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Author: Travis and Teresa McElroy

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Join Teresa and Travis McElroy as they watch and discuss the new season of Great British Bake Off!
8 Episodes
We've made it to the quarter finals! This is a hot one folks. It has got the social medias abuzz! Join us, won't you?
It's dessert week! Are you ready for this jelly? I don't know if you are... Also, lemons!
Hi friends! We're back! We're ready to talk about week 6 and 7! We missed you!
It's pastry week! Don't worry, it goes better than last week! Plus, cages!
Folks we are full of fondue. So, let's fonDO THIS! Get it? We talk about brownies. A lot. Like, almost too much. We also talk about the other challenges. Mostly brownies though.
We ate too much bread. There, we said it. This is a big week folks! BREAD! 
A plate full of biscuits have been consumed. The sugar fuels  Travis and Teresa as they break down this week's GBBO. Brace yourself for A LOT of talk about Rowan.
Teresa and Travis McElroy have eaten some pie and are ready to talk about cake. They make some predictions about who will shine and who will me going home early. Also, plenty of analysis on who/what the cake busts ACTUALLY look like!
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