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Welcome to our new series, Modalities of Healing. In this series, we’ll be exploring what it means to heal from the inside out and emphasizing healing as a source of joy. Our first conversation will leave you feeling incredibly supported in your healing journey, and ready to implement a few new practices shared by our amazing guest, Ashley Curtis. Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
This week we’re continuing our exploration of the intersection of wellness and creativity. According to research, creative expression can support feelings of motivation and overall well-being. However, many people have aversions to creativity due to bias, perfectionism, and fear of failure or not creating a perfect result.To wrap up our series on New Life and Creativity we’re talking to our guest Cristina Martinez about how she’s found healing through creativity, and how creativity has influenced her career and relationships.Cristina Martinez is a contemporary visual artist based in Seattle, Washington. Her career started in fashion school before she explored self-expression through painting. Cristina’s work is rooted in telling the often-overlooked stories of Black and Brown people, encouraging them to water themselves to bloom and grow in this journey called life.This conversation inspires us all to tap into our creativity for healing, and a deeper connection to our loved ones and ourselves.We Also Talk About…How our relationship with creativity can evolve over time.Ways to draw inspiration when you need it most.The ups and downs of having a creative career.How Cristina supports her kids’ creativity.The ways creativity can help us bloom, and what it means to bloom.How collaboration and community can foster creativity.Resources:Follow Cristina on Instagram @sew_trillPurchase Cristina’s work from her website June and MarsCheck out Cristina’s collection at NordstromResearch Article: Everyday Creative Activity As A Path to FlourishingDownload our Wellness Rituals Workbook to find your daily inspirationSponsor:Almond Cow | With Almond Cow, you can have mess-free homemade non-dairy milk with the press of a button. Visit and use the code BALANCED for $25 off your order.Plum Deluxe | Plum Deluxe offers premium tea blends that are the perfect addition to your self-care routine. Visit and use the code BALANCED for 12% off your first ◉ IG: @balancedblackgirlpodcast @balancedles 〆Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out: this podcast at — & Opt-Out:
Learn how to overcome feelings of perfectionism to unlock the power and health benefits of creativity. Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
During our New Life + Creativity series we’ve gone from fertility awareness to birth, and now we’re transitioning to talk about navigating motherhood while building a business and creating space for self-care with our guests Erica and Milah, co-hosts of Good Moms, Bad Choices. Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
We all experience identity shifts throughout our lives, and the transition into motherhood can bring a very significant shift in one’s identity and how one views the world. To discuss these shifts, I’m sitting down with Dr. Veronica Eyo, a licensed therapist who specializes in supporting moms of color, and Rosalyn Davis, a community builder, breathwork practitioner, and new mom. This episode is full of honest takes about what the transition into motherhood can feel like, how new and seasoned mothers can reconnect with themselves, and how we can all reparent ourselves. Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
Myriam Webb is a Registered Dietitian, Registered Nurse, and trained doula whose mission is to support birth justice for marginalized communities. In this conversation, we discuss the ways we can design more positive, peaceful birth experiences and ways we can all better support those in our villages through the birth and postpartum transitions. Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
Is epigenetics the key to ending generational trauma? In this episode, guest Dr. Cleopatra shares why we have more power than we realize to change how our genes work, and which genes we can pass on to future generations. Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
In today’s episode we’re kicking off our new life and creativity series discussing fertility, motherhood, and birthing new ideas. Understanding reproductive health and fertility can be a complicated topic, and in this conversation with Dr. Tiffanny Jones we’re talking about family planning options for those who are considering having biological children. Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
In this ask-me-anything style episode, you’re driving today’s topics. It’s been a minute since I’ve checked in with a life update and have answered your questions on air. We’re switching things up and I’m excited to hear your questions coming directly from your voices, and you asked some fantastic questions. Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
We’re closing out our series on manifestation and celebrating the start of spring with a light-hearted conversation about all things astrology. Have you ever wondered how understanding your personal astrology can help you receive your manifestations? Tune in and find out. Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
Have you ever felt impatient while waiting for your manifestations to come through? Same, friend. And I’m talking all about it in today’s episode. Though I didn’t consciously know what manifestation until my 20’s, I realized I’d been manifesting my entire life. In fact, we all have. We all have the power to manifest, and we are all constantly manifesting whether we’re aware of it or not. And when we become aware, we’re able to intentionally tap into our manifestation power. I discuss my personal experiences learning about and understanding manifestation, some manifestations I’ve had come through, and how I’m learning to be patient and prepare for my manifestations to come through in the physical realm. Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
This week on the podcast we get to have an incredible conversation on inner magic and self-acceptance with yogi, entrepreneur, author, and activist Jessamyn Stanley. Jessamyn is an internationally acclaimed voice in wellness, who is highly sought-after for her insights on 21st-century yoga and intersectional identity. Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
Brittany “Brit” Starr is a spiritualist and creator working at the intersections of modern technology and the infinite. Learn how to use the Akashic Records for interpersonal development through practices of feeling our intuition, meditation, and prayer. We also chat about the messiness of spirituality and why it’s ok that our wellness journey will never be perfect. Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
We are continuing our magic and manifestation series with the brilliant and multi-passionate creative SaTar’Ra. SaTar'Ra is a creative, conjure woman, and ritual practitioner focused on the intersection of music, movement, and spirituality. Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
Did you know we have the power to manifest the life of our dreams? In our newest series, we are connecting with guests who have created literal magic in their lives and want to teach you how to do the same. I don’t often have repeated guests on the podcast, but I can’t think of anyone better suited to walk us through a Manifestation Masterclass than the founder of Wholehearted Coaching, Shirin Eskandani. Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
Did you know that yoga is so much more than stretching and moving through poses? Spoiler: that’s just one limb of yoga - and there are eight. We’ve talked a lot about finding stillness, peace, making connection to the breath, and flowing into your creativity. And that all sounds so simple, but finding ways to reframe our relationship to our inner and outer world is such a game-changer. For me, yoga helped me open my eyes to the ways I can be present with myself and tune into my own form of balance. I’ve just completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training, and it’s taught me a lot about mindfulness and the gift it is to be one with yourself. In this episode, I’ll be sharing my journey into yoga and the lessons that I’ve learned so you can carry them with you without having to pick up the practice if you don’t want to. And bonus - Dive into the Reframing the Reset Challenge! It’s free, you can move at your own pace, and it’ll help you take action on what we’ve been exploring this season. Snag your roadmap here → ◉ IG: @balancedblackgirlpodcast @balancedles 〆 Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
It’s interesting how inspiring this conversation is, when one of the points we explore is how fleeting inspiration can actually be. Living a life full of creativity is something so many of us desire for ourselves, but when we depend on timelines and expectations in life, the rush to be something becomes a roadblock if you let it define what you’re able to accomplish. To live the life we want, we have to understand that flowing in creativity is going to look different for everyone. And finding what works for you requires nurturing and connecting to our inner, authentic truth. Arielle Estoria is a multi-hyphenate creative - a poet, artist, author, and actor - with a passion for making women feel at home in their own bodies. We talk about so many beautiful things, like building a relationship with your intuition, finding your place with creativity, and being discerning of the things you say to yourself. And bonus - Dive into the Reframing the Reset Challenge! It’s free, you can move at your own pace, and it’ll help you take action what we’ve been exploring this season. Snag your roadmap here → ◉ IG: @balancedblackgirlpodcast @balancedles 〆 Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
Continuing to look at how we can build systems and rituals rather than routines and lofty expectations, we’re looking at the part clutter plays in whether we move forward in becoming the person we are becoming. I speak a lot from the I today, sharing several examples of how decluttering my space and creating reset rituals have made an expansive impact on my well-being and ability to show up to myself. We also get into specific systems you can implement to remove clutter from your life. And bonus - Join us for the Reframing the Reset Challenge! It’s free and we’ve been doing it together as a community. Snag your roadmap here → ◉ IG: @balancedblackgirlpodcast @balancedles 〆 Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
Over the past year or so, I’ve become impassioned with menstrual health and learning all the ways menstruating impacts my well-being. The lack of education or awareness that goes into learning about the menstrual cycle can make us feel like it’s a burden instead of seeing that it’s one of the most powerful, rewarding gifts a person can have. Raven Rose, a Menstrual Health Herbalist of Moon Medicines joins us to discuss all things cyclical living. Get ready to learn so much from Raven - not just about our cycles, but also healing with herbalism and dreamwork, and creating ancestral practices. And bonus - Join us for the Reframing the Reset Challenge! It’s free and we’ll be doing it together as a community. Snag your roadmap here → ◉ IG: @balancedblackgirlpodcast @balancedles 〆 Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
As you know, here at BBG we believe wellness is so much more than having a fitness routine (or ritual). It’s just one part of the picture. So when we can start to measure our progress by how good we feel instead of a number on the scale, we’re taking our power back with movement. Before we dive full-on with a new fitness program, let’s get clear on what fitness is actually for, the benefits we’re going after, and how to make movement a joyful part of life. We’re joined by Lauren Leavell, a fitness coach and instructor who focuses on weight neutrality and finding comfort and joy in building a movement practice. And bonus - Join us for the Reframing the Reset Challenge! It’s free and we’ll be doing it together as a community. Snag your roadmap here → ◉ IG: @balancedblackgirlpodcast @balancedles 〆 Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
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coco amondi

