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Former USA Baseball National Team coach Peter Caliendo brings you Baseball Outside the Box - innovative thoughts from baseball's best coaching minds from around the world. This show is for coaches of all levels, players and also parents that need to be better educated in their sons or daughters development. After 35 plus years of coaching in baseball, from instructor at the world famous Mickey Owen Baseball School to national team coach to Independent professional baseball, Team USA and teaching around the world, I realized why I wanted to start Baseball Outside the Box. To give coaches the same opportunity I have had, to learn from the best coaches from all over the world. Brought to you by
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Pedro Medina, grande giocatore e allenatore Cubano parla con Pete Caliendo della posizione catcher da Tokyo, Giapone al WBSC Premier 12 Questa intervista e tutto in Italiano Pedro Medina Professore Universita Dello Sport in Havana, Cuba Giocatore Nazionale Cubano Allenatore Grosseto, Italia per 4 anni WBSC Technical Commissioner   Cose che abbiamo parlato nella intervista...The post Top Cuban National Team Coach/Player Pedro Medina talks about the Catching position during the WBSC Premier 12 Olympic Qualifier in Tokyo, Japan. appeared first on Baseball Outside The Box.
Coach Caliendo in Taichung Taiwan for the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) Premier 12 event, best 12 countries in the world hoping to qualify for the 2020 Olympic games interviews Japanese Major League Supervisor/WBSC Assistant Director of Umpires Takeshi Hirabayashi. They discuss many aspects of Japanese umpire training, difference in Umpires in the USA and...The post Japanese Umpires, Games and Training. appeared first on Baseball Outside The Box.
Coach Caliendo talks to Alan Jaeger, the Godfather of Long Toss. He really delves into when long toss began and why it started. Also, has the process changed or still the same. They look at all the ways long toss can be done in combination with Jaeger Cords, and when it should be done. Plus...The post Alan Jaeger, Digging deeper into Long Toss. appeared first on Baseball Outside The Box.
  Coach Caliendo goes across the ocean to the Netherlands where there are top experts in coaching, teaching, scientists, psychologists in baseball and other sports. This is a topic that all coaches of all sports should learn from because understanding the way the body moves and the way the brain functions is critical to teaching...The post Utilizing Motor Learning & Skill Acquisition in Baseball appeared first on Baseball Outside The Box.
Coach Caliendo returns from a long trip to different parts of the world which covered several countries and takes the time to review some things he learned from Japanese baseball. This is a continuation of Japanese baseball and what things we can learn from to make ourselves better as coaches, teachers, players, and even parents....The post Coach Caliendo returns from a long trip to different parts of the world! appeared first on Baseball Outside The Box.
KP Sports has been in the making for 15 years before it hit the world market, a new sport-specific sports drink being announced on Baseball Outside the Box. Coach Caliendo brings on show favorite Jeff (The Krusher) Krushell, host of the fantastic Athletic Development Podcast, Krush Performance. Coach Caliendo asks Jeff all the details of...The post Pushing Player performance to new Heights with a New Performance Drink! appeared first on Baseball Outside The Box.
Coach Caliendo interviews Tom McGuire, Chicago High School Coach who has been to Japan 4 times and attended the biggest Japanese baseball event, High School Championships, called Koshien.  Coach McGuire shares all his experiences on and off the field so we can all learn to become better coaches, players and parents. Coach Caliendo has a...The post Koshien, Learning from Japanese High School Baseball Championships appeared first on Baseball Outside The Box.
Guest, Montaous Walton Hometown: Milwaukee Wisconsin  High school attended: James Madison high school  College attended: University of Wisconsin Milwaukee  Coaching- Cincinnati Christian University, NAIA program Assistant Baseball Coach /Recruiting Coordinator  Areas discussed: ·       What you look for in players when recruiting them? ·       How important are academics and why? ·       How social media can help...The post College Baseball Recruitment Process from the College Coaches perspective appeared first on Baseball Outside The Box.
Top Women in Baseball

Top Women in Baseball


Coach Caliendo in Fukashima, Japan host of the 2020 Olympic Baseball games working the World Children’s Baseball Fair interviews two top women baseball coaches in the world. Shari Reiniger and Narelle Gosstray both coaches at the WCBF sit down with coach Caliendo in Japan to discuss Women’s baseball and the techniques they are using at...The post Top Women in Baseball appeared first on Baseball Outside The Box.
Coach Caliendo interviews another of his favorite baseball instructional podcasts,  The Cornerstone Coaching Academy Podcast by Kyle Nelson. This is a podcast I listen to all the time because I learn so much from it. You know me I love sharing with you all the ways I get better so you can get better, that...The post Decision making in practice.  appeared first on Baseball Outside The Box.
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