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A podcast focused on women in the sport and hobby of pinball. In each episode, we will sit down with a guest and chat about news and events related to the silver ball!
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Bonjour Y'all! In this episode, we chat with co-owner and operator of North Star Pinball in Montreal, Charlotte Filmore-Handlon. We talk the Ocho, the Roger Sharpe movie, Hockey and Pinball Beer. We <3 Canada! LINKS Call for 70's pins for the Roger Sharpe Bio Pic ( Pro from Stern Pinball ( Hardy Trailer for Roger Sharpe Movie ( Brasserie Dunham - The cool Pinball beer place ( The Ocho Highlights ( JJP Article from Yahoo News ( For Funzies.... Olympics from Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg (
Beck stops by the show as our Pinfest Correspondent! We hear about all the fun that is Allentown and the $750 swap meet steal of the century. Also, hear how you can win a signed Mandalorian translite from HUP. Marco Interview video with Beck at Pinfest ( Translite Giveaway: Pinovators:
Smores and Pinball y'all! The Northwest Pinball Summer Camp is back this weekend! Join us as we welcome back Alyson Rae and meet a new friend, Chase Nunes. Roll out your sleeping bags as we chat Pinball forts, the Price is Right and the amazing pin community that is the pacific northwest. You don't need a SASE for this show! There is some echo in this episode - sorry we had some tech issues* For more Info: NWPSC Facebook Page ( FB Event invites Portland: Seattle: Tacoma: NW Pinball and Arcade Show Info (
This is a mega Yacht-sized episode y'all! There was too much fun to be had and some very spicy takes as we chat with the hosts of the Twitch stream, Pinball with a View. Also, Lauren has given up getting a free Stern Insider press pass after this episode. We also chat about why makeup pinball tie-ins should be a thing, pinball memes, INDISC updates, and more! Anchors up! TWIP NEWS ( New Abum from Scott Danesi "A System of Parts" Show us TWIP Pinball Database love HERE ( Facebook Post with INDISC Update (
It is a cake shop AND pinball arcade! In this episode, we meet the owner of Bite Me Cake Company, Allysha Baca, and the operator of the Flip a Coin arcade, Adam Jordan. We chat about the sell-out of Spooky's two new titles, boozy milkshakes, and pinball cake pairings....need I say more! News Sorce: This Week in Pinball ( Jeff!) Heist Game Play from our Friends at Buffalo Pinball ( Silver Falls P3 Deep Dive ( Dory Hill Pinball Campout (
Meet Rebecca Salam the new co-host of the Backbox Pinball Podcast! Gilber Elijah Fundraiser via Project Pinball PAYPAL DONATIONS: PPC TRANSLITE $10 entry: BRIAN ALLEN SIGNED TRANSLITE $5 entry: TMNT PLAYFIELD SIGNED BY GARY STERN $20 entry: STAR WARS TRANSLITE SIGNED BY GARY STERN $5 entry:
The Pinball community is coming together to help raise money for the Herrera family as their son battles Leukemia. We have been blown away by the amazing generosity of the pinball community at large. Below are links to the local event and how our pin friends across the world can help support this battle. Local Tournment on June 19th ([%7B%22mechanism%22%3A%22your_upcoming_events_unit%22%2C%22surface%22%3A%22bookmark%22%7D]%7D) To donate cash using FB PayPool click HERE ( Project Pinball Raffle Links: Would you like to help support little Gilbert Elijah's battle against Leukemia and get cool pinball swag? Then check out our friends at Project Pinball Charity and their amazing raffles. 100% of the proceeds are going directly to the family! Project Pinball Raffle Links: Here are the links to the 5 Raffles we have ready to start fundraising. We will not end these raffles until they have all reached their goals. signed-brianallen-translitesigned-brianallen-translitesigned-brianallen-translite Star Wars Translite SignedSignedSignedSignedSignedSignedSignedSigned by Gary Stern- Retro Atomic Zombie Adventureland Signed Playfield Barry Oursler Signed Collection of Pinball Posters Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Playfield Signed by Gary Stern Williams TransliteTransliteTransliteTranslite SignedSignedSignedSignedSignedSignedSignedSigned by Brian Allen The Art of Brian AllenAllen-AllenAllen-AllenAllen--AllenAllen-Allen--AllenAllen-Allen Flyland DesignsDesignsDesignsDesignsDesignsDesignsDesignsDesigns http Thank you to our sponsors & supporters: What's Brewing: Barry Oursler The Zisman Family Trey Keng Christina Cheeseman Mike McKenna Thank you to everyone that has made this event possible <3
2020 TWIPY Recap