this episode made my ,love ,looove!

Oct 27th


unfortunately can't hear her at all.

Mar 25th

Megan Kidwell

thank you so much for sharing this. it felt like she really knew me. i really needed to hear this

Feb 11th
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Sonile Jere

such a calming episode

Oct 25th

Marissa Candace

I can't listen through the podcast. 😭😭😭 you go so hard on your Ss bb 😂😂

Jul 2nd


love it

Jun 21st

Bahar Khayami

It was so pleasant to listen to you dear goddess 🙏🏾🍃

Jun 11th


I love listening to this podcast and have found so many products and information that I probably would not have found if not for this podcast. I also enjoyes this podcast and the information that was given but its the first time I felt the host was either preoccupied, tired or just had other things on her mind. It was a little weird at times during paused moments. This guest had lots of energy and positive information. Maybe it was just an off day, we all have those.

Mar 10th

Kandis Draw

well said.

Jul 16th
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bookaddict 4real

Hey I agree mindset is everything! I love the transparency in the conversation😍

May 17th

Krystal M.

Amazing episode!

May 1st

lester alfred

This Podcast is as Awesome as the other Balanced Black Girl Podcast! Truly a Great Blessing!

Oct 29th

lester alfred

Awesome, I mean totally Awesome!

Oct 20th
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