a turning point in their lives. QUESTION Do your dreams seem to reflect what is happening in your life?     Point #3: Momentum Danielle: When you think you’ve made it and you slow down to rest, you almost end up self-sabotaging. If you ever start having a lot of success and build momentum, do not self-sabotage! “Once you’ve hit a certain growth point, figure out where your next point is and create a plan to get to that new point. “If you don’t keep up with what you’ve done,” adds Ani, “you’re going to lose everything you have.” QUESTION What steps can you begin taking today to keep the momentum you’re currently experiencing?   Point #4: Sometimes You’re Gonna Cry Ani recently took on a new project and for the first week and a half felt overwhelmed and was doubting her ability to pull it off. She told herself, “Ok, you have ONE MINUTE to cry!” That quickly evolved into working through the tears. An artist who was having a meltdown reached out to Ani recently for some help. Ani said to her, “Ok, set a timer. You have FIVE MINUTES to cry. However much you want to cry, do it in those five minutes and then fucking move on!” QUESTION When was a moment you pushed through something with tears running down your cheeks? What lesson did you learn about yourself?   Point #5:  It’s All About the Reps Although Danielle has viewed herself as an introvert lacking the skills of a speaker and great communicator, she is very passionate and intuitive. She has always thought of herself as confident and one who is comfortable in her own skin, and so it bothered her that she wasn’t able to communicate or get on stage and speak, which is one of the things she always found attractive about her husband, Garrett. “One of my goals over the past ten years was to become a better educator, a better communicator, and a better speaker, so I continually forced myself to do things I was uncomfortable with.” Today, Danielle is doing podcasts, teaching & speaking in front of large audiences, and shares videos on many social media platforms. Her secret to becoming a new human being? “Putting in the reps of things I’m uncomfortable with.” QUESTION What growth have you experienced due to reps on your part?   Quote of the Week: “Sometimes, you have to have those hard conversations, and those hard looks inside of your life, take a breath, and then ask yourself, “Where do I start TODAY?” Don’t wait until January; begin today moving toward your goals.” —Danielle K White “You have to see yourself as that person and ask, “Ok, if that’s what she looks like, and if that’s what she can accomplish, what do I have to do to become her? What do I have to do to be the person who has accomplished these things?” –Anianne Rivera
Train Wrecks | BMS | EP 101

Train Wrecks | BMS | EP 101


*Encore Presentation from March 28, 2019. Are you the train wreck that people can’t stop watching? Do you spread gossip and negativity on social media? Or do you use Social Media as a tool to share and connect with others and to find inspiration? These are some of the questions addressed inside this week’s episode of the Big Money Stylist with your co-hosts Danielle White and Ani Rivera. In Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month: Week #1: Power Week #2: Production Week #3: Profit Week #4: Protection In This Week’s Episode…..Power Point #1: Social Media Trolls People who troll others on social media get a sense of purpose and validation from doing that. This attracts more haters and sparks even more negative conversations and energy. Danielle believes that “people who troll don’t give themselves permission to have success in life. They get stuck in their stories and patterns and don’t realize this puts a cap on what they can make and what they can do, literally preventing them from breaking through that threshold.” Where in your world do you know that you are the one creating negative energy?   Point #2: Rebuild & Move Forward Ani: “Everyone goes through shit in life. Some shit will break you, and then you rebuild yourself. Some stuff dings you, while other things crack you. It’s a matter of rebuilding yourself and moving forward.” “But some people are so stuck in the story of being a victim that they’re not even willing to go outside of it and see what’s on the other side because it’s all they know. They only know how to be mean and nasty; they only know how to spread vile and shit everywhere.” Where in your world have you made a comeback and re-built your life?     Point #3: Take a Stand The more you take a stand on anything, the more kick-back you’re going to receive. If you don’t have the guts to put yourself out there, how do you expect to make it further in life and in business? Danielle: “We teach our students to put out their content and then “put your blinders on.” Learn to take a stand, and then be prepared for the punches that roll in.” Where in your life or inside your business do you know it’s time to take a stand, come what may? Point #4: Are You the Train Wreck? Ani: “Do you see yourself as a train wreck? Everywhere you post, are you just talking shit on other people and bringing out the negativity? You don’t have to be “Positive Polly” but you can say, “Today was a shitty day, and here’s what I did to turn it around.” Or, “Here’s how I felt. Has anyone ever felt like this?” “At this point, I’m pretty much an open book and have nothing to hide. I’m not embarrassed about any decision I have ever made or anything I’ve ever said, nor am I embarrassed about where I am in my life right now. I LOVE my life both professionally and personally, and am grateful for everything in it.” Are you the train wreck that people just can’t stop watching? Point #5:  Being OK With Letting Go Having been raised inside the strict bubble of Mormonism, Danielle and Garrett began questioning everything they believed. Danielle felt like she was shrinking from the voices all around her telling her what to do, and in that space, there came a point where they had to be ok with letting go of certain relationships for a time. “From my own experience, I know if you have tunnel vision, even with your family and friends, and you just focus on you and do what you know you need to do, you WILL see results. Remember, results speak louder than words.” Where in your world have you experienced this? Quote of the Week: “As I scroll through social media, sometimes I’ll get triggered, so I ask myself, “Why is that triggering me? Is there a piece of truth in what I’m reading?” —Danielle K White “There’s a purpose behind what we do. We stay here because we love it, because it’s important, and because this is what we’re supposed to do. There’s something inside of us that fuels it.” –Anianne RiveraDocument
