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Bart Jackson's Podcast - Get informed, Get entertained, and Seize the Wisdom
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Bart Jackson's Podcast - Get informed, Get entertained, and Seize the Wisdom

Author: Bart Jackson

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Get ready for fun. Business folks from all over challenge Host Bart Jackson with some of business’ stickiest situations and frustrating inter-personal dilemmas. Tackling them head on with his witty wordsmithery, Bart will craft the response that is most likely to ease the tension or extract the speaker from a potential fist fight. The world belongs to the talkers – those people whose words convince others that they are trustworthy, their products beneficial, and their ideas wise. So tune in and learn a little chat savvy and a gentle way to boost your esteem in others’ eyes.
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How would you form an enterprise to combat gun violence in your home city?  John Thompson, witnessing 26 shootings in 27 days in Yonkers, formed the SNUG program (guns in reverse) that reduced shooting crimes by 86 percent in his town.   Host Bart Jackson invites John to tell his astonishing story, and provide insightful strategies for all aspiring social entrepreneurs.  Going straight to the source, John forged relationships with gang leaders and shooters, working with them to set up alternative pathways.  He engaged the entire community.   John’s courageous tale is not to be missed.  Honored by the 2020 Prometheus Social Enterprise Awards, John is an inspiring organizational leader, providing an example and advice worth following.  Tune in and discover how practical idealism works effectively.
Tosha Anderson, founder of The Charity CFO, lays out for charities & non-profits the mandatory adaptations, where new funding sources lie, how to woo and maintain business sponsorships, and an array of new, vital fiscal tools.With 20 percent of America’s work force now jobless, and one in five businesses wondering if they’ll see 2021, donation-based charities have fallen on rocky times.  And further, they are squeezed against the hard fact that the number people desperately seeking charitable aid are exploding exponentially.  To shed a ray of practical hope, host Bart Jackson calls on guest Tosha Anderson, founder of The Charity CFO who expertly guides all-size non-profit enterprises toward organizational and financial health.  
What it takes to make it in competitive stand-up comedy, and how the entertainment/performing arts industry will emerge from this complete Covid shutdown.Today we blend some revealing truth with a lot of laughter.  On the Ides of last March the lights Broadway went dark.  Swiftly across this Covid-stricken nation, shows did not go on and the entertainment/performing arts industry vanished from our culture.How long can show biz and its performers endure the shut down? What are the creative solutions?  How will the performing arts re-emerge?  Host Bart Jackson brings into the spotlight renowned standup comedian Eddie Brill.  For 17 years, Eddie was the warmup comic for the David Letterman’s Late Show, and for more than a decade served as the show’s talent coordinator.   And while we have Eddie shackled to our studio, he will pull back the curtain and share what it takes to make it as a professional comedian, how to deal with agents, and what kind of laughter we need in our lives.  Tune in and hear intriguing personal tales of comedy’s kings, past and present.  
Brian Todd, food industry’s top consultant and former President of The Food Institute, lays bare the full picture of our food chain – what the fascinating solutions are/will be – and what consumers should expect.  A dramatic revelation. Tune in and learn how you will be food shopping and dining in the future.   Have you dined out lately?  When it comes to the slamming blow dealt by the Covid pandemic, the food industry stands in the top three hardest hit.  Restaurants completely shutdown indefinitely; farmers forced to dump unsold crops while charities scrabble to erect food chains to the hungry; meat packing plants turned into infectious hotspots, and on and on.  Host Bart Jackson brings the nation’s top food industry expert and former CEO/President of the Food Institute, Mr. Brian Todd to lay out the entire spectrum of the challenge.   Honestly - how bad is it now?  Is America ever going to be able to feed itself again?  Will we get back – or if not back – what will be the new forward?  Brian Todd shares the with us the current paving steps on the road toward food industry recovery, and what adaptations will be required to make this breadbasket nation meet the global food needs.  
Are there profitable investments to be made during our unprecedented Covid-19 era? Life Science and High Tech industries’ noted expert Steven Katz gives you investment opportunities and strategies for surviving today and handsomely profiting tomorrow. Is the time to invest when blood is running in the streets, as the legendary Nathan Rothschild claimed? Certainly, the Coronavirus assault has bled white our physical and financial portfolios, and set us all in unprecedented times. In response, host Bart Jackson brings aboard Life Science and High Tech industries’ noted expert Steven Katz with a ray of very pragmatic hope.
Welcome to the Art of the CEO’s 300th Anniversary show. Would you like to hear the wisdom of a seventh-generation oyster fisherman – how the archeologist of the world’s most successful pirate’s sunken ship is amassing another fortune – how to emulate the entrepreneur who exploded with a thousand sales in one day – before he even had a product – the funniest repartee ever made by an IP attorney?   Host Bart Jackson has culled the most hilarious and helpful moments, along with wisest counsel from the hundreds of guests gracing our studios.  This tri-centennial episode distills the essence of our best, and fondly recalls the fun.  Tune in and learn from the nation’s top negotiator how President Donald Trump reveals his fears by inadvertent bits of body language.
