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Welcome to the New Frontiers podcast, exploring how innovations will affect the way we live, think and work in 2019 and beyond.

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12 Episodes
With constant advancements in technology impacting different sectors, how could technology help educate people better, and what effect could this have on evolving education? In this episode, Professor Rose Luckin, founder and Director of UCL EDUCATE, explains how technology is both the cause and solution for change in the education sector, and how implementing technology like AI can create a personal education experience to help learners build knowledge beyond just information.
In this episode, Natasha Foster, co-founder and COO of Paid, explains how the use of new technologies like APIs can help FinTechs to connect businesses to financing that they wouldn’t normally have access to. Paid are a graduate of the Barclays Accelerator for FinTechs, and are helping freelancers and microbusinesses get paid faster. We discuss the journey that Paid have been on and how they are working to deal with an everyday frustration for their customers.
Streetbees are transforming the way brands do research. Through a global community of 2.6m users or 'bees', each armed with a smartphone app - Streetbees are able to carry out unique in the moment research when a user is purchasing or using a product, transforming the richness and timeliness of the insights. In this episode Oliver May, Co-Founder and COO of Streetbees explains how they use techniques such as machine learning to analyse rich, qualitative data and turn it into actionable quantitative insights.
Sam Mathews is the founder and Chairman of Fnatic, an eSports team and brand that has made over $15m in competition prizes to date. eSports today is one of the fastest growing entertainment industries on the planet, with estimated global revenues worth around $1bn a year. Sam describes eSports as the "democratisation of entertainment," and he sees competive videogaming as a form of social networking. Indeed he says, "I don't know if you can even call Instagram a social network when you have something like a videogame where you're doing something together." In this podcast, Sam discusses the growth of the industry, its positive forces, and how technology is likely to make eSports more and more physical in the years ahead. It's a fascinating listen, and we hope you enjoy it.
In this seventh episode, Barclays' Tom Easterby is joined by Bejay Mulenga, Founder of Supa Network and award-winning entrepreneur aged 23.  Recorded live at our 2018 New Frontiers event, Bejay discusses his work in brand marketing, the labelling of Generation Z, and the challenge of young age in the world of entrepreneurship and commerce.
In this sixth episode, Barclays' Charlotte Roberts is joined by Jamie Arbib, Co-Founder of RethinkX.  Charlotte asks him about the change facing 'transport as a service' and where opportunities to innovate lie, who he thinks will win the autonomous vehicle race, and what he would be doing if he could start his career afresh. 
In this fifth episode, also recorded live at the Barclays New Frontiers event, we're joined by Manoj Saxena, Executive Chairman of CognitiveScale. He tells us about CognitiveScale and the work that they do. He also discusses topics such as the hottest trends in AI, its negative uses, and where he thinks the technology will go next in the future.
Recorded live at the Barclays New Frontiers event in London on 29 November, Manjula Lee discusses how she started World Wide Generation in a mission to help the UN achieve their 17 sustainable development goals through innovation.
In this third episode, Barclays' Steven Roberts, Chief Scientific Adviser, BUK Ventures, speaks with Philip Colligan, CEO of Raspberry Pi Foundation. Steven asks Philip about the lessons he has learned in building Raspberry Pi Foundation, the surprises he has encountered, the fun he has had, and what he would be doing if he could start his career afresh.
In this second episode, Barclays VP Innovation Officer, Charlotte Roberts, speaks with Jesse McWaters, Innovation Lead at World Economic Forum. Charlotte and Jesse discuss what the future holds for FinTechs, open banking and blockchain, and what they would be doing if they could start their careers all over again.
Welcome to the New Frontiers podcast, exploring how innovations will affect the way we live, think and work in 2019 and beyond. In this first episode, Barclays' Head of Venture Capital Coverage , Tom Easterby, speaks with infosec expert Max Heinemeyer of Darktrace, a global leader in cyber security defence for enterprises. Tom and Max discuss how AI works in the context of cyber security, the phenomenal growth of Darktrace and what they would be doing if they could start their careers all over again.
In the latest episode of our #NewFrontiers podcast series, listen to Genevieve Leveille – founder and CEO of AgriLedger, as she discusses how blockchain can help overcome challenges in the agricultural industry.
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