Still riding high from their recent events, Danielle and Ani celebrate their 100th episode of the Big Money Stylist podcast! Do you take the time to pause and look back at where you used to be versus where you currently are? If you don’t, then how will ever know where you’re headed? In Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month: Week #1: Power Week #2: Production Week #3: Profit Week #4: Protection In This Week’s Episode…..Power Point #1: Work Less, Make More Danielle always pictured NBR as a tool to double and triple an artist’s income because she was able to do that herself working three days a week behind the chair, while also being a wife and mom. Her pitch? “Hey, enjoy life! And make great money doing it!” Artists often send screenshots of their earnings to Ani, showing comparisons of last yeas with income with their current income. The numbers are impressive! Recent messages have shown that artists inside of DKW Academy are doubling and tripling their income. One artist even quintupled her income! QUESTION What story do YOUR screenshots tell?   Point #2: Where Were You Last Year? Danielle: When I look back at how far we’ve come in a year, I feel more focused and clear. I feel stronger than ever knowing that what we’re doing matters, and also have a clear vision and path for what I want to do. If you can’t look at where you were, you don’t know where you’re going to go. Student-wise, there was a little bit of chaos last year with shit flying everywhere. “Fast forward to today, and 100% of our Mastermind students are going to be in the DKW Academy, “remarks Ani. “That tells me this is working!” QUESTION Where were you last year at this time?     Point #3: Certification DKW Academy no longer certifies artists for life like they used to. In the hair industry, many states do not require continuing education. You pay the fee, and you’re good to go, year after year, even if you haven’t spent much time doing hair. Even if you live in a state that requires continuing education hours, it doesn’t mean you’re getting top-notch, hands-on training. You can pretty much pay the fee, show up for some classes, and call it good, even if you’re fucking around on Instagram the entire time. QUESTION Do you go all in on life or do you tend to “fuck around on Instagram?”   Point #4: Trust the Process Dannielle: I see a lot of people focusing on and worrying about things that they shouldn’t be worrying about right now. They’re just not there yet. Why do you think ten steps ahead?” “Guess what. The person you’re going to be ten steps ahead is not even going to give a shit about the problems you currently face. Those problems are going to seem SO minute! Problems you thought were big won’t even be on your radar. You need to trust the process and trust your gut.” QUESTION Where is your focus?   Point #5:  Turning Points Ani: We are coming to the end of a decade. Ten years ago, I was a newly licensed nineteen-year-old baby. Danielle: I was a mom of one and doing hair extensions one day a week, making the same amount of money that my sister was making working three days a week. It was about that time I began taking it more seriously. Ani: 3 1/2 years ago, in 2016, I started doing BMS. I was 26 and still working two jobs seven days a week. I had been doing NBR for about a year. Nine months later, I hit $15k a month. About five months into BMS, I realized I didn’t need to be working two jobs anymore. QUESTION What were you doing ten years ago?   Quote of the Week: “If you can look back month-by-month or even week-by-week and figure out how to course-correct, that’s how you get HUGE results in your business. What if you had monthly and weekly targets, and you were constantly course-correcting based on those targets?” —Danielle K White “It’s so hard to gain perspective about how much you’ve accomplished if you’re not willing to look back.” –Anianne Rivera
Pressure | BMS | EP 099

Pressure | BMS | EP 099


New Episode! On the heels of two wildly successful back-to-back events, Danielle and Ani talk about what it takes to pull off events of that magnitude, how to handle the pressures of life and business, and why they do what they do. In Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month: Week #1: Power Week #2: Production Week #3: Profit Week #4: Protection In This Week’s Episode…..Power Point #1: Let Them Go If someone on your staff isn’t working out, don’t hold onto them. There’s never a good time to let someone go or to move on. But when all is said and done, sometimes it can actually work out to be perfect timing. Danielle: “Don’t be held hostage by your employees. This can also relate to relationships. If you feel like you’re in a place where you “need” one another, that’s not healthy for your relationship. QUESTION Where in your world do you know it’s time to let go of someone or something? Point #2: Visionaries & Implementors As a visionary, Danielle needs to know just enough information to steer the ship, while Ani and Katie, as implementors, are all about the details. Many salon owners take the stance of “I’m just going to focus on the art and the hair and not worry about the numbers,” which can be completely detrimental to their business. QUESTION Which one are you? A visionary or an implementor?     Point #3: Help! null As business owners, you’ve got SO MUCH on your plate. It’s so easy to take on EVERYTHING. Even if you want help, it’s hard to let go and give some of the responsibility to others. When you experience shitty help, shitty help is worse than no help. It turns into babysitting, which requires more time and energy than it’s worth. You end up sacrificing more than you ever anticipated. QUESTION How can you relate to this? Point #4: Sinking Ship? Danielle: Sometimes there are areas of our life where the ship is sinking, and we think, “Oh, I’ve just gotta fight.” But if your ship has been sinking for quite some time, you’ve got to reevaluate. You’ve got to face the facts and the truth of your situation. You have to build yourself. Build YOU! The consequences of NOT building yourself has a trifecta effect. You won’t know the impact that you actually have the power to make on people unless you’re willing to take a look at yourself and build yourself QUESTION Where in your world is it time to face the truth & facts that you have been ignoring? Point #5:  Do It Scared Ani: There’s always going to be pressure in your life. There are going to be moments in your life where you’ll think, “I don’t know if I can actually do this.” It comes down to a moment of decision for yourself. You might be scared shitless, thinking, “I’m not confident, and I’m not 100% certain I can do this! But you know what? Fuck it. I’m not just going to try; I’m going to give this EVERYTHING I have.” QUESTION How can you apply this to your life? Quote of the Week: “If I can figure out how to do this while still being a mom, having family time, having a career, and enjoying life, I want other people to experience this, too. That’s when I launched NBR.” —Danielle K White “It fucking wrecks you! It throws your life upside down and has you questioning everything you’ve ever done in the most beautiful way that you could NEVER imagine!” –Anianne Rivera
