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Author: Exactly Right

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Kurt Braunohler and Scotty Landes discuss the strange, fascinating, and just plain bananas news from around the world.
19 Episodes
Franchesca Ramsey (MTV's Decoded, The Nightly Show, author) joins Kurt and Scotty to talk about taxidermists turning deer butts into assquatches, a woman in a relationship with a ghost who wants to have a baby, a fox that stole over a hundred shoes, putting potatoes up your butt to cure hemorrhoids, emus getting banned from a pub and the oldest person to ever go skydiving!
Alison Rosen (Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend) joins Kurt and Scotty to discuss William Shatner getting horse semen in his divorce settlement, a women who accidentally stole a car, teenagers dressing up as old people with face masks to buy alcohol, a bar fight that broke out over a fart and a crow who stole a knife from a crime scene!
Macaroni River Minisode

Macaroni River Minisode


Kurt and Scotty talk about a grandma spy, accidentally swimming in macaroni and more on this Minisode!
Producer Hend Baghdady joins Kurt and Scotty to talk about a naked man rescued from the sewers, a Texas town who changed their name, a man's personal toilet garden, steak sauce being hidden around a public library, parents who lost custody of their kid over a name and a man who’s bladder exploded after holding it in for too long!
Future astronaut Alyssa Carson joins Kurt and Scotty to talk about a turtle that pees through it’s mouth, wolves eating blueberries, a motorcycle riding alligator, a man in a bull onesie who tried to burn down a house with spaghetti sauce, teens who accidentally snorted their grandfather's ashes, a man being fined for calling another man a leprechaun, a drunk monkey who got sentenced to jail and a bird that was arrested for robbery!
Arden Myrin joins Kurt and Scotty to talk about a hipster who accused a company of using his photo only to find out it wasn't him, a story about a man who threw a pickle at a highway worker, a criminal crow, chocolate molds of buttholes and a man who created a landfill in his yard!
Kurt and Scotty do a minisode of YOUR stories! They talk about a horse with a hump, a woman who may or may not have lost her cat and more!
Actress and singer Chaley Rose joins Kurt and Scotty to talk about a murdered goose who wore Nikes, a woman who learned she was washing her hands with a block of cheese, parachuting beavers, a woman who found out she had a brain tumor from voices in her head, a Florida couple who get trapped in an unlocked closet and a park called Exploding Whale Park!
Mamrie Hart joins Kurt and Scotty to talk about a Spanish penis candle mogul who is accused of manslaughter, a nude sunbather who was mistaken for a dead body, a treasure that was hidden for ten years, extreme mating killing marsupials, ducks that may battle locust swarms and an author about serial killers who turned out to be a serial liar
Naomi Ekperigin joins Kurt and Scotty to talk about a parrot that told a firefighter to fuck off, a woman who ate her engagement ring, a famous boozy pig who sadly passed away, men hired for a sexual fantasy who went to the wrong address, an aquarium that had to cancel an octopus sex act due to cannibalism concerns, and a drunk man who floated down a river for seven miles.
Sabrina Jalees joins Kurt and Scotty this week to talk about a retired sex god tortoise, an epic fight involving feces and a Roomba, a man who robbed a store with a watermelon on his head, an AirBnB host that walked in on an orgy, Facetiming eels and the world’s shortest man!
Astronomer Lucianne Walkowicz joins Kurt and Scotty to talk about a man who carjacks a wine tanker, ICP cancelling The Gathering of the Juggalos, an astrophysicist who got magnets stuck up his nose, the pentagon releasing UFO videos, a repeating radio message from space, butt masks, a 5 year old trying to buy a Lamborghini and a gender reveal party starting a fire!
Dani Fernandez joins Kurt and Scotty to discuss stories about a bi-sexual blind goose who was in a love triangle, a mistaken bomb threat at a Home Depot, American Girl using the likeness of an astrophysicist for a doll, a paperboy attacked by a goat, a man rescued after trying to travel to Kentucky on a log, a guy that camped in Disney World during the quarantine, Kim Jong Un getting drunk, and a women who breastfeeds her boyfriend!
Karen Kilgariff joins Kurt and Scotty to talk about a robot gorilla that recorded gorilla farts, a giant tomato, a raccoon tail, a judo group’s van attempting to be robbed, a Spanish journalist who gets caught cheating on live TV and a story about a man who is determined to get as many free nuggets as possible.
Emily V. Gordon joins Kurt and Scotty to talk a woman who pees alcohol, a sheep that went missing for years, a mini donkey that does video calls and more!
Albertina Rizza joins Kurt and Scotty and talk about dolphins helping with alien communication, a dead cat turned into a drone and much more!
Georgia Hardstark joins Kurt and Scotty to talk about toilets that recognize you in a very specific way, using a thong as a face mask, a sassy AirBnB host and more!
Kristen Schaal joins Kurt Braunohler and Scotty Landes for the premiere episode of Bananas! They discuss stories involving pigeons and pants, human tongues and jars, mysterious mashed potatoes and more!
Bananas Trailer

Bananas Trailer


Kurt Braunohler and Scotty Landes discuss the strange, fascinating, and just plain bananas news from around the world.
Comments (13)

Liana Ilia

We had an iguana on our porch and our neighbor called the cops first, not knowing what to do. she was yelling "there's an iguana on your porch!" And the cop came and had to stand there for about a half hour before animal control came. we had an extra fish tank so we thought about putting it in there. This was in Wisconsin.

Jul 5th


I think Malcolm Gladwell did a podcast episode on Brian Williams

Jul 1st


I think the fans should be called fananas!

Jun 24th

Balake Valles

This is such a funny podcast 😂😂

Jun 8th

Jennifer Nelson

Like, is it just may...or do all 3 "co-hosts" have like slight valley girl

Jun 3rd


cygnets are baby swans, I think. goslings are baby geese.

May 30th

Nikki Sanders

Came for Louise Belcher, stayed for a pretty neat podcast.

May 12th

Robert Evans

Played all the pods wile driving "very funny stories " Keep the pods coming.

May 7th

tonya holmes

Scotty's laugh is contagious. They are winning me over. The Dead Cast Drone is too much.

May 6th


Similar to Dumb People Town, but the tone is more light-hearted.

May 1st

tonya holmes

I haven't decided on this one yet. I don't hate it, will continue to listen.

Apr 30th


This kind of just happened! ♥️❤️

Apr 28th

Derek J

What is this theme song? love this show!

Apr 21st
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