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Author: Crazy DJ Bazarro

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Every Friday on BTR (TGIF-style!), Crazy DJ Bazarro presents dope music and exclusive interviews with some of reggaeton's most talented, raw, up-and-coming artists. Listen and witness them break through the airways into your ear canals. With new music every week, in rebel mode or party mode, the beats keep ya head bopping.
81 Episodes
Enjoy what you want! Be free! Listen to what you want! Right here on Tune into the sounds of Reggaeton at the highest level. Brought to you by Crazy Dj Bazarro. Yeah, that's me! Sometimes you guys forget. LOL. You are free to hear some bangers in this mix. Go ahead, it's safe. You are free. Click that button. Latin Hip Hop. Let's go!!!00:00 - Bazarro intro01:40 - China - Anuel AA ft. Daddy Yankee, Ozuna, J Balvin & Karol G06:38 - Chica Bombastic - Wisin Y Yandel09:49 - Encendia - Andre The Giant & Nengo Flow12:58 - Imaginaste - Jhay Cortez ft. Wisin & Yandel17:00 - Peligrosa - Guelo Star ft. MC Ceja24:00 - Bazarro Mic Break21:50 - El Tiempos Se Lo Llevo - Flex25:42 - Guial Muevete - Baby Killa27:29 - Sofrito Mama - Tony Touch ft. The BeatNuts32:01 - Ya Tu Sabes - Los Rakas35:32 - Nadie Me Tumba - Tego Calderon ft. Francistyle39:31 - Bazarro Mic Break40:35 - Gitanas - Mala Rodriguez43:21 - Feka - De La Ghetto ft. El Alfa & Miky Woodz47:41 - We Dem Rakaz - Los Rakas51:12 - Da Lama Ao Caos - Chico Science & Nacao Zumbi55:43 - El Tiburon - Proyecto Uno60:54 - Bazarro Mic Break61:56 - Finish
We got joints, some jams, some bangers & some head boppers. It's Friday. The day after Halloween and the earth's standing still. Fans are frozen, and we're about to shock the world. It's messed up what one mix can do. Make the world stop spinning. The mix is right here for you to check out on your own. Keep it movin. Enjoy and have a good weekend.00:00 - Bazarro intro01:34 - Dura - Daddy Yankee04:51 - Todo El Mundo Esta Loco - Villanosam08:45 - Dame Bien - Mala Rodriguez ft. Guaynaa, Big Freedia12:14 - China - Daddy Yankee, Anuel AA, Ozuna, J Balvin & Karol G17:12 - Te Buscare - Jayko22:02 - Bazarro Mic Break23:10 - Mala Suerte - Callie 13 ft. El 13, Mala Rodriguez27:10 - Yo Se - De La Ghetto30:13 - Like We Ay Dios Mio - Tego Calderon33:49 - Traviesa - Thony Cortijo ft. Nengo Flow38:16 - Para Mi Barrio - Vico C ft. Tony Touch & D'Mingo44:01 - Sin Coro - Calle 13 ft. Tuna Bardos44:25 - Bazarro Mic Break45:40 - Josiando Duro - De La Ghetto ft. Alex Kyza, Chyno Nyno, Nengo Flow51:51 - Es Que No Hay - Chyno Nyno56:02 - Una Noche Mas - Nengo Flow59:56 - Bazarro Mic Break60:59 - Finish
Yeah vote for me, lol, that's right. Whenever there's a conversation about DJ's, say my name. LOL. Yo!! Another dope show for you. We're mixing it up big time. Even some head bopping by Mellow Man Ace the legend. What do you know about that? Skillz pay the bills, and I think my skills get it done. Hit that play button and see. We even got Papy Jay in the mix along with Chico Science. Let's go!!!00:00 - Bazarro intro01:30 - El Palo - Guelo Star, Cruz Rock & Albert Diamond04:24 - Pa La Playita - Baby Killa ft. R-1, Kazz Flow & Nikolodian08:28 - Delincuente - Tivi Gunz ft. R-111:32 - El Arte - Chyno Nyno15:06 - I Wonder Why He's The Greatest Dj - Tony Touch19:52 - Bazarro Mic Break21:00 - Con Calma - Daddy Yankee ft. Snow24:11 - M.I.A - Kombo The X Writer ft. Chyno Nyno & Wiso G27:43 - Prendo Uno - Baby Killa ft. Lito Kirino31:05 - Vagabundo - Nengo Flow ft. Frank Jordan34:37 - Usted - Juan Magan & Mala Rodriguez38:27 - El Mas Pingon - Mellow Man Ace43:25 - Bazarro Mic Break44:30 - MJ - Carlos Best46:53 - Te Arrepentiste - Nengo Flow ft. Lyanno50:21 - Despejar La Mente - Papy Jay54:08 - Maracatu Atomico - Chico Science & Nacao Zumbi58:36 - South Gate - Mellow Man Ace62:18 - Bazarro MIc Break63:21 - Finish
Um yeah, if you live in NYC you will witness a couple of rainy days this week. Well, I'm here to bring sunshine to the mood with this new reggaeton mix. We got Mark B on deck, Daddy Yankee, Tego Calderon and Mala Rodriguez. Plus more in store for you. So tonight, if it's not too wet outside go out and party, this mix is the pre-party. You've worked hard all week, let's get all the kinks out ya body and hit that dance floor. Let's go.. Enjoy your weekend..00:00 - Bazarro intro01:35 - Gasolina - Daddy Yankee04:46 - La Ultima Gota - Mark B ft. Arcangel & De La Ghetto08:07 - Pom Pom - Yandel10:59 - I'm A Murderer - Arcangel & De La Ghetto & Mexicano15:05 - Enfermo - La Mala Rodriguez ft. Tego Calderon16:20 - Me Enamore De Ti - Flex19:57 - Bazarro Mic Break21:00 - Predica - Don Omar ft. Miri Ben Ari24:19 - Sangre - Ivy Queen ft. Mexicano27:51 - Que Tengo Que Hacer - MJ ft. De La Ghetto, Randy & Tony Tone32:08 - Vamonos Po' Encima - Vico C ft. D'Mingo & Mala Rodriguez36:17 - Simple Evolucion - Kafu Banton & Tego Calderon40:10 - Bazarro Mic Break41:20 - El Juego - R-144:46 - Longer Than Mandela - Tego Calderon ft. Talib Kweli48:41 - Temes - Nengo Flow52:33 - Para Mi Barrio - Vico C & Tony Touch & D'Mingo58:16 - Hielo - Daddy Yankee61:57 - Bazarro Mic Break63:00 - Finish
So yeah, this New York weather is driving me crazy. One day it's 90 degrees, the next day it drops down to the low 60's. My body hates that. Sometimes it's very hard to dress for this unpredictable NY weather. I know, you're like "so what" lol. So on this mix, the beat changes up like this wild NY weather. We're going to flip it just like that. Fast, slow, and midtempo, just to throw you off a little bit. Still no excuses for you not to dance. Plus, the weather never stops New Yorkers from having a good time. This mix isn't only for NY though, it's for the whole world..LOL. Let's go!!!00:00 - Bazarro Intro01:55 - Time Is Up - Jhoni "The Voice" ft. Los Rakas05:40 - Nadie Me Tumba - Tego Calderon ft. Francistyle09:20 - La Fiesta - Guelo Star ft. Huey Dunbar13:15 - Viaje Del Encanto - Jeycyn ft. Chyno Nyno16:25 - Moviendolo - Pitbull ft. Wisin Y Yandel19:36 - Bazarro Mic Break20:40 - Selfie - De La Ghetto23:46 - Cuidao Con El Vino - Villanosam26:55 - Si Tu Supieras - Daddy Yankee ft. Wisin & Yandel30:53 - Akapellah - MJ36:20 - Palitos - Tego Calderon ft. Jungle, Choco, Bowdozen40:15 - Bazarro Mic Break41:20 - No Lo Trates - Pitbull ft. Natti Natasha & Daddy Yankee44:35 - Tu Y Yo - Jayko Pa ft. Falsetto47:47 - La Aguacatona - Calle 13 ft. Voltio, PG-1351:45 - Si Las Paredes Hablaran - Nelly Nelz ft. Nengo Flow55:13 - Tocate - Guelo Star ft. Chris River59:17 - Bazarro Mic Break60:21 - Finished