  For Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month: Week #1: Power Week #2: Production Week #3: Profit Week #4: Protection In This Week’s Episode…..PROTECTION Point #1: Give & Take Anytime you make a decision, you’re going to receive feedback. Feedback can be a very beautiful thing and can come to you in the form of praise. It can also come in the form of persecution. Either way, you must be able to take a step back, be open to it, and ask yourself, “What is the lesson?” When you are open to constructive feedback that can serve you, things will improve and you will progress. The same holds true with being the one giving constructive feedback and having the courage to give it when necessary. QUESTION When you receive feedback, what is your normal go-to action? Do you defend and blame, or are you open to asking yourself, “What is the lesson?” Point #2: Oh, It’s Fine How often do we tell others, “Oh, it’s fine” when it really isn’t because we don’t want to complain or ‘rock the boat?’ All of those ‘oh, it’s fine’ moments stack on top of each other until you finally blow. And, guess what? It’s your fault. Ani: You can’t be upset with your clients for coming in on a Saturday when you allow them to come in on a Saturday. You can’t be mad at someone else for the choices and decision you make. QUESTION How often do you use the phrase, “Oh, it’s fine” when you know that isn’t the truth? Point #3: Poking Holes Whenever you make a life-altering decision, people are going to express an opinion…whether solicited or not. When they come at you with that ‘poke hole’ mentality, it will test how strong & confident you are in your convictions. It will either push you forward OR you’re going to let it get to your head and you will begin questioning your decision, putting yourself in a weakened, wishy-washy condition. Don’t go about making decisions with one foot in and one foot out. QUESTION Where do you currently have one foot in and one foot out? What can you do to change that? Point #4: Fear & Faith You’re always going to be afraid of trying something new and leaving what was comfortable behind. There will always be a fear attached to what could happen. There’s also a HUGE fear attached to failure and the fear of sucking & embarrassing yourself. When you make a decision to do something, you have to be confident in that decision. Yes, you’re going to be afraid. Yes, you may be a little unsure of what the hell you’re doing…and that’s ok. What you must have, no matter what, is faith: more faith in yourself than you have fear. QUESTION Where in your world are you letting the fear of the unknown keep you in a situation that has become way too comfortable for you? Point #5: Feedback Danielle: If you can’t take feedback, you can only get so good at doing your job behind the chair as an Artist. A lot of Artists will take feedback as an attack, or they will be embarrassed and get defensive. You have to be able to take feedback, even if you feel it’s from a nut case, and ask yourself where you could have improved. Approaching it with neutral energy instead of a defensive attitude will make all the difference. QUESTION How do you receive feedback as an Artist? What can you do to improve how you receive it? Quote of the Week: "I’m going to challenge all of you to stop putting one foot in and one foot out, and instead commit, make it happen, and then see what happens for you in your business and in your life." — Danielle K White “Anytime you’re making a huge life decision or a decision that’s ‘out of the norm,’  you’re either going to hear praise or persecution. You just need to be confident in what you’re doing and have more faith in yourself than you have fear in the “what-if’s” of failure. —Anianne Rivera
For Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month: Week #1: Power Week #2: Production Week #3: Profit Week #4: Protection In This Week’s Episode…..Production Point #1: Invest in Yourself Ashlee is an independent educator who has been traveling the world teaching for the past five years. She loves teaching people who invest in themselves and who are excited to learn and grow. Before that, she was an in-salon educator for ten years. “I was coming back to the salon super passionate to share these ideas, and what I had learned. I would have girls hungover or girls not wanting to be there. It was free; they felt coerced to be there and didn’t value it.” QUESTION Where in your world do you find yourself constantly giving to others who don't value you or your message? How is that working for you? Point #2: Expand Your Capacity Ashlee: I like this idea that our life is like a wheel. Sometimes you’re going to get a flat tire, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pump it back up and keep going. Ani: I see hear artists who say, “I don’t know if I can do this!” Yes, you can. You have to push past that capacity and know that you can do more. QUESTION Where in your world do you want to expand your capacity? Point #3: Day By Day null Danielle: You need to take things one day at a time. If I look at goals that I want to happen at this time next year, I immediately close down and get overwhelmed, and I feel like I’m drowning. A lot of women will worry about things six months into the future, but I tell them they don’t have to worry about them right now because they’re not facing those things right now. Just worry about the problems that are right in front of you. QUESTION What can you do to focus more on what’s in front of you?   Point #4: Don’t Stop When you give people a tool that can double their income, it changes lives, and it changes families. Years ago, when Danielle came home exhausted, juggling motherhood and work, she didn’t know if she could continue on. A voice came to her and said, “You’d be selfish to stop.” “I think we tend to come through and do things when there is more on the line. With each kid, my time got that much more valuable. As educators, we don’t realize how many people were inspiring. I can still be a mom and at the same time, teach and be passionate about hair.” QUESTION Who has inspired you to become a better artist? Point #5: Priorities Danielle: It comes down to prioritizing your time in order to create that balance. You have to learn how to prioritize your time based on what fucking ship is sinking. Ani: Nobody has any fucking free time for anything. You MAKE fucking time. You make time for business, you make time for partnerships, you make time for filming, and you make time for your actual partner. You make time based on what is a priority. QUESTION Where in your world do you know it’s time to re-visit your priorities and course-correct? Quote of the Week: “The more we share our stories, the more we can evolve and level up our capacity, and figure out how to balance life productively.” — Danielle K White “Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize! If it’s not important, if it’s not encouraging you, and if it’s not pushing you forward, fucking cut it out of your life and move on!” —Anianne Rivera
