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Author: The Ringer

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Each week, Juliet Litman analyzes ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘Bachelor Winter Games’ in extreme detail and engages in conversation with guests from Bachelor Nation, fellow super-fans, and her Ringer colleagues.

118 Episodes
Ahead of Peter’s season premiering in January, we open up the mailbag to answer questions like what the long-term future of the show will be (7:27), which 'Bachelor' couple we wish had worked out (17:06), and who has had the most successful post-'Bachelor' career (21:58).Host: Juliet LitmanGuest: Kaya McMullen
It’s been a long 'Bachelor' hiatus, but the promo for Peter’s season means we’re officially back. We break down the juicy trailer for the next ‘Bachelor’ season (1:54), Hannah’s win on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ (11:31), and what it means when Bachelor Nation starts mingling with the Kardashian-Jenner clan (19:09).Host: Juliet LitmanGuests: Lauren Zima and Amelia Wedemeyer
Juliet Litman talks with Sydney Lotuaco about Bachelor Nation moving to Los Angeles, reading your DMs, the “boom-boom room” in 'Bachelor in Paradise,' characters from this season including Caelynn, Demi, Hannah, Dylan, Mike, and Jordan (1:35). Then they discuss Stagecoach, a day in Paradise, 'The Bachelor' group text, and more (24:45)!Host: Juliet LitmanGuest: Sydney Lotuaco
Former Bachelorette contestant Tyler Cameron joins the show for a second time to talk about how he deals with the fame that has come from the show (1:09), hiding an erection on national television (11:12), and life lessons that he has learned from playing football (23:25).Host: Juliet LitmanGuests: Tyler Cameron and Mallory Rubin
Former Bachelorette Hannah Brown joins the show to talk about preparing for 'Dancing With the Stars' (2:20), being a self-proclaimed "weirdo" (13:57), and moving from Alabama to Los Angeles (23:18).Host: Juliet LitmanGuest: Hannah Brown
‘Bachelor in Paradise’ is done, and it’s time to hand out some awards. We talk about which 'Paradise' couple is least likely to last (9:47), the best character arc of the season (25:25), and who had the biggest fall from grace (32:48). Plus: how we think Peter will do as Bachelor (40:08).Host: Juliet LitmanGuest: Amelia Wedemeyer
We discuss the latest episodes of 'Bachelor in Paradise' (1:15) before Juliet opens the mailbag to answer listener questions about Dean and Caelynn’s relationship, the best cast member to hang out with, how to fix 'Paradise,' the show without Chris Harrison, spon-con at Bachelor weddings, combining 'Bachelor Winter Games' with 'Paradise,' and more (10:00)!Host: Juliet LitmanGuest: Craig Horlbeck
Ben Higgins joins the show to talk about Part 1 of the season finale of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ including Dean and Caelynn’s relationship, Demi and Kristian, the show’s self-awareness, dating in big cities (1:20), Blake’s time on the show, who should be the next Bachelor, and Ben’s Bachelor-filled fantasy football league (18:40)Host: Juliet LitmanGuest: Ben Higgins
As this season of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ winds down, we celebrate our MVPs (1:32) and LVPs (0:00) on the beach, talk about some of our favorite moments from the season (21:19), and make some predictions for next week (36:13).Host: Juliet LitmanGuests: Liz Kelly and Amelia Wedemeyer
We are joined by Tyler Cameron of 'The Bachelorette’ to talk about moving to New York City, his favorite bachelor destinations, life after Hannah (0:53), his modeling career, his rapid rise to fame, other bachelor contestants, his NBA starting five, and why his clothes were so tight on 'The Bachelorette’ (28:25).Host: Juliet LitmanGuest: Tyler Cameron
Nick Viall joins the show to talk about John Paul Jones's date with Tahzjuan (4:10) and what happened when he chose to go on a date with another girl the next day (18:51). Tayshia makes her move for Derek (24:20) and Kristina continues to have a strange relationship with Dean (28:22).Host: Juliet LitmanGuest: Nick Viall