Do your personal investments reflect your personal values?  Can you put your money into socially conscious enterprises without sacrificing profits?  Alfred Berkeley, former NASDAQ CEO and Director of the World Economic Forum USA says resoundingly, “Yes you can” – and proves it.  Host Bart Jackson invites Al Berkeley back on the show to detail how he artfully launched the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Fund (the “do-gooder” fund which backs companies dedicated to the U.N’s 17 sustainability goals.) Al explains the power and planning of how socially conscious investing can work for you.  And – don’t miss this – Al Berkeley also reveals the selection strategies and approaches you need to take as you enter the market with your own hard-won cash.  Tune in and learn how you can do well by doing good.
First the good news: The Nonviolent Peaceforce for 18 years has successfully protected civilians in conflict zones by sending unarmed peace keepers to square off against heavily armed opponents.  Now the better news: increasingly they are gathering allies in every corner of the globe.  Host Bart Jackson invites Nonviolent Peaceforce founder Mel Duncan to describe the many newly burgeoning organizations that are responding to violent conflict  with unarmed strategies.  Mel examines the reason for these new groups coming into existence, their achievements, and the why their specific tactics are so effective.  Further, Mel talks about his Unarmed Civilian Good Practices Project and the collaborative conventions of global peacekeepers.  Tune in and discover the forces that are positively halting destructive violence.
Can you imagine the worst possible business environment for a team of top technological talent? Well, veteran CTO and novelist Gene Kim has embraced this vision in his blunder-laden “The Unicorn Project” in which every business SANFU and stumbling block heaps upon our heroine Maxine.  Host Bart Jackson brings Gene aboard to discuss the real life wall that so destructively separates managers from technological professionals, to the detriment of all.  With wit and insight, Gene poses solid solutions for removing the barriers of suspicion, communication gaps and faulty structures.  And the outcome of Gene’s allegorical tale?  Fear not.  The unsinkable Maxine, with the aid of a shadowy guru brings the Five Comppany-Saving Ideals into play, that – no surprise – hold true equally in the tech room and the C-suite.  Tune in and learn ‘em.
Under the guidance of PeaceTech Lab’s team, young peace builders worldwide are learning how to create cell phone alert systems warning people about incoming bombs, invading terrorist recruiters, and possible hate crimes.  In its brief five years, PeaceTech Lab has trained 1,300 organizations in 16 countries how to use tech tools to reduce violent conflict, and helped 36 startups disrupt the cycle of violence.  Host Bart Jackson invites PeaceTech’s founding CEO Sheldon Himelfarb to roll out his multi-faceted campaign for sustainable peacebuilding.  How can AI halt hate speech that leads to hate crimes? How can community-launched media make life-saving impacts?  Tune in and learn what a peace engineering Masters degree might mean to your life – and the lives of others. 
Megan McNealy insists that doing well in your career does not magically produce well-being, but the reverse can indeed be true:  a personal state of well-being can drive your career joyfully forward.  To prove her point, Megan goes straight to the achievement-envy list, from the CEO of Starbucks to the board chair of Tesla, to discover and share the well-being attitudes and disciplines of the successful.  Host Bart Jackson invites Megan to discuss the 18 spokes depicted in her just-released book Reinvent the Wheel – How Top Leaders Leverage Well-Being for Success.  Get set for a few arguments and challenges as Bart hurls doubts at several of Megan’s cherished suppositions.  Tune in for a fascinating dialectic guaranteed to help you better craft your own well-being.
Immediately following the September 11th devastation in Manhattan, private citizen Lisa Orloff displayed the desperately needed ability to organize all the volunteers into a life-saving, recovery force.   From this platform, Lisa launched the World Cares Center, training and coordinating volunteers into a Ready Responders Network that effectively reacts in the face of disaster to reduce suffering and restore communities.  Host Bart Jackson invites Lisa to share her tales about resurrection campaigns waged in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, Superstorm Sandy and catastrophes worldwide.  Lisa details the management strategies of empowering volunteers, the art of forging working connections with other non-profits and private businesses, and helping communities save them selves in mid-crisis.  Tune in and learn how a master unites individuals and organizations with coordinated tasks, all feeding a common goal.  