  For Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month: Week #1: Power Week #2: Production Week #3: Profit Week #4: Protection In This Week’s Episode…..POWER Point #1: Born to Leap! Why are we so scared to step into the unknown even when we’re already in a scary or uncomfortable place? We’ll take so much pain before we let go and step into the unknown. We’re built to survive, so jumping into the unknown is how we can give ourselves -and human nature – more credit. When you take that leap, you’re not just going to lay down and die; rather you’re going to fight to succeed. It’s crazy, though, how many years people will hold themselves hostage to situations that they don’t want to be in and where shit hasn’t changed for years. QUESTION Where in your world do you know it’s time to take a leap, but your fear has paralyzed you? Point #2: But…What Happens If I Leave? When it comes to artists, there are so many who continue working at a salon even though they absolutely hate everything about it – the vibe, the aesthetics, the owner – and they know that they should leave. But then they question what will happen if they do leave? There are situations where you might have to take a step back before you take a step forward which can also scare people from ultimately taking that leap forward. We begin listening to the voices in our head that are saying things like, “Why would you let go of that security?” But if you’re unhappy, in feeling safe, it’s costing you so much more QUESTION How do you respond to the voices in your head? Point #3: You Got This! Anytime you decide to take a leap into the unknown, most likely you’re going to experience feelings of fear and anxiety, and it can be really stressful. The decision to move forward doesn’t always come easily. When Danielle finds herself in situations where she feels almost beaten down – and physically & emotionally exhausted – a higher power will come to her with the message, “You got this! QUESTION How have you experienced this in your life? Point #4: One Foot In, One Foot Out Many artists aren’t able to make the commitment and take the leap. They hang on to what’s comfortable or have a hard time letting go and end up keeping one toe in the water, even sometimes holding down two to three jobs because they’re unable to let go completely. Ani has been one to jump off the cliff and just go for it, which is one of the reasons why she is able to learn and grow so quickly. “I’m one of those people who will have 500 questions about something to make sure I have everything correct in my head before I commit to something.” And then she takes the leap. QUESTION Where do you currently have one foot in and one foot out? Point #5: One Moment of Bravery Ani: Sometimes all we need is one moment of bravery – a fuck it moment. That could mean taking five minutes to write your letter of resignation from a job that you fucking hate or a salon you don’t want to be at. It literally only takes one moment of bravery to hit the send button. Danielle: I think the older we get, the more set in our ways we are. It’s even harder if you’re married or if you have children where there’s more riding on the line. We seem to stop taking risks as adults and think we have too much to lose, But in reality, we have too much to lose by NOT taking the leap QUESTION Where in your world do you know that by taking one moment of bravery it would shift the course of your life? Quote of the Week: “Assess the cliff. How much time do you have before you actually jump off the cliff? Are there some steps you can take that would make that jump seem safer?” — Danielle K White “Don’t be reactive, be proactive. Don’t just wait for something to happen to you; make moves beforehand. Life does not have to happen to you; you can create whatever it is you want in life.” —Anianne Rivera
As 2018 winds down, Danielle and Ani engage in a timely and powerful conversation around the topic of consistency. Where are you being inconsistent across all four areas of your life? What is that inconsistency costing you? What can you do about creating more consistency as you head into 2019? *Encore presentation from December 2018* Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month: Week #1: Power Week #2: Production Week #3: Profit Week #4: Protection In This Week’s Episode…..Power Point #1: Self Care Both Danielle and Ani agree that hairdressers tend to have the most awful eating habits, oftentimes relying on Starbucks to get them through their long days. It’s imperative as hairdressers to take care of ourselves precisely because we are on our feet all day long. As we practice self-care, we not only feel better, but we also deliver better results to our clients. QUESTION What small, sustainable action are you committed to begin implementing today that will lead to a healthier you in 2019? Point #2: Arm Yourself With the Facts Danielle and Ani have seen many students in their program know what they need to do that would lead them to the success they are desiring, but end up cheering others from the sidelines instead of stepping into the game themselves. Getting down to the facts and nitty-gritty details takes artists out of the overwhelm mode and puts everything into perspective. Doing this is difficult for many artists because they don’t want to see where they really are. QUESTION What are the facts telling you? What are you going to do about it? Point #3: Progress or Regress You can be in a good place in your life and know there’s another level; there’s always another level. You don’t have to be unhappy where you are in order for you to want to achieve more. Sometimes you will go into maintenance mode, but if you’re not progressing, you’re regressing. It’s not like you have to take huge leaps and bounds every single day, just do the tiny little things that will consistently move you forward. QUESTION Where inside your world are things going well? What would the next level look like for you? Point #4: I Don’t Have Time You have to be willing to make a change at some point and not be so stubborn. At the end of the day, it all comes down to prioritizing. You get to create whatever you want. Oftentimes, it’s a matter of looking at your life through a different lens and being willing to invest the time into the things you say you want. QUESTION What are you telling yourself you don’t have time for? Point #5: Reps Lead to Success When you start anything that is new to you, you’re going to feel uncomfortable in the beginning. Think back to how you felt when you first started doing hair, or when you recorded your first video for marketing. When you see where you are today in any area of your life, you realize that the more you do something, the better you become and the more you like what you’re doing. It’s a natural progression. QUESTION What area of your business are you currently experiencing discomfort? ACTION STEPS HEADING INTO 2019 “Don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone. Dream Big! Be willing to do the work by creating new patterns and behaviors that actually move you forward to your desired targets.” — Danielle White “Grab your journal and start writing: What are the facts about where I currently am? What do I want my life to look like by the end of 2019?”
In Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month: Week #1: Power Week #2: Production Week #3: Profit Week #4: Protection In This Week’s Episode…..PROTECTION Point #1: The Show Must Go On Danielle’s twelve-year-old daughter, Bailee, loves to sing and perform. After a recent performance in her school’s talent show, Bailee called Danielle in tears, “Mom, they were laughing at me. This girl on the front row was snickering at me, rolling her eyes, and getting all the boys to laugh at me with her.” Danielle: It’s so different when you get up on stage in front of your peers. Just the idea of putting yourself out there is so scary. I think that happens, even as adults. And, I think, as adults, we are almost less willing to put ourselves out there there. QUESTION How do you protect yourself from the fiery darts of mean girls and haters? Point #2: Social Media Trolls “As adults, even when we do put ourselves out there, says Danielle, “there’s still the mean girls or the adult bullies that are trolls on social media. You can have 25 great comments, and then you have one asshole that says something so far out in left field.” “If you have a following,” adds Danielle, “you’re going to have critics. That’s just how it is. The more you put yourself out there, the more you’re going to have people disagree with you. It’s important to stay in your lane and just continue being your authentic self.” QUESTION How do you drown out or ignore the critics? Point #3: Sticks and Stones Danielle feels that the use of certain words can have a very different effect on people or situations. She suggests that, instead of telling someone that you’re giving them some critique, try using the word feedback instead, and watch how everything changes. Ani: At the end of the day, words only have the power that you’re willing to give them. People always ask why I use so much profanity. To me, it doesn’t really fucking matter. I choose not to give words power. QUESTION What are your thoughts about the words you use or hear? Do you give them power, or do you have power over them? Point #4: Get Back Up! Danielle: Sometimes you’re going to feel like you got knocked down, and the best thing you can do is get back up because when you get back up, you’re even stronger. I can count numbers times when I feel like I’ve been knocked down. I say fuck you, and I come back like Tom Brady. If you let it knock you down and you stay in that space, you can’t get any stronger. QUESTION Recall a time in your life when you got back up after being knocked down. How did you feel afterward? Point #5: Golden Nuggets Ani: Look, I get it. It’s not easy putting yourself out there, but at the end of the day, drown out the noise that does nothing for you. If people are sitting in the bleachers screaming at you and throwing tomatoes, guess what? They’re never brave enough to be where you are. And, at the end of the day, their opinion really doesn’t matter.  Danielle: You have to figure out what’s going to lead you to progression in your life. And know that inside of that, there’s going to be growth. Sometimes with growth, there’s going be a little bit of pain. Learn to have tunnel vision, go after your goals, and stay on that path. Ultimately, if you serve yourself, you will serve so many others around you. QUESTION How do you practice tunnel vision? Quote of the Week: “It’s easier to blame the tool than taking accountability that you didn’t do the work with the tool. –Danielle K White “If you’re willing to put yourself out there, in the field, front and center, whatever it is, don’t listen to people that sit in the bleachers. If you’re going to sit in the bleachers, you don’t have a right to critique me.” –Anianne Rivera
In Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month: Week #1: Power Week #2: Production Week #3: Profit Week #4: Protection In This Week's Episode.....PRODUCTION Point #1: Before & After Photos When taking before & after photos, the goal is to deliver good work to the clients and to keep realistic expectations. If you’re going to do any kind of editing, just make sure it represents your work and what you can fulfill and deliver...and what it actually looks like in person. Ani: When you edit a client’s face, it’s not because you think they’re ugly or they don’t look good enough; it's a way to make them feel better. It’s not to take away from who they are or their natural beauty, it's to make them feel comfortable with having their photo taken. [mks_pullquote align="left" width="300" size="24" bg_color="#000000" txt_color="#ffffff"]QUESTION[/mks_pullquote] How have you mastered the art of the Before and After photo? Point #2: Why Are You Editing? Ani: Some people use the editing app to correct the mistakes they have made while doing someone’s hair. We’re editing to get capture the look on film that we're seeing in person. Lighting is hard, taking pictures is really hard, and depending on the time of day, the lighting can change. Danielle: Nobody knows how good you are unless you show them. Part of the process of marketing is getting really good at taking photos so you can show your work to others and have it look as good as it does in person. [mks_pullquote align="left" width="300" size="24" bg_color="#000000" txt_color="#ffffff"]QUESTION[/mks_pullquote] How are your photo-taking and editing skills? Point #3: Feedback Danielle: You have to give yourself honest feedback, and you can’t blame everything that doesn’t look good in the photo on the lighting. If you are able to give yourself honest feedback, you will become a better artist. Stop judging everybody else’s work and wondering if they’re filtering or not filtering it. Just constantly rate your own work and ask yourself, "How can I learn and grow as an artist?" As you give yourself feedback, be sure to put it in the client’s notes. [mks_pullquote align="left" width="300" size="24" bg_color="#000000" txt_color="#ffffff"]QUESTION[/mks_pullquote] How has giving yourself honest feedback made you a better Artist? Point #4: Showcasing Your Work Ani: As hairstylists, we post our work which can be both good AND bad. When posting work you can tell what looks legit as opposed to what has been filtered 15 times. Danielle: As you showcase your work, great lighting is a must. The better the lighting you have, the less editing you'll have to do because it actually does represent your work. [mks_pullquote align="left" width="300" size="24" bg_color="#000000" txt_color="#ffffff"]QUESTION[/mks_pullquote] Do you tend to use too many filters in your photos? Point #5: Keeping It Real Ani: If you’re going to smoothe someone’s face, they shouldn’t actually look blurry. When I look at a photo and the face is all blurry, I know it's been filtered way too much and it doesn't look right. Danielle: Don’t take away all the lines. If the face is too over-edited then people assume the hair is over-edited as well. In my experience, if you have good lighting, the skin looks better. The point being, the more you learn how to use lighting, the less editing you’ll have to do and the more it will represent your work. [mks_pullquote align="left" width="300" size="24" bg_color="#000000" txt_color="#ffffff"]QUESTION[/mks_pullquote] Do you tend to blur the lines too much or do you keep it real? Quote of the Week: “If I have a situation in business where shit goes sideways, I have to remind myself that I created the circumstances for this to happen, so it's up to me to learn from it, grow from it, and then move on. Yes, that fucking sucks so let’s figure out how we’re going to do it better next time." --Danielle K White "Remember, editing is fine if you’re doing it to represent how your work truly looked in person. If you’re using editing because you can’t get it right in the salon - meaning, you’re doing something wrong with the hair - you're not representing yourself well, you’re not representing your brand well, AND you're doing a disservice to future clients because you will not be able to provide to them what you’re showing." --Anianne Rivera