After being spotted out to dinner with Gigi Hadid and Serena Williams, Tyler C. has officially transcended Bachelor Nation in terms of celebrity (1:36). For the first time in the history of the franchise, ‘The Bachelor’ finally features an LGBTQ couple (7:24); we break down how the producers chose to represent Demi and Kristian's relationship on 'Bachelor in Paradise' (13:47).Host: Juliet LitmanGuest: Amelia Wedemeyer
We break down the five major stories that came out of Bachelor Nation this summer: Colton Underwood's appearance on ‘This American Life’ (2:58), Chad Johnson’s return as a 'Bachelor' villain (9:22), Jared and Ashley’s wedding (14:56), the drama between Blake Horstmann and Caelynn Miller-Keyes (18:26), and Tyler Cameron dating Gigi Hadid (28:54). Plus: all of the drama that’s happened on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ so far (44:34).Host: Juliet LitmanGuest: Andrew Gruttadaro
We break down Part 2 of the dramatic finale of ‘The Bachelorette,’ including spoiler culture, Hannah’s choices, Jed’s past and lack of future, Hannah and Tyler’s relationship after the show (1:30), why Tyler can’t be the Bachelor, why Hannah may be the Bachelorette again, and more (38:40).Hosts: Bill Simmons, Mallory Rubin
We break down the first part of ‘The Bachelorette’ season finale, including Hannah’s reveal that she and Peter had sex in the windmill not two, but four times (1:21), her parents being just in love with Tyler as the rest of us (27:45), and Jed’s reveal that the highlight of his music career is a dog food jingle (61:29). Plus: predictions for Part 2 of the finale (76:31).Host: Mallory RubinGuest: Rodger Sherman
Chris Harrison is back for the second part of his and Lauren Zima’s conversation. They talk about what will happen in the two-part finale next week (1:00), who’s in the running to be the next Bachelor (17:57), and that bombshell ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ trailer (23:01).Host: Lauren ZimaGuest: Chris Harrison
Chris Harrison joins the show to talk about the decision behind letting Luke return to Greece (3:57), his contentious conversation with Luke at the ‘Men Tell All’ (15:14), how Hannah did as the Bachelorette (38:04), and his favorite contestants from this season (44:39).Host: Lauren ZimaGuest: Chris Harrison
We dive into both the U.S. and U.K. versions of the beloved summer reality show, compare it with ‘The Bachelor,’ break down the premise (1:10), and appreciate the show’s sense of humor. We discuss the U.S. version’s adaptations from the U.K. version, the audience-voting aspect, the lack of censorship in the U.K., and more (19:23).Hosts: Rodger Sherman, Andrew Gruttadaro
Nick Viall joins the show to break down Hannah's Fantasy Suites dates, including her confrontation with Jed (1:34), her time with Peter in a windmill (13:46), her showdown with Luke (26:00), and abstaining from sex with Tyler (34:33). Plus, predictions for the rest of the season (42:24).Host: Juliet LitmanGuest: Nick Viall
A deep dive on Jax and Brittany’s wedding, speculations on Rand’s personal life (1:15), yacht food, a Vanderpump in Vegas rumor, and a revitalization of Bravo’s 'Below Deck' (22:05).Host: Juliet LitmanGuest David Jacoby
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tyler c is not that hot

Jul 16th
Reply (1)

Meghan Neel

I disagree that Mike wouldn't be a great bachelor fit. Hannah set him up to be the next bachelor when she said "Mike's deserves to be loved fiercely" her same comment she made before she was chosen as the Bachelorette. I find Peter very dry (like Colton) and even Hannah made a comment he only talks about being a pilot. Enjoyed your two cents though!

Jul 3rd

Kristina Long

did Rob mills say they will ask Garrett on Men Tell All, does that mean hes not in the top two?

Jul 13th

Daniel Munguia

thinking about to you know

Feb 5th
Reply (1)
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