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Baltic Reports is the only English language podcast focusing on the most important and interesting Baltic weekly news gathered by Anna Udre from Latvia and Marian Manni from Estonia. #BalticReports
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In this week’s episode you will hear how the Baltic states are becoming a serious startup hub. How Lithuanians are opening a Christmas market in an old prison. Why Americans put a Latvian oligarch in their sanctions' list and why Estonian kids have to often get their pills from Finland. Cover: Sunset Palanga Lithuania by Ian Britton.
In this week’s episode you will hear about struggling Baltic pensioners, why Danes and Lithuanians got into a fight, how many Russian speakers are happy to live in Latvia and how Estonians rocked the more important education test in the world. Cover: Empty field and boring snow by Anita.
In this week’s episode you will hear about Turkey's refusal to support a NATO defence plan for the Baltics and Poland, about Europe's most nationalistic and eurosceptic politicians meeting in Estonia, about an exceptional investigation of Latvia's illicit cigarette mafia, and Lithuania's special relationship with Ukraine. Cover: Northern Lights over the Baltic Sea Tallinn Estonia by Guillaume Speurt.
In this week's episode: the influence of the Russian state channel Sputnik in the Baltics. How Lithuanian truck driving companies are threatening to move to Poland if Lithuania improves the conditions of the drivers. About Estonia’s false image of an IT country. And why Latvians want early elections. Listen to these stories and more in this week's Baltic Reports. Cover: Colors of Osmussaar by Anita.
In this week's episode of the #BalticReports: it is now easier for the Baltic students to study in the Benelux countries and vice versa; Lithuania is the best in Europe when it comes to recycling plastic. A Latvian bank boss is paying around one million dollars to clean his name in the US. Shopping in Estonia is getting as expensive as in Finland. Listen to these stories and more in this week's Baltic Reports. Cover photo: Kuldīga by Karlis Dambrans.
Rand Corporation report on NATO troops in the Baltics, Estonia seeking to extend food export to China, EKRE attacks on LGBT, protesting medics and high-profile corruption case in Latvia, investigation of links between Orlen and Lithuanian Government, and Lithuania at the UN Committee on Elimination of Discrimination against Women. These are the stories on #BalticReports this week. Cover: Off Shore (explored)by Markus Trienke.
Baltic Declaration on Climate Policy, protesting Latvia's medics, Latvia denying entry for chanson singer, EP considering whether to defend Lithuania's judges with resolution, Lithuania's police officers investigated over international fraud, lies of Mary Kross, and journalists forced the Postimees editor to resign. These are the stories on #BalticReports this week. Cover: Thunderstorm in Lithuania, Vilnius Last Night by U/Exile for Weekend.
Collaboration with Japan to exit Kremlin controlled energy system, pharmaceutical companies stalling reforms in Estonia, Kadri Simson harshly criticised, Lithuania's position on CIA prison it hosted, US extraditing Lithuanian refugee Venckiene, Kremlin's hand over Latvia's Orthodox Church, and the end of Dzintars - on #BalticReports this week. Cover: Before Thunderstorm by Anita.
High percentage of Baltic population at risk of poverty; spy swap among Lithuania, Norway, and Russia; Estonia's EKRE opposing funding of LGBT related projects; Lithuania's ruling party's attempts to tax large businesses; Tallinn and Tartu listed among the most creative cities in Europe; Latvian UK migrants not preparing for Brexit; China's Conference on Tourism Cooperation in Riga - and more on the #BalticReports this week. Cover: Wydma Parnidis by Magro Kr.
Baltic states on the Global Competitiveness Report and gas pipelines connecting them. Funding of Latvia's political parties and Zelensky's visit. Lithuania stepping up against global food corporations and growing rightwing movements. Closed Tallinn TV channel and lethal fish bacteria in Estonia. These were the main news stories from the Baltics on the second week of October. Cover: Blue Waves by Niks Freimanis.
Baltic Plus at PACE, declining herring population in the Baltic Sea, Estonia's carbon neutrality and viking swords discovery, U.S. forces rotating in Lithuania, MG Baltic claims against state officials, Latvia's embassy in Australia and medical students. For more listen to #Balticreports and see you next week. Cover: Rudens Sigulda by Karlis Dambrans.
Baltic Presidents at the UNGA, new National Security Concept and changes in the Public Broadcaster's financing model in Latvia, suicide of Aivar Rehe and innovative penalties for speeding in Estonia, Vilnius cancelling China's anniversary and the reburial of Belarusian and Lithuanian national hero. These and other stories on #BalticReports this week, thank you for listening. Cover: Warm Colours of Autumn by Anita.
The US pulling $16 million from the special operations facility in Estonia and allocating it to the US-Mexico border wall. Allegations of corruption against Latvian company responsible for upgrading the external EU border. A Lithuanian film director accused of disturbing a religious ritual. The Russian-language robots tweeting about NATO presence. The lack of Baltic-Ukrainian solidarity amongst young people and other stories of international significance from the Baltics. Cover: Solitary by Māris Pehlakss.
Still no female ministers in the Lithuanian government. The Estonian Foreign Affairs Minister finally admits that policy direction has changed. Latvia is preparing for hard Brexit. Find out more about these and other news stories from Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania listening to the Baltic Reports No5. Cover: Dalia Gamta Lithuania.
Last week in the #Baltics: problem solver at Rail Baltica, Lithuania selling Bitcoin in press kiosk, credits for rural housing and refund for military exercises in Estonia; reforming municipalities in Latvia. Find out more on the #BalticReports! Cover: Arvydų tvenkiniai rudenį by Marijus Medišauskas.
Portfolios of Baltic Commissioners, frictions between Estonia's Skinest and Lithuania, Christiano Ronaldo welcome campaign in Vilnius, Estonia's approach to Climate Neutrality, Riga's under the state of emergency because of the waste mismanagement, a record level of work permits issued and other stories on Baltic Reports. Cover: Sparkling Waters of the Mohni Island by Anita.
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