What do donuts, Mexican food, and Apple watches have in common? What is the back story behind the name, Big Money Stylist? What’s underneath Danielle’s bathroom sink that ends up on her hair after a glass of Rosé? Why is it so important to embrace our imperfections? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this episode brimming with humor, laughter, personal stories, and an array of well-placed truth bombs. In Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month: Week #1: Power Week #2: Production Week #3: Profit Week #4: Protection In This Week’s Episode…..Power Point #1: Facts Over Fiction Part of what has made BMS what it is, is that Danielle and Garrett are so willing to be open and honest about sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly about their personal and business lives. Ani: I think it’s the ability to be honest about those imperfections that has not only made BMS what it is but also the ability to create such a great environment for someone to be able to be honest about where they are in their life. The day we stop doing that is the day it all goes to shit. QUESTION What area of your life do you hide the facts and instead, choose to live in fiction? Point #2: Embrace Your Imperfections Danielle started her brand by exposing her vulnerabilities. “Hey, I have really shitty toddler hair. I know it looks nice (now), but it’s because I was committed to finding a method that looked natural in my hair.” Ani: To me, it’s just a matter of me being able to own it. You don’t have to berate yourself or beat yourself down or make yourself feel shitty, but if you ever want to make it past the place where you’re currently at, you’ve got to own your imperfections. QUESTION What is one of your imperfections that you could use in your marketing to make you more approachable and relatable?  Point #3: These Are My Numbers Danielle related a remarkable and inspiring story about an artist in their education program who, when given the news that her salon wasn’t a fit for a certain high-end product, began making changes instead of being upset and angry about the company’s decision. A year later, she reapproached them. Ani: They asked for her numbers, which they misconstrued as the salon numbers, to which she replied, “These ARE my numbers. If you want the salon’s as a whole, I can get you those, too.” They were shocked! QUESTION How do you handle “rejection?” Do you ask yourself (and others) how you can become better, or do you shrink, hide, and ultimately give up?   Point #4: Hit the Restart Button Ani: The point is, it’s ok NOT to be perfect. You have to be ok with your imperfections and know that you’re going to fuck some stuff up, you’re not going to know how to do some things, and you’ve got to be ok with knowing that you’re going to have to ask for help. Sometimes you have to hit the restart button to really get to where you need to go. Danielle: If you try to look too perfect, it looks inauthentic. Anyone who listens to my podcasts knows how real of a person I am. And I think that’s what people resonate with. Yes, I’ve become this person, and I will never apologize for that. I have a fancy car, fancy shoes, and a nice home, but you better believe I work my ass off for those. QUESTION Where in your world do you try to look “perfect?”   Point #5:  Better, Not Perfect At the beginning of my career, I was that asshole who said, “I’m really good at what I do.” But as I started to market myself and put myself out there, I realized I wasn’t that good. While I gave myself some grace, I asked myself how I could become better. That’s when I started to notice my progression and began seeing the direct results in my life by becoming not perfect, but better. QUESTION What answers are you receiving when you ask yourself, “How can I become better at _________?”  Quote of the Week: “One thing I stand for is growth, and that’s what we teach: becoming your best self.” —Danielle K White “At the end of the day, don’t aim for perfection, and second of all, don’t limit yourself.” –Anianne Rivera
Do you consider yourself to be self-aware? Why does that even matter? Do you waste time on social media and then complain you don’t have time to do the things that would actually move you forward in your business? Do you ever feel like you’re on a never-ending hamster wheel, always moving but going nowhere? Danielle and Ani take on these topics in this week’s episode of the Big Money Stylist.  In Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month: Week #1: Power Week #2: Production Week #3: Profit Week #4: Protection In This Week’s Episode…..PRODUCTION Point #1: I’m Too Busy With artists working behind the chair, there are simple marketing tactics they get to work on that are designed to increase their momentum and ultimately their business. One of them is called the Daily Four, which many complain they don’t have time to do. However, artists often fill their days with shit that doesn’t fucking matter. They’ll sit on Instagram for thirty minutes, scroll endlessly, and then do some shopping. “You could have been doing something that will make you money instead of just taking up your time.” QUESTION When you say you don’t have time for marketing or self-improvement, how are you really spending your time? Point #2: False Loop Sometimes in life, you’re moving so fast that the idea of trying to fit one more thing inside your life seems completely unfathomable. You feel like you’re almost sinking and can barely maintain what you already have on your plate. Danielle: A lot of times, we’ll be busy running on this hamster wheel, and it’s almost like we self-sabotage because we want to feel like we’re growing and learning, when in fact, we’re not even progressing. That is when we experience the false lift or false loop. QUESTION Where in your world are you experiencing this false loop? Point #3: You’re Not Quite There Yet Some artists are worried about things that are ten steps ahead of them. “Why are you worried about firing your fucking assistant if you don’t even have one?” This can actually hold you back in life and in business. Instead, concentrate on where you are right now and then take one step at a time. Example: start doing Daily Four, begin taking before/after photos, or start going live. QUESTION What is one thing you can begin implementing today rather than worrying about what’s ten steps ahead of you? Point #4: Awareness Awareness is so important, but it is not something that comes easily. It takes having the courage to be really honest with yourself. “I’m a very emotional person, but I’m not sensitive,” offers Ani. “And inside of that, I feel like I am a very self-aware person. I can take myself out of my feelings, take a step back, and take a look from the outside and ask myself, “If you weren’t emotionally attached to this, would you be upset?” QUESTION How is being self-aware a game-changer for you?   Point #5:  Zero Fucks Given Danielle: Garrett tells me that my superpower is Zero Fucks Given, and asks how I do that? I HAVE to do that. I’ve gotten to a place in business where what another person says doesn’t impact me. Ani is the same way. “I can take emotion out of something, put it in a little box, and logically ask, what’s happening right now?” It’s imperative to take the raw emotion out of something to be able to solve problems; otherwise, things tend to spiral out of control. QUESTION What is your superpower?   Quote of the Week:  “It’s almost like we have our blinders on when we look at our art because art is so personal. But if you can learn to look at yourself constructively, that will help you progress and become a better artist.” –Danielle K White “I don’t aspire to be busy. I want to be productive, I want to be inventive, I want to be calm and balanced.” –Anianne Rivera
