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Banksy and Pinky - Triple M Central Queensland
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Banksy and Pinky - Triple M Central Queensland

Author: Triple M Central Queensland

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Banksy and Pinky waking you up on the radio every weekday mornings 5 – 9am on Triple M Central Queensland
708 Episodes
As more news comes in on the origins of the CQ Bushfires we have the "where to from here" chat with some CQ clever minds and some not so....
Banksy and Pinky talk to the creator of the new Pet Patch app that is essentially Tinder for Dogs, Nuff said. 
Mchappy day NOV 16th Brings up the Age Old Query, "What the hell is that purple thing"
When you make the kids buy it for themselves....Hello Joe and Bob the reindeer....Wha??
Breaking "Dramatic, long slow pause to the camera" News that Days of our lives Cast won't be renewing the contract.... so what does this mean for Banksy's Mum?
Matt from Stirling Helicopters brings us aboard his flights around CQ through the bushfires and how the waterbombing works.
What kind things are happening across CQ, Banksy and Pinky found out from you.
Banksy Tries to understand what a Clishkin is, from the mouths of babes.
The Site for a New movie has been confirmed... It's Gladdy
Ahead of the Capricorn Film Festival, Aussie Acting legend Michael Caton speaks with Banksy and Pinky about feeling uninspiring, why he's being nice to young directors and where his personal Bonnydoon is in CQ whilst growing up.
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