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Author: John Hubbard

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Are you a cyber defender looking to keep up on the newest tools, technology, and security concepts? Then BLUEPRINT is the podcast for you! Tune in to hear the latest in cyber defense and security operations from blue team leaders and experts. With a focus on learning, BLUEPRINT includes interviews with today’s top security practitioners defending the world’s most respected brands, and in-depth explanations on the newest technologies, protocols, and defensive tools. BLUEPRINT, is a podcast hosted by John Hubbard and brought to you by the SANS Institute. BLUEPRINT - your one-stop shop for taking your defense skills to the next level!
10 Episodes
Roberto Rodriguez explains the awesome projects and initiatives he is working on to help blue teams perform advanced data collection, analysis, and threat hunting.Twitter Handles: @Cyb3rWard0g | @SecHubb | @SANSDefenseAll Blueprint Podcast Episodes:
Cloud expert Kyle Dickinson discusses common cloud infrastructure attacks, and how you can detect and prevent them before they happen to your organization.Twitter Handles: @KyleHaxWhy | @SecHubb | @SANSDefenseAll Blueprint Podcast Episodes:
Mark and Libby share the new technologies in use at Microsoft to dramatically decrease the need for the use of passwords in the enterprise.Twitter Handles: @markmorow | @TruBluDevil | @SecHubb | @SANSDefenseAll Blueprint Podcast Episodes:
Dave and Ryan speak with John about resources for training yourself, and the challenges of setting up a large-scale cyber lab to simulate an advanced attack for their Splunk Boss of the SOC competition.Twitter Handles: @daveherrald | @meansec | @SecHubb | @SANSDefenseAll Blueprint Podcast Episodes:
Katie Nickels talks about what threat intelligence is, where to get it, what you should expect from it, and how the SOC should be using it. Twitter Handles: @likethecoins | @SecHubb | @SANSDefenseAll Blueprint Podcast Episodes:
Mary Chaney shares what types of laws we should be concerned about. She discusses her thoughts on privacy laws and how that will drive cyber security, and what she’s doing to get more diverse representation in the industry at all levels. Twitter Handles: @MaryNChaney | @SecHubb | @SANSDefenseAll Blueprint Podcast Episodes:
Chris Sanders and Stef Rand discuss qualitative research they conducted on how to use divergent or convergent thinking for improving the quality of your analysis.Twitter Handles: @ChrisSanders88 | @techieStef | @SecHubb | @SANSDefenseAll Blueprint Podcast Episodes:
In our very first guest interview with Mark Orlando, John asks Mark questions to help us re-evaluate our security operations.Twitter Handles: @MarkAOrlando | @SecHubbAll Blueprint Podcast Episodes:
The Art of Blue Teaming

The Art of Blue Teaming


Hear host John Hubbard share info on his background, his inspiration and goals for this podcast and his insights on ‘The Art of Blue Teaming”.Twitter Handles: @SecHubb | @SANSDefenseAll Blueprint Podcast Episodes:
Introducing Blueprint

Introducing Blueprint


Blueprint brings you the latest in cyber defense and security operations from top blue team leaders. Blueprint is brought to you by the SANS Institute and is hosted by SANS Certified Instructor John Hubbard.Twitter Handles: @SecHubb | @SANSDefenseAll Blueprint Podcast Episodes:
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