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Balkan Adventures

Author: David Bailey MBE

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Balkan Adventures is a podcast hosted by David Bailey and Tamara Pejčinović about everyday experiences living in the Western Balkans.

From Food, Culture, Traditions and the places we visit.

We would love to answer and questions or observations you might have.

We hope you'll join us :)
45 Episodes
Digital Toxicity has been getting to me for sometime now.So, I have disengaged from Facebook and disabled comments on my YouTube channel.I feel better already to be honest.The internet is sadly becoming more and more toxic/negative, and when it comes to Bosnia and Herzegovina, the level of extreme racist, ethnic, nationalistic and other purely cruel comments has been really upsetting.   So, if you would like to engage (and we really hope you will/do) then please take the time to use our email address :) Hope you enjoy the Podcast and if you did, then please share, like and of course Subscribe.
I keep saying that life here in the Balkans is (for me at least), far from boring.Even everyday experiences.Take the weather for example.As usual at this time of year, we get dumps of snow, dig out the drive maybe twice a day, enjoy the woodburner and dream of when the wonderful summer days will arrive.A typical February.Things are changing.We have gone from hovering around 0 to -2 Celsius to +19. Overnight.Hope you enjoy the Podcast and if you did, then please share, like and of course Subscribe.
In this episode I talk a bit about why I have been off line for the past few weeks. I have been suffering with an extremely bad attack of "Shingles", otherwise known as Herpes Zoster. To find out more about this debilitating virus click HERE. Hope you enjoy the Podcast and if you did, then please share, like and of course Subscribe.
On this podcast, I talk about being one of the minority. That minority that just don't get off on bronzing their body on the beach and spending almost all day swimming or messing about in the sea.
A catch up on my Reset and Refocus Project and whats happening today from my balcony here on the island of Čiovo.
It's getting hotter now and we haven't started summer yet!Today's catch up from Bosnia and Herzegovina
Once again hiding from the heat and tasting another home baked cherry cake.
Just had lunch and just wanted to share some thoughts with you all.
Watching the world cup (Spain v Portugal) on Croatian TV.
The weird weather for this time of year in the Western Balkans continues :(
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