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Author: Joey Mas

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Behind the scenes is a live Internet radio show and podcast dedicated to creators and artists. We have guests come on the air from all forms of entertainment to talk about their back stories and how they got started in their current profession. The guests range from major movie stars to youtubers and each offer a unique brand of advice.

BTS also offers new artists a place to show off their work and talent. All of the music that we play during our breaks is provided by original musicians looking for airplay.

More often than not, we like to feature aspiring models to sit in on the show for our Webcam audience. - For Information and WEBCAM
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Kenny Jeremiah

Kenny Jeremiah


Kenny Jeremiah took some time out of his amazing schedule to talk to us about his career and passion. What is it like to have the #1 song in Philly and the #4 song in the country? - Expressway to Your Heart
The guys discuss both the best and worst movie endings of all time based on your responses.
Monica Potter is an American actress. She is known for her starring roles in the films Con Air, Patch Adams, and Along Came a Spider. She also appeared in the horror films Saw and the 2009 remake of The Last House on the Left.
We start off discussing Vapes and Vaping, then talk about moving from newbie to professional photography. What should you buy?
James and I discuss the future of classic movie theaters amond other industry topics.
Creating on YouTube

Creating on YouTube


BTS - On this show we will be talking about promo-modeling, becoming a stand up comic and also creating on Youtube.
Michael Grim joins the show. Plus we talk about your picks for Best Movie Villian. EMVI was on MTV.... Whaaaaaaat?
Pretty Poison on BTS

Pretty Poison on BTS


Vocalist Jade Starling and keyboardist Whey Cooler formed the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based Pretty Poison in 1981. Over the years, the band's recordings featured musicians such as Lou Franco (guitar), Bobby Corea (Cooler's younger brother; drums), and David "Kaya" Pryor (percussion). Their 1981 debut single, "Gimme Gimme Your Autograph," offered spiky new wave, but the group took on a darker, more synthesizer-oriented sound for "No Tears" (a Tuxedomoon cover) and "Expiration," then settled into freestyle-inspired club music. "Nightime," released in 1984, peaked at number 14 on Billboard's dance chart. "Catch Me I'm Falling," Pretty Poison's next single, didn't arrive until 1987, but it topped the dance chart and reached the Top Ten of the Hot 100, helped in part by exposure from its placement on the soundtrack to Hiding Out. Catch Me I'm Falling, the band's first album, was released on Virgin in 1988 and featured a remixed version of "Nighttime." The second Pretty Poison album, the house-oriented Euphoria, was released in 1998. Starling continued to perform and released her first solo album, Captive, in 2014.
Chase Coleman on BTS

Chase Coleman on BTS


BTS - Chase Coleman sits in on the show. You know Chase from The Origanals, Vampire Dairies, Boardwalk Empire and countless other series and films.
Artist Stevie B Hill ranted on social media this week and we answered him directly. This is a can't miss show if you love FREESTYLE.
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