2020 TWIPY Recap


On this episode, we are joined by Jen Ruper for a recap of the 2020 TWIPYs! The drama, the excitement, the "what the..." moments!!! Hear Lauren get super salty about what a mod is, give some love to lady creators, Hot Wheels and more! Watch the TWIPYS on YouTube ( Jen Ruper on YouTube ( Pinball Profile Interview with Hot Nudge ( The Faculty on IMDb (
In this episode we talk to the wonderful human, Frieden Johnson. She is the creator and organizer of the group, Pinball Superfriends. We chat pinball news, Led Zeppelin, awful memes, the cookie dive turnout and why Pinball Superfriends should have chapters everywhere! (Recorded Feb 3, 2021) Zofia Ryan Interview: American Pinball Article:
The Hurry Up Challenge

The Hurry Up Challenge


In this episode, we meet Beck Gallagher and Jordan Allen, hosts of the TWIPY nominated YouTube Channel "The Hurry Up Challenge". We learn about their picks for the TWIPYs, deep-dive on Guns 'N' Roses, and chat about new pin rental venture, Join us! Hurry Up Challenge on YouTube ( Castlevania TV Show on Netflix (Its defiently for adults) (
Laura Fraley

Laura Fraley


This week we have the organizer of the Quarantopia Selfie Tournament and a good friend of the show, Laura Fraley. We chat about her TWIPY nominated selfie event, how she could get a matching sequin jacket like mine, how she sold Jurassic Park for Avengers (the horror), and reminisce about the magic of Pinburgh. Also, I may have uttered the phrase "Songbird Multiball"...yes that is a Kenny G reference. Join us! Pinbalm: Here is the wonderful MatchPlay Website: Elizabeth Dronet's shop: Elizabeth Cromwell's Pin cafe: And some Kenny G....You're Welcome:



Rebecca Salam and Jordan Burgar are the hosts of the TWIPY nominated Pinball Stream, Fliptronic. In this super-sized episode, we chat TWIPYs, Hot Wheels, how Jordan outbid me on a part of pinball history, and an interesting connection between crafting and Roger Sharpe. Houston Arcade Expo:
Ella Reese is our newest little flip. She loves pinball, Girl Scouts, and dogs. Her dad, Taylor has challenged her to sell 100K boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. We chat cookies, dogs Game of Thrones, and more! Don't worry there is some pinball in there! #puppy4ella #cookietime Thank you to Taylor, Kristen and Jessica for making this episode happen! Buy cookies from Ella HERE ( Learn more about Girl Scouts USA: This is a Pomsky (
Join me as we chat with Emily Cosson, the #1 player in Australia! We talk about Guns n Roses, Pinball Expo, and more! Emily is a joy to chat with and so much fun. (Recorded in October 2020) News Source:
The Backbox Pinball Podcast is back to kick this year to the curb! Welcome to the 2020 Dumpster Fire Holiday Extravaganza with special guest Elizabeth Cromwell. We chat Zepplin, Avengers, Pinburg, and how happy we are to see 2020 in the rearview mirror! Happy Holidays y'all! Support Elizabeth's pinball cafe: The offical pinbalm of pinball - lip smackin' awesome: Elizabeth Dronet's awesome christmas ornaments: Pinball News source:
Battle of the Belles 2020!

Battle of the Belles 2020!


Make new friends y'all! In this episode, we hear about the upcoming Battle of the Belles taking place during the virtual Pinball Expo on October 15, 2020. Our guests this week are: Tish Edwards, Jen Ruper, and Frieden Johnson with special guests Deborah Tahlman and Phoebe Smith. Hear from this awesome group of ladies how you can be a part of this fun event! Registration/Sign up: Tournment Information: Games/Tables Apps: The Pinball Aracde or THe Stern Pinball App. Go Girl: Rat Race: Pinball SuperFriends: or email: Spongebob Pinball: Girl Scout Sing Along: Become a Pateron:
Pinball Expo 2020 Preview

Pinball Expo 2020 Preview


BONUS EPISODE: Rob Berk and special guests David Fix and Jeff Ohler stop by to chat about Pinball Expo 2020. Hear about what you can expect from this amazing, virtual and FREE event! Join us! Belles and Chimes virtual Tourney:
We welcome back to the show competitive pinball player, Kery Wing! She filled us in on her newest endeavor, Solid State Pinball Supply and we chat pinball news and desert island collections! Our News source: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Stern Heads-Up Pinball Invitational: EM Jungle Queen:
Krystle and I went to deeproot Pinball last weekend and we have much to discuss! Join us as we comment on our adventure, the aftermath, and the expansive TWIP article. Thanks to Rober Muller and the wonderful deeproot family for inviting us in to your pinball home. This podcast does hevely reverence the article below from Jeff Patterson: Links The Plumb Pinball Podcast:
I'm back from hiatus, and we are going to the movies! We chat in this special episode with filmmaker, Candace Fields. She is the director and producer of the Babes in Pinland documentary released earlier this year. Babes in Pinland Documentary: Show Links Candace's Website: Instagram: Comic Saga: Refernced Pins Black Knight 2000: Game of Thrones: Referenced Films Captian Fantastic: Children of Men: Birdman: Death Proof: Mad Max Fury Road: Fellowship of the Ring: Legend: Gladiator: Big Trouble in Little China:
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