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Author: The Ringer

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Juliet Litman analyzes ‘The Bachelor,’ ‘The Bachelorette,’ and ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ in extreme detail with guests that include people from Bachelor Nation, fellow super-fans, and her Ringer colleagues.

232 Episodes
Juliet is joined by former 'Bachelorette' contestant Mike Johnson to discuss his life after appearing on the show. They talk about his current endeavors (12:45), dating after the show (26:15), and what we can expect from him next (37:11). Host: Juliet Litman Guest: Mike Johnson
Juliet is joined by Rachel Lindsay to break down all of Matt's hometown dates. They talk about Michelle's sweet relationship with her parents (6:16), how they felt while watching Rachael's date in light of recent controversy (14:34), Bri's very boring date (31:08), and Serena P.'s self-exit from the show (38:11). Host: Juliet Litman Guest: Rachel Lindsay
Juliet is joined by former ‘Bachelor’ contestant Ashley Spivey to discuss the Chris Harrison controversy and what they’d like to see change in the franchise (2:22). Then they talk about Ashley’s book club and what they’ve both been reading (32:21). Host: Juliet Litman Guest: Ashley Spivey
Juliet is joined by Amelia Wedemeyer to talk about Chris Harrison's announcement over the weekend that he will temporarily step away as the host of 'The Bachelor' (1:00). Then they get into this week's episode including Heather's very brief appearance (13:23), all of the other women who got sent home (20:40), and the remaining women going into hometown dates (34:33). Host: Juliet Litman Guest: Amelia Wedemeyer
Rachel tells her cohost Van Lathan about her ‘Extra’ interview with Chris Harrison on 'Higher Learning.' They discuss Harrison's response, Rachael Kirkconnell's apology, and the bigger issue of race within the franchise. Host: Juliet Litman, Rachel Lindsay, and Van Lathan
Juliet is joined by Entertainment Tonight's Lauren Zima to talk about speculation around who will be the next Bachelorette (1:00), what they've learned about Matt as the Bachelor seven weeks in (18:15), the return of Tyler C. to our TV screens (23:38), and the showdown between Jessenia and MJ (33:45). Host: Juliet Litman Guest: Lauren Zima
Juliet is joined by Callie Rivers Curry to hand out awards! They discuss who had the best style (12:30), whom they’d want to quarantine with (25:00), and who won the award for MVP (40:30). Plus: thoughts on the reality TV show 'The Challenge.' Host: Juliet Litman Guest: Callie Rivers
Juliet is joined by ESPN's Mina Kimes and Mike Golic Jr. to break down this week's episode of 'The Bachelor.' They talk about Anna and Victoria finally getting the boot (1:15), Rachael and Matt's monumental one-on-one date (20:27), Kit's more forgettable one-on-one (38:42), and who shined during this week's group date (44:06). Host: Juliet Litman Guests: Mina Kimes and Mike Golic Jr.
Juliet is joined by Nora Princiotti for a ‘Bachelor’ check-in. They weigh in on Matt James as the lead (1:00) and discuss their favorite women and memorable moments of the season (19:30). Host: Juliet Litman Guest: Nora Princiotti
Juliet is joined by Amelia Wedemeyer to break down Clare and Dale’s breakup and this week’s episode of ‘The Bachelor.’ They talk about the sweet moments between Matt and Chelsea and Matt and Michelle (2:28), the nastiness that came from MJ, Victoria, and Anna (16:33), and the five new women who arrived this week (29:57). Host: Juliet Litman Guest: Amelia Wedemeyer
Juliet is joined by Kevin O’Connor to recap Week 3 and discuss the women still in the running for Matt’s heart. They break down the erotica group date (5:00) before addressing the women who stood out (16:00) and their favorites thus far (29:30). Host: Juliet Litman Guest: Kevin O'Connor
Juliet is joined by former ‘Bachelor’ contestant Natasha Parker to break down this week’s episode of ‘The Bachelor.’ They talk about all the drama surrounding Sarah and whether or not the women were right to be mad at her (1:00), the erotica-themed group date (29:10), and Serena P.’s sweet one-on-one date with Matt (38:06). Host: Juliet Litman Guest: Natasha Parker
Juliet is joined by ESPN analyst Jay Bilas to discuss 'The Bachelor’ and reality TV favorites. They weigh in on the first two episodes of Matt James’s season (12:30), the athletes in Bachelor Nation (20:30), and the correlation between 'The Bachelor' and their favorite reality TV shows ‘Top Chef,’ ‘Chopped,’ and ‘The Real World’ (27:30). Host: Juliet Litman Guest: Jay Bilas
Week 2 has begun and Matt James's season is in full swing! James and the contestants continue the search for love at Nemacolin and Jared Freid joins Juliet to discuss the weirdness from Victoria, the wild first group date, and the early favorites out of this season. Host: Juliet Litman Guest: Jared Freid
Juliet is joined by the current Bachelor, Matt James, to discuss his journey to find love. They talk about his preparation for the show, his experience meeting the women, and how he navigated his role as ‘The Bachelor’ (1:00). Then fan favorite Ivan Hall joins to discuss his journey on Clare and Tayshia’s season and what we can expect next from him (18:30). Host: Juliet Litman Guests: Matt James and Ivan Hall
Juliet is joined by Rachel Lindsay and Van Lathan to break down the premiere of Matt James’s (919) season. They talk about their first impressions of the girls, how they feel about Matt as the Bachelor, and more. Host: Juliet Litman Guests: Rachel Lindsay and Van Lathan
Juliet is joined by Rob Mills, senior VP of alternative series for ABC, to talk about the work that went into producing Clare and Tayshia's season during COVID (1:31), lessons they learned from that to make Matt's season work (22:55), and whether or not we will be getting a season of 'Bachelor in Paradise' anytime soon (36:44). Host: Juliet Litman Guest: Rob Mills
Juliet Litman is joined by Nora Princiotti to break down Tayshia's season finale of ‘The Bachelorette.’ They discuss the final four men (8:30), Tayshia's engagement (24:30), and predict what the contestants are up to post-bubble (37:00). Host: Juliet Litman Guest: Nora Princiotti
Juliet is joined by Mallory Rubin to break down the three fantasy suite dates we saw on Monday night's episode. They talk about all of the chemistry present between Zac and Tayshia (10:35), Ivan's very cold ice bath date (25:37), Brendan's self-exit from the show (33:36), and Ben's return (48:20). Host: Juliet Litman Guest: Mallory Rubin
In preparation for Matt James’s season of ‘The Bachelor,’ Juliet Litman is joined by casting director Jazzy Collins to discuss the women that have been cast for Matt’s season. They run through the bios of all 32 women and offer predictions for what’s to come (11:30). Plus, bagel enthusiast Jared Freid joins to discuss Blueberry Bagelgate (1:10:00)! Host: Juliet Litman Guests: Jazzy Collins and Jared Freid
Comments (14)