In this week’s episode, Danielle arrives in an impressive head-to-toe 80s look as she and Ani take a walk down the memory lane of fashion and style. They also explore the ever-important topic of research, how to handle your clients’ expectations, and share the steps they are taking that are radically challenging the hair industry’s wide-spread “pay-to-play” policy. *Repeat Episode From January 2019*     In Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month: Week #1: Power Week #2: Production Week #3: Profit Week #4: Protection     In This Week’s Episode…..PROTECTION     Point #1: Embrace Change   Fashions and styles come and go and have a tendency to repeat every thirty years or so. Danielle remarks, “Let go of the old and accept the new. The old becomes the new new, so just let go.” “While short haircuts are trendy, extensions are always going to be classic and cool. We just need to make sure the styles stay consistent with the times.”   QUESTION     What fashions or styles have been your favorites through the years?     Point #2: Hand-Tied Hair     Extension hair comes machine-tied and hand-tied. Sixteen years ago, Danielle discovered hand-tied hair. She liked it because the weft was so much thinner and the density from top to bottom was so much fuller.  Hand-tied hair is super trendy right now. It’s important to do your research because there are so many different installation methods. Natural Beaded Rows is one of the installation methods of the hand-tied hair.     QUESTION     As an Artist, what different types of installation methods have you exerienced?     Point #3: Time, Reps & Experience     Ani: You can be doing something for ten years but are only doing it for five minutes every day, or you can be doing something for a year but are spending seven hours a day doing it. I’ll choose the seven-hour person every time. Danielle: You have to have reps in something in order to become an expert. When people say they’ve been doing hair for 20-30 years, they don’t understand that the experience you’ve had, Ani, could be equal to or more than what they’ve done.     QUESTION     Where in your world do you know you’re lacking reps?     Point #4: Managing Client Expectations     When you have a client who hasn’t experienced extensions, you need to take more time with them and describe how to take care of the extensions. You almost need to baby them at first. It’s also important to be able to have direct communication with them which you may not be accustomed to doing. Yet, as the professional, it’s vital that you have these direct conversations with them. (What is your hair policy? Do they need new hair? How long is your work guaranteed?)   QUESTION     How can your improve the direct conversations with your clients?     Point #5:  The World of Pay to Play     Ani: Inside the hair world, you pay to play. You paid your money so now you’re ‘qualified and certified.’ The changes we’ve made inside of our education now means something. It means something to do NBR, it means something to be a licensed artist, not just, “I paid money, took one class, and now I’m certified.” Danielle: We had to make some hard decisions within our education. We pumped on the brakes and put qualifications in place. We received a lot of backlash for it but that’s ok. There’s no point being in business if you’re not trying to up the game. It’s always important to take a step back and look at the reality of where you are.   QUESTION     What have you done lately to “up your game?”   Quote of the Week:  “People are giving way too much credit to popularity vs actually doing the research. Not every artist, salon, or technique is created equal.” –Danielle K White “As a consumer myself, I do crazy research and am super psycho about it. It’s that important to me.” –Anianne Rivera
In this fresh new episode of the BMS Podcast, Danielle and Ani (with a cameo appearance by baby Isla) have a conversation about fear vs intuition. What causes you to seek outside validation? What can you do to silence the noise and opinions of others? What voices do you have inside your head, and which one should you listen to? What about feedback? This is a must-watch-and-listen-to episode! In Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month: Week #1: Power Week #2: Production Week #3: Profit Week #4: Protection In This Week’s Episode…..POWER Point #1: Voices Any time you’re about to do something new or make a decision, you’re always going to have two voices inside your head speaking to you. One of them is your legitimate intuition, the other one – which sounds exactly the same – is fear.  With fear, your mind goes to the worst-case scenario and gives you anxiety. The other voice, however, brings with it a gut feeling or sixth sense, commonly referred to as your spidey-sense. QUESTION Are you able to differentiate between the two voices? Which one do you find yourself most often paying attention to? Point #2: But… What Will People Say? Whenever we are investing in something, whether it be a class, an event, or a product, there are always going to be people who have an opinion about it. “Why would you spend so much money on that? I would NEVER do that!” Ani: We pay too much attention to what others think, and they end up projecting their fears onto us! Danielle: With our education, there is always a price point. Many might second guess themselves and ask, “Is it worth it? What are people going to think?” I invest a lot of money into my business, giving our artists the best experience they can possibly have, including months of pre-training. QUESTION When you make a decision, who do you tend to listen to: yourself, or everyone around you? Point #3: Feedback Feedback is HUGE at Danielle’s salon. When a client has a bad experience, it’s human nature to want to defend one’s actions. But instead of doing that, it’s better to look at what took place and ask yourself what you can learn from it and what can be done differently the next time in a similar scenario. Ani: Don’t look at feedback as an attack, it’s to help you fucking grow. Taking feedback isn’t about shutting your mouth, it’s about stepping back and having a conversation about the situation from all viewpoints and then course correcting. QUESTION How do you give and receive feedback?   Point #4: Tune Out the Noise Ani: It’s SO easy to have an opinion from far away. In the words of one of our trainers, Candice, “If I am standing here on the stage, don’t fucking come to me if you’re sitting in the bleachers not doing a damn thing.” In other words, until you are in my fucking shoes, I really don’t want your fucking opinion. There came a time in Danielle’s life when she had to let go of everything she was raised with. “I knew in my gut there was another path. I had to TUNE OUT everything and everyone, and instead focus on MY vision of what I saw for myself and my family. When you have that little voice, use it to your advantage; use it as fuel.” QUESTION What can you do to tune out the noise in your life?   Point #5: Know Yourself Sometimes people second guess themselves because they don’t know or understand themselves well enough and instead rely on others to give them the validation they are seeking. Journaling, meditation, and reading books that add value to your life and help you grow as a human being will help you understand and trust yourself. Ani talked about how it’s important to be able to recognize the difference between “This is a bad idea, my stomach hurts!” as opposed to “That would be amazing if it works, but I am so scared.” Sometimes it IS scary, and we don’t know how to come out on the other side of that fear.” QUESTION What do you do on a regular basis to get to know and understand who you are?   Quote of the Week:   “Mama’s comin’ back!” —Danielle K White “Sometimes you just have to do the radically opposite thing than what you’ve been doing to actually get past that fear.” –Anianne Rivera