YEAH, some people can dance to the break of dawn every night. That's a great way to stay in shape, lol. Well, why not.How bout this weekend just party till you drop. You can recover this Monday while you at work or something. LOL.Blame it on the DJ if your boss asks you what happened. It's all our fault. We make you shake, dance, spin, and roll. Roll intowhat, I don't know. Press play and you'll see for yourself…Go!!!! 00:00 - Bazarro intro01:55 - Palga - Juanka Ft. Jowell & Randy Y Brray06:46 - Traviesa - Kale La Evolucion ft. Don Chezina10:04 - Que Pena - J Balvin ft. Maluma13:26 - Cosita - Valentino ft. Dalex, Lenny Tavarez & Sech17:20 - Mala - Pitbull ft. Becky G20:36 - Bazarro Mic Break21:45 - Mantecado De Coco - Nio Garcia ft. Arcangel, Bryant Myers & Young Blade25:51 - Hold Up - Franco El Gorilla ft. Jon Z28:51 - Si Las Paredes Hablaran - Nelly Nelz ft. Nengo Flow32:19 - Moviendolo - Pitbull ft. Wisin & Yandel35:04 - Mi Ex - Nejo ft. Nicky Jam39:14 - Bazarro Mic Break40:20 - Born To Shine - Dubaii ft. Billy Ronca Y Gringo44:44 - Sinatra - White Bear ft. Carlitos Rossy48:08 - Hace Un Mes - Myke Towers50:52 - Vivimo Caro - Jose Reyes ft. Arcangel , Jon Z, Eladio Carrion Y Duki57:08 - Tengo 30 - Khea ft. Duki, Cazzu, Neo Pistea Y Tali Goya61:52 - Bazarro Mic Break62:57 - Finish
Fall is here?? I don't know! In NYC it's like 85 degrees in the fall. Then the temp drops to like 60 degrees on the same day. Over here though, the temp don't fall, we keep rising. Yeah, It's Friday too, so you know everybody is ready to decompress and get loose. Stay home and relax or hit the city to party. However you do it, we're here to set it off first with this latin hip-hop mix for you. All new joints so let's go!!!00:00 - Bazarro intro01:35 - Dame Un Beso - Mega XxX04:55 - Buyaka - Guaynaa07:24 - F.O.K Friends - Nacho10:21 - Me Enamore De Ti - Flex13:33 - Cenizas - Brytiago16:32 - Mano Arriba - Rafa Pabon22:42 - Bazarro Mic Break23:50 - Tu Perro Jau - NFasis Ft. Jon Z26:19 - Para Mi - Jory Boy ft. Red Rat29:41 - Eva - Trebol Clan33:09 - Cambio De Gobierno - Ele A El Dominio36:08 - Empatillada - Tokischa ft. Jamby El Favo38:56 - Quizas - Dalex ft. Sech, Justin Quiles, Wisin, Zion, Dimelo Flow,42:51 - Bazarro Mic Break43:53 - Maletas Y Paquetes - Almighty47:33 - Pinky Ring - Miky Woodz ft. J Balvin51:13 - Solo Mia - Cali Y El Dandee ft. Greeicy Y Jhay Cortez54:08 - No Me Acuerdo - Thalia, Natti Natcha57:41 - Cadela - MC Bin Laden ft. Bryant Myers, Almighty, Nacho62:10 - Bazarro Mic Break63:15 - Finish
If you could party everyday of the week, do you think sooner or later it would become boring? Depends who you ask, right? I guess that's why we work, we build up the need to get things done and after you're either stressed or you've accomplished your goal and ready to celebrate.  If you partied every day and did nothing else, you'll probably feel empty inside. Well, that's why we party every Friday where I'm from. You work hard all week. You're ready to let loose. Drink, dance & eat. Whatever it is. So party with me now. Right now. Right here. It's Friday. Let's go!!00:00 - Bazarro intro01:55 - Que Calor - Major Lazer ft. J.Balvin & El Alfa04:46 - Peleamos Mariana - Jon Z ft. Baby Rasta & Noriel08:39 - Tequila Sunrise - Cali & El Dandee ft. Rauw Alejandro12:28 - 105 F - Kevvo ft. Farruko, Chencho Corleone, Arcangel, Nengo Flow, Darell,20:25 - Bazarro Mic Break21:30 - Secrets - Becky