Sue w

Did you tell him when he Txtd you Lindsay that what he said upset you.... No just throw him under the bus before having a conversation with him

Feb 13th

Sue w

I understand Chris's side and what he was trying to say. What he was tubing to say is who are we to judge before she had a chance to come forward and talk about it

Feb 13th

Lexie Soprano

please have Van on every episode from this point forward

Nov 6th

Chelsea Jepson

Very much enjoyed Van. Please bring him back over and over again!

Oct 31st

mari marx

Unsubscribed. The host is terrible. has too much bias for certain contestants and acts like a giddy ignorant teenager.

Sep 25th

Susie Graham

Mallory is my absolute favourite guest on this pod! You guys together are the best! Please make her do the finale with you, I literally sit and laugh out loud at you guys, it's amazing!

Feb 11th

Christine Keppers

Chicago Pete...aka "Pete Chicago" Joey Tribbiani 😆

Jan 15th
Reply (1)


tyler c is not that hot

Jul 16th
Reply (1)

Meghan Neel

I disagree that Mike wouldn't be a great bachelor fit. Hannah set him up to be the next bachelor when she said "Mike's deserves to be loved fiercely" her same comment she made before she was chosen as the Bachelorette. I find Peter very dry (like Colton) and even Hannah made a comment he only talks about being a pilot. Enjoyed your two cents though!

Jul 3rd

Kristina Long

did Rob mills say they will ask Garrett on Men Tell All, does that mean hes not in the top two?

Jul 13th

Daniel Munguia

thinking about to you know

Feb 5th
Reply (1)
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