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A spiritual boost, right at your fingertips. Speakers from all walks of life are invited to speak at BYU each Tuesday and share their experiences with the student body—and with you. Tune in for spiritual guidance, leadership tips, and more from highly acclaimed speakers striving to uplift and educate.
151 Episodes
Steven C. Harper explains how, by study and by faith, we can each become a spiritual seeker and arrive at “other side simplicity.” See for privacy information.
Christopher Crowe gives background on the YA novel and provides insights into how his understanding of genre influences his writing. A theatre reading of excerpts of an upcoming novel is at the end of the speech and is followed by a question and answer session. See for privacy information.
Taking cues from the Church’s updated Young Women theme, Liz Darger explains what it means to receive, to covenant, and to minister. See for privacy information.
Rick Jellen uses his research on quinoa growth to discuss the allegory of the olive trees and the growing need for diversity in the Church. See for privacy information.
Niwako Yamawaki shares her journey toward God, her experience as an immigrant, and her testimony of Christ's power to relieve suffering. See for privacy information.
Elder Gerrit W. Gong salutes graduates and tells their stories while celebrating BYU’s firm foundation of bedrock virtues, values, and principles. See for privacy information.
A genuine BYU super graduate will recognize that true strength, resilience, durability, and adaptability comes from God. See for privacy information.
Marcus Roberts explains how music is a tie that binds us all together despite our differences. It also brings joy, peace, and inspiration. See for privacy information.
Ryan Gabriel explains how following Jesus Christ can help the United States begin healing from racism and can eventually change the world. See for privacy information.
Using lessons from America's history, Drew Faust teaches the role of humility and hope in both becoming educated and understanding death. See for privacy information.
Kyle S. McKay shares why we need to embrace the plan of God and the doctrine of Christ; Christ can undo wrongs and provide healing. See for privacy information.
Mark L. Pace explains how Christ's sheep still hear His voice by the power of the Holy Ghost. Gospel habits are for creating change. See for privacy information.
Janalee Emmer shares how both faith and art transform our hearts and foster empathy. Art can help us see the world from a new perspective. See for privacy information.
Elder Gary E. Stevenson highlights the heavenly blessings we have received to help us with our divinely appointed responsibilities. See for privacy information.
Dambisa Moyo explains the impacts of macroeconomic, geopolitical, and social trends that are prevalent today, especially the decrease of GDP. See for privacy information.
Elder José A. Teixeira teaches ways we can choose to be spiritually minded which leads to "life and peace" as well as hope. See for privacy information.
L. Todd Budge explains four steps that allow Christ to "take the reins" and guide our lives. We must desire, inquire, require, and retire. See for privacy information.
David Epstein explains the benefits of obtaining diverse experiences in our changing world. Specialization is a double-edged sword. See for privacy information.
David A. Bednar draws parallels between miracles in 1846 and in 2020. Covenants made in the temple are worth sacrifice and provide strength. See for privacy information.
Gratitude is the remedy for troubled times. Peggy S. Worthen shares her testimony of the power of being thankful, even amid a pandemic. See for privacy information.
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Jessica Jones


Apr 1st

wonderful, thought provoking talk!

Mar 15th

Emily Cummings


Mar 9th

Mateus Capello

I love to listen to these talks at morning before going to work. Please keep posting it!

Jan 4th
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