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A podcast dedicated to making sure you can restore everything you need to restore. Hosted by W. Curtis Preston (Mr. Backup) and Prasanna Malaiyandi.
70 Episodes
Tony McGarry, Senior Principal Engineer at Druva, joins W. Curtis Preston and Prasanna Malaiyandi to talk about backing up large, multi-node, sharded NoSQL databases like DynamoDB, Cassandra, and MongoDB.
Adam Fisher (@BonzoVT), Cloud & DevOps Engineer at RoundTower Technologies, visits the podcast to talk about VMware Cloud on AWS (AKA VMC), and what it's like to actually use and administer it in a production environment. We also talk about how people backup VMC.
Carol Nichols and Jake Goulding, the authors of the Rust in Motion video series, join us to talk about Rust and why it makes such a "safe" programming language. We discuss what it means to be a safe programming language and how Rust accomplishes that. We also discuss the upcoming free Live@Manning Rust Conference. Finding Rustaceans weird but intriguing? Secretly wanting to become one? Tune-in, Sep 15, to the live@Manning #Rust conference to find your #Rustlang pincers! Somewhere in the podcast we also give out a 40% discount code for anything at
Gina Rosenthal (@gminks) joins us on this week's podcast to talk about the edge, Kubernetes, and how to protect it all. Good conversation that also includes som Texas Brisket talk! We also mention the Women in Tech conference that will go live on October 13. Here's what they have to say about themselves: When the girls get coding!. Join us on your screens, Oct 13, for the live@Manning “Women in Tech” conference to celebrate the rising movement of women in technology. We still have a long way to go to achieve diversity, inclusion and equality in technology. Our contribution is the live@Manning “Women in Tech” online conference, Oct 13, starring the women rocking the tech boat! Cloud navigators and serverless gurus; algorithm sorceresses and community advocates; we proudly bring you the women creating the tech world we live in. Oct 13, live@manning “Women in Tech” Twitch conference! #womenintech #womenwhocode
Prasanna and Curtis discuss their opinion of an ITPro article called Nine Tips to Improve your Disaster Recovery Strategy. In case you're curious, they are: 1. Have full documentation 2. Assess the risks 3. Drill for disaster 4. Prepare for disasters of different levels 5. Consider the cloud 6. Prioritize resilience 7. Evaluate security practices 8. Revise and Revisit 9. Build a critical response team
Scott Lowe (@otherscottlowe) joins us on the podcast to discuss the recent major hack of Twitter, where hundreds of accounts were compromised using backdoor access gained via a Twitter employee.
W. Curtis Preston and Prasanna Malaiyandi discuss the pros and cons of the various ways to backup a NAS filer.
Curtis and Prasanna discuss the very difficult problem of "forgetting" someone using a backup system that is fundamentally designed to remember. This is a direct conflict between GDPR/CCPA and backup.
Antone Kom, 7X Certified Salesforce expert, explains to W. Curtis Preston and Prasanna Malaiyandi all the things that can go wrong when you don't backup your Salesforce database.
Chris Evans (@chrismevans) discusses with us the idea of cloud "snapshots" (which are actually image copies & very different than array snapshots) and the pros and cons of using them for backup & recovery – as well as other purposes.
We are joined by Jake Burns, who is an industry veteran and an AWS and Druva customer before he became an AWS employee. He is now Enterprise Strategist at AWS and shares with us how LIveNation moved their entire corporate infrastructure to the cloud in one year, and how he now supports AWS customers in their cloud journey.
On this special US Independence Day edition, we talk a little bit about history in general, and how we all owe those who came before us. Then we morph that discussion into one about backups, and how we must also remember the backup lessons of the past. W. Curtis Preston (@wcpreston) then tells old backup stories.
Zoë Rose, a cyber investigator from the UK, joins us to talk about the lessons we can learn from the ransomware attack on Honda. We discuss a number of "common sense" things a company can do to protect their data.
GigagOm analyst Enrico Signoretti (@esignoretti) is our guest this week, and he helps us understand their latest radar report, which evaluates data management vendors.
On this first anniversary special, we are joined by Nina Hebert, the voice behind our podcast's theme song. Fun times talking to her, and talking about our dreams for next year's broadcast.
We continue our series of how Hollywood Picks backup products, discussing vendor selection and proofs of concepts. Jeff Rochlin returns as a guest, hosted by W. Curtis Preston and Prasanna Malaiyandi.
We talk to Jeff Rochlin, a veteran of many Hollywood studios and related businesses, about how he would go about picking a backup product in that environment. W. Curtis Preston and Prasanna Malaiyandi hosting.
Prasanna Malaiyandi and W. Curtis Preston discuss an article that says that backups are worthless for DR. Are they? Some are, some aren't. Have a listen and see if you agree!
If you've ever wondered about whether or not drive recovery services are a good option, then this is the podcast for you. W. Curtis Preston and Prasanna Malaiyandi discuss whether or not they're a viable alternative to backup.
Is it appropriate to backup your data to the cloud? Which workloads work well to be backed up to the cloud? Even more importantly, which workloads don't backup to the cloud well? These are the questions we answer in this episode of Restore it All, with W. Curtis Preston and Prasanna Malaiyandi.
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