Business is the pillar of our economy.  The family stands strong as the backbone of our society.  Together, they form the institution of family business - the old reliable that keeps us all afloat.  In the U.S., family firms provide nearly two thirds of the jobs, 57 percent of the GDP, and the majority of our community leaders.  Dr. Dale Caldwell, Executive Director of the Rothman Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, joins host Bart Jackson to show how government and investors neglect them, and other corporations see them only as merger fodder.  Dale explains the specific advantages that major family-held companies, (Oracle, Berkshire Hathaway, Volkswagen, Koch Industries) possess over other comparatively sized firms. Further, Dale details both the challenges and profitable perspectives of the small family-held firms.  Tune in and learn the perks and problems of working all in the family.
When celebrity fitness trainer Ramona Braganza visited her ancestral city of Mumbai India, she witnessed the horror of human trafficking and was compassionately determined to aid its victims.  She began training young rescued girls as fitness instructors and encouraged them toward independent careers as trainers in India’s burgeoning fitness industry.  Recently awarded with the Prometheus Social Enterprise Award, Ramona joins host Bart Jackson to tell the story of how she created her 3-2-1 Empower charitable foundation to continue defeating human trafficking at home and abroad.  Tune in and discover some solid takeaways on founding your own social enterprise.
No clear, inspiring message ever comes out of a disorganized presentation.  All audiences instinctively look for a speaker’s train of thought – that logical pathway leading to the ah-ha moment of the comprehensible conclusion.  Yet it is in the organization that so many presenters fall down, leaving listeners lost in a muddle of details.  To help you keep your presentations on track, host Bart Jackson brings on board Stephanie Scotti, CEO of Professionally Speaking, coach to scores of Fortune 100 C-suiters, and author of Talk on Water – Attaining the Mindset for Powerhouse Presentations.Stephanie guides you through the crafting of a talk that captures listeners’ attention and crescendos to a message that moves people to action.  She shares techniques that funnel in details as amplifiers, rather than distractions.  Tune in and learn the secret to the simple brilliance that makes so many TedTalks hit home. 
It’s a tsunami of selections.  Books, podcasts, webinars, seminars, speeches, formal courses - business learning offers flood your desktop and mailbox daily.  You know you’ve got to keep on training to survive, but how do you sift through it all and find those precise nuggets of advice that are worth the investment of your precious time, and cash?  Host Bart Jackson lays out a strategy for finding the exact training you require.  Medium by medium he goes through each way of learning – from experience to the formal MBA – telling you how to evaluate each offering, and how to prepare yourself to glean the very best from each one.  Tune in and learn how to judge the value of a podcast and how to seize optimum value from a business book.
How did NASDAQ soar from the new kid on the exchange floor to the premier giant that put stock trading a common occurrence in American homes?  What new invention actually achieves the market’s holy grail of cyber security?  Are the big players ruining the trading floor’s level playing field – does it matter?  Host Bart Jackson talks with the one man who can authoritatively answer all these questions and many more, former NASDAQ CEO Al Berkeley.  
Today’s marketing has shifted from massive, one-pitch-fits-all campaigns to customized marketing based on your individual behavior.  In a previous episode “Hidden Persuaders of A.I. Marketing,” top digital marketing authority William Ammerman told how the drivers of psychotechnology and big data were engineering this more personalized approach. Now host Bart Jackson invites William back to reveal how You and your business can do it. Author of The Invisible Brand, Marketing in the Age of Automation, Big Data, and Machine Learning, Ammerman lays out how this persuasive process is being employed by companies of all sizes. Carrying it further, he details how it may be adopted by religions and nations to wrench our minds and allegiance.  Will machine engendered persuasions be more effective?  Do we still need the human touch?  Will there be a Homo sapiensbacklash? Tune in and learn how cyber-seduction may ethically serve your business and your customer. 
Today, we buy-to-own less and rent-to-use more.  Autos, entertainment, meals, transportation, dwellings, and laundry soap are being purchased via subscription.  Host Bart Jackson invites back marketing visionary Robbie Baxter, author of The Membership Economy and The Forever Transaction to discuss how business of all types and sizes can get in on this new action.  As consumers shift from the age of personal acquisition to the age of subscription, businesses face a truly disruptive way to new profits.  Robbie guides you through the labyrinth of subscription pricing, marketing, and the whole new realm of customer relationships.  Tune in and discover this futuristic way to build customer loyalty.
Can you as entrepreneur defend your invention against mega-competitor encroachment? Can you accidentally infringe your own trademark? When you purchase a masterwork of art, what rights do you own? Host Bart Jackson brings on board intellectual property super attorney Randy Friedberg to make plain Gordian snarl of IP, copyrights, trademarks, and all those legalities in place protecting those precious expressions of your fertile mind. Randy, whose wise counsel and litigation abilities are highly prized by both music and book major publishers, brings to light those little known legal truths concerning ghostwriters, book authorship, neglected music royalties, and more. Tune in and learn just what money does – and does not buy. 
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