*New Episode* Danielle and Ani are joined in the studio by baby Isla in this new episode of the Big Money Stylist, and have a conversation about the importance of surrounding yourself with those who are excited about your growth & success, and describe some of the exciting highlights of the new DKW Styling Academy coming in 2020. In Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month: Week #1: Power Week #2: Production Week #3: Profit Week #4: Protection In This Week’s Episode…..POWER Point #1: Good Vibes The vibe inside of your salon is SO important. If it’s a happy place where clients feel welcomed and at home, and where the artists genuinely get along and love working together, it’s going to make an impression on your clientele, and it’s going to affect their overall experience. Everybody would rather go to a salon where the artists love their job and create a fun atmosphere than a salon where catfights and negative vibes permeate. A great experience for the client births repeat business. QUESTION How is the vibe in your salon or suite? What could you do to improve it? Point #2: Mindset There are some artists who just want to learn the NBR method without delving into the business aspect or the ever-important mindset. Danielle used to be the same way, having an attitude of, “I just want to do hair and have a margarita.” These days, she and Ani are life coaches inside their educational programs and know what a vital role mindset plays in an artist’s life.  QUESTION What do you do on a regular basis to work on and improve your mindset? Point #3: DKW Styling Academy One of the exciting announcements of 2020 is the launch of the DKW Styling Academy where artists can expect more structure and where they will learn and work at their own pace and abilities, while at the same time progress to the next phase. Danielle: With the way the academy is structured, I feel like we’re setting people up to win. Before it was like we had a bucket of content, and people tended to get overwhelmed. Even with the weekly trainings where we’re pouring our hearts out and adding a ton of value, if you’re not ready to hear what we're telling you, you’ll get overwhelmed, and you won’t be able to apply it. QUESTION What are you most looking forward to about the DKW Styling Academy? Point #4: Your Legacy Ani: At the end of the day, if Danielle and I do our job and what we’re so passionate about – and if we do it correctly – the students aren’t here forever. Our goal is to have them so confident in the art and have their business so structured & strong that it can actually work without them. That’s what creates a legacy. You’re going to get a ton of training about all things NBR, about life, and also about the technical aspect which is a HUGE part of the business, especially in today’s over-saturated market. QUESTION Are you willing to invest in yourself to create a legacy? Point #5: Get In Alignment Danielle: We’re always so worried and concerned about what other people think about us. The reality is, nobody really cares about you. They’re really more interested in themselves. So… get out of your own way. I always tell people to have tunnel vision, know your goals, and align yourself with people that have the same values as you do. And when those values don’t align, don’t be afraid to find yourself a new group or a new tribe that will align with you in the direction you want to go, and with what your values are. QUESTION What is the current state of your alignment? Is it serving you & propelling you forward, or is it slowing you down?   Quote of the Week:   “Tune out the noise, be accountable to yourself, and just go with your gut.” —Danielle K White “Look, you can’t be pissed at the people who are taking from you if you keep willingly give. Stop giving that much. You can’t be pissed at your client for coming in on a Saturday if you let her. It’s up to you at the end of the day.” –Anianne Rivera
*REPEAT EPISODE FROM APRIL 2019* If the world is moving forward and you’re not, that means you’re not current, you’re behind…and you’re actually regressing. Where are you becoming stagnant in your business? Where are you feeling stuck? In this week’s episode, Danielle & Ani take on this important conversation and present five of the “Ten Reasons Why Your Business Could Be Stagnant…and What To Do About It – Part 1.” In Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month: Week #1: Power Week #2: Production Week #3: Profit Week #4: Protection In This Week’s Episode…..PRODUCTION Point #1: COMMUNICATION Danielle finds that many stylists are scared to have certain conversations with their clients, especially when it comes to raising their prices. She suggests going into a conversation with the mindset of ‘this is business.’ “Speak with clarity and give your client a chance to either stay with you or go with someone else. Remember, your client is a transaction.” Ani believes, “You don’t have to take it personally. If they choose to leave, it’s not them saying ‘I hate you’ or ‘I don’t like you.’ As artists, we take it personally because our art IS personal and we don’t understand why they would want to go to anyone else, especially after we have done such a good job on their hair.” QUESTION In what ways do you take it personally when a client leaves and takes their business elsewhere? How can embracing the reality that clients are a transaction make your life easier? Point #2: IT’S NOT A GOOD FIT Sometimes you and a client are simply not a good fit, especially when they want you to do something that you know, in good conscience, is not good for their hair. You want to make your client happy, AND you also must take a firm stand on what you will and will not do, based on your experience as a professional. QUESTION How are your conversations with your clients when it comes to your professional opinion about what you will and will not do? Point #3: SLAVE BEHIND THE CHAIR Ani: How does being a slave behind the chair keep you stagnant? We have artists who come into BMS making no money but are working six days a week, and then once they start crushing it in NBR & BMS, they’re STILL working six days a week, bringing in $40k-$50k a month…BUT they are STILL slaves behind the chair. Danielle: I get it. The money can be kind of addicting. It’s hard to say no to people. My advice? If you don’t want to be a slave behind the chair, you have to set clear boundaries for yourself and STICK TO THEM. QUESTION Where do you see yourself in all of this? Are you a salve behind the chair? Or, have you been able to make the shift out of that position? Point #4: KNOW YOUR NUMBERS There are usually two camps inside of this. You’re either the person who says, ’I’m fucking crushing it!” but in reality, you’re not. OR, you’re the person who says, ‘Oh my God, I’m doing terrible!” … until you look at your numbers and realize you’re doing really well. Artists have approached Ani expressing how they felt they were not doing well…UNTIL they started running their numbers. Oftentimes when artists begin tracking their numbers and compare their current numbers to past years’ pre-BMS/NBR numbers, what they’re finding is their numbers are doubling and tripling. QUESTION What has been the biggest eye-opener for you since you started tracking your numbers? Point #5: YOU FEEL ALONE & ISOLATED ANI: So often we think we don’t need anybody and can do everything by ourselves… but we don’t realize how much HARDER it is to be alone. Plus, when you’re alone, it’s your pace and ONLY yours that you’re looking at. It’s also easier to fall into the victim and blame mentality. DANIELLE: People lose momentum because they don’t have that community. This is why people want to get back into BMS Mastermind. Not only are they noticing that they’re becoming stagnant but they’re also realizing they’re losing momentum and don’t have the results, which ultimately means they’re digressing. When you surround yourself with people who are doing what you want to do, it pushes you forward, faster. QUESTION What has been your experience with this?   Quote of the Week:   “If you’re that business owner who’s running on the hamster wheel because you can’t let go, I want you to keep in mind that it’s most likely keeping you a slave behind the chair AND a slave to your business. It’s also keeping you very stagnant.” —Danielle K White “I feel if you are wanting to progress to a level six and you’re at a level three, you can’t keep hanging out with people who are at a level three. You should probably be hanging out with people you aspire to become.” –Anianne Rivera  
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