G25:10 - Ontas - Alex Rose ft. Rauw Alejandro, Miky Woodz, JD Pantoja & Dalex29:25 - Piensan - Myke Towers32:12 - Cenizas - Brytiago35:10 - Mas Perreo - Nejo Ft. Cauty38:40 - B11 - Russian ft. Darell, Myke Towers, Zion & Lennox43:01 - Bazarro Mic Break44:05 - Bichote - Almighty ft. J.King & Asesino48:22 - Mi Bebe - Fuego ft. Shadow Blow & Nio Garcia52:46 - Arreglamos - Joniel El Lethal ft. Myke Towers, EZ Made Da Beat, Eladio Carrion, Green Cookie & Lary Over58:51 - Bazarro Mic Break60:00 - Finish
Scared? LOL. It's just a number to me. 13. Who cares. The Friday the 13th movie franchise though, love it. You gotta love it. Gotta love this mix too. Something to party to on this lovely non-scary Friday the 13th. You can really only scare yourself if you let the superstitions get into your head. But that's my approach. Anyway. Let's rock. All new joints. Let the beat hit u…Go!00:00 - Bazarro intro01:40 - Videos XXX - Alvaro Diaz ft. Rauw Alejandro04:37 - Mientras - Jory Boy ft. Leo Bash08:03 - Camina Por El Cielo - Yoi Carrera ft. Mathew11:17 - Ya Pa' Que - Moises ft. Divino and Yomo14:52 - Humedad - Maximus Wei ft. Cauty & Casper Magico19:53 - Bazarro MIc Break20:56 - Que Bella - Paulo Londra ft. Zion Y Lennox25:00 - Bonita - Juanes ft. Sebastian Yatra27:25 - Mis Hijos - Lyan29:44 - Yes - Fat Joe ft. Cardi B, Anuel AA33:05 - Imaginate - Tito El Bambino ft. Pitbull & El Alfa38:18 - Nadie Muere De Amor - Darkiel ft. Amenazzy42:39 - Bazarro MIc Break43:45 - Cuando Me Vaya - Nejo ft. Jamby El Favo47:27 - Tu No Esta Ready Pa' Mi - El Taiger ft. Messiah, Nio Garcia, Chini Lee & Green Cookie53:19 - Bellaquita - Dalex ft. Lenny Tavarez56:41 - Pa Olvidame De Ella - Pisa 21 ft. Christian Nodal60:36 - Bazarro Mic Break61:42 - Finish
Yes, back home. Back from Tampa. Ahhh man worst flight ever coming back. Not in the air, just hate that they re-booked my flight as soon as I got to the airport. I had a super early flight. We were supposed to take-off @ 6:15 am. Of course I'm at the airport 2 hours early. Boom they change my flight to 12:55pm. I was so upset because all I was thinking was I could of been resting and sleeping. No matter what, I made it home safe to rock another Latin Hip Hop mix for you. Tampa was great. Shoutout to everybody who came out and supported our Brooklyn 2 Tampa 5 year anniversary. Now let's dance to some good music. Go!!!!!!00:00 - Bazarro intro02:02 - Watch Me Go - SiAngle Twins ft. Miky Woodz05:20 - Humedad - Maximus Wel ft. Cauty Casper Magico10:04 - Fariana - Farina ft. BlueFace13:45 - Desierto - Amenazzy Ft. Don Omar17:10 - No Soy Yo - Emilia ft. Darell20:42 - Bazarro Mic Break21:50 - El Favor - Sech ft. Farruko, Nicky Jam, Zion Y Lunay25:41 - No Pare - Justin Quiles ft. FArruko, Dalex, Zion, Lenny Tavarez, Natti Natasha,29:54 - Que Viva La Droga - Roke Mr. Chanty ft. Jamby El Favo33:48 - No Me Equivoque - Lenny Tavarez, Miky Woodz, Sech, Justin Quiles, Feid Y Dalex37:52 - Calibre - Alexis & Fido ft. Nio Garica & Casper Magico42:14 - Bazarro Mic Break43:20 - Cardio - Brytiago ft. De La Ghetto & Lary Over47:03 - Ron Remix - Feid ft. Dalex50:00 - TBT - Eix ft. Nio Garcia & Matt Hunter53:23 - Plakata - Yomo ft. Jowell & Marvel Boy56:51 - Piquetu - Marconi Impara ft Pusho60:12 - Bazarro Mic Break61:16 - Finish
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