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Author: Ron Davies

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Simple, actionable business hacks, plus true inspirational stories from one of Canada's most entertaining success coaches. This is one you won't want to miss!
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Know when to say NO! - COVID19 has triggered a barrage of online scam artists and "opportunity" sellers to show up in our Facebook and Twitter timeline ads. They promise the world, and look awfully attractive. Know how to spot a predator in the business opportunity space. 
This year has been a year like no other before it. People who never intended to become entrepreneurs have taken the courageous path toward becoming financially more independent. It doesn't necessarily mean they dump their jobs, but it means they've come up with side hustles and ways to help cushion the economic blow from the pandemic. How has the pandemic forced you to become more creative?
This podcast is for two groups of people, the first group are business owners that need new customers and new business through the door. The second group are those that have being laid off or fired as a result of com David and those whose businesses have gone insolvent and they need a financial solution right away. Listen in!
Let's face it, social media marketing is a mystery to most. But, it is something we have mastered. There IS AN EASY way (and free) to use social media for perpetual, passive real estate lead generation, and NOBODY is using it. Listen in for the how-to, and be sure to check out
So you're a real estate professional or another service professional and you have a website. Big deal. In my experience as one of the top people in my space, I have yet to see a good real estate marketing website. That all said, we already know that things like are all pretty much websites that are completely ineffective at least from a marketing perspective and from a consumer and use perspective. Why not take advice from somebody that is consulted for Century 21 founder, godaddy's found her, and even the pr advisor to President Obama. The fact is, websites are done. Marketing finals are the key. Listen in to learn how it can completely change your real estate business.
COVID19 has put us all against a metaphorical wall of sorts. Since my greatest and highest use is in helping people with marketing, specifically high ticket service professionals, I am going to cover how to generate free, unlimited leads using the Expert Method blueprint I developed. Most of you know, I have owned multiple real estate franchises, and was a hired gun marketing consultant to the founder of Century 21 Canada, the PR Advisor to President Obama, and even blew Tom Ferry's mind more than just a little some time ago on how real estate agents (and other professionals) can do a far, far more effective job of free lead generation, and it is nearly entirely effortless. Even your marketing agency doesn't know this stuff.
We have all heard about time management, working more efficiently, etc. After working for over 22 tears in the military, at every level, and teaching high-level strategists and tacticians, as well as working with some of the most successful people you could ever meet, I am here to tell you, time management is a crock. Listen in to hear how eating the frog magically turns you into an entrepreneur or employee that is at the very top of their game!
Sometimes great companies lose their way. In this case, the marketing people at Harley Davidson need to be fired. All of them, from top to bottom. I have rarely experienced such wonton, irresponsible, and incredibly misguided marketing as we have seen from Harley Davidson in the last 3 quarters. It is my honest opinion that this may be HD's last year in business. As a lifestyle biker, I am utterly disappointed in HD's performance as a company, specifically, the hacks in the marketing department. 
The top 3% of people earn the top $, enjoy the highest quality lifestyles, enjoy the best relationships, and tend to get exactly what they want out of life.  EVERYONE in the top 3% have answered this question a certain way, yet 97% of us have never even heard the question, one that is more critical to our own success than any other. Don't worry. It's not your fault. How could you have a top 3% type answer, if you never even knew the question? Here is what you need to know. It will change how you think about yourself forever, I guarantee it. Unless, of course, you are already none of my esteemed listeners that is already in that top 3 % ;)
Toxic people are parasites. They distract us from our positive or productive habits. They'll be the ones that discourage us from exercise or make fun of us for working on improving ourselves. They'll come up with reasons for you to stay in other bad relationships. Toxic people get you stuck in the past and focused on the negative. In that mentality, you can't move forward and you can't succeed. It is impossible for them to share in your joy, and they just plain sap your energy, leaving you drained after every self-absorbed, narcissistic conversation they have with you. 
We all have that inner dialogue that "makes it ok" for us to hold responsible people, places, and situations for why we are where we are, doing what we are doing, and often in relationships that are sucking the life out of us. Here's how to get back control of you, your life, your job, you financial situation, your marriage, etc.
It isn't like you deserve to have an unremarkable life. You tell me you have goals - things you'd "like" to do, "like" to have, and so forth. But what, exactly, has stopped you from getting what you want. Here is the inarguable reality of your situation, and how to change it...before it's too late.
Media is not about generating top of funnel content to get you on a mailing list to try to sell you some kind of crap. That's not what social media is and it's why just about every digital marketing agency out there can't come close to what we do with just a couple of people here. Find out what you absolutely must do before you post content on social media for yourself as an influencer or for any business or for any cause.
Confidence, humility, balance. Share, but don't judge. Raise others up, don't beat them down. Be kind, thoughtful, and empathetic toward yourself first, and then others. Leave the BW fake narrative in your mind that makes you feel better when you attack others, in person, in social media.  Technology is revealing who you really are - social media is showing the real you - the judgemental you. Be you. Be totally you. Build your legacy. I won't judge you. I am here for you. Beside, who the F# am I to judge you or anyone else, anyway? You might not yet be able to do some thing you hold as important, but there are things you are awesome at. You are awesome. Just be that, as you work to learn new things, and, in time, master those as well. It's time we look at one another with compassion, understanding, acceptance, and buoy one another's lives and spirits.
So many of us arrived where we are now almost completely programmatically. We do our day-to-day routines of work and family and what not yet we feel unfulfilled and uninspired and maybe even ill. Now is the time, before it's too late, to find out if you're living the right life for you. Here's how.
I promised you inspiration, and here it is. If there's something in your life that just isn't what you wanted , here are the simple steps to make changes towards what you do want.
Want to live large, and leave an enduring legacy? Here's how, courtesy of the amazing Jim Rohn...
You don't need another seminar, webinar, book, or course to make your life better. You need just 1 thing. Don"t You Dare Skip This One!
Happiness will NEVER be yours, until you understand how little you are involved in decisions you have made. Happiness will be yours forever when you get this...
Hopefully, I'm not too late... Know what you want. Learn how to get it. Obama's top guy could not answer this